Trump Didn’t Calm Oil Markets -- and Now It May Be Too Late - Bloomberg

Trump Didn’t Calm Oil Markets -- and Now It May Be Too Late - Bloomberg:When Saudi Arabia kicked off its oil-price war and triggered the worst crude crash in a generation, U.S. President Donald Trump lauded the ensuing decline in pump prices, saying it would be “like a tax cut” for Americans.Weeks later, the crisis remains a low priority for the president, who has continually expressed his satisfaction with cheap gasoline and whose agenda has been consumed by the coronavirus pandemic itself, acc...
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Covid-19: How The Hospitality Industry Can Find A Way Through | By Gareth Ogden

The hospitality industry has been one of the sectors most badly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Across the UK, all pubs, bars and restaurants have had to close their doors and shut up shop, in order to abide by the unprecedented measures ordered by the Government.
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Flower Power

         [Author: French la Vie]
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#Dubai Property Prices, Middle East Coronaviru News: Latest Update - Bloomberg

Dubai Property Prices, Middle East Coronaviru News: Latest Update - Bloomberg: Residential properties stand in the Al Satwa area of Dubai.   Photographer: Christopher Pike/Bloomberg The widening coronavirus pandemic could see Dubai property prices falling to levels last seen 10 years ago, according to S&P Global Ratings.“We believe real estate prices are approaching levels seen at the bottom of the last cycle in 2010, and are even lower on an inflation-adjusted basis an...
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Petrostates Hammered by Oil Price Plunge and Pandemic’s Spread - Bloomberg

Petrostates Hammered by Oil Price Plunge and Pandemic’s Spread - Bloomberg:Kazakhstan’s long-standing leader calls it a “perfect storm.” Venezuela’s government is shutting fuel stations across the country. Chad is paying its sovereign debts using cattle.Across the oil-rich states of Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the former Soviet Union, leaders accustomed to a steady flow of petrodollars see trouble ahead as the oil price war promises to destabilize their economies -- and perhaps th...
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Angry Italian mayors

If the public health of your community wasn’t enough of an incentive to stay indoors during this pandemic, maybe mayors yelling at you and threatening you will do the trick. In Italy, Europe’s epicenter of the outbreak, where the lockdown has been in place the longest, mayors and governors around Italy went on TV to discourage people from breaking quarantine and socializing unnecessarily. And by “discourage people,” we mean “scare the living daylights out of people.” Vincenzo De Luca, Gove...
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Drone Footage of Italy’s Empty Cities

There will come a time when all of this is over and we will wonder what Italian cities looked like during the COVID-19 quarantine.The post Drone Footage of Italy’s Empty Cities appeared first on Italofile.
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One Day Soon

  Soon without a season we will sit here again our stories will unravel and some will go unsaid as hearts can share without words and where time has no meaning Gabriel will crawl around our legs, maybe he will be walking.  Will we be kissing cheeks twice with our friends? Floating from one moment to another, sticking my fork into your lunch for a bite, leaning my glass towards you to say salut, and eating olives from the same bowl. Soon but I do not know when.                  [Author: Frenc...
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S&P Sees #Dubai Property Prices Dropping to Levels Seen in 2010 - Bloomberg

Dubai Property Prices, Middle East Coronaviru News: Latest Update - Bloomberg: Residential properties stand in the Al Satwa area of Dubai.   Photographer: Christopher Pike/Bloomberg The widening coronavirus pandemic could see Dubai property prices falling to levels last seen 10 years ago, according to S&P Global Ratings.“We believe real estate prices are approaching levels seen at the bottom of the last cycle in 2010, and are even lower on an inflation-adjusted basis an...
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Airports empty as traveler quarantine begins, COVID-19 cases pass 100, surge hospitals planned, unemployment claims skyrocket, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Honolulu International Airport ©2020 All Hawaii News A noticeably empty airport marks Day 1 of Hawaii’s travel quarantine rules. Thursday marked the first full day of the state’s new rules requiring all travelers on incoming international and mainland flights to Hawaii to go into a 14-day quarantine at hotels or places of residence. Hawaii News Now.Arriving passengers face 14 days of mandatory quarantine, based on the honor system. Star-Advertiser.Hawaii Travelers Quarantine: ‘I Think I M...
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Virtual field trips to take online

