the only lesson to be learned from afghanistan: war is a waste

Veterans for Peace protest, 2016 As the US finally ends its occupation of Afghanistan, watching the media obsess on the specifics of the pullout has brought me no end of head-shaking. The violent chaos of the exit makes for sensational images and startling headlines, always good for the business of media. But it's also a shell game, designed to narrow our attention and ask the wrong questions.Twenty years of occupation and the pullout is the problem? This brings to mind Donald Rumsf...
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Happy 59th Birthday Yann

  Birthday lunch for Yann with Chelsea, Martin, Gabriel, (not in the photo) Tatiana (Yann's great-niece) Juliette (Yann's niece) and Stephane (Juliette's partner). I love this photo so much! They are cracking up because Stephane and Yann were being funny. I was so in the moment that I took only a handful of photos, which are posted here. Plus (or should it be minus) I forgot to take one of all of us DING DONG. We had lunch at the place were we celebrated Chelsea and Martin's civil wedding. It i...
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Like it’s 1981

It certainly took a while (most of this year), but my latest year-based movie marathon (previously 1967, 1968, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, and 1990) is now done. 1981 was certainly an interesting year, and there was a lot more I wanted to watch than in 1980 — in the end I capped it at the 24 films you see listed below, but there were still a few more on my list, but I just felt like it was time to move on. The other thing that happened this year was that I stopped doing ...
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How to Jump the Innovation Curve by Guy Kawasaki

1. Great Companies have meaning When you have meant you earn money; great companies want to change the world. Apple changed the world with computers.Google changed the world with Information.Canva is changing the world with design. 2. Make a mantra Come up with 2-3 words to have a great mantra, a mantra should define your company with 2-3 effective words. Nike has “peak athletic performance”. 3. Jump to the next curve Don’t be afraid of change instead embrace change. ...
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Top 5 Strawberry Pies!

It's springtime and strawberries are in abundance and inexpensive so what better way to bring a bit of cheer than strawberry pie! Here are the top 5 strawberry pies from small hand pies, lattice pies, heart pies, a key lime pie topped with sliced strawberries to a supermodel's strawberry pie recipe!
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Holland America Adds More Panama Canal Cruises

If you’ve always wanted to cruise the Panama Canal, Holland America is ramping up their options.  Beginning in 2022 and continuing into 2023 the cruise line is sending four cruise ships on full and partial Panama Canal cruises.  With four... Read More The post Holland America Adds More Panama Canal Cruises appeared first on Cruise Maven.
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Trump is in advanced talks to sell the leasing rights to his hotel in Washington, DC: report

A view of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, one day before the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 19, 2017. Noam Galai/WireImage Former President Trump is in talks with hotel companies to sell the rights to his DC hotel, sources told Axios. The hotel is located in the historic Old Post Office building, which Trump leases from the federal government. In 2017, the GSA said that the Trump Organization was paying $250,000 monthly in base rent. See more stories on Insider&#...
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Home Office says delays at Heathrow are ‘unacceptable’

Border staff left dealing with backlog of travellers as reports emerge of people fainting in three-hour queuesDelays at Heathrow airport have been described as “unacceptable” by the Home Office, af reports of passengers fainting in queues of up to three hours.Border staff were left dealing with a huge backlog of travellers, with witnesses saying they had seen people – including a pregnant woman – passing out while queueing. Continue reading...
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#Saudi PIF, Tadawul to set up exchange for carbon offset market-SPA | Reuters

Saudi PIF, Tadawul to set up exchange for carbon offset market-SPA | Reuters Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund Public Investment Fund and the Saudi stock exchange Tadawul plan to establish a voluntary exchange in Riyadh for offsets and carbon credits within the Middle East and North Africa Region, the state news agency SPA reported on Friday.This initiative aims to be the primary destination and main platform for companies and institutes that target reducing their emissions, or contributing ...
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Global Gas Price Surge Threatens to Dent the Economic Recovery - Bloomberg

Global Gas Price Surge Threatens to Dent the Economic Recovery - Bloomberg Natural gas prices are undergoing a historic surge, and it’s bad news for everyone from ceramic makers in China to customers of patisseries in Paris.The cost of the fuel is already at record seasonal highs in most major markets and looks likely to rise further, threatening to dent the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.The coming winter may give the world a painful lesson in just how pervasive and vital gas has become ...
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Shorts and tee-shirts

It's happening. Summer is back. Sun. Dry days. High temperatures in the 80sF. I grilled hamburgers for lunch on Friday. And I'm enjoying wearing shorts again. We'll see how long it lasts. Grapes to the right, corn on the left (in the back). A recent sunrise. Bert stayed out last night until almost three in the morning. I woke up around 23h30 thinking I felt him walk across my legs (which he does frequently). I must have been dreaming because he was not at all there. Then I tossed and turned an...
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