I liked how this crumbling stone wall looked against the hillside. I passed it on one of my morning walks with the dog, up the hill behind our gîte. The mornings were chilly, but not really cold. Even so, we saw some patches of snow in shady places. You can't see them in this photo, but there were cows grazing in the pasture on the upper left. I have many more photos of the trip to the Auvergne to share. I'm trying to balance them with the pictures that Ken is posting so that we're not showing...
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1,600 people secretly recorded

They placed hidden cameras inside wall sockets and hair dryers to catch a glimpse of hotel guests sans clothing in 30 motels across 10 cities in South Korea. Then they uploaded the covert videos of intimate activities online for profit. This new hotel spycam scandal involving four men is inciting outrage among South Koreans already on edge about the scourge of undercover filming which has swept their country. In September 2018, The New York Times explained that more than 30,000 cases of cland...
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How to register for your honeymoon

Life doesn’t get boring the moment you say “I do” — in fact, it’s about to get much better. No more Tinder, for one, so you’ll now actually have conversations that stretch deeper than your upcoming promotion at work and the sweet deal you found on that uptown apartment. Getting married also means that you can take that trip to the one destination that you and your partner lie in bed at night talking about. And, you don’t even have to pay for it — your friends and loved ones will gladly foot t...
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Auschwitz Memorial wants people

Some rules of travel etiquette are so obvious, they should not need to be spelled out, but here we go: Visitors to memorials or the sites of tragedies should not, under any circumstances, take grinning selfies, go into a headstand for their yoga-craze Insta followers, or attempt the perfect jump shot — that’s a matter of respect. Apparently, for some tourists to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, the preserved site of the concentration and extermination camp that is responsible for t...
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This Contraption Holds Your Baby While You Pee  

Japan, how are you so smart? When I traveled to Tokyo last week with a few other members of the Lifehacker team, I went to use the restroom at a shopping center. Inside the stall was a contraption that, as the mother of an infant, almost made me cry (jet lag and hormones, man). It was a seat to hold your baby. Um, …Read more...
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Microtel by Wyndham Elevates Brand with New Prototype Optimizing Operational Efficiencies

Microtel® by Wyndham, the award-winning economy hotel brand under Wyndham Hotels & Resorts (NYSE: WH), today unveiled its newest prototype, a reimagined interior and exterior concept designed to further elevate the brand, reduce building costs, optimize efficiencies and drive greater returns for developers. The prototype is the first step of Wyndham's overarching new construction growth strategy focused on delivering long-term value and quality for owners.
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SiteMinder study reveals great hotel service, personalised offers win guests from Italy every time

A new study by SiteMinder, the global hotel industry's leading guest acquisition platform, today reveals that great service and personalised offers are the two deciding factors for Italian travellers when choosing their accommodation. The study, Le aspettative dei viaggiatori italiani alla base dell'evoluzione del settore alberghiero, was this week launched at Buy Tourism Online (BTO) in Florence to explore the preferences of guests for the country's hotels.
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Canadian Lodging Outlook Quarterly 2018-Q4

HVS and STR are pleased to provide you with the quarterly report of the Canadian Lodging Outlook. Each report includes occupancy (occ), average daily rate (ADR), and revenue per available room (RevPAR) for six major markets.
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WorkJam Study Finds More Than Half of Hourly Employees Are Prevented From Maximizing Their Full Potential

A new study reveals that more than half of hourly employees say their current role prevents them from maximizing their full potential at work.
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Best hiking and camping in Hong Kong

Fewer than 200 years ago, what is now the mega-metropolis of Hong Kong was little more than a couple handfuls of fishing villages scattered around the base of mountainous islands. Today, the average tourist can be forgiven for focusing their attention on the Special Administrative Region’s sun-reflecting, monumental glass structures. Yet the intrepid traveler who can look beyond this mesmerizing, skyscraper-clad facade will be surprised to find that less than one-quarter of the SAR’s land ha...
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winter drive: alice lake loop