We’ve all been spending a lot of time at home lately, and for some, this new reality is tougher than others. After two weeks you may have already binged every Netflix show that piqued your interest and are desperately looking for new sources of entertainment — especially if you have kids. The is trying to make it easier to entertain the whole family over the coming weeks and months by providing a thorough list of virtual field trips. While virtual excursions are never a truly satisfying rep...
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COVID-19 Travel Update

COVID-19 Travel Update This week’s COVID-19 Travel Update finds our country experiencing a full-frontal assault from the coronavirus with confirmed cases topping 100,000. Therefore, our greatest wish is that you and yours remain healthy, hunkered down, and practicing all of the preventative safety measures required. The U.S. State Department still has the Global Level 4 Health – Do Not Travel Internationally Advisory posted ( click here ).  Consequently, until this advisory lifts, traveling ove...
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Le drive

In France, what we Americans call a "drive-through" at retail establishments is known as un drive. Whether it's fast food, a pharmacy, or a supermarket, the signs for le drive are everywhere. Except at banks. I don't think there are drive-up tellers at French banks. Not sure about drive-up ATMs, but I can't think of one. On Friday, I did the supermarket drive for the first time. This is not our Super-U and it's not my photo. I got the image from the internet. "Location" means "rental," most s...
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International LGBTQ films and TV

Let’s go on a gaycation. We can fall in love in Italy or have a San Francisco affair. We can don our best drag for an Australian road trip, or visit small-town America to shake up the local scene. If lounging by a lake in Provence is more your style, we can do that, too, though Miami’s waters are far warmer this time of year. Better yet — let’s do it all. We don’t need a train, plane, or automobile to get there. As long as you’ve got a secure WiFi connection and a device that can stream cont...
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what i'm reading: the body keeps the score by bessel van der kolk

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma is a famous among trauma survivors and the professionals who treat them. I can say without hyperbole or exaggeration that it's one of the most fascinating and meaningful books I've ever read.The Body Keeps the Score is divided into two parts.The first part of the book examines the brain's and body's physical response to trauma. There are essentially two kinds of trauma: the sustained, multiple traumas of childhood abuse an...
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Museums with the best online tours

As the COVID-19 outbreak forces the world to retreat indoors, museums and galleries are moving into the digital world to make sure their collections remain accessible to the public. The next few weeks or months of home quarantine needn’t be devoid of culture as, via the internet, art aficionados can now virtually visit collections and temporary exhibitions from the comfort of their homes. Online access experiences can now take you from close-ups of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling in Rom...
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Corny pizza

Saturday was pizza day chez nous. One of my favorite pizzas to make is leek and bacon. There's no tomato sauce or cheese in it, just crispy bacon and sautéed leeks. This time, we had a surplus of onions in the pantry, so we used those in place of leeks. And, because this is France, smoked lardons take the place of American bacon. Lardons are actually the same cut as bacon, just shaped differently. Ken gently cooked the sliced onions with some white wine, bay leaves, and red pepper flakes. Yum!...
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#Kuwait Leads Drop in Mideast Stocks After Downgrade: Inside EM: Sunday March 29, 2020 - Bloomberg

Middle East Stock News: Sunday March 29, 2020 - Bloomberg:Most Middle Eastern stock markets fell on Sunday, with Kuwait’s main index leading losses after S&P Global Ratings cut the government’s credit rating last week.The Boursa Kuwait Premier Market Price index lost as much as 4.7% before finishing 3.4% lower, with Kuwait Finance House, National Bank of Kuwait and Ahli United Bank dropping more than 4%. Kuwait was downgraded one level to AA-, with S&P maintaining a stable outlook. Lower oil pr...
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Lockdown in Paris: Day 14

Another weekend in confinement, but at least it’s warm enough to enjoy my (government approved) one-hour run within 1km of my apartment. Circles around the Square I did 8 laps around the Mitterrand National Library, aka (TGB – Très Grand Bibliothèque), whose elevated boardwalk is exactly 1km all the way around a central "forest" . Without cars, bikes or scooters to worry about, I can just pop in a podcast and do my laps, and marvel at the number of other runners doing exactly the sam...
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Disney+ Earth Month nature films

Earth Month might look a little different this year, considering most people around the world can’t exactly take advantage of the outdoors, but Disney+ is letting you experience the wilderness from the comfort of your living room. The streaming platform will be debuting two new documentary films on April 3, called Elephant and Dolphin Reef. Disney+ will also release titles like In the Footsteps of Elephant and Diving with Dolphins, which will give viewers a peek into the behind-the-scenes pr...
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Thoughts from Amalfi during Coronavirus

