Inside a 'haunted' 150-year-old million-dollar castle hidden away in San Francisco with underground caves and a toilet in the shape of a throne

Albion Castle in San Francisco has survived two big earthquakes in the city's history, and its underground caves could save the city in the event of an emergency. Katie Canales/Business Insider Albion Castle is a four-story castle in San Francisco that was built in 1870 as a home and brewery.The tech hub has grown up and around it over the decades, and now the castle is all but hidden.It has passed from owner to owner and has been used in a number of ways, but its current owner bought t...
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This Boeing 767 private jet's operator claims it has an advanced air system that kills pathogens so passengers don't need to wear a mask onboard – see inside

Comlux's Boeing BBJ767 "SkyLady." Comlux European aircraft operator Comlux just welcomed back its second-largest plane, a Boeing Business Jet 767, that underwent a four-month refurbishment in the US. The 51-seat aircraft serves the wealthy as a flying apartment with amenities including an ultra-king-size bed and walk-in shower. A new onboard ionization system kills pathogens in the air so passengers don't have to wear masks. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. European ...
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A fungus among us

Over the past few days, I've noticed some mushrooms growing in and on the stump of the big apple tree that fell last fall. As you can see, the trunk was mostly hollow and could no longer support the tree's weight. Down it came. Our recent rains have given all manner of fungus what they need to pop up all around, in our lawn, in the woods and, well, everywhere. Mushrooms help to decompose the old apple tree stump. These mushrooms were prettier when they were a little smaller, but they're still ...
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Libya War Rivals Poised for Unity Talks as Oil Output Rises - Bloomberg

Libya War Rivals Poised for Unity Talks as Oil Output Rises - BloombergLibya’s push to almost double crude output could gain momentum as rival sides prepare for a new round of talks aimed at ending a nearly decade-long conflict that has ravaged the OPEC member.The United Nations said Sunday that political talks targeting a deal on a “unified governance framework” for the North African country are to begin Oct. 26 via video conference. Face-to-face meetings would kick-off in Tunisia on Nov. 9.The...
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Aptech to Showcase its Hospitality-Specific Finance & Accounting Software at HFTP’s CYBER HITEC

In today's economic climate, hoteliers are looking for ways to reduce costs across the board. To know where to cut, they must have the ability to access, view, compare, and dynamically analyze the performance data of their single hotel or multi-property, multi-branded portfolios. Without access to this vital information, operators may find themselves unable to make effective business decisions. Aptech, the industry standard for hospitality financial management, is LIVE at HFTP's (Hospital...
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Mobile Number Portability requests increased by 28.7% in July 2020: TRAI

Mobile number porting requests increased by 28.7% to 7.53 million requests in July 2020, compared to 5.85 million porting requests reported in June 2020. In July, the maximum number of requests in Zone-I (North and West India) were received from Maharashtra at 0.85 million, followed by UP-East at 0.77 million, and UP-West at 0.62 million. The least number of requests were received from Jammu & Kashmir, which has one of the lowest user bases among all states in the country, at only 20,000 request...
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The Marais

I haven’t been in the Marais area of Paris in a long time so hopped on a metro to walk around favorite places again. Note the four figures holding up the balcony, like the name of the café, they are called chimères. I like the golden color of the building, the windows and the shadow of the tree. The courtyard of the ancient Hotel Sens from the 1200’s. The exterior. It’s so nice that it wasn’t torn down. I’ve always liked this side of a building in a courtyard.
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European, Middle Eastern & African Stocks - Bloomberg #UAE #Kuwait #Israel #SaudiArabia #Qatar close

European, Middle Eastern & African Stocks - Bloomberg [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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Atari is opening gaming-inspired hotels around the US, with vintage arcades and pop culture nightclubs. See what they will look like.

Atari. Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images An Atari themed hotel is planned in Arizona, with more locations to come. Atari is behind hundreds of iconic games, including Pong and Centipede. New renders show what the gaming inspired hotel could look like. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Atari, the brand forever linked with iconic games like Pong and Centipede, will soon be a theme for a gaming-inspired hotel in Arizona and Las Vegas.In January, strategy organization GSD G...
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75 Years Of The United Nations: Cooperation And Trust As Important As Ever

The United Nations, of which UNWTO is proud to be a part, was established to promote peace among nations and allow us to work together to build a better future for all.
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Ca' Scarpa, a new exhibition space in Treviso, celebrates Venetian architects Carlo Scarpa & his son, Tobia

