Hawaii awaits $2.8B for infrastructure, Bezos, Oprah buy land on Maui, no third trial for Deedy, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Roadwork in Hawaii ©2021 All Hawaii News Hawaii construction industry to see most of $2.8 billion federal infrastructure funds.  At least $2.8 billion in federal money is now available to improve Hawaii roads, bridges, airports, water systems, broadband internet and more under a congressional bill signed into law Monday. Star-Advertiser. Civil Beat. Hawaii News Now. Despite strong vaccination rates, Hawaii’s Safe Travels program likely isn’t ending anytime soon. The policy has been in place a...
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The Culture that is the UAE

BlackBerry cuts made roads safer, police sayA dramatic fall in traffic accidents this week has been directly linked to the three-day disruption in BlackBerry services.In Dubai, traffic accidents fell 20 per cent from average rates on the days BlackBerry users were unable to use its messaging service. In Abu Dhabi, the number of accidents this week fell 40 per cent and there were no fatal [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Stateless in the UAE; Bidoun

Financial Times: In the UAE, the bidoun’s difficulties have surfaced in the curious case of the Comoros passports. At least a thousand stateless residents have taken the documents, says Zoubert A Soufiane Al Ahdal, Comoros ambassador to the UAE.  Bidoun in the UAE say the Comoros documents make it easier for them to meet tougher official identity requirements for securing papers such as [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Paragraph of note

In 2005, a company called CyberTrust—which has since been purchased by Verizon— gave Etisalat, the government-connected mobile company in the UAE, the right to verify that a site is valid. Here's why this is trouble: Since browsers now automatically trust Etisalat to confirm a site's identity, the company has the potential ability to fake a secure connection to any site Etisalat subscribers might [Author: John B. Chilton]
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WaPo covers wackynomics of Dubai

Washington PostWhen its gasoline pumps started going dry in the United Arab Emirates’ poorer northern states earlier this year, Dubai’s oil company blamed mysterious service upgrades. Few believed that at the time, and now the company is dropping its subtlety, triggering an uncharacteristically public spat over fuel pricing policies. When its gasoline pumps started going dry in the United Arab [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Speed daters make matches like economists

NPR's Planet Money reports on the design of the market for freshly-minted PhDs in economics. The market hasn't changed since I went on the market in 1979. The meetings that January were held in snowy Atlanta, and just like the job seeker in the report, I was running from one hotel to another doing 20+ interviews in a little over three days. [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Shouting in the Dark

Al Jazeera's documentary on the Bahraini revolution can be seen here. [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Political risks to watch in the UAE

In the opinion of AlertNet. [Author: John B. Chilton]
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If you want max profits

If you want max profit Reason on the margin Come on baby find the Q [Alternative lyrics for last line: Come on baby find the price] She sits alone waiting for suggestions He's so nervous, avoiding all the questionsHis lips are dry, her heart is gently poundingDon't you just know exactly what they're thinking If you want max profit Reason on the margin Come on baby find the Q [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Seven charged over alleged $501m Dubai fraud (edited)

(1/8/2013: This post has been abbreviated. It was originally posted in March 2009. See more in the comments to this post.) Financial Times: Dubai’s public prosecution has charged seven businessmen with crimes related to an alleged scheme to defraud Dubai Islamic Bank of $501m, official records show....International censure has mounted against the government’s decision to hold without charge [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Abu Dhabi takes control

From what I can tell Abu Dhabi has tired of a game of chicken with Dubai over fuel prices. Since it essentially has an ownership stake in Dubai since the financial crisis it can evidently act unilaterally, taking over Dubai-owned gas stations that have stopped selling petrol.The Gulf News reports details concerning the fuel price rules that fit conjectures I (and others) have made in the past. [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Been raped? In Dubai you've committed adultery

And that means jail time for you. Read more here. [Author: John B. Chilton]
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China, North Korea and the Arab Spring

Word: globalization.The reach is far.Topic one: Knockoff phones from autocratic China fuel the Arab Spring The irony is that the Arab Spring has triggered a paroxysm of repression within China (sparked by the rumblings of a “Jasmine Revolution”) which has made life harder for its cell phone bandits, who were previously hiding in plain sight. But China's crackdown can't put the phones back in the [Author: John B. Chilton]
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The Economics (and Accounting) of Al Qaeda in Iraq

The Boston Globe: ... contrary to speculation that Al Qaeda in Iraq was reliant on international donations, this wasn’t a source of funding either. The group was self-financing. In fact, the core organization of Al Qaeda in Iraq in Anbar province was so profitable that it sent revenue to associates in other provinces of Iraq, and perhaps even further afield. The group raised millions of dollars [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Rights groups call for end of trail of activists charged with insulting officials

The call comes from Amnesty International, the Arabic Network For Human Rights Information (ANHRI), Front Line Defenders and Human Rights Watch: The call comes as the activists’ trial for “publicly insulting” the UAE president and other top officials re-opens on 18 July in Abu Dhabi's Federal Supreme Court, against the backdrop of a wider clampdown on dissent in the UAE...."The UAE government is [Author: John B. Chilton]
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NYT reports on gas lines in UAE

