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Aadhaar-based check-in using facial recognition is coming to Bangalore Airport this year

Bangalore’s Kempegowda International Airport will introduce check-ins through facial recognition technology as part of the Civil Aviation Ministry’s Digi Yatra initiative, reports Indian Express. To be implemented between in third quarter this year, passengers will need only a smartphone for... ...
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Machu Picchu airport

Machu Picchu may be one of the world’s most recognizable and widely visited destinations, but it’s also surprisingly difficult to get to, which some may say is part of its appeal. Visitors must arrive via the small airport in nearby Cusco, which has a single runway and can only accommodate narrow-bodied aircrafts on stopover flights from Lima and other Peruvian cities close by. The airport would allow for direct flights to Machu Picchu from major cities in the US and Latin America, but it wo...
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Here's What You Need to Do to Take an Uber or Lyft at PDX Now

Figuring out the best mode of transportation for leaving an airport can be tricky, especially if your preferred method is using a rideshare app. Confusion starts when you try to pin yourself to the correct location, and continues as you wait to be connected to a car, then try to actually spot it, and finally navigate…Read more...
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Kid-Friendly Airports

Read the full article on at - Kid-Friendly Airports Flying can be difficult for a seasoned solo traveler, and so navigating the airport with young kids in tow can be difficult. However, a growing number of U.S. airports are now offering kid-friendly amenities that can make a family trip through the airport less stressful. Boston’s Logan International Airport is now one of the most... The post Kid-Friendly Airports appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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Exercise by Walking the Whole Airport During Your Layover

Airports are enormous (in big cities, anyway), and that’s often what we hate about them. Baggage claim is how far away?? But if you’ve got time to kill, consider using the airport’s vastness to your advantage. Walk the whole damn thing, and time yourself. Read more...
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Tampa International Airport Now Open to Public Access — But…

Tampa International Airport — in cooperation with the Transportation Security Administration — now allows the public to access shops and restaurants beyond the security checkpoint of the terminal without requiring the purchase of an airline ticket effective as of yesterday, Saturday, May 4, 2019... ...but at the present time... The post Tampa International Airport Now Open to Public Access — But… appeared first on The Gate.
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Save Your Money: 7 Tricks I Actually Use to Breeze Through Airport Security

“Airport security is the one part of the air travel journey where there’s no special privileges other than perhaps a separate lane to stand in. It sucks for everyone equally, and generally feels like watching a movie you’ve seen 5,000 times on slow motion, with the white noise volume turned up.” The paragraph you just read came from... The post Save Your Money: 7 Tricks I Actually Use to Breeze Through Airport Security appeared first on The Gate.
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Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 2F is now an LCCT

In a significant recognition of the economic contributions and future potentials of low cost carriers (LCCs) in the vast archipelago, the Indonesian Government has designated Terminal 2F of Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (SHIA) as dedicated LCC Terminal for international flights. I am sure this is indeed a very proud moment for Indonesians, that they finally have a dedicated LCCT in their pursuit to be a regional LCC powerhouse.  Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 2F LCCT Eff...
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Couple to marry at Cleveland airport

Meeting your true love in an airport might sound like the plot of a corny romantic comedy, but for this couple, it’s how their love story started. Twelve years ago, Michelle Bellau went to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to pick up a client on behalf of her boss. She met Ron Peterson at baggage claim, and after the conclusion of that business trip, the two maintained a long-distance relationship for years, between Cleveland and LA. The two spent a lot of time at the Cleveland Hopkins...
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JFK Airport TWA Hotel infinity pool

Making airports pleasant places to hang out in sounds like a pretty insurmountable task, but this airport hotel might have finally cracked the code. The new rooftop infinity pool at John F. Kennedy Airport’s TWA Hotel will make you want to arrive three hours early — even for regional flights. Modeled after the infinity pool at the five-star Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France, this 63-by-20-foot-long pool allows you to relax while watching planes take off and land on one of JFK’s busies...
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Yes, You Can Walk From the Airport to the Las Vegas Strip. Here is How…

