Heartbreak Ridge

I watched this one over a month ago but forgot to include it here. It’s good in the way that army training movies tend to be (it’s an easy conceit to build something around), and it doesn’t break any new grounds or anything, and other movies have done it better (ahem, Full Metal Jacket), but I still enjoyed it. Some of the homophobic language used is hard to take now — and in fact it’s something that you often come across as you watch a lot of moveis from that era — but you have to imagine also...
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Starbucks with Tatami

If I was in Kyoto, I’d definitely drop by this new Starbucks (opening at the end of the month) that looks more like a traditional tea house than the cafe chain we know. More in this Spoon & Tamago post.
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France, Paris

12h30 Pont Alexandre III Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Quinalt Rain Forest

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State parks of Hawaii

THE HAWAIIAN ARCHIPELAGO, made up of eight main islands, has around 30,000 acres of state parks on five islands. The Hawaii State Park System includes, hikes, beaches, canyons, viewpoints and many cultural heritage sites showcasing local history and folklore. 1. Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park, Kauaʻi All photos by author You may recognize the scenery from Jurassic Park, Lost, King Kong or Indiana Jones. This park is home to native plants and animals, waterfalls, beaches, and even ancien...
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I think I sorta remember hearing about this movie back then, but I don’t think I had watched it, and it wasn’t something I was planning on watching during my 1986 movie marathon, but it got suggested by a friend of mine, and I’m glad I followed his recommendation. Look, this is not a good movie, but more importantly, it’s a joyful expression of what the 80s were like, and for that alone it’s worth watching. Cheesy scene after cheesy scene, it all feels so innocent, in a way that you just don’t ...
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Last-Minute Viking River Cruise Offers

Flash: Last-minute 2017 Viking River Cruise Offers Boy, what a difference a year can make.  Last year at this time river cruise companies had quite a bit of inventory left and they were offering quite substantial discounts.  This year, the day after the presidential election, our phones started ringing off of the hook and we were booking cruises like they were going to go out of style. This year, the problem has been a severe lack of inventory and as a result, folks are already booking 2018 lik...
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Wet winter creates hazards on scenic hiking trail in US West

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail have been detouring California’s high Sierra in droves this year because of persistent snow and raging creeks. Several hikers have had close-calls while attempting to cover the 2,650-mile (4,265-kilometer) scenic trail running from Mexico to Canada on the West Coast. Hikers have survived an avalanche, […]
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Norwegians collect money to fix penis-shaped rock formation

HELSINKI (AP) — Activists are collecting money to repair a penis-shaped rock formation in southern Norway after the popular tourist attraction was found badly damaged. Joggers discovered Saturday that the Trollpikken rock formation had cracked and noted drilling holes in the rock — something that experts say strongly suggests the rock was deliberately vandalized. By […]
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Places To Visit In Dubai During Summer

There are actually quite a number of places to visit in Dubai during summer season and this article will highlight some of the interesting places, which was actually visited by me in May 2017. As you already know, summer in Dubai can get really hot outdoors and this story will focus on the indoors.  The summer season in Dubai starts in mid May till late August, and temperatures can reach up to 45 Degrees Celsius, hence outdoor activities in the day can really take a toll on your body. How...
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I’ve had a hard time really getting into TV shows of late (other than Twin Peaks and Better Call Saul), and so was pretty excited to see GLOW finally show up on Netflix. The premise sounded great — the making of a women’s wrestling show in the 80s — and the trailer I’d seen looked awesome. I’ve just watched the first episode, but really enjoyed it, and I think this is going to be right up my alley. I haven’t been in love with anything from Netflix since the second season of Master of None (havi...
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The Lego Batman Movie

I thought this was pretty fun. I definitely laughed a bunch of times, and just like the Lego Movie, it’s neat to see all of these Lego constructs in action — and it’s interesting that instead of doing smooth animation, they again used CG and made it feel more like a stop-motion animated film. I liked Batman in the original Lego Movie, and although I wasn’t especially excited about seeing another Lego movie just about him, I gotta say that I ended up having a good time watching it.
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As eclipse chasers descend on Oregon, locals prepare for the invasion

In this vast expanse of ranches and farms, rural roads could see traffic jams of cosmic proportions. Every hotel in Madras is booked, some residents are renting their homes for $3,000 a night, and campers are expected to converge on the area during peak wildfire season.
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Heart Full Home

              My Godmother Mary is an amazing woman, her heart is golden, her bones ivory. Her home is a sanctuary where darkness has no room. When she embraces me I know the meaning of heaven on earth.           Mary collects feelings, weaving them into soft spots. Her ear is ready to listen far into the night. When I am with her there is no other place I would rather be, she captivates my imagination and makes me laugh.         Seldom does anyone leave her home empty handed. I leave wit...
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I think I sorta remember hearing about this movie back then, but I don’t think I had watched it, and it wasn’t something I was planning on watching during my 1986 movie marathon, but it got suggested by a friend of mine, and I’m glad I followed his recommendation. Look, this is not a good movie, but more importantly, it’s a joyful expression of what the 80s were like, and for that alone it’s worth watching. Cheesy scene after cheesy scene, it all feels so innocent, in a way that you just don’t ...
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How I Quickly Fell in Love with Kilkenny, Ireland

Travel for me is all about that high I get from exploration, from discovering and being surprised by new places when I least expect it. It’s a sensation I never tire of and is one I recently enjoyed when I first visited the colorful city of Kilkenny, Ireland. Kilkenny has been an important city for a very long time from the early Irish Christians to a lively medieval city. It’s still a vibrant place to be and thanks to its fairly unique history and culture has a lot to offer visitors. My only r...
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Everybody's gone surfin', at Waimea Bay

