Outdoor adventures in Denali

Denali National Park is the third largest National Park in the United States, encompassing 6 million acres of wilderness. Park rangers and the National Park Service website are great ways to find the trekking and/or backcountry backpacking option best fit for you. But for those seeking a different way to experience what Denali has to offer, here are some worthwhile alternatives located near the park entrance. 1. Get out on the water. Photo: Denali Outdoor Center The Nenana River has half day...
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Saving the Church of the Patron Saint of Joy

La chiesa abbandonata The Abandoned Church A guest post by Rita Morgan Richardson   I confess. I’m Catholic, and I’d never heard of Saint Philip Neri -- until I decided to save a church dedicated to him in Castiglion Fiorentino, a small town in Tuscany between Arezzo and Cortona. In its historic center, on the same pedestrian-only vicolo as the apartment my husband Tim and I purchased in 2011, a boarded-up stone building dating back to the Middle Ages sits virtually unnoticed. In the late 160...
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Lake O'Hara and Yoho Gallery

LAST SUMMER WE FOUND ourselves with a week to kill in Kelowna, British Columbia. We drove out to see the tunnels and trestles of Myra Canyon, camped out on a quiet backcountry lake listening to lonely loon calls, then went to the White Lake Basin and had a frighteningly close encounter with a rattlesnake hiding out under a sage bush. And then we were like: Huh. Maybe we should go to the mountains. I mean, yeah, we had packed for two days of hot dry desert Okanagan weather… but it was summer ever...
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The FCC’s case against net neutrality rests on a deliberate misrepresentation of how the internet works

 The FCC has just published the notice of proposed rulemaking that would roll back the 2015 Open Internet Order establishing net neutrality. Their first and primary justification for doing this is a way of defining broadband access that’s so backwards it’s ridiculous. It would be funny if the future of the internet didn’t depend on this incredibly disingenuous maneuvering. Read More
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2017 St Petersburg International Economic Forum – Part 2: Permits, Slots, Visas & Cabotage

This is a post by author Dmitry Konovalov. Dmitry is general director for  Universal Aviation Russia – Khabarovsk, based in Khabarovsk (UHHH), which provides 24/7 coordination of flight permits and ground handling services throughout Russia. Dmitry is an expert on business aircraft operations in Russia and can be contacted [email protected] This business aviation blog post continues from our article last week, entitled “2017 St Petersburg International Economic Forum –...
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Kaup beach and Lighthouse

The serene Kaup beach located between Udupi and Mangalore is a short detour from NH-17. A popular beach along the coast of Karnataka, Kaup is known for its picturesque backdrop and a lighthouse which offers panoramic vistas of the gorgeous surroundings. It is absolutely delightful to watch sunset from this lovely beach. [Author: R Niranjan Das]
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Idea seeing large number of users returning with dual Jio SIM: MD Himanshu Kapania

During a recent analyst call, Idea Cellular’s MD & Director Himanshu Kapania said that a “large number of users” that opted to own a second Jio SIM are returning back to it to use voice and data services. “So the present — the 4G operator (Jio) has started to charge for their services, and there is equilibrium that is getting established…We are able to take certain premium because the voice quality that we offer…is better because of its fallback available on 3G and 2G. So with this, what we are...
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Staybridge Suites® Launches New Brand Campaign, Hugely Different

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), one of the world's leading hotel companies, today announces the launch of the newest Staybridge Suites® brand campaign, Hugely Different. Through the brand's most extensive use of video assets to date, the multi-channel advertising campaign shows guests that Staybridge Suites is a different kind of hotel for a different kind of traveler. Though digital videos and radio spots, audiences will learn more about how Staybridge Suites brings a Hugely Differe...
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What's Your Idea of Perfect Service? | By Steve DiGioia

What do your customers expect from you? Do you live up to their expectations or only reach your own perceived "ceiling" of service? Are you "good enough"? Maybe. But good enough for whom?
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Expanded Bell Street cruise terminal opens

The $30 million dollar revamp adds three times the space and includes an expanded VIP lounge and passenger check-in.
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New Analysis from BCD Travel Finds That Failure to Use Effective Audit Practices Is Costing Companies Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Per Year in Missed Hotel Discounts

