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Airbus is creating a new airline using its Beluga 'Super Transporter' fleet to carry oversized cargo — take a look at the massive planes

Airbus BelugaST loading helicopter.Airbus Airbus is establishing an all-new cargo airline using its fleet of five Beluga "Super Transporter" planes. The aircraft will fly outsized freight, like satellites, helicopters, and military equipment, for contract customers. The new entity comes as air cargo continues to be in high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. After decades of flying large aircraft sections for the in-house assembly of Airbus planes, the BelugaST 'Super Transporter' ...
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Boeing's most controversial plane is being used to fight climate change. See inside the new Boeing 737 Max ecoDemonstrator.

An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 ecoDemonstrator.Thomas Pallini/Insider Boeing and Alaska Airlines are teaming up to test new technologies that aim to make the aviation industry more sustainable.  A Boeing 737 Max 9 has been outfitted with experimental technology for engineers to test.  The most viable technology may soon be found on Boeing's future aircraft.  The aviation industry is working towards a more sustainable future as airlines and aircraft manufacturers alike are being for...
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An Airbus A320 jet crash landed on the Hudson River with no fatalities 13 years ago. Now the plane is a part of a museum in Charlotte.

Miracle on the Hudson A320.Daniel Barry/Getty Images Exactly 13 years have passed since an Airbus A320 miraculously crash-landed on the Hudson River with no fatalities. Pilots Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger and Jeffrey Skiles ditched the powerless plane on the river after a bird strike. The damaged aircraft sat on display in Charlotte, North Carolina before moving to storage, but will be back in 2022. It has been 13 years since captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger and first officer Jeffrey Sk...
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Check out the single-aisle jets that dominated Airbus and Boeing's deliveries for 2021 as airlines continue to downsize to smaller and more efficient aircraft

Boeing and Airbus.Boeing/Airbus Airbus and Boeing revealed their deliveries for 2021, and Airbus maintained its crown as the world's top planemaker. Single-aisle jets dominated as airlines continue to seek smaller aircraft for the long-haul market. Boeing delivered 263 of its 737 family planes while Airbus delivered 483 A320 family aircraft. Airbus and Boeing have had a rivalry for decades, fighting to be the top planemaker in the world. Boeing and Airbus.Boeing/Airbus Boeing starte...
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I flew out of a general aviation airport to see how the rich travel. I didn't miss the hassle, lines, and frustration of commercial flying.

Bridgeport Sikorsky Memorial Airport in Connecticut.Taylor Rains/Insider I flew out of a general aviation airport and now dread going back to commercial flying. I enjoyed the perks typically reserved for the ultra-rich, like no security, gates, or crowded terminals. The facility that handles general aviation flights was comfortable, with free snacks and a VIP lounge. Private aviation has historically been a luxury reserved for the ultra-wealthy, with customers dropping tens of thousands of ...
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Alaska has 6 times more pilots per capita than any other place in the US contributing $3.8 billion to the state. Here's why they're essential.

Bush plane in Denali National Park shuttling tourists and workers.Taylor Rains/Insider Alaska has a long history of aviation, with bush pilots being the unsung heroes of the state's rural populations. Bush pilots are essential for transporting supplies, food, and people to hard-to-reach places across Alaska. Flying bush comes with risks as pilots navigate Alaska's harsh weather patterns and mountainous terrain. Alaska operates the country's largest aviation system, covering near...
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Airlines around the world have raised concerns about Airbus' A350 paint issues, and now Qatar is seeking over $600 million in damages from the planemaker

A Qatar Airways jet arriving from Doha, Qatar, at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, in January 2015.AP Photo/Michael Probst, File Qatar Airways wants $618 million from Airbus over paint-related damages on the airline's A350 jets. Qatar has grounded 21 of its A350s, citing airworthiness issues due to cracked paint and exposed copper mesh. The two have been at a stalemate for months, with Airbus claiming the paint issues do not impact safety. Paint issues on Airbus' A350 jets have rais...
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Ultra-low-cost airline Allegiant is flipping its business strategy by buying 50 Boeing 737 MAX jets