The New York Times picks up the story of petrol shortages in the United Arab Emirates: For the third time in the past 10 months, service stations across the United Arab Emirates have been running out of gasoline in recent weeks....The Sharjah Executive Council, a government policy-making body, is putting pressure on the fuel retailers for more information, after a three-week shortage in the [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Countries ranked by GDP per capita

Global Finance magazine has ranked countries by GDP per capita. Qatar comes out first among all nations at $90,000. Second is Luxembuorg at $74,000.Within the GCC, Qatar is followed by Kuwait ($39,000, 14th place) and the UAE ($36,000, 18th place).These numbers are not adjusted for the number migrant workers. Because of the small proportion of citizens in the UAE population, one of the smallest [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Some are pushed out, others vote with their feet.The New York Times: Abdulkhaleq Abdulla, a professor of political science at U.A.E. University, said the Iranian issue was likely to have been a “small reason among many” that may have led to the closure of the Gulf Research Center in Dubai.Although the center’s license was refused before the Arab Spring began, other experts point to the move [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Fuel shortage? Financial Times and Emirates Economist on same page

Did you hear the one about the oil-rich country that had a fuel crisis?Financial Times ... the latest shortages in some emirates of the United Arab Emirates may stem from a different type of crisis: a longstanding economic imbalance rooted in intra-federal politics.The petrol stations that have “run out” of gasoline are Emirates National Oil Company and EPPCO, both owned by the Dubai [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Dubai's Arab Spring dividend

If Dubai is a business (it is, by the way), then the Arab Spring is paying dividends. Not in metaphorical political freedom dividends for its citizens, but in real dividends. The ever-haunting question of the recession, “Who will live in all these flats and houses?” is being answered. It’s not the answer that the city planners or the real estate developers expected, but it is an answer: they [Author: John B. Chilton]
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UAE called upon to drop charges against reform advocates

Human Rights Watch The United Arab Emirates attorney general should immediately drop all charges against five pro-democracy activists to halt their trial, Human Rights Watch said today. The charges of "humiliating" top officials relate solely to the defendants' peaceful use of speech to criticize the UAE government and therefore violate their freedom of expression, Human Rights Watch said. UAE [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Shame on the Iranian regime

If you have any doubts about the evil that is the Iranian regime see this report of how it treated this woman. [Author: John B. Chilton]
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PBS provides a good account of the OPEC meeting's tensions

Check it out here. [Author: John B. Chilton]
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I rest my case

What is the UAE afraid of?Activists accused of criticising Government have first day in court - The National ABU DHABI // Five activists, arrested on charges of criticising the Government, made their first appearance in court this morning.Prosecutors and defence lawyers for Ahmed Mansour Ali Abdullah al Abd al Shehi, Nasser Ahmed Khalfan bin Gaith, Fahad Salim Mohammed Salim Dalk, Hassan Ali al [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Emarat steps into the petrol gap

Emirates 24/7 The Emarat filling stations in the Dubai and across all the northern emirates have witnessed heavy rush and a drastic increase in sales of fuel over the last two weeks, an apparent fallout of non-availability of fuel in other filling stations.Emarat, a subsidiary of Emirates General Petroleum Corporation, registered a 50 per cent rise in sales over the past two weeks, straining its [Author: John B. Chilton]
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Energy rich country out of gas, electricity

It's life in the UAE and it's been going on for years.Khaleej Times Petrol remained largely unavailable in majority of the petrol pumps in Sharjah even as the Sharjah Executive Council’s deadline for answers from the company crept past. However, no explanations were forthcoming from the ENOC group, the parent company of retailers ENOC and EPPCO that are the most affected.To add fuel to fire, [Author: John B. Chilton]
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2 spectacular Maui hikes

During a trip to Maui in late September, some of our group set out on a couple of hikes that were, simply, marvelous. There are countless hiking trails on the Valley Isle, but the Waihee Ridge Trail and the Waiakoa Loop Trail were selected for a couple of important reasons that all visitors should bear […] The post 2 spectacular Maui hikes appeared first on Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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Rural Frames from T.G.Halli Reservoir

At a time when we are slowly going back to travelling our backyards, my visit to Thippagondanahalli Reservoir threw up a surprise. The gates were closed and access to the dam was denied, but further search on the maps led me to a different route through a village to the reservoir. It proved once again that maps aren't totally trustworthy, as the road turned into a mud trail and came to an abrupt end without a cue. However, it was serendipity, as the trail led to lush green pastures and spraw...
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Why epidemiological models go wrong: NO ONE EVEN REMOTELY KNOWS HOW VIRUSES SPREAD. A superb paper.

This is one of the best papers for the arrogant, ignorant “modellers” to read. SCIENTISTS SIMPLY DON’T UNDERSTAND VIRUS TRANSMISSION SO WHY ARE THE FOOLS MAKING THEIR RIDUCLOUS MODELS? Cannell, J.J., Zasloff, M., Garland, C.F. et al. On the epidemiology of influenza. Virol J 5, 29 (2008). KEY FINDINGS Why is influenza both seasonal and ubiquitous and where […]
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HEALTHY & DELICIOUS Chicken Cacciatore!

Chicken cacciatore or hunter's chicken is a DIVINE chicken stew with tender chicken thighs, mushrooms, capsicum, olives, capers and full of flavour and vegetables. It's one of the tastiest yet healthy recipes ever! This is a pushy recipe Dear Reader!
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