A multi-level analysis of hotel rate auditing programs used by BCD Travel clients last year reveals that combined, mid- to large-sized companies overspend on hotel room nights by hundreds of millions of dollars. Without performing standard rate audits, a company overspends by $122,500 for every $5 million it spends on hotels. Using both standard rate auditing and rate availability audits prevents $225,000 in overspending for every $5 million spent on hotels. Additionally, hotel price moni...
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Tasha Tuesday

Once again, with Callie. Today is a big day. Tasha goes to her new vet for the first time for a check-up and a booster vaccination. It's also her three-month birthday, and the four-week anniversary of her arrival at our house. Only four weeks? Seems like more... Callie and Tasha take a break from running around in the sun. Taken on Saturday. We can really see her growing now. Her nose is longer and so are her legs. She's getting the lay of the land and she and Callie are playing together more....
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What to See and Where to Eat – The Best Attractions in Isle of Palms, and Where to Eat After!

Imagine it; the Balmy, sea salt air blowing through your hair, the gorgeous sandy beaches stretching on for miles, and the bustling downtown city center, dotted with luxury restaurants, homey beach bars, and historical attractions: This is what awaits you in sunny Isle of Palms, South Carolina. As one of the east coast’s premier vacation destinations, Isle of Palms has long played host to millions of annual vacationers looking to stretch out on the beach. But, Isle of Palms is more than just a...
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    Guess who is the shortest?           Mari (our friend from Texas) is in France filling a container of antiques for her shop. We met years ago through blogging, and since then we see each other often, especially since the Brocante Bug bit her.   The other night we had a neighborhood paella party, our friend Philippe was the chef.  D E L I C I O U S Because I am a goof ball I am pretending to point at something.           Oh the joy of loving.   xxx          [Author: Tongue in Cheek]
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Taiwanese Famous Beverage Chun Cui He is available in 7 Eleven Malaysia Now!

Taiwanese Famous Beverage Chun Cui He Just Drink is available in 7 Eleven Malaysia Now! When we read about Taiwanese famous beverage Chun Cui He or Just Drink is available in 7 Eleven Singapore last year, we wonder will it come to Malaysia one day? Well, wait no more as Chun Cui He or Just Drink is now available in 7 Eleven Malaysia. On top of that, they are having a promotion ends 31st August 2017. Pin They are selling at RM 8.95 inst...
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12 surprising facts about Traverse City, MI

FOR STARTERS: Traverse City is the “Cherry Capital of the World.” It’s also home to giant sand dunes, world-class culture and arts festivals, and…a celebrity dog? This gorgeous part of Northern Michigan is all kinds of surprising. Read below for more. 1. Margaret Atwood? Bob Dylan? Ann Patchett? They all come here. Photo: Interlochen Center for the Arts The Interlochen Center for the Arts is one of the country’s largest presenters of the arts, hosting around 600 performances throughout the ...
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Tesla’s next Autopilot update is all about the smooth ride

 Tesla is improving Autopilot with a forthcoming update, with a focus on making the ride smoother while the autonomous highway driving system is engaged. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted news of the update on Monday night, indicating that the new software would be rolling out beginning in June. While Musk was not super forthcoming regarding additional details, the update will focus on the control… Read More
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So Many Hotel Software Systems, So Little Time: How to Choose the Best PMS for Your Needs and Budget | By Jos Schaap

It's a jungle out there! The jungle of different hotel software solutions has grown very thick, and the competition between vendors on who has the best solution has hardened.
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Where Will Holiday Inn Grow Its Footprint in 2017?

The InterContinental Makati was recently demolished, and then the Holiday Inn Clark was rebranded. As a result, the InterContinental Hotel Group currently has a mere three hotels located in the Philippines.
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The Big Cats of the Serengeti

The four days I spent in the Serengeti were full of incredible experiences. One of the things you always dream about is the opportunity to spend time with big cats. From shy Cheetahs to Lazy Lions or the ever elusive Leopard, there’s something captivating about the alpha predators of Africa. At the outset of my safari I hoped I’d spot, perhaps, one or two large male lions and a leopard or two. A cheetah or two if I was lucky and a pride of females with cubs. Little did I know what the Serengeti ...
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U.S. Lodging Demand Increases Amidst Increased Consumer Confidence, According to PwC

