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Boeing to update control software

Five months after the crash of Lion Air Flight 610, and less than a week since the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 — both involving Boeing 737 Max 8s — Boeing has announced that the plane model will receive updated flight-control software. This is an effort not only to prevent future incidents, but also to reassure the international community that its planes are safe to fly. Several airlines have grounded their 737 Max 8 planes and several countries, including the entire EU and UK, hav...
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Boeing asks all 737 Max 8s grounded

Shortly after the US became nearly the last country in the world to ground its Boeing 737 Max 8 planes, Boeing itself issued a statement saying it would tell the FAA to ground its entire fleet. Dennis Muilenburg, president of Boeing, said in the statement, “We are supporting this proactive step out of an abundance of caution. Safety is a core value at Boeing for as long as we have been building airplanes; and it always will be. We are doing everything we can to understand the cause of the acc...
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United States won’t ground Boeing

Although many airlines and countries, including the whole of the EU and the UK, have reacted to the Ethiopian Airlines crash by grounding Boeing 737 Max 8s or banning them from their airspaces, the US is keeping the aircraft model in the air. Several senators, from both the Republican and the Democratic parties, however, have called for these planes to cease operations until a thorough investigation determines the plane model is safe. Ted Cruz, chairman of a subcommittee on aviation and space...
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Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft safety

Following the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed all people on board — at least 157 — China and Indonesia have ordered for all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes to be grounded in order to perform necessary safety inspections. The same model was involved in the fatal Lion Air crash in late October. Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation grounded every Max 8 plane operating in the country after the Lion Air crash, but allowed them to fly again one month later. Now, in the wake of another crash, ...
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Dozens of People Injured After Heavy Turbulence on Flight to JFK Airport in New York

Nearly thirty people were injured Saturday (Mar. 9) as a result of heavy turbulence aboard a flight that landed at JFK Airport in New York City.Initial reports stated 32 people were injured, however, the FDNY later confirmed that a total of 29 patients were evaluated on the scene for non-life threatening injuries.#FDNY confirms total patients treated at JFK Airport following a turbulent flight have been downgraded to 29 non-life-threatening injuries. FDNY continues to operate on scene.— FDNY (@F...
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Passenger tossed coins in jet

As it turns out , some superstitious rituals can ultimately bring you bad fortune. To bring good luck to himself and his fellow travelers, a passenger on Chinese low-cost airline Lucky Air tossed some coins into the engine ahead of his flight from Anqing to Kunming, China, on February 17. “Lu,” as the passenger is being identified, is now paying the price for his behavior. The South China Morning Post reports that officials discovered a couple of coins on the tarmac near the aircraft’s left en...
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What You're Entitled to When Your Flight's Delayed

Last weekend, some 250 passengers on a United flight headed to Hong Kong from Newark, New Jersey lived every traveler’s worst nightmare; After making an unplanned stop at a Canadian airport for a medical emergency, passengers were left stranded on a tarmac for nearly 14 hours.Read more...
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Avoid Long Security Lines With the TSA's App 

No one wants to wait in an hour-long security line, but it’s always a possibility—now more than ever. One app designed to show you wait times may help save you from the crowds.Read more...
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Why Airline Food Tastes Different in the Air

Read the full article on at - Why Airline Food Tastes Different in the Air If you eat airline food, then most of you will notice that it tastes differently than the same dish on the ground. There are a few reasons for this. One... Read More... The post Why Airline Food Tastes Different in the Air appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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Oldest Airlines

Read the full article on at - Oldest Airlines We all like to fly experienced airlines. But the age of some carriers might surprise you. The world’s oldest airline will soon celebrate its 100th birthday. It’s KLM. The airline... Read More... The post Oldest Airlines appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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The best airplane liveries in the US

Most airplanes ARE a generic shade of white with a simple stripe and a logo, and there’s a perfectly good reason behind the boring color scheme: paint makes airplanes heavy. That said, some airlines choose to sacrifice a few extra available pounds to make their aircrafts pop with some cool liveries. Whether a cool paint job is meant as an eye-catching way for airlines to get a message across, a partnership with a major amusement park, or a tribute paid to a person or a group, these airplane l...
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New Delta A220s to have big upgrades

Window seats are highly coveted, and if you’re stuck with a view of the aisle carpet or the dreaded middle seat, a view of the sky is always welcome. Soon, all Delta passengers will have the chance to sit by the window, at least for a few minutes, as its new aircrafts will feature windows in each of its three bathrooms. The Delta A220-100 will be the first-ever commercial plane to include bathroom windows, and the windows are just the start of this plane’s unique upgrades. Although some airli...
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Travel Tip: Flying With Kids

Read the full article on at - Travel Tip: Flying With Kids It has been said that there are two kinds of travel–first class and with children. Yes, I know, we’ve all been on planes with screaming kids. But at the same... Read More... The post Travel Tip: Flying With Kids appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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World's longest nonstop commercial flight takes off this week

Starting Thursday, Singapore Airlines will offer a nonstop flight between Singapore to New York, becoming the longest commercial non-stop route at 19 hours in the air. That's 3 hours longer than Quantas Airlines' Pert to London long haul. To handle the distance, Singapore Airlines ordered nearly 50 of Airbus's new A350-900 ULR (for Ultra Long-Range). From CNN: "The A350 is a clean-sheet design that has been designed for those long-range flights," Florent Petteni, Airbus' aircraft interiors m...
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How to Get Your U.S. Passport Fast

My first passport was stamped exactly one time for a trip to Jamaica when I was 17. My current passport is on its very last pages, but its first one almost didn’t get stamped at all because it arrived just a few days before a trip to London a few years ago.Read more...
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How to Tell if Your Flight's WiFi is Going to Be Netflix Worthy