Rendering of Allegiant 737 MAX jets.Allegiant Air Allegiant Air announced it has purchased 50 new Boeing 737 MAX jets to add to its all-Airbus fleet. The decision breaks from the typical low-cost business strategy of operating just one aircraft type. Industry expert Henry Harteveldt said the order makes sense because of the jet's operating capabilities. Ultra-low-cost carrier Allegiant Air announced Wednesday that it is buying 50 new Boeing 737 MAX jets as it continues to modernize and gr...
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The folding wingtips on Boeing's massive new 777X are a first in commercial aviation — here's why the plane needs them

Boeing 777X.Boeing Boeing's new flagship 777X aircraft is the first commercial plane to have folding wingtips. Airport gate space concerns ignited the need for the new wingtip folding mechanism. Eight airlines have ordered the jet so far, like Emirates and Lufthansa, but none are US-based. Boeing's latest addition to its growing fleet of commercial jets is the innovative 777X, making its global debut at the Dubai Air Show in August. The Boeing 777X at Dubai Airshow 2021.Thomas Pall...
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The folding wing tips on Boeing's massive new 777X are a first in commercial aviation. Here's why the plane needs them.

Boeing 777X.Boeing Boeing's new flagship 777X aircraft is the first commercial plane with folding wing tips. Airport-gate space concerns ignited the need for the new wing-tip folding mechanism. Eight airlines have ordered the jet so far, such as Emirates and Lufthansa, but none is US-based. Boeing's latest addition to its growing fleet of commercial jets is the innovative 777X, which made its global debut at the Dubai Air Show in August. The Boeing 777X at the 2021 Dubai Airshow.Th...
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Private aviation boomed during the pandemic and the industry is reshaping itself with new business jets to keep up with growing demand Private jets boomed during the start of the pandemic as customers sought travel perceived as safer. Experts say the convenience of private jets and the reduction of airline connectivity also contributed to the surge. Several aircraft manufacturers have introduced new private jet models and concepts this year in response to demand. Private aviation has boomed since the start of the pandemic as deep-pocket travelers ditch commercial flying for the percieved safety and convenien...
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I flew on Delta's regional aircraft and although it lacked some luxuries offered by JetBlue's, I was still impressed by its plush seats and roomy cabin

Flying on a Delta Embraer 170 from Boston to Philadelphia.Taylor Rains/Insider I flew on JetBlue and Delta's regional jets and I was impressed by both, though one was slightly better. JetBlue's amenity-heavy product included a few more features than Delta, like seatback screens and free WiFi. However, I appreciated both planes' 2x2 configuration, meaning no one would get stuck in the middle seat. Delta and JetBlue are giant competitors in the Northeast, both claiming a large sha...
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The demand for airline-sized private jets has boomed over the years and Boeing has stepped up with its fleet of luxury bizliners — see the 25-year history of Boeing Business Jets

Boeing Business Jets.Boeing Boeing Business Jets celebrated its 25-year anniversary in July, having dreamt up the first BBJ concept in 1996. The program targeted a niche market of ultra-wealthy customers who wanted bigger, more comfortable bizjets. Boeing has added many aircraft types to the BBJ line, like the 737 MAX, 787 Dreamliner, 777, and the 747-8. 2021 marks the 25-year anniversary of Boeing Business Jets, which launched in 1996. The company has a long history of manufacturing aircra...
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United is restoring 4 routes to Alaska as demand for leisure travel rises in the state

United Airlines Boeing 737.Philip Pilosian/Shutterstock United Airlines is beefing up its summer 2022 schedule with flights to Anchorage and Fairbanks in Alaska. The long flights will operate using single-aisle Boeing jets, including the 757-200 and 737 series aircraft. The restorations complement United's recently added flights to outdoor destinations like Montana and Vermont. United Airlines is restoring four routes to Alaska set to begin in summer 2022, just in time for the state's...
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Countries around the world have sunk aircraft like the Boeing 747 to boost diving tourism — here are 6 intentionally submerged planes

