NW Getaway Ideas on a Budget (New Deals Updated Weekly) – The Resort at the Mountain – Welches, OR starting at $108 per night and More!

Living in the Northwest we have so many wonderful options for budget friendly or cheap weekend getaways. Within driving distance we can see the mountains, wine country, beaches, and city getaways. We have access to family vacations, romantic escapes, outdoor vacations or urban site seeing. Plus, you can do many of these things on a budget too! Here are our favorite picks this week, for some great deals you can get on Pacific Northwest Getaways. Be sure to bookmark this page (or pin it to your t...
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Belgium’s beautiful Bruges: Old-world Europe in the present

Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in Western Europe, a place that has been called the Venice of the North.
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How's Your Friday

How's your Friday so far?
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Las vegas neighborhoods

THERE IS a whole lot more to Vegas than just what you see bathed in flashing neon. Here, we’ve broken the Las Vegas Valley down into its seven most popular and most active neighborhoods and have included what to eat, drink, do and see in each. (And yes, we did include the Strip.) Search by neighborhood 1. The Strip 2. Downtown / Fremont Street 3. Fremont East + 4. Arts District 5. Summerlin 6. Henderson 7. Chinatown / Spring Mountain 1. The Strip Photo: tnamd It’s the Strip. It’s the m...
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Thursday's harvest

Our tomatoes are starting to come in. Soon it will be time to make sauce for the freezer. And the lemon squash are going gangbusters. I'm not sure what we'll do with it all. And the zukes are still producing, of course. All kinds of tomatoes, including romas, juliets, yellows, cœur de bœuf, and fireballs. I have to pick some of the tomatoes before they're completely ripe. Sometimes they're sitting on the ground, and that's not good. Other times they're very heavy looking and need to come off t...
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Everyday Washing Machines

Using Perfume to sell Panasonic washing machines (the track used, “Everyday,” is coming out as a b-side single soon). Via Tokyo’s Coolest Sound.
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Sunrise With Lelouch

ルルーシュ里帰り?!僕は今日凄い情報聞いたような気がしますが、ギアスかけられたので忘れています。 Visiting Sunrise with Lelouch today. #smartdoll
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Spain, France press manhunt for ringleader in dual attacks

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Authorities in Spain and France pressed the search Saturday for the supposed ringleader of an Islamic extremist cell that carried out vehicle attacks in Barcelona and a seaside resort, as the investigation focused on links among the Moroccan members and the house where they plotted the carnage. Early Saturday, police searched […]
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A Mediterranean cruise for culture lovers – with Voyages to Antiquity

If you enjoy delving into the history and culture of the places you visit, then a Mediterranean cruise with Voyages to Antiquity may be a perfect combination of relaxation and enrichment. Our cruise arranged through Titan Travel took us to the islands of the Mediterranean; Sardinia, Corsica and Elba, before we arrived on the Italian mainland at Livorno, our base for visiting the Renaissance cities of Lucca, Pisa and Florence. For a culture lover like me it was an ideal way to dip into centu...
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Sex and Burning Man

I WAS WONDERING around the back streets of Burning Man and came across an enormous trampoline facing the road. Clearly designed for everyone’s play, it had a prominent sign that said: “Please, no fucking on the trampoline.” I grinned. If there is a flat or partly secluded surface at Burning Man, someone will inevitably end up squirming on it with a partner of their choice. While not everybody goes to Burning Man expecting to have a ton of sex, sex is available, shameless, and no-strings-attached...
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Wellness by the Beach in the Riviera Maya

Imagine your cares melting away as you spend your days lazing around the beach and pool in the tropics, the phone turned off, someone special by your side. You have great meals with fresh ingredients and professional staffers waiting on you and tidying up after you in your room. Would you start to feel truly relaxed? Perhaps just one more step: a few wellness treatments in the spa... At Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa in the Riviera Maya of Mexico, being pampered in style is a given. This award-wi...
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Aloha Friday Photo: Hidden Beach, Maui