As someone who flys 4-6 times a month, on-board WiFi has increasingly becoming a pain point for me.Read more...
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Choose a Seat in the Back of the Plane For Better Service

Whenever I fly I always opt for an aisle seat near the front of the plane, the closest aisle seat to the front of the plane I can get.Read more...
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Cathay Pacific mispells its own name

Even the most literary-minded of us make pretty glaring spelling mistakes from time to time — but probably not as embarrassing as this one. Spelling a word wrong on an essay or job application is one thing, but misspelling the name of your own airline, on a massive commercial jet is quite another. Unfortunately, Cathay Pacific had to learn this lesson the hard way, as the Hong Kong-based airline accidentally painted its name as “Cathay Paciic” on the side of one of its jets. Vigilant travele...
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Longest US nonstop flight announced

Break out your sleeping pills, because the longest domestic flight in the United States was just announced, and it’s a doozy. On Thursday, Hawaiian Airlines unveiled the “longest regularly scheduled domestic route in US history,” flying five days a week between Boston and Honolulu. Clocking in at 11 hours and 40 minutes, the flight will cover a whopping 5,095 miles. Hawaiian Airlines hopes to make this long-haul flight as comfortable as possible for passengers, with 68 Extra Comfort seats in...
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How to Make Economy Class Tolerable on a Long Flight

If you’re facing the prospect of 10+ hour flight in crowded, cramped economy class, remember that there are still some in-flight luxuries they can’t take from you at the security gate.Read more...
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The TSA Won't Make You Remove Liquids From Your Bag at These Airports

If you don’t have TSA Pre, then one of the most annoying parts of going through airport security is having to take out all your liquids. Despite my frequent-flyer status, I used to consistently manage to forget to put makeup or some other small thing in my ziplock bag going through the line, which ended in me having…Read more...
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Find the Cheapest Weekends to Fly With This Tool

A good number of the trips I take, especially the trips I take to visit my family across the country, are done at relatively randomly-selected times. There’s not a reason I need to be home one weekend over the other, I just picked one, looked at prices, and booked a flight.Read more...
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Travel Tip: Water on Airplanes

Read the full article on at - Travel Tip: Water on Airplanes I’m always encouraging you to drink water–to hydrate–when you fly. But I am also encouraging you to not drink the tap water that’s carried on your flight. Back in 2004,... Read More... The post Travel Tip: Water on Airplanes appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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When Is It Appropriate to Use the Call Button on an Airplane?

You almost certainly don’t enjoy flying: the cost, the discomfort, the annoying person in Seat B. Just remember that the flight attendants might be having an even worse experience than you, and they can’t complain about it, because it’s their job. All of which is to say that, in general, it’s important to be…Read more...
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Worst upgrade ever: there are bed bugs on airplanes now.

Air travel sucks. It’s always cramped. One person, per plane, is paid to bring a tuna and onion sandwich on board so that its odor can be pushed through the air re-circulation system (FAA Regulations, yo), and there’s never enough booze in those wee bottles to make a proper drink from. But hey, at least you don’t have to worry about bed bugs! Oh. From Fox 5 NY: Passengers on flights from Newark Liberty International Airport to India are complaining about bed bug infested seats. In one case ...
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Inside The Factory: How a Boeing is Built

Updated: 07/17/18 | July 17th, 2018 Though I’m terrified of flying, the experience also thrills me. There you are, cruising in a metal tube at 37,000 feet while watching a movie, texting your friends, and — if you’re a travel hacker (and you should be) — enjoying fine food and liquor. I can never get over the fact that planes, which can weigh up to 485 tons and contain, like, up to 6 million parts, can even get into the air — and stay there! Yes, I know all about aerodynamics (“it’s just lift!...
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7 cool and artsy plane interiors

Traveling by plane is more often than not a nightmare — especially if you fly economy. To try to make passengers’ journeys as enjoyable as possible despite the obvious lack of comfort and decent food, airlines bank on aircrafts’ appearances and create wow factors with amazing liveries and cool interior decoration. Here are seven airlines that go above and beyond to snazz up their decor and deliver a pleasant in-flight experience to their customers. 1. Air Tahiti Nui Photo: Air Tahiti Nui ...
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Airbus plans BelugaXL model

If you’re tired of stepping on the runway and seeing the same old, boring plane designs and colors, you’re not the only one. Airbus is taking a creative approach to their new cargo plane, the BelugaXL, which will be designed to look like — no surprise — a beluga whale. The design was voted on by Airbus employees, from a shortlist of six designs, with 40 percent of the votes going to the beluga whale-inspired livery. The BelugaXL is the successor to Airbus’ existing Beluga transport line, whic...
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Boeing to make hypersonic jet

Boeing is trying to make long-haul flights a thing of the past. At the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Aviation conference this week, Boeing revealed a design for a new passenger hypersonic vehicle that could cross the Atlantic Ocean in two hours. Hypersonic makes supersonic look like paint drying. While supersonic reaches the speed of sound (flying at Mach 1), hypersonic blows it out of the water, exceeding Mach 5 — flying at just under 3,900 miles per hour, at an altitude...
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Southwest is having a Fall sale

Summer is flying by. Before you know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving and you will have missed out on some pretty great Fall travel deals. To make sure that doesn’t happen, take advantage of Southwest Airlines’ four-day sale, with one-way flights priced as low as $45. Take a round-trip vacation between Long Beach and Las Vegas for just $89.96, but be sure to browse the full list so you really know your options. Some particularly great values include Las Vegas to Phoenix for $79, Boston to Atlanta fo...
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