Boeing 737 sunken off the coast of Canada.Sea Proof TV Some countries have intentionally sunken aircraft to promote diving tourism and create coral reefs.  Among the sunken planes are a handful of airliners, like the Boeing 747 and the smaller Convair 240. Aircraft are submerged with an OK by local authorities so all harmful pieces are removed beforehand. Scuba diving is one of the fastest-growing recreational activities in the world, having become a multibillion-dollar industry since its d...
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An Airbus A340 aircraft just landed on Antarctica for the first time ever — see the history of aviation on the 7th continent

The first Airbus A340 to land on Antarctica.Hi Fly An Airbus A340 made history in November when it became the first jet of its type to land on Antarctica. The South Pole has a long history of aviation that has contributed to the exploration of the continent. A number of airliners, military planes, turboprops, and luxury jets have landed on the polar tundra since 1956. Airlines operate regularly scheduled service to nearly every corner of the globe across six continents, connecting people to...
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A Vietnamese airline made history by launching the first-ever commercial nonstop flight from Vietnam to the US

Vietnam Airlines' historic flight from Ho Chi Minh City to San Francisco.Vietnam Airlines Vietnam Airlines launched its historic nonstop flight from Ho Chi Minh City to San Francisco on Sunday. The airline has waited 20 years to become the first-ever regularly scheduled operator between the two nations. The Federal Aviation Administration made Vietnam a Category 1 country in 2019, allowing it to fly to the US. Vietnam Airlines made history on Sunday when it flew the first-ever regularly...
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The US is getting another startup airline, California-based Airbahn

Airbahn first Airbus A320.Airbahn California-based startup Airbahn received its first Airbus A320 aircraft on Wednesday. The company has teased its launch on social media for months and has job listings posted on its website. The company plans to serve mid-tier markets in California, Nevada, and Canada from either Long Beach or Orange County.  While the pandemic has been a challenge for established air carriers across the US, it has provided an opportunity for startup airlines. Since April 20...
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Rolls-Royce says it has developed the 'world's fastest all-electric aircraft' topping 345.4 mph — check out the Spirit of Innovation

Rolls-Royce Spirit of Innovation all-electric aircraft.Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce says its Spirit of Innovation plane is the "world's fastest all-electric aircraft." The plane's top speed clocked in at 387.4 mph, which is more than 132 mph faster than the old record-holder. Rolls Royce CEO Warren East hopes the advanced technology will contribute to a "jet-zero" industry.  British aircraft manufacturing company Rolls-Royce launched its new "Spirit of Innovation" all-electric plane on S...
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Singapore Airlines unveiled a swanky new lie-flat business class seat on its Boeing 737 MAX plane

Singapore Airlines 737 MAX business class seatSingapore Airlines Singapore Airlines unveiled its new lie-flat business class seat for its Boeing 737 MAX at the Dubai Air Show. The MAX is still grounded in countries the airline operates, but Singapore expects to fly the jet again this year. The 10-seat cabin features enhanced amenities, storage, privacy, space, and comfort for shorter flying. Two years after its grounding in March 2019, the Boeing 737 MAX is slowly being recertified to fly a...
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A Vietnamese airline is launching the first regular nonstop flights from Vietnam to the US

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787-9 aircraft.Vytautas Kielaitis/Shutterstock Vietnam Airlines to become the first carrier to operate regularly scheduled nonstop service from Vietnam to the US. The long flights begin November 28, though the airline's CEO says the route will not be profitable anytime soon. The Boeing and Airbus aircraft used for the flights will not fly full due to weight restrictions. After decades of interest in offering direct flights from Vietnam to the US, Vietnam Airlines i...
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Playboy has recreated its Big Bunny private jet to bring celebrities and cultural icons together for fine dining in the sky - see inside

Playboy’s Big Bunny jet Playboy Enterprises Playboy has recreated its Big Bunny private jet to host high-profile celebrities and cultural icons. The plane will bring the same level of luxury and sophistication that its predecessor did in the 1970s. Guests can expect lavish seats and tableware as they enjoy a "once-in-a-lifetime dinner party in the sky." Playboy is one of the most recognizable brands in the entertainment industry, having been founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953 with a men's ...
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Hawaiian Airlines is targeting deep-pocket leisure travelers with an all-new business class cabin