Over the past 13 years, I’ve written a lot about the Amalfi Coast. About beautiful beaches, about my favorite hikes through quiet villages, about food, about the people, and really most everything in between. Plot twist. So here I sit at my tiny desk inside our small house right in the historic center of Amalfi. Thankfully, I can see a few lemon trees and the bright bursts of purple as the bougainvillea in the neighbor’s garden starts to bloom. We have a little balcony off the bedroom that overl...
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COVID-19 Doesn't Slow Down Japanese Porn Productions

Special events in Akihabara are a great place to be recruited if you want to  be  an extra in a Japanese Adult video. Every weekend several actresses  will  make public appearances in one of the major video stores to meet  and  greet their fans. Prices range from ¥5000-¥50,000  to spend less than a minute with the talent. Pictures are allowed and many of the  fans bring  expensive equipment for their impromptu photo shoots. Women  and  foreigners are usually banned from these events, as they mak...
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Our employees are the most important assets to protect for the future of the hotel industry | By Howard Field

Here's a scenario that is not unique
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The Coronavirus Means It's A Truly Free Market For Oil - Bloomberg

The Coronavirus Means It's A Truly Free Market For Oil - Bloomberg:At the point we’re now at, postponing the oil-price war won’t make a lot of difference for an industry that’s already breaking down under the weight of demand destruction. It’s too late to use diplomacy and artful negotiations to share the burden of output cuts that are now inevitable.The pumping free-for-all unleashed by Saudi Arabia and Russia is important for the long-term shape of the oil industry, but, as my colleague Javier...
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Oil Tankers Fill at Record Pace as Glut Overwhelms Storage - Bloomberg

Oil Tankers Fill at Record Pace as Glut Overwhelms Storage - Bloomberg:The world’s oil tankers are being filled with crude at a record pace as the options to store a glut on land rapidly diminish, one of the industry’s largest owners said.A combination of surging production from key producers worldwide and capitulating demand in the face of the coronavirus outbreak means that land storage is being overwhelmed, said Robert Hvide Macleod, Chief Executive Officer of Frontline Management AS. The wor...
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YHS Virtual 2020: That’s a Wrap!

The Young Hoteliers Summit(YHS)remains a testament to the consistency of the traditional, and the progressive and innovative nature of the new.The rapid evolution of the Covid-19 situation meant that the physical summit had to be cancelled just two weeksprior to the event. Nonetheless, extraordinary times have alwaysdriven innovation and change, and the YHS2020team was no different.In less than two weeks,YHS stripped down to itscore and transformed itself intoa virtual summit which took p...
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Energy Closing oil prices - Bloomberg

Energy - Bloomberg: Get updated commodity futures prices. Find information about commodity prices and trading, and find the latest commodity index comparison charts. [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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#Dubai braces for financial hit as coronavirus batters vital tourism - Reuters

Dubai braces for financial hit as coronavirus batters vital tourism - Reuters:The sundecks on Dubai’s beaches lie empty, and red flags warn visitors away from the waterfront to protect the Middle East’s tourism hub against coronavirus. Aerial view of the Sheikh Zayed Road, following the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 26, 2020. REUTERS/Satish Kumar The infection is starting to deliver a painful blow to Dubai, one of the most visited c...
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Live Survey Reveals 50 percent of Hotels Not Planning to Close Properties Due to COVID-19

Knowland, the leader in group hospitality analytics for hotels, convention and visitor bureaus, conference centers and other meeting venues, announced today the results of a live survey of more than 700 hoteliers conducted during its informative webinar "COVID-19 Preparing Today for Success Tomorrow." Knowland's VP of product management, Kristi White provided insight and guidance during a webinar held on March 25, 2020 and is available
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42 years after Dr Raj Kumar’s ‘If you come today’—and 18 years after Rumsfeld’s ‘known unknowns’—has Shekhar Gupta beaten them (and ‘Swami’ Nityananda) at their own game?

*** It is not widely known that the Kannada movie legend Dr Raj Kumar won only one national award in his long and illustrious career, but it was not for his acting prowess but singing. Dr Raj Kumar won the award in 1993 for his rendition of Nada Maya in Jeevana Chaitra but the Raj song that really rocketed into the national consciousness was the only one the non-English speaking Kannadiga sang in English. For the 1978 film Operation Diamond Racket. In the song’s lyrics—“If you come today, it...
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