Encouraged by the prospect of a strengthening economy, US lodging performance continued to improve in the first quarter of 2017 according to the updated lodging forecast released today by PwC US. Despite a weak first quarter GDP growth estimate of 0.7 percent, lodging demand increased at the strongest quarterly rate since the first quarter of 2015, supporting modest growth in both occupancy and average daily rate (ADR). Overall, revenue per available room ("RevPAR") increased 3.4 percent.
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Sea lion drags little girl in water

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube IT’S NOT the first time that we witness people behaving in stupid ways around wildlife, but this one might just take the cake. As a group of people were observing, feeding, and teasing a California sea lion from a dock in Richmond, BC, Canada, the animal popped out of the water and grabbed a little girl by her dress to drag her into the water. The scene is terrifying but can be explained by the incredible unsafe ...
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Hungry sea lion drags little girl into water (VIDEO)

A pretty horrifying scene went down over the weekend in Richmond, British Columbia. A male sea lion grabbed a little girl sitting at the edge of a dock, and pulled her into the water briefly before letting her go. She was rescued almost immediately by an onlooker. Marine biologists believe the sea lion mistook the girl’s dress for a fish. The incident typifies just how foolish people are around wild animals. We’re not blaming the little girl, but the general stupidity of the adults present i...
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Renowned Sonoma Hotel & Spa MacArthur Place Came for Guest Texting, Stayed for Radio-Free Operations

MacArthur Place, Sonoma Hotel & Spa has selected hotel technology platform ALICE to upgrade their operations and provide convenience to guests through mobile messaging. The hotel is using ALICE's full suite of products - ALICE Guest, ALICE Concierge, and ALICE Staff - for their guests, concierge, and staff departments respectively.
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Dream Hotel Group Soars Into Second Year Of Unprecedented Growth

Renowned hotel brand and management company Dream Hotel Group, home to its Dream Hotels, Time Hotels, The Chatwal and soon-to-launch Unscripted Hotels brands, today announced another year of unprecedented international growth with nine new hotels expected to open in new destinations by the end of 2020.
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Walking around Nashville

Our favorite way to explore a new city is on foot.  You can experience so much more just by wandering around at a slower pace, talking with locals, people watching,  and even getting lost. Walking is a great way to get a real feel for the atmosphere and pulse of a city, so we  always encourage everyone to walk around as much as you can.  It’s a great way to stay in shape on your travels too, and of course, walking is FREE! You can walk across bridges, through neighborhoods, along rivers, a...
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Vimana Becomes First U.S. Franchise to List its Full Hotel Portfolio on

Today Vimana Franchise Systems LLC becomes the first national hotel chain to list its full portfolio with HotelBids Inc. This strategic partnership gives travelers the opportunity to name their own price when staying at a Centerstone Inns/Hotels/Plaza Hotels or Key West Inns/Hotels/Resorts property. Through, Vimana franchisees can accept or decline bids proposed by guests for rooms that otherwise may sit vacant. Rather than paying the typical 15 percent to 30 percent booking...
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Hawaii has high consumer debt, Oahu airport fees to increase, Waimanalo landfill sparks debate, attorneys blamed for loss of lifeguard liability protection, counties react to king tides, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Ala Moana Center © 2017 All Hawaii News Hawaii’s high cost of living has given residents the dubious honor of having the second-highest consumer debt per person in the nation. Star-Advertiser.Hawaii’s total consumer debt per capita increased from $51,810 in 2005 to over $67,000 in 2015, making it the second highest in the nation, according to a new report released by the Department of Business and Economic Development. Pacific Business News.Hawaii residents are rising in the ranks of the ...
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Finance ministry holds public consultation on regulating virtual currencies

The Department of Economic Affairs, under the Finance Ministry, is holding a public consultation on regulating virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Zcash. The consultation is being held by a committee set up by the DEA this April, headed by Dinesh Sharma, an IAS bureaucrat serving as a special secretary to the department. The consultation will look into whether virtual currencies need to be banned, regulated, or left to self-regulate. Such financial regulation consultations usuall...
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The Perfect First Day in Namibia

I don’t know what I’d been expecting from Namibia, but it wasn’t that it would be so easy. I felt as though I had rocked up at an airport in Germany rather than a lesser-known country in Southern Africa. Windhoek’s Airport was clean and modern; everybody spoke English; we bought a SIM card and exchanged our money with zero hassle; picked up our rental car within a few minutes. “Damn,” I commented to Dave. “I feel like we’re in the U.S. or something.” We threw our backpacks in the boot of the car...
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