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Aloha Friday Photo: Whale watching experience on Oahu

Mahalo to longtime readers Laura and Marco from Italy for sharing this Aloha Friday Photo. They live in Milan, where the Coronavirus has been especially hard-hitting, but thankfully they are both well, trying to stay positive and looking forward to better days. Laura and Marco shared this context about their photo of a humpback whale’s tail. During our last visit to Oahu, we had a whale watching cruise aboard Star of Honolulu. We so LOVED the ample outdoor space: on the four open decks there wa...
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Around the World – 10 Web Cam Views for Nature-lovers

Web Cam views are the next best thing to being there. As I write this, smart-thinking governments have clamped down on recreational air travel—a good thing. It’s springtime as I pen this , when I’d normally be putting into place my outdoorsy travel plans but not this time around. Downside: I’m at home glued to my computer.  The upside: I’m at home glued to my computer enjoying a myriad of web cam views from around the world. You see, just because I can’t hike the Swiss Alps or ramble the ...
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Travel memoirs to read

So the only view you have right now is the one outside your bedroom window. It’s easy to feel cramped, your longing for travel stifled by your equally strong urge to protect public health. There is a way to travel while you’re stuck indoors though. All you need is the right book. These travel memoirs, part personal journey, part travelogue to new and uncharted territories, will lead your imagination on wild adventures to places far beyond the confines of your couch. Dog sled across the arctic...
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12 books by black authors to read

Just when the Black Travel Movement was gaining so much speed, we now all find ourselves confined to our houses. While the onset of COVID-19 has put the entire world on the no-fly list, we don’t have to pass this time idly. Instead, we can use these weeks we’ll be grounded to absorb the work of the legends that paved the way for us to be able to lead our nomadic lives. If you have been previously unfamiliar with the work of black travel writers, you’re in for a treat: Black travel writers can...
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Day 8: Frasier Becomes Reality (Again) and a Lesson in Herring

It’s been over a week now when I wake up, the first thing that pops into my head is maybe this coronavirus pandemic never really happened.  Maybe all a bad dream.  Within seconds, my mind goes straight to Frasier, Season 1 Ep. 2:  Space Quest.  Read More The post Day 8: Frasier Becomes Reality (Again) and a Lesson in Herring appeared first on .
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Cruise Maven…without the Cruise; Staying Sane in the Time of Coronavirus

One week ago, I decided to physically distance myself from everyone in this tiny town.  The only exception is when my daughter stops by every few days, to drop off a bag of groceries or pick up an egg salad sandwich, a Claussen’s pickle and Read More The post Cruise Maven…without the Cruise; Staying Sane in the Time of Coronavirus appeared first on .
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What to expect visiting Alaska

“You’re driving through Alaska in February?” said my local bartender, looking up from the tap as though I had told her I wanted to wrestle a polar bear. “You know the highway is, like, a huge sheet of ice, right? If you don’t have four-wheel drive, you’re screwed.” As it turns out, she was born and raised in Fairbanks, and I was suddenly terrified of what I had signed up for. Alaska holds an interesting place in the American consciousness. In a country with few real wildernesses left to exp...
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States with strange alcohol laws

In an ideal world, we’d be able to show up in a new state, stroll into any establishment with a cash register, and purchase whatever type of alcohol our hearts desire. Happy hour would be at 9:00 PM on Saturdays, last call wouldn’t exist, and no one would look twice at you for throwing back Jell-O shots on the sidewalk in broad daylight. Unfortunately, this is not our reality. There is an abundance of rules governing alcohol consumption, and since this is the United States, these rules differ...
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3 days at Denali Backcountry Lodge

Venturing into the deep natural pockets of Denali National Park doesn’t have to mean completely leaving civilization behind. In fact, basing your stay in a high-altitude lodge gives you the ability to push as deep into the park as you wish to go, with a basecamp at which to recoup, refuel, and refresh over a glass of wine while planning the next day’s adventure. This itinerary is for the true backcountry enthusiast, with the proper gear and knowledge for three days in the wilderness, but also...
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Grand Princess Crew and Passengers Test Positive for Coronavirus