Mahalo to Robin Gonzalez from sharing this lovely photo of Hidden Beach on Maui for Aloha Friday Photos. It’s also referred to as Secret Beach. You might recognize this scene from ads and wedding photos as this picturesque cove in Makena is a one of a kind. Happy Aloha Friday! The post Aloha Friday Photo: Hidden Beach, Maui appeared first on Go Visit Hawaii. © Go Visit Hawaii - Republication of this entire post is prohibited without prior permission. Using extracts of less than 100 words is p...
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STR: US hotel results for week ending 12 August

The U.S. hotel industry reported mostly positive year-over-year results in the three key performance metrics during the week of 6-12 August 2017, according to data from STR. In comparison with the week of 7-13 August 2016, the industry recorded the following:
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No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky just isn’t for me. I finally gave it a try this past week, and although my first night of playing (over a couple of hours) was pretty engaging, when I sat down the following evening to play some more, and I realized that I was just entering in a loop of going to a planet to gather resources (an activity I don’t find to be particularly fun) to then sell them and progress, I just didn’t want to play anymore. I still think it’s a neat game, and I dig the art direction and the idea beh...
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‘Spectacular’ autumn foliage is forecast for New England

BOSTON (AP) — New England’s fall foliage forecast is looking so fine it’s enough to make a maple leaf blush. For the first time in several years, little has conspired against a truly glorious autumn. There’s no more drought, the summer has been mild and the leaves — largely spared by marauding gypsy moth caterpillars […]
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New Zealand’s Natural Beauty Makes the Island Nation Ripe for Hospitality Industry Growth [Infographic]

In 2020, EVEN Hotel Auckland is slated to make its debut, marking the first time that the brand—which was homegrown by InterContinental Hotels Group to focus specifically on a consumer shift toward holistic wellness—will expand its reach outside of North America.
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Turkey bones may help trace fate of ancient cliff dwellers

DENVER (AP) — Researchers say they have found a new clue into the mysterious exodus of ancient cliff-dwelling people from the Mesa Verde area of Colorado more than 700 years ago: DNA from the bones of domesticated turkeys. The DNA shows the Mesa Verde people raised turkeys that had telltale similarities to turkeys kept by […]
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Cano Cristales

CANO CRISTALES is located in the Serrania de la Macarena National Park in Colombia. It has been described as the most beautiful river in the world, due to the many colors that can be sometimes be seen through the water. These colors are created by different plants, algae, sand, and rocks in the river. Most noticeable is the bright red, caused by a plant called Macarenia clavigera. How to get there The closest town to Caño Cristales is La Macarena. The easiest way to get to the town is by plane...
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Texan father sayings

1. “No homework until you finish football practice” In Texas, football is life. For some students, it represents hope for getting a scholarship to UT Austin or any number of schools and escaping their small towns. For others, it’s primal, connecting them to their fathers, grandfathers, and friends in a history that almost spans the existence of the Lone Star State. 2. “Stay out as late as you want. I don’t really care.” No one would ever accuse a Texas dad of choosing the carrot over the stic...
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This is the best video of Alaska

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube Some places are so beautiful and astounding in person, it’s difficult to capture their essence in a video. However, this video, produced by GALAXIID and shot by Aliscia Young and Richard Sidey, manages to transmit the feeling of wilderness, of a natural landscape made with water, mountains, whales, fjords, and bears. The authors define it as “a visual nature essay from the coastal wilderness of Southern Alaska....
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7 Facts of Life in France That Are Funny, Puzzling or Annoying

It’s not a myth: check kissing is the most common way to greet relatives or friends. This social gesture can be as awkward as the American hug and is a potential minefield because you have to figure out which check to kiss first (be prepared to change direction at the last minute!) and how many kisses to exchange. According to the French, it depends on the region—some are happy with just one peck, other insist on two or even four. There are many graffiti in Nantes calling for a national strike a...
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How to visit Stotan Falls, BC