“I have read about the taxi scams with the tunnel and the Interstate highway” is what I wrote in this article on Friday, September 19, 2014 pertaining to walking from the international airport which serves the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area to the Las Vegas Strip. “Sure enough, there were the long lines for transportation, for which I did not want to wait for who knows how long; and I did not want to get involved in any taxi scam anyway. I have driven the Interstate highways here in Las Veg...
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Accessible Travel: Wheelchair-Friendly Airports

Read the full article on at - Accessible Travel: Wheelchair-Friendly Airports Navigating air travel can be a difficult process for wheelchair users, and not all airports are created equal. Some are nothing less than obstacle courses for folks with mobility problems. But there are some airports that do a better job than others, and most are overseas. Copenhagen Airport and Vancouver International Airport are two good... The post Accessible Travel: Wheelchair-Friendly Airports a...
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7 Factors You Should Consider About Choosing to Live Near an Airport

For the thirty-fifth time this year, the alarm rouses you out of a deep sleep at 4:00 in the morning to alert you that you need to get ready to catch your flight. Hitting that snooze button is only delaying the inevitable: you need to leave that warm comfortable bed, get dressed, and deal with your commute to the airport — wishing that the airport was not so far away so that you do not need to wake up so early in the morning. “Between work and personal trips we estimate we make about 30-35 commu...
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Three dead in Nepal airport crash

Nepal’s Tenzing-Hillary Lukla Airport , the main gateway to the Everest region, is considered to be the most dangerous airport in the world, and not without reason. Measuring only 1,500 feet, the runway doesn’t leave much wiggle room for pilot error. The runway is surrounded by sizeable mountains and the drop at the very end of the landing strip reaches almost 10,000 feet, so taking off from this airport is as sketchy as it gets. On Saturday, a twin-engine aircraft attempting to take off fro...
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Amsterdam airport food guide

Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport is just 14 kilometers (about 8.5 miles) from the city. It’s convenient and easy to navigate — a blessing you won’t get at many of the other top 15 largest airports in the world. And when it comes to eating, it’s more than easy to get the right foods to keep your future jet lag at bay (although if you just want a drink and some fried food, that’s easy to find as well). It’s also one of the only airports in the world where getting fish isn’t a mistake....
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Travel Alert: Columbia Regional Airport Closed For at Least One Week

Safety concerns pertaining specifically to the intersection of the two runways at Columbia Regional Airport in Missouri have resulted in the designated regional carriers for United Airlines and American Airlines to temporarily suspend operations until the problem is corrected, which forced the airport to completely shut down its operations for at least one week starting today, Tuesday, April 9, 2019. As no flights will be arriving or departing during the closure of the airport, passengers were f...
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Track Air and Ground Traffic in Real Time at 37 Airports

“If you’re sitting at EWR, IAH, SFO, ORD, IAD, BOS, or any other UA domestic airport waiting to take off, this is a great Website to track your crawl to the runway!” is what FlyerTalk member wxguy posted. The Internet web site to which is referring is called... The post Track Air and Ground Traffic in Real Time at 37 Airports appeared first on The Gate.
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Travel Alert: Runway Closed in New York Until November of 2019 at John F. Kennedy International Airport

If you plan on traveling to or from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, note that Runway 13L-31R — which is located on the south side of the airport — is currently closed through sometime in November of 2019 due to a reconstruction project which includes expanding the runway and widening it by 33 percent. “The project will also... The post Travel Alert: Runway Closed in New York Until November of 2019 at John F. Kennedy International Airport appeared first on The Gate.
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Where to eat at Paris airport

The Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France, sees nearly 70 million passengers annually, making it the second largest airport in France and the eighth largest in the world in terms of passenger volume. And while Paris in and of itself is a destination, the airport is a major hub for connecting flights — more than 30 percent of the people in Charles de Gaulle every year are connecting to somewhere else. That means lots of downtime for eating. You can find a decent meal in pretty much every ...
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New TSA machines to detect laptops

Travelers might finally be getting a break from the ever-frustrating airport security rules. Thanks to the introduction of new carry-on baggage scanners called CT (Computed Tomography), travelers won’t have to take electronics or liquids out of their bags. The TSA announced the rollout of this new technology, which would ultimately cut down on long security lines and make the airport experience much smoother. The new machines can create 3D images of a bag’s contents and automatically detect ...
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Newest airports in the United States