UPDATE: At approximately 5:30PM ET, during the White House press briefing led by VP Mike Pence, he announced that 21 people aboard the off-shore ship tested positive for COVID-19, coronavirus.  Of these 21 people, 19 are crew and 2 are passengers.   No word yet if Read More The post Grand Princess Crew and Passengers Test Positive for Coronavirus appeared first on .
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Cruise Ship Denied Docking in Asia Steams to Juneau, Alaska

It was only a few weeks ago that this 1,964-passenger cruise ship, Holland America’s Westerdam, was denied docking in five nations in Asia due to coronavirus fears.  Finally, Cambodia allowed the ship to dock.  When the plane carrying the first round of cruise passengers landed Read More The post Cruise Ship Denied Docking in Asia Steams to Juneau, Alaska appeared first on .
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Bus tour of Denali National Park

If you only have one day in Denali National Park and want to get deep into the park, you’ll have to hop on a bus. Self transit is not a viable option deep into the park, so leave the car at your lodging or campsite — which actually works in your favor because you can focus on what’s happening beyond the highway. You have two options: a tour bus or a transit bus. No matter which you choose, allow a full day that starts early and keeps you busy into the early evening. The tour bus option reliev...
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Highgate Acquires Heavlin Management Company

Highgate, a leading real estate investment and hospitality management company, announced today that it has acquired Heavlin Management Company, LLC ("HMC"), a hotel management company with over 30 years of operating experience headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. Heavlin Management Company oversees nine branded properties throughout Arizona and two independent properties in Alaska. Under the terms of the purchase, Highgate will assume management of all properties in HMC's portfolio.
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Alaska’s Squirrelly Gambit To Make Up Lost Ticket Sales Due To Coronavirus

Alaska is making a similiar – albeit less generous – move as what JetBlue has announced. They are also suspending fees on new ticket purchases made made March 11, but they are only suspending fees until March 11. That is, if you buy a new ticket but decide on March 12 not to travel then fees apply. And oh by the way this policy is meant “to support you through coronavirus uncertainty>” Continue reading Alaska’s Squirrelly Gambit To Make Up Lost Ticket Sales Due To Coronavirus...
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American Reverses Course With Qatar Strategic Partnership, Should Take It Further

( = || []).push({}); American continues to makes it way around the globe looking for ways to fill its geographical needs. After Gol helped fill in some blank spots in Brazil, the improved Alaska partnership shored up the West Coast. Now, American is looking toward Africa, India, and Southeast Asia by … ( = || []).push({});
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Kachemak Bay Alaska: Between Beaches Cabins

Take a trip to Kachemak Bay's Between Between Beaches Cabins for hiking, fishing, kayaking, and clamming. Vacation paradise near Homer, Alaska.
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Victory Cruise Lines Will Send New Ocean Victory to Cruise Alaska

In case you missed it, Victory Cruise Lines – a small ship cruise line – was recently purchased by American Queen Steamboat Company.  Now, Victory Cruise Lines is on the verge of expansion.  And this includes building the new Ocean Victory and adding Alaska cruises Read More The post Victory Cruise Lines Will Send New Ocean Victory to Cruise Alaska appeared first on .
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 21 February 2020

By all accounts, the Airbus A220 is a lovely plane, well liked by airlines and passengers alike. How ironic that this great airplane almost completely destroyed its developer – Bombardier. See story below. Good morningThe Covid-19 virus (it now has a name) has been enormously on my mind the last several weeks, and for very direct and personally impactful reasons.  To help clarify my thinking, I wrote a detailed and careful analysis of the present situation and the possible unfolding future, an...
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NTSB calls for comprehensive air safety review in AlaskaNTSB calls for comprehensive air safety review in Alaska

Accident rate more than double US average
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One Restriction That Will Be Placed On Elites When Alaska Joins oneworld

If you are a oneworld sapphire member – think British Airways Silver – you get lounge access domestically within the U.S. even though American Airlines frequent flyers don’t. In fact oneworld sapphires, which is the mid-tier elite level, get American’s Flagship lounge (international business class lounge) access on U.S. domestic itineraries. American gets a carve-out in oneworld rules so they do not have to offer this to their own members. Continue reading One Restriction That Will Be Placed On ...
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The bear necessities in Alaska