Stotan Falls looks as though it has been plucked from a tropical location and dropped onto Vancouver Island. This section of the Puntledge River is a great option to spend a hot summer day, swimming in the mellow currents, jumping from waterfalls, exploring behind waterfalls, and lounging in the river kettles. How to get there From Vancouver you take a ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo (1 hour 45 mins) and from Nanaimo it’s about a 1.5-hour drive north. It’s near the town of Courtenay in...
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3 Tips for Risk Taking | By Katie Scheer

Today was the first day of school for my kids. It was not an ordinary first day since it was my daughter's first time going to her brother's "big kid" elementary school as a kindergartner. Her confidence, excitement, and no-holding-me-back attitude resonated with me. Shouldn't she have been a little nervous or scared? (I was!) Nope, not at all. So this has given me pause because it is a great reminder to remember to be brave, to take chances, and to try something new. Isn't this the only ...
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How Noise Can Make Your Hotel Room Quieter

Probably nothing will block this right outside your open hotel room window, but there are ways to make less aggressive sounds become much less bothersome. It can sometimes be hard to sleep in a hotel room (or anywhere else for that matter).  The stress of changing time zones, unfamiliar surroundings, and unexpected sounds and noises, all aggravated by sometimes the urgent need to sleep due to your alarm set for too early the next morning, can see you unable to sleep in an uncontrolled environme...
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Here's TV's 'Fantasy Island' in Real Life on Kauai

Nostalgic TV fans may recognize this view of Allerton Garden as the home of Ricardo Montalban and friends on Fantasy Island. In real life, these beachfront acres were the home of John Allerton, who bought the property in 1937, and lived there with his lifetime companion, John Gregg Allerton. The two men constructed fanciful fountains and cultivated rich plant life to create one of the nation's five National Tropical Botanical Gardens. A second NTBG is adjacent inland: McBryde Garden. ...
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Top facts for a few days in Florence

Florence is described as an ‘open air museum.’ Go to this historic Italian city and it won’t take long before you realise why. The buildings, arts scene, culture and food of course – this place has got it all. It’s no wonder it attracts thousands of tourists every year. UNESCO has recognised Florence as a World Heritage Site for its beauty. So, if you’re heading to Tuscany, make sure you drop in for a look around. Here’s some top facts to help you make the most of it. The Duomo When you’re k...
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Hotels Invest In New Technology: The Case Of Luxury Suites

The city is bustling with tourists like never before. New York City welcomed a record 60.3 million visitors last year, making 2016 a banner year for tourism in the Big Apple: for the first time, the total number of city visitors exceeded 60 million. The rapid growth of tourism is also reflected in an increase in the number of new hotels and rooms available built in NYC. "In 2015, New York City had more than 107,000 hotel rooms, 48 percent more than in 2006. The industry plans to add anoth...
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Portland friends

1. A normal friend will pack a tent, food, sleeping bags, bug spray, a water purifier and a stove when they go camping. A Portland friend will bring an extra pair of boots for hiking up waterfalls, a hammock and about a dozen KIND bars — and most likely, weed. 2. A normal friend will help you move in. A Portland friend will take you on a whirlwind shopping spree to every Goodwill, thrift store, warehouse and junkyard in the metropolitan region to make sure your apartment has an authentic mode...
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It rained

Friday turned out to be a rainy day. We need the rain, so that's good. Half the firewood is stacked, so that's good, too. But the other half is out in the rain. Oh well. It won't matter much since, once we get it stacked, it will dry out before we need to use it. It's only superficially wet. A poplar leaf, I think, with raindrops. The rain barrels are filled and overflowing. If it's not hot and dry, we don't really need much water outdoors. The indoor plants need water, of course, so we have p...
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Hyena Man leads to Entrepreneurial Business and a new kind of Tourism

Image:  One night, as my family and I were visiting the city of Harar, one of Ethiopia’s most popular UNESCO sites, we traveled to see one of the ancient city’s most popular tourist stops: a small home where a family fed wild hyenas.Yusuf Mume Saleh, known as the Hyena Man, began feeding wild hyenas 30 years ago when he noticed a hyena hovering around as he fed his dog. When he offered some of the meat scraps to the hyena, his kindness soon became a source of income.Thirty years later, t...
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