Entrance to Ca' Scarpa - Photo: Cat Bauer (Venice, Italy) A new exhibition space opens in Treviso celebrating the great Venetian architects, Carlo Scarpa, and his son, Tobia. The ancient church of Santa Maria Nova was suppressed under Napoleon, then went on to be used as a print warehouse for the Finance Authority. Thanks to Luciano Benetton, one of the co-founders of the Benetton Group, it was recently acquired by Edizione Property, and transformed into a spacious, contemporary cult...
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Smita Patil - Unofficial Biography

Hello! So somehow I stumbled onto the life of Smita Patil and I was so fascinated that I got reading about her. The output was this Twitter thread. Here's the same thread, in the shape of an essay (originally published on  Smita Patil was an actor par excellence and above all, an extraordinary human being. She lived for all of 31 years but her legacy HAS to stay around for 31 millennia at least and this is an attempt towards that.  If I could sum her life in 3 bullet ...
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#Saudi Index Drops Most Since May in Final-Hour Slump: Inside EM - Bloomberg

Saudi Index Drops Most Since May in Final-Hour Slump: Inside EM - Bloomberg Saudi Arabia’s Tadawul All Share Index fell the most in five months amid renewed concern about measures to contain the spread of coronavirus.The benchmark index retreated 4.1% to 8,154.59, the lowest level in more than seven weeks. The decline, which led losses among major benchmarks in the Middle East on Sunday, accelerated in the final hour of trading in Riyadh.Large caps Saudi Basic Industries Corp., the chemical mak...
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How Software Resolves COVID-Related Personnel Issues | By Larry Mogelonsky

With the new safety guidelines from COVID-19, hotels have been mandated to disrupt, reconfigure and combine many operations, as well as do all this with a reduced staff to lower labor costs. This has created a tremendous burden for property teams; frontline employees are oftentimes overworked and potentially unfamiliar with the latest procedures, while supervisors are likewise spread thin and without a means of verifying proper training.
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Reliance Jio added 2.5M active connections, Vodafone Idea and Airtel lost 3.8M and 0.45M in July 2020

While Reliance Jio added 2.5 million active connections in July, Vi, formerly Vodafone Idea (down 3.8 million) and Airtel (down 0.45 million) saw declines. India saw a decline of 2.04 million active mobile connections in July 2020. Note that this could be because of multi-SIM usage. The top three telecom operators accounted for about 93% of all active connections. In terms of the number of connections, Reliance Jio leads with 400.8 million connections, followed by Airtel with 319.9 million conne...
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Lionel Barber’s diaries — encounters with Merkel, Fuld and a piano-playing Putin | Financial Times #Dubai #UAE

Lionel Barber’s diaries — encounters with Merkel, Fuld and a piano-playing Putin | Financial Times Below are a selection of the Simeon Kerr reports from the traumatic months, for #Dubai, of November and December, 2009: Pressure mounts over $4bn sukuk Dubai’s ruler tightens financial controls Focus turns to debt restructuring Dubai property merger blocked Abu Dhabi left with little choice Anger within emirate levelled at leadership Abu Dhabi expected to prop up smaller brother Dubai r...
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Instagram Photos October 2020

Between autumn in Paris and traveling around France in September and October, I’ve taken some eye catching photos for my Instagram accounts.   If you still haven’t followed me on Instagram yet, here are my handles.  @eyepreferparis      @parisian_doors   @literal_streetart  Chanel exhibit Paris Colored cobblestone Van Gogh Hotel Lamoingnon Blue Door Paris Orange Deux Chevaux Roman arena Nimes Marais Palais Roya...
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Suspiria (2018)

After Nocturne, watching the Suspiria remake suddenly came to mind, and I’m glad I did as it made for a very good match. I’d been meaning to watch this ever since its release, but for some reason never felt in the mood to do so — I had even started it at some point, but stopped after about 10 minutes. Well, this time I was completely sucked in, and enjoyed the whole thing from start to finish. I watched the original Suspiria a few years ago, and while it does keep the main ideas, it does s...
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Get Yourself a Ghost

Looking to buy a ghost? check out Atlas Obscura's coverage of York, England's Ghostmakers:   Messrs Bloodworth, and McArthur, members of the Sorrowful Guild of Master Ghostmakers, opened this shop on York’s famous Shambles street in 2019, with the intention of selling original York Ghosts. With the city considered one of the most haunted in the world (occasionally nicknamed The City of One Thousand Ghosts), it would make sense that many souvenirs contain phantasmagorical features...
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Guest Post: Kathy Benusa

Write a guest post for Corey’s blog?  My inner critic was quick to respond, “No way, it told me, that’s too scary. It’s out of your comfort zone.” Totally true, I thought.     Then, I casually mentioned the idea to my other half, Randy, the best person I know and my high school sweetheart.   He thought it was a fabulous idea.   I kicked the idea around for a few more days starting to warm to it.   When I shared it with my life coach friend, Sherri, she was “beyond, beyond” that this amazing ...
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“New Times Call for New Tools”

