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Happy Saturday  ❤️ Via Adrian Michael                   [Author: French la Vie]
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"Exit" by Heavenly Reyna is Out, Rode Mic Giveaway on Twitch!

"Exit" by Heavenly Reyna is Out, Rode Mic Giveaway on Twitch! Heavenly Reyna's single "Exit" is out & she is giving away a RodeMic on Twitch tonight celebrating Heavenly Reyna's single "Exit" is out & she is giving away a Rode Mic on Twitch tonight celebrating this release with all her fans at 7-11pm PST and will be featured on Twitch front page! Don't miss this fun virtual release party!This quirky, break up ballad "Exit" is available on Spotify, Apple, Amazon & all music plat...
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Top 5 Banana Bread Recipes!

Everyone loves banana bread during lockdown and these top 5 banana bread recipes will have you baking your heart out! There's the very best banana bread in the world (seriously), a fat free version, sugar free version, a Tahini Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Bread and an intriguingly delicious Curry Pineapple Banana Bread that has got to be tried to be believed!
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The Truth Hurts

Like a sailor on leave, I walked into a local tattoo shop and got inked. Then I had ice cream and beer for dinner. Ice cream because I had a real craving. Beer because I wanted a little alcohol to dull the pain; to help me relax after the time I spent clenched on the table. In answer to your questions: Yes, it hurt. It mostly hurt at the moment the needles hit my skin; once the artist was underway, it dulled. I was flooded with adrenaline, so much that I was shaking when I stood up. I constantl...
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An increase in Airbnb rentals is linked to more crime in some Boston neighborhoods, a new study finds

An increase in crime in certain neighborhoods in Boston was linked to an increase of Airbnb rentals in the areas over the span of several years, a new study found. Needpix An uptick in crime in certain Boston neighborhoods appears to be linked to the introduction of Airbnb rentals, according to a study out of Northeastern University. Researchers said the uptick in violence was related to the lack of community created by the growth of short-term rentals, first reported. Airbnb pu...
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Top Indian Oil Refiner Betting on Robust Future for Fossil Fuels - Bloomberg

Top Indian Oil Refiner Betting on Robust Future for Fossil Fuels - Bloomberg India’s biggest oil refiner says fossil fuels will continue to be key part of the nation’s energy mix as it embarks on a $13 billion expansion.Indian Oil Corp. plans to increase its crude processing capacity by a third over the next five years to increase production of gasoline and diesel, along with petrochemicals, Chairman Shrikant Madhav Vaidya said in an interview. That will give the company the capability to refi...
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#UAE institutional investors plan to increase exposure to cryptocurrencies, survey reveals

UAE institutional investors plan to increase exposure to cryptocurrencies, survey reveals Institutional investors and wealth managers in the UAE plan to increase their exposure to cryptocurrency assets between now and 2023, according to a new survey.Ten institutional investors, or half of those surveyed, said they plan to dramatically increase their exposure to cryptocurrency assets between now and 2023 and a further 10 said they will add the asset class to their portfolio, according to a surv...
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Stay calm and look fabulous: Holiday hassle and how to avoid it

Driving, packing, parenting while driving … yes, summer holidays are here to torment us. Handily, so are Guardian writers on how to negotiate themMy holiday road rage is directed inward – at my own failures and miscalculations – although I accept it will not feel like that if you are sitting next to me. Sometimes these episodes are all I remember of the trips in question: running out of petrol halfway across a suspension bridge; the satnav voice that switched to Italian midway through a journey;...
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Wild daisies

I saw this patch of wild daisies growing at the end of a row of grape vines out in the vineyard. It's not the only one. We're entering what I call "high summer" when the summer wildflowers are at their peak. Chicory, carrot (Queen Anne's lace), different varieties of wort, and daisies like these are among the wildflowers that proliferate in the heat of the summer vineyards. Not that we've had a hot summer this year, except for the past week. These little flower heads are not more than an inch ...
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family and friends reunion road trip: day two: everett, washington to talent, oregon

I am happy to report that today was far less eventful. The most important thing was to get on the road early. We know from past experience (our first trip to Vancouver and Oregon in 2016... where the idea to move west was born!) that there are two major traffic areas on this stretch of 5 South -- Sea-Tac and Portland. The plan was to get up very early, start driving immediately, and be past Sea-Tac before the major morning rush.This is not an issue for me, as I am normally up at 5:00 a.m. S...
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family and friends reunion road trip: day one: port hardy to everett, washington

Our epic road trip has begun! Excited? I'm over the moon. This was the trip we were supposed to take last year, but... covid. This year it's even better: a celebration of my mother's 90th birthday, with all her children, grandchildren, their partners, and her great-grandchild, all converging in southern Oregon to celebrate together. Thanks for coming along.On Thursday we were up early, packed the dogs and the car, and hit the road. Everything took longer than expected, as it usually does, but we...
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UK holidaymakers booked for France could lose money if they do not go

Some accommodation providers refuse to defer breaks despite Covid quarantine decisionSee all our coronavirus coverageHolidaymakers who were hoping to head to France in the coming weeks are in some cases being told by accommodation providers that they will lose their money if they do not turn up.Last weekend’s surprise decision by the UK government to require travellers returning from France to quarantine for 10 days – even those doubly vaccinated against Covid-19 – has left thousands of holiday ...
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