Tongass National Park is one of the world’s great, unspoiled forests – and it’s home to more brown bears than anywhere else on earthThrough the droplets on the binoculars, some distance away, two unidentifiable creatures appear to be wading across the tidal creek. Deer? Wolf? Moose? A faraway brown bear and cub, in fact. We watch as the maple-brown carnivores lumber straight for our group, swallowing up the space between us. Their determined pace hints at a head-on meeting. The tone of our guide...
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Vivacious Vancouver Island and some

Having spent many a glorious vacation in several corners of the world from viewing the magnificent glaciers of Alaska up close the peaceful civility of New Zealand and the cultural dynamism of modern China to name a few through this blog I showcase ou
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Cranky on the Web: Screens in Seatbacks, The Impact on Delta

( = || []).push({}); Inflight Movies: Does Anyone Really Want to Watch Them on a Phone? – The Wall Street Journal ($Subscription Required$)It’s the age-old question about inflight entertainment. Does a seatback screen matter or not? Barbara Peterson at the WSJ took a look. What the American-Alaska partnership means for Delta – TPG… ( = || []).push({});
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Travel News: February 14, 2020

Italian Shipyard Delivers Virgin Voyages First Cruise Ship, Scarlet Lady Cruise Critic The Italian shipyard Fincantieri presented Scarlet Lady, the first of four planned cruise ships for Virgin Voyages, at a ceremony in Genoa today. The 2,770-passenger ship will then sail to Liverpool on the 24th where it will spend the night before beginning its transatlantic voyage to New York, where it will host a showcase event in mid-March. The ship will then head to Miami where it will be christen...
Tags: Travel, Asia, Japan, New York, China, Southeast Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, Liverpool, Alaska, Italy, Miami, Venice, West Coast, Seattle, Caribbean

US LGBTQ and Pride events in 2020

Let’s get one thing straight — LGBTQ people know how to throw one hell of a party, and in the United States, there’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to curating a queer shindig. From ski-slope soirees to fetish-themed festivals, the only thing more difficult than choosing which events to attend in 2020 is choosing who to vote for in the Democratic primary. Luckily, choosing from this list of epic LGBTQ gatherings is a win-win situation. Editor’s note: Queer culture doesn’t begin and e...
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Why Alaska Airlines Will Devalue Mileage Plan As Part Of Joining oneworld

American Airlines had been winding down its partnership with Alaska Airlines. American viewed Alaska Airlines as a competitor once Alaska acquired Virgin America. They emphasized the substantial route overlap rather than the unique contributions of each airline. Now they've done a 180 degree turn. But for this to work for American, can Alaska have such a generous frequent flyer program? Continue reading Why Alaska Airlines Will Devalue Mileage Plan As Part Of Joining oneworld...
Tags: Travel, Alaska, Airlines, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, OneWorld, Virgin America They

Alaska Is Joining oneworld and American Launching India Service

American and Alaska are partners again. The previously-announced March 1 breakup isn't happening. Alaska Airlines is joining oneworld. And American will fly from Seattle to Bangalore, India (and Seattle - London). Continue reading Alaska Is Joining oneworld and American Launching India Service...
Tags: Travel, India, Alaska, Airlines, Seattle, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, OneWorld, Bangalore India, American Launching India Service, Seattle London Continue

The Force Awakens: American Renews Ties with Alaska As They Make a Joint Move on Seattle

( = || []).push({}); Remember that whole thing about American stagnating? The message reached a deafening roar when Delta took LATAM away. It looks like someone over there got the message. This morning, American is announcing that it and Alaska are planning to renew the codeshare that was set to all-but-end next month… ( = || []).push({});
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10 Best States to Visit in the USA

The United States is a kaleidoscope of cosmopolitan cities, rich cultures, and enchanting landscapes catering for everything from city breaks to longer escapes in nature. Each American state has its own unique attraction and individual character. Experience the wilderness in Alaska, taste fine wines in California, and tick off bucket list sights in New York
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Cycling the Pacific Coast

The idea to tour the Pacific coast by bike came to me slowly, in pieces. I wanted to challenge myself physically and mentally. I wanted to see the world with a minimal carbon footprint. Most of all, I wanted to travel alone, sure the experience would change me for the better. Ideas percolated for a year or so before I came across the Bicycling the Pacific Coast guidebook by Vicky Spring and Tom Kirkendall. The route looked challenging but popular enough to be safe for solo travel. That settled i...
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