The North Shore of Oahu boasts the Mt. Rushmore of pro-surfing venues—Pipeline, Haleiwa, Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay—where real-life beach boys and girls ride unreal waves. The shore also has a few dozen other named surfing breaks. The place is Surf City, Planet Earth. When epic surf rolls in, 25-feet and up (way up) you won't see anything like Waimea Bay. Breaking surf closes out the mouth of the bay, the kind of waves that make beachcombers tremble—and make the best surfers of the worl...
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Wonder Woman, the God of War and Public Choice Economics

This essay, which I co-wrote with Kumar Anand, was published in Pragati, the online magazine I edit, on June 8. The most beautiful moment in the film Wonder Woman is a small, human moment. Diana Prince, out in the real world for the first time, makes her ice cream-eating debut while rushing somewhere in a crowded marketplace. Blown away by its taste, she turns to the vendor with a surprised smile on her face and tells him, “You should be very proud!” She learns one important truth about the rea...
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AT&T Introduces STAYCAST Hotel and Institutions Streaming Solution Starting June 21

AT&T* continues to transform in-room entertainment for hotel guests and institutions across the country with a streaming solution from SONIFI Solutions, Inc. Hotels and institutions with DIRECTV services can now order STAYCASTⁱ powered by Google Chromecast for their property.
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The story of an orphaned black rhino

All photos by Scott Sporleder Last Christmas , Matador founder Ross Borden and filmmaker Scott Sporleder were in Kenya visiting the Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy, a 58,000 acre ranch just over 200 kms from Nairobi. A former cattle ranch, today it helps to protect wildlife from poachers and is home to a rescue center and state-of-the-art veterinary clinic. The lodge is exclusive and expensive, which is what helps to fund the ultimate goal of the owner and passionate conservationist, Alec Wildenst...
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Wet, snowy winter creates life-threatening hazards for Pacific Crest Trail hikers

Raging rivers and deep snowpack are delaying, detouring and challenging the most determined thru-hikers — including several from Seattle — as they head north from Mexico on the fabled West Coast path.
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Are you breaking the law when driving abroad? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you taking a road trip this summer? If you’re going to be driving abroad, you should take a bit of time to research their local driving habits and their driving laws — things you’re used to doing when driving at home might be illegal in other countries. For example, do you need to wear glasses? Buy a second pair in case you’re going to be driving in Spain, where you’re required to carry a spare pair in the vehicle. Forget about drinking (water) while you’re driving in Cyprus — it’s forbid...
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State Parks in Washington

WASHINGTON HAS IT ALL: shrub-steppe landscape in the east, forested mountains, rugged coastline with big archipelagos and bays, sinuous river valleys. The State Parks might not be as well known to visitors as the Olympic Peninsula, but they’re more than worth visiting. Palouse Falls A post shared by Rebecca (@awayfromtheoffice) on Jun 21, 2017 at 11:56am PDT The small Palouse Falls State Park is in the south-east corner of the state, away from major routes. For this reason, ...
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Happy Sunday

         [Author: Tongue in Cheek]
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Hawaii Gov. David Ige releases list of bills he may veto

Hawaii Gov. David Ige (Press Release) Gov. David Ige has notified legislative leaders and key lawmakers of the 15 bills that are listed on his Intent to Veto list. The Hawaii State Constitution requires the governor to notify the Legislature of the bills he intends to veto by June 26.On July 11, any measure that the governor has not signed or vetoed will become law.Links to bills can be found here.INTENT TO VETO LIST:SB 1240        RELATING TO AQUATIC LIFEThis bill requires the Department...
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How to Master the Fine Art of Haggling

Join Vagabondish on Twitter and Facebook. Considered an integral part of the transaction process in many parts of the world, haggling often throws those of us from lands of fixed prices off-kilter. We walk away from market stands with sweat on our brow, festering feelings of frustration, and vows of restricting our shopping to air-conditioned venues with price tags. Haggling, however, is an everyday survival skill for the long-term traveler, used beyond acquiring souvenirs to negotiate transport...
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After Tokyo Storm

On the way home after the #tokyo storm.
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Europeans learn to live with — and adapt to — terror attacks

PARIS (AP) — The jihadis’ targets in Europe are depressingly repetitive: the Brussels metro, the Champs-Elysees in Paris (twice), tourist-filled bridges in London (twice) and a U.K. rock concert. And that’s just the past few months. The steady stream of attacks on centers of daily life have drawn pledges from Europeans not to let terrorists […]
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Juste like The Name of the Rose, this is another movie from 1986 that has aged very well. It always gets unfairly compared to The Silence of the Lambs (or later Red Dragon, from which it is an actual adaptation of), and Silence certainly is a classic in its own right, but this is great too. Brian Cox plays a fantastic Lecter, and Michael Mann is already showing what a great director he is (and would continue to be). Some of the soundtrack hasn’t aged so well maybe, but I still quite enjoyed re-...
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How to see the red crab migration

Christmas Island , an Australian territory, is a small island in the Indian Ocean. Once a year, red crabs — native to the island — begin making their way from the forest to the ocean for mating season. How to get there There are direct flights to Christmas Island departing from Perth, Australia. A flight to Perth can easily be booked from many other major cities in Australia or South East Asia. Once on Christmas Island, the red crab migration takes place all over. Several roads often need to...
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