No nation loves to complain quite like the United States. Even though we’ve got people from all over the world trying to move here every day, we’ll still take to social media any chance we get to gripe about everything from slow pizza delivery drivers to overpriced coffee. But nobody gets the brunt of the complaints like airports. Travel abroad and you’ll find airports that feel like brand new shopping malls. Technological palaces with butterfly gardens, movie theaters, and outdoor meditation...
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These Are the Airports Most Likely to Cancel Your Flight

We all have one airport we try to avoid at all costs—mine is LaGuardia. Having lived in New York a decade, I know if I’m flying through LGA, I can count on some kind of travel mishap, whether it be a delay, cancellation, or dry croissant from an Au Bon Pain.Read more...
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How Do You Dress for Flights Between Hot and Cold Climates?

Flying from somewhere very cold to somewhere very hot is the best kind of problem to have. (The reverse trip... less so.) But it also presents some logistical issues.Read more...
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Airports with the Fastest WiFi

Read the full article on at - Airports with the Fastest WiFi When you’re at the airport, fast WiFi is a necessity for many of us. And so, which airport has the fastest WiFi? If you’re flying out of Seattle-Tacoma, you’re in luck, its wifi has the fastest download speed of any airport in North America. Other airports with true high speed WiFi include Calgary in Canada... The post Airports with the Fastest WiFi appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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Use the Mobile Passport App to Breeze Through Customs Without Global Entry

Waiting in line for U.S. customs when you return stateside from an international flight can be excruciating. There’s a good reason people shell out for programs like TSA Precheck and Global Entry in an effort to speed up the process.Read more...
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Dozens of People Injured After Heavy Turbulence on Flight to JFK Airport in New York

Nearly thirty people were injured Saturday (Mar. 9) as a result of heavy turbulence aboard a flight that landed at JFK Airport in New York City.Initial reports stated 32 people were injured, however, the FDNY later confirmed that a total of 29 patients were evaluated on the scene for non-life threatening injuries.#FDNY confirms total patients treated at JFK Airport following a turbulent flight have been downgraded to 29 non-life-threatening injuries. FDNY continues to operate on scene.— FDNY (@F...
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Where to eat at Chicago airport

Chicago is one of America’s great food cities. The Chicago O’Hare International Airport is, well, not a terrible place to find some decent food and good drinks. There are some local spots from the city that built outposts in the airport, like Tortas Frontera and Publican Tavern, as well as beer and wine focused bars, including craft beer from Chicago favorite Goose Island. This is where to eat and drink at in every terminal at Chicago O’Hare. Terminal 1 Photo: Chicago O’Hare International ...
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Therapy Animals at Airports That You Can Pet

Read the full article on at - Therapy Animals at Airports That You Can Pet The next time you’re running through an airport to catch your flight and see a miniature horse looking at you, don’t be surprised. At the Cincinnati Airport, there are 34 miniature horses there – as therapy animals to help calm nervous or stressed passengers. And you’re encouraged to pet them. In fact, since 2016, more... The post Therapy Animals at Airports That You Can Pet appeared first on Peter Gree...
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Bali is Closed For the Day. Right Now.

Thursday, March 7, 2018 is the third day of the six days that the Balinese New Year is celebrated; and the entire island of Bali is now as close to completely silent as possible for Nyepi. “On the 3rd day the entire Island comes to a standstill, with no scheduled incoming or outgoing flights from Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar (DPS)”, according to... The post Bali is Closed For the Day. Right Now. appeared first on The Gate.
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How to Break Up With Someone at the Airport? Seriously?!?

In one of the stranger articles pertaining to travel which I have read in a long time, advice is given that if you are seeking to end a relationship with someone, consider doing it at the airport — and reasons are given as to why the airport is a potentially optimum place to do so. The main reason why ending a relationship at an airport is supposedly ideal is because... The post How to Break Up With Someone at the Airport? Seriously?!? appeared first on The Gate.
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