The Artist

  Sacha's Italian Girlfriend is doing an internship in Barcelona at an art gallery. Amongst learning how to run an art gallery and sell art (every artist can relate to that) the owner of the art gallery is encouraging Elena to create as well by providing the art supplies and paper she needs to create as much art as she wants. At the same time, the gallerist will show her art and takes a small commission. It is a win-win situation, generous and supportive. Elena, on her Instagram account, post...
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Top 5 Lasagna Recipes!

It's time for some lasagna loving and these 5 lasagnas will feed our heart, soul and tummy. Nothing satisfies like a big tray of lasagne and here are 5 very different types from super easy lasagna, a bacon flavoured lasagna, ravioli lasagne, lasagna alla vodka to the absolute best lasagne you will ever make!
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National Program for Coders: #UAE to enhance digital economy, increase start-up investment from Dh1.5 billion to Dh4 billion | Business – Gulf News

National Program for Coders: UAE to enhance digital economy, increase start-up investment from Dh1.5 billion to Dh4 billion | Business – Gulf News His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched a national programme for programmers to help build the national digital economy and increase investment directed to startups from Dh1.5 billion to Dh4 billion.The programme is launched in collaboration with Google, Microsoft,...
Tags: Travel, Facebook, Dubai, Nvidia, Uae, Mohammed, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Rupert Neil Bumfrey, National Program, Google Microsoft Amazon Cisco

#SaudiArabia Eases Subsidy Cuts With Gasoline Price Ceiling - Bloomberg

Saudi Arabia Eases Subsidy Cuts With Gasoline Price Ceiling - Bloomberg Saudi Arabia’s government set an upper limit for domestic gasoline prices and said the state would bear any extra costs, softening an energy subsidy cut program that’s drawn complaints from citizens.The ceiling for local gasoline prices will be set at June’s levels, or 2.18 riyals (58 cents) per liter of 91 octane, as of Saturday, according to a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency. The decision was made to...
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Meet 3 boat owners who make a living by renting out or chartering their vessels to customers stir-crazy from the pandemic - sometimes raking in as much as $200,000 a month

Marcel Perdomo Insider spoke with 3 boat owners who earn money by renting out or chartering their vessels. Some say business grew in the pandemic as people eager to head out saw boats as a safe way to do so. One boat owner told Insider he handles 75 charters a week on average, grossing $200,000 per month. See more stories on Insider's business page. With summer underway, people are looking to head out on the water in greater numbers. The pandemic has only sparked even more interest, ...
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Opec rift is a foretaste of things to come | Financial Times #UAE #SaudiArabia

Opec rift is a foretaste of things to come | Financial Times Disagreements between Opec members have been a feature of the oil cartel since it started just over 60 years ago.  But what has happened in the past week stands out not just because it came against a backdrop of rising prices or because it pitted traditional allies Saudi Arabia and the UAE against each other. It stands out because it is a preview of what is to come.  On the surface, members fell out over how the group c...
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KY cooks – Traditional Glutinous Rice Wine Chicken

Lock down life had me scratching my head for new recipes. As it turns out, cooking 1-2 meals daily is actually pretty tough work when you are also someone who values variety. So, inevitably, we arrived at confinement dishes category. Today, I’m going to share a very simple yet deliciously wholesome dish with you – the traditional glutinous rice wine chicken. some say this is confinement food This dish has two key ingredients that are deemed to be very good for postpartum recovery – ginger & ses...
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Neat and trim

The past few days have seen a lot of trimming going on out in the vineyards. A small tractor, fitted with cutting blades, slices the long vine tendrils from the plant to help direct the plant's energy to making grapes rather than leaves. The result is row after row of neat-looking rectangular vines. Compare and contrast: untrimmed vines on the left, trimmed vines on the right. The weather cooperated yesterday and I got the west and north 40s mowed. Yay! I have one other mowing job to do and th...
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10 of Spain’s best beaches – for families and hikers

The authors of new book Hidden Beaches Spain pick five stunning spots offering safe bathing for kids and five with panoramic pathsSpain’s best beaches: on popular coasts and reachable by train Continue reading...
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