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China is lifting lockdowns

Reopening society after months of lockdown is a careful balancing act. People are understandably eager to leave their homes and enjoy freedoms previously denied to them, but unless governments are careful, there is a high risk that coronavirus will return for a second wave. China, the first country to be hit by the virus and also the first to impose strict lockdown measures, has been gradually reopening its country over the past week, so it’s no surprise that people are leaping at the chance ...
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The best LGBTQ online entertainment

Before social distancing became the new normal, April was chock-full of major LGBTQ events, and while the coronavirus has caused massive cancellations (RIP Black Party 2020!), queer community leaders aren’t letting COVID-19 get in the way of their spring flings. LGBTQ outlets around the world have created virtual community centers, concert halls, and dance clubs to combat the isolation caused by the pandemic, and the options for connecting seem endless. The only problem? With a wealth of no...
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Airbnb Online Experiences

As travel has been almost entirely halted amid the coronavirus pandemic, and health authorities instruct us to social distance, the popular in-person Airbnb Experiences are paused through April 30, 2020. Airbnb Experiences launched in 2016, as activities offered by locals to give travelers a more intimate sense of their destination. But the home-sharing company is getting creative with new ways to engage customers all around the world, particularly by taking its “experiences” online. Catherin...
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Robotics team build ventilators

With COVID-19 affecting almost every country and territory around the world, and ventilators often being the difference between life and death during this health crisis, making sure hospitals have the equipment they need is a priority. That’s why when the governor of Herat in Afghanistan asked the public for more ventilators, members of the Dreamers set out to help. The Dreamers are a group of about 50 teenage girls founded thanks to a program created by female tech entrepreneur Roya Mahboob...
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Guide to traveling to Palestine

Whatever your interest in Palestine is — be it religious, historical, or cultural-political — there is no better way to get a clear picture of the territories than to visit them. Contrary to the images that the mere mention of Palestine conjures, traveling in the region is easy, safe, and the people are incredibly welcoming. Palestine is composed of two territories: the West Bank (located between Israel and Jordan) and the Gaza Strip (land bordering Israel and Egypt). Travelers can go to the ...
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Delta two year coronavirus rebooking

Airline cancellation and rebooking policies are notoriously strict, but the coronavirus pandemic is forcing airlines to relax the rules to accommodate millions of passengers. Delta recently unveiled a new cancellation policy — the most flexible in the industry, thus far — which will allow passengers to rebook flights for up to two years. Given the uncertainty surrounding travel right now, Delta reportedly wanted to give travelers some flexibility and peace of mind. According to the new poli...
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India lockdown clears pollution

Any upsides to the coronavirus crisis pale in comparison to the tragedy of the massive death toll, but that doesn’t mean we should totally ignore the silver linings. In India, the shutdown of factories and reduction of the use of trains, planes, and vehicles has led to some of the clearest skies in recent memory. The country is home to 14 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities, but since it entered a nationwide lockdown on March 25, Mumbai was the only Indian city in the top 20 by April 8. Po...
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Support local gear shops amid covid

With all this time to sit around the house, you may find yourself thinking ahead to the gear you need to hit the trail this summer or the slopes next winter. The problem is that, since your favorite local gear shop is not classified as an “essential business,” it’s closed during the pandemic until further notice. Upon realizing this, your first instinct might be to rush to Amazon and order what you need. Problem solved with the convenience of home delivery, right? However modern and expedient...
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Cookbooks from famous US bakeries

Whether you call it isolation baking, homebound baking, or comfort cooking, these days people from all walks of life are heading to the kitchen to relieve stress and learn a new skill. Turning flour, butter, and sugar into tasty treats from cake to bread to croissants is a much-needed distraction from the anxiety-inducing news cycle. Besides, couldn’t we all use a cookie right now? If you can’t leave your house to pick up a dozen of your favorite pastries, might as well make them yourself. B...
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The best cannabis activities in LA

Los Angeles and cannabis have long been connected. It takes just a cursory search through movies, music, and other media to see that. California was the first state to legalize medical cannabis in 1996 and was among the first wave of states to legalize recreational cannabis when the state bill passed in 2018. Today, California is a leader in all things cannabis, especially in the state’s largest metropolitan area. From boutique dispensaries to cannabis restaurants, there’s something for ever...
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Best architecture in Africa

Africa is big . Fifty-four countries big. Approximately 11.7 million square miles, or 20 percent of Earth’s land area, big. Around 1.3 billion people, 3,000 indigenous groups, and 2,000