Our global hospitality industry is facing its greatest challenge in modern history—and also its greatest opportunity for transformational change. It would seem 2020 dealt us all a losing hand, but there's still a game to be won. To survive—and thrive—hotels must now prepare to break down longstanding silos, think in radical new ways about guest value and the total guest experience, and take bold, strategic action toward profit optimization and commercial success across the hotel organizat...
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Tearing up the BCP rulebook: 3 ways to approach business continuity during a time of uncertainty

The phrase 'BCP' (Business continuity planning) borders on a misnomer as companies around the world continue to navigate and plan around the impact of COVID-19. BCP is the process of creating a framework to prevent and recover from potential threats. In addition to prevention, BCP planning enables ongoing operations before and during disaster recovery; threats like a local flood, for example, or building works at the office.
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Egypt just unveiled the first restaurant at the Great Pyramids ever as it doubles down on tourism to lure travelers back

Waiters and employees during the opening of the 9 Pyramids Lounge on October 20, 2020. Egypt has added upgrades to its historical Great Pyramids of Giza and Great Sphinx tourist sites by opening a new restaurant and unveiling a fleet of electric buses amid the coronavirus pandemic, Reuters reported. The country started reporting monthly losses of tourism to about $1 billion following coronavirus-related shutdowns earlier this year. The new 9 Pyramids Lounge restaurant sits on a 14,434-sq...
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15 current and former yacht crew members describe rampant harassment in one of the world's most glamorous industries

Hello everyone! Welcome to this weekly roundup of Business Insider stories from co-Editor in Chief Matt Turner. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Sunday.Read on for more on the dark secret at the heart of the yachting industry, a profile of playboy turned pragmatic media mogul Jay Penske, and an interview with Nxivm survivor India Oxenberg.  Samantha Lee/Business Insider Hello!I want to start by highlighting three in-depth stories we published in the past 24 hours...
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HVS Asia Pacific Hospitality Newsletter - Week Ending 23 October 2020

Capitol Square Hotel Sold for AUD26 Million in Sydney, Australia, Novotel Brisbane Acquired for AUD67.9 Million in Brisbane, Australia, Destination Capital Set to Acquire Hotels, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa to Spend USD60 Million on Major Facelift.
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HVS Monday Musings: The Dichotomy between Management Fee and Franchising Fee in India | By Akash Datta & Dipti Mohan

Asset-light operating models have become the main stay for growth of many of the major hotel companies in India, with Management Agreements being the preferred structure. The other major asset-light model - Franchising - though is yet to gain significant traction in the country. Approximately 14% of the total brand signings in 2019 were franchised properties as compared to 10% in 2018. On the other hand, Management Agreements accounted for 76% of the total brand signings in both 2019 and ...
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The operator of this Boeing 767 private jet says the plane has an air system so advanced it kills pathogens so passengers don't need to wear a mask onboard – see inside

Comlux's Boeing BBJ767 "SkyLady." Comlux European aircraft operator Comlux just welcomed back its second-largest plane, a Boeing Business Jet 767, that underwent a four-month refurbishment in the US. The 51-seat aircraft serves the wealthy as a flying apartment with amenities including an ultra-king-size bed and walk-in shower. A new onboard ionization system kills pathogens in the air so passengers don't have to wear masks. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. European ...
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Let's stick with Friday

Sunday was, as predicted, a washout with rain most of the day. So here's another photo from Friday afternoon's sun-drenched walk. The golden grape leaves are stunning right now. But they're starting to turn brown and drop to the ground. I think we've passed the "peak." The view of the vineyards just outside our back gate. I'm hoping for some more nice days over the next few weeks so I can continue cleaning up the garden and yard for winter. Keep your fingers crossed! [Author: wcs]
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If you’re into horror films than you definitely know of Blumhouse (the company behind some of the best indie horror films of recent years), and this past month Prime Video released four new exclusive films produced by them, under the “Welcome to the Blumhouse” banner. Nocturne is the first one I watch, and I enjoyed it. If you were to compare it to something then I guess it would be Black Swan, in that it’s about an artist (in this case a piano player) who deals with the stress — and pysch...
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Maestro to Showcase Multi-Platform Web Browser PMS Options for Independents at CYBER HITEC

M ARKHAM, Ontario , Oct. 26, 2020 — For the first time, global hoteliers will come together virtually today to attend CYBER HITEC, an online hospitality technology conference featuring the brightest minds and hottest hotel technologies from around the world. To show trepidatious travelers that their hotels are safe, operators are realizing there needs to be change, and the urgent transformation of contactless service begins with technology. Maestro, hospitality's most trusted provider of ...
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