Hawaiian Airlines is installing Adient Aerospace's Ascent business class seat on its Boeing 787 Dreamliners Adient Aerospace/Angel DiBilio/Shutterstock Hawaiian Airlines is upgrading its business class seat for high-budget leisure travelers from Asia and Australia. The seat comes from Adient Aerospace and is expected to enhance comfort, space, and luxury. Hawaiian is anticipating tough competition from Japanese carriers once the borders open between Japan and the US. The US is open...
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Check out these pictures showing how an airliner that crashed and sank to the ocean floor was recovered

Forward fuselage on Bold Horizon NTSB The National Transportation Safety Board recovered a sunken Transair Boeing 737 from the ocean floor. The cargo plane broke into two pieces when it crash-landed off the coast of Hawaii, though both pilots survived. The job took 20 days to complete and required specialized underwater equipment, a research vessel, and a barge. Recovering an aircraft is a big job for the National Transportation Safety Board, which is the federal agency tasked with inv...
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Southwest Airlines paints state flags on its aircraft - take a look

Southwest Airlines state flag liveries Southwest Airlines/Southwest Airlines Southwest painted 12 aircraft with special state flags liveries to honor the destinations it serves. The painting can cost $50,000 to $300,000, and more intricate plane designs are more expensive. The job takes 12 days to complete, according to Southwest. Southwest Airlines is the country's largest domestic carrier and celebrated its 50-year anniversary in June. The company prides itself on its history, strong...
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Emirates is turning its first-ever A380 jumbo jet into furniture to sell to fans

Emirates' first-ever Airbus A380, registered A6-EDA NYC Russ Emirates is converting its first-ever delivered A380 into furniture and memorabilia to sell to fans. A part of the proceeds will go to the company's charity foundation that helps children in need. Repurposing the plane's materials will reduce Emirates' carbon footprint by lessening landfill waste. The pandemic took a toll on the industry in many ways, like forcing airlines to suspend routes and lay off emplo...
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More airlines are choosing single-aisle jets for flights from North America to Europe - see the full evolution of jet-powered transatlantic flying

Widebody vs narrowbody aircraft Boeing, Airbus Widebody aircraft have historically dominated the transatlantic market due to their high capacity and low costs. With the rise of long-range narrowbodies, many airlines are opting to put single-aisle jets on flights across the pond. Narrowbody jets are preferable for their high efficiency and profitability for low-demand city pairs. For decades, transatlantic flying had been dominated by wide-body jets designed for high capacity long-haul ...
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ExpressJet's low-cost startup airline Aha! launched this month - here's what to expect onboard

Aha! aircraft ExpressJet Airlines New low-cost carrier Aha! is bringing more leisure destination options to Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The airline uses 50-seat Embarer 145 aircraft and will serve eight destinations by mid-November. CEO Subodh Karnik believes Aha! is a good alternative to driving with its low fares and short flights. Another airline startup has entered the market this year following newcomers Avelo Airlines and Breeze Airways, this time as a low-cost carrier call...
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Boeing is upping production of its 737 MAX cash cow despite Chinese airlines still not being allowed to accept deliveries

Boeing 737 MAX BlueBarronPhoto/Shutterstock Boeing announced it is upping the production of its 737 MAX jet from 19 planes per month to 31 planes per month in early 2022. The manufacturer is moving forward with the goal despite China, one of its biggest buyers, still grounding the plane. Boeing would need to deliver over 500 MAX aircraft in 2022 to meet its goals, according to an aviation analyst. Boeing is upping the production of its 737 MAX aircraft from 19 a month to an ambitious 31 a ...
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United is expanding its transatlantic network with additional daily flights and one new route to London in 2022

A United Airlines Boeing 767-300ER. Thomas Pallini/Business Insider United Airlines is launching one new route and increasing its daily frequencies to London next year. The carrier will operate its new route from Boston to London using its premium seating-heavy Boeing 767-300ER. United is fueling the competition with the American-JetBlue Northeast alliance in Boston and New York. United Airlines announced an expansion to its transatlantic service in London with additional frequencies from ...
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