Top 5 Christmas Drinks

It's getting close to Christmas and while Christmas food is an important part of the celebration, so are the Christmas drinks that accompany them! From an absolutely delicious Puerto Rican Coconut Eggnog style drink to the most divine Mexican Hot Chocolate or home made ginger and chilli beer here is a selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic Christmas drinks for cold and hot weather!
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Dr. Fauci says people vaccinated against COVID-19 'can still enjoy a social gathering' for the holidays as WHO warns Omicron cases are doubling in a matter of days in areas with community transmission

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, speaks during the daily briefing at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021.AP Photo/Susan Walsh Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNBC people who've received COVID-19 vaccinations "can still enjoy a social gathering" for the holidays. He said vaccinated, boosted people "should feel reasonably comfortable" but "we may need to be more restrictive" if numbers worsen. The WHO says Omicron cases are ...
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Indiabulls Housing Falls After Founder Sells to Blackstone - Bloomberg

Indiabulls Housing Falls After Founder Sells to Blackstone - Bloomberg Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd.’s shares slid after founder firms sold about half their stake in the shadow lender to investors led by Blackstone Group Inc. and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.The financier’s shares ended down 8.2% in Mumbai Friday, recovering some of its intraday losses when it fell the most since September last year. India’s benchmark index closed 1.5% lower.Sameer Gehlaut, who founded Indiabulls Housing 2...
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Oil Prices Could Hit $100 by 2023 Despite Omicron Variant Concerns - Bloomberg

Oil Prices Could Hit $100 by 2023 Despite Omicron Variant Concerns - Bloomberg Oil at $100 a barrel was considered inevitable not too long ago, as Wall Street strategists predicted a commodities supercycle. And it still remains in play, even with the omicron variant raging and Covid cases rising. Goldman Sachs said $100 oil is a possibility in 2023 thanks to record demand. The firm believes omicron fears are overdone as governments combat the new variant with more testing than lockdowns. Today...

#UAE says it will embed gold sourcing rules in anti-money laundering law | Reuters

UAE says it will embed gold sourcing rules in anti-money laundering law | Reuters The United Arab Emirates said it would embed in anti-money laundering regulation requirements that gold refineries source from responsible suppliers and undergo annual audits to ensure they are doing so.The move is part of efforts by the UAE, one of the world's main gold trade hubs, to crack down on trading of bullion linked to crime, human rights abuses or conflict.A Reuters investigation in 2019 found UAE had t...
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#Saudi Aramco launches tender to upgrade world’s largest offshore oilfield Safaniyah | ZAWYA MENA Edition

Saudi Aramco launches tender to upgrade world’s largest offshore oilfield Safaniyah | ZAWYA MENA Edition Saudi Aramco has launched a tender for a key engineering, procurement, construction and installation, EPCI contract, to upgrade the world’s largest offshore oilfield Safaniyah.The state-owned company issued the Safaniyah upgrade tender as a part of its long term agreement with offshore contractors, Upstream reported citing two people with direct knowledge of the developmentSafaniyah pr...
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I flew 19 hours on Emirates from Dubai to New York via Italy and wouldn't hesitate to do it again over the 14-hour non-stop flight

Flying on an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER from Dubai to New York via Milan, Italy.Thomas Pallini/Insider Emirates is the leading carrier flying between New York and Dubai, with two daily non-stop flights and a third through Milan, Italy.  Connecting through Milan increases the journey time to nearly 19 hours as opposed to a 14-hour non-stop flight.  But the long way affords benefits that the non-stop cannot, including an opportunity to get off of the plane for a few hours to break up the long tr...
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LaGuardia Airport's newest concourse is fully open with a brand-new section for American Airlines, 4 more gates, and a premium lounge— see inside

Touring LaGuardia Airport's new Western Concourse at Terminal B.Thomas Pallini/Insider LaGuardia Airport and American Airlines are celebrating the opening of the second half of Terminal B's Western Concourse.  Four new gates opened on Thursday along with new retail shops and a 20,000-square-foot American Airlines Admirals Club.  As part of the LaGuardia redevelopment plan, the new Terminal B is replacing the 1960s-era Central Terminal Building.  Christmas has come early for traveler...
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I went onboard one of Embraer's newest yet worst-selling jets and can't understand why more airlines aren't buying it. See inside the Embraer E195-E2.

An Embraer E195-E2 demonstration aircraft nicknamed "profit hunter" at Dubai Airshow 2021.Thomas Pallini/Insider Embraer has had trouble selling its most recent aircraft family comprised of the E190-E2 and E195-E2. Only 205 aircraft have been sold in the eight years since the program launched with airlines choosing the Airbus A220 over the E2. Embraer says it offers lower fuel burn and costs but airlines want the additional range and space of the A220.  Aircraft manufacturers in the past de...
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#UAE Central Bank Extends Economic Support Measures Until June 30 - Bloomberg

UAE Central Bank Extends Economic Support Measures Until June 30 - Bloomberg The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates has extended several measures of its Targeted Economic Support Scheme until June 30 help continued recovery of the nation’s economy.Prudential relief measures regarding banks’ capital buffers and liquidity and stable funding requirements will be extended by six months, the central bank said in a statement. More specifically, the capital buffer measures include temporary low...
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Mister Moose lives the lush life

He used to visit all the very gay places, Those come what may places Where one relaxes on the axis of the wheel of life, To get the feel of life, From jazz and cocktails.   It looks like Moosletoe has been dipping into the Christmas cheer a bit early this year.   Song: "Lush Life" by Billy Strayhorn. [Author: wcs]
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Leon a piece of his Story

In 1914 Yann’s great uncle went to war. He was 17 years old.  His name was Leon C. Wee moments old at his baptism with water of grace poured, surrounded by family a great joy wrapped him. His Godparents gave him a traditional gift: a silver soup spoon and fork inscribed with his monogram L.C. As a symbol of nourishment for his spiritual and physical body. Leon died during WWI. Yann’s mother knowing I appreciate old things gave me Leon’s baptismal gift this Christmas. Holding them I look aro...
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止疼片自身便是日常生活普遍的一种药品,可合理的减轻各种疼痛,具备止疼的一种实际效果,可是假如长期应用止疼片,也会产生依赖感,乃至也可能会造成女性朋友,出現妇科病,所以说建议大伙儿在日常生活中,都不应当长期的应用。 止疼片自身便是一种药品,在我们的日常生活,使用率還是十分高的,例如我们由于全身发热,可能便会伴随不一样水平的疼痛,这类疼痛针对很多人而言,可能就难以忍受,也会造成心态,因而越来越心烦,而挑选止疼片能够做到减轻的功效,那麼痛片的作用与功效有什么呢? 一、止疼片的作用与功效 止疼片用以发烧和轻微到轻中度疼痛,这自身便是一种棘籽解热镇痛药。可以合理的做到缓解疼痛的实际效果,修复特异性免疫的神经中枢,觉得神经细胞的一切正常反映性,而且还能够做到退热消肿的功效,另外也根据抑止生成具有止痛功效,可是我们在生活起居中服食,自身就应当把握一定的方法。 二、止疼片会有什么副作用 1、产生依赖感 针对身患经痛的女生而言,实际上最好是不必挑选止疼片,能够挑选红糖姜水。尽管说止疼片的实际效果是较为非常好的,与长期性的中医治疗对比,止疼药不但便捷并且节省成本,因此一般应用止疼药会造成依赖性...
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