A few weeks ago, we took a scenic drive known as the Alice Lake Loop. We read there were various short hikes and natural attractions along the way. We may have missed some stops or turn-offs, as it really was mostly driving and very little walking. On the other hand, in an area that is trying to reinvent itself as a tourism destination, any attraction, no matter how small, is included in the guidebooks and websites. So I don't know if the Alice Lake Loop is of mild interest, or if we missed som...
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Guest Experience vs. Guest Engagement: Which Matters Most? | By David Millili

Imagine this: You begin planning a trip to New Mexico. You ask a who lives there where to stay in Santa Fe. The same day you notice on Facebook that another friend happens to be in Santa Fe right now and has tagged the beautiful hotel where she's staying. You have two recommendations now but do some research anyway to be sure you're getting the right place for the trip. You decide on the hotel your first friend suggested, but the photos don't tell you everything you need to know, and the ...
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PolyU Study Revealed Mainland Chinese Visitors’ Motivations for Shopping

Mainland Chinese tourists visiting Hong Kong tend to visit different shopping outlets to buy luxury goods according to their different motivations, conclude Dr Sam Kim of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and his co-researchers. In a recently published study the researchers revealed that mainland tourists who shop for luxury goods are motivated by "materialism, a desire for social status or to conform with others", and these differen...

Reducing Data Waste in Hotels

Hotels are wasting valuable data without even knowing it and they need to start "going green" in regards to saving their business environments. By wasting data, hotels are losing major opportunities and revenue generating potentials. Three ways hotels can prevent data waste.
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When Airbnb Is Better Than A Hotel (And The Other Way Around)

There are three types of travelers who pay for accommodation: those who primarily use hotels or hostels, those who stick to Airbnb, and the very few who alternate between the two. It’s easy to get comfortable with a particular travel workflow but if you’re diehard in either the Airbnb or hotel camp, you might be missing the advantages both have in different situations. Here’s when to use Airbnb or a hotel, depending on you travel plans. Misconceptions About Hotels And Airbnb Let’s lay down some...
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Netflix releasing 'Street Food' show

When the first season of Chef’s Table debuted in 2015, it changed both food media and the way people consume food media. Director David Gelb’s slow-motion shots and lifting classical music simply took things to another level for fine-dining restaurants and chefs. Now, the same attention is coming to street food with a show called, in as straightforward a name as possible, Street Food. The show is produced by Gelb and his production company, Supper Club, and set to release on Netflix on April...
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Orchid industry in decline, Legislature rejects plastic ban, new allegations in Zuckerberg Kauai land dispute, Hirono pays up, HPD chief gets high marks, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Orchid show in Hilo ©2019 All Hawaii News Orchid Industry in Decline. Statewide the production of flowers and other nursery products are worth more than $77 million, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Orchids make up almost 20 percent of that value. But the state’s orchid industry has been struggling in recent years. Hawaii Public Radio.Hawaii legislative committees reject plastics ban proposals. Two Hawaii legislative committees have rejected proposals that would have banne...
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Nanny job requires Disney costumes

The five-year-old twin girls of one British couple are about to become spoiled little princesses — literally. The children’s parents recently posted a help wanted ad on a British childcare website seeking a part-time nanny, with one unusual job requirement — the nanny must dress as a different Disney princess every month. The family lives in the suburban town of Brookmans Park, north of London. The costume expenses will be covered as part of the job, which also comes with a generous $53,000 a...
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Buy Plane Tickets Two and a Half Months Early

You’ve heard it all. Buy on Tuesday! Wake up at 5 AM! Buy a separate returning flight! But travel advice is rarely one-size-fits-all.Read more...
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Rick Steves gets lost in the music and grandeur of Vienna

A visit to Vienna’s Bösendorfer piano factory on his first trip to Europe inspired a special appreciation of Europe — especially Vienna — in travel expert Rick Steves.
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Viking Expands European River Fleet With Seven New Ships

Viking Launches Seven New Ships Putting Their Fleet of Longships at 57 It has been great fun for Carol and me to watch our business grow over the past five years. And, as we’ve grown to become the #2 producing travel advisors for Viking in the world, it has also been very rewarding to ride the Viking wave as baby boomers flock to us to help them book passage on their ocean and river cruise ships. Just this week, Viking was celebrating the launch of seven new river ships in Basel, Switzerland. ...
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5 Things Local Businesses Need to Know About Google Reviews | By Michael Del Gigante

It's no secret that reviews and ratings on Google are important for local businesses: for a while now they've been prominently featured across desktop and mobile search results, as well as on other Google products, such as Maps.

Dial 0 For Lip Service: Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts Taps Bespoke Beauty Brand La Bouche Rouge To Celebrate The Romance Of Travel With A Fresh-Take On The Signature French Red Lip

Born in 1960s Paris, Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts continues to celebrate an era of glamorous travel - today announcing a collaboration with sustainable French beauty brand La Bouche Rouge to bring a fresh face and an unrivalled rouge to its global guests. Beginning today, a limited-edition lipstick exclusively created for Le Méridien will be available on a custom 'lip service' menu as part of a suite package at participating hotels in the United States, Canada, Europe and New Caledonia. A...

Alcohol rules while flying

The TSA is strict when it comes to liquids. Anyone who’s flown in the last decade knows all liquids must be in 3.4-ounce or less sized bottles. A mini bottle of alcohol, conveniently, is around 1.7 ounces. Which has led plenty of budget-conscious fliers to wonder if it’s legal to bring and drink your own alcohol on a flight to avoid paying for the expensive in-flight drinks. While you can certainly get your minis through security, drinking them is another issue entirely. Federal Aviation Adm...
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Caution: Pricing Glitch Makes Some Travelers Pay More for Alaska’s Saver Fares in Sabre

Part of the fun that comes with having the Cranky Concierge air travel assistance business is that I get to poke around in the Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS) regularly. And that means sometimes I stumble across issues that even the airlines don’t know about. That happened earlier this week with Alaska’s Saver (Basic Economy) fares. They are, in some cases, pricing higher in Sabre than elsewhere. Sometimes, the lower fare is first being displayed but then, thanks to Alaska’s uncompeti...
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5 Unique Experiences Hotels Can Use To Attract Guests | By Kerryn Gower

We've all been there. You finally wake up from the dreaming phase of the travel planning journey and pick on a destination to visit. Now the planning begins. We all have our go-to travel booking websites and apps, and they each present a lot of information, packages, and special offers convincing you to make a booking. Beyond just rate, hotel shoppers consider plenty of other factors, such as amenities, activities, and nearby restaurants.
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How To Travel Like The One Percent On A Budget

It's no secret that that one percent live much more glamorous lives than most of us. While they have big houses and fancy cars, the income gap is probably most evident when it comes to how the upper echelon of society travels. Private jets, luxe beachside villas, and personal assistants are just the norm for wealthy folk. But, as entrepreneurs continue to create companies that democratize these once reserved services (Uber black cars anyone?), these types of travel perks are no longer res...
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Always Buy Socks as a Trip Souvenir 

Last week I went to Tokyo. I got myself a windbreaker and I got my baby a pop-up book and a mobile. I got origami paper and tea and a wifi-enabled zoom-lens earwax picker. I bought trinkets for my friends—stickers, pins, a pop-up book, a bracelet, a squishy peach that looks like a butt. Of course I got lots of snacks.…Read more...
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Sydney college mistaken for Hogwarts

There’s a rumor flying around Chinese tourist circles, one that has caught the eye of Harry Potter fans in particular. The false story claims that the Quadrangle building at the Sydney University in Australia was one of the filming locations for scenes involving Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the popular Harry Potter film series. As such, Chinese tourists are flocking to Sydney, with many asking the university’s front desk where they can find the film site. “There’s been an ast...
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NYC's pizza Godfather on pizza

You think you know New York pizza. You’ve seen it in movies, waited in lines for the trendiest pies, heard all of the cliches, and eaten too many dollar slices to count. But few people really know the city’s full connection — both past and present — with pizza. Brooklyn native Nino Coniglio wants to change that. Coniglio is like a relic from New York’s past, despite being in his 30s. An old-school Italian guy with a religious respect for the pizza trade, he’s more than just a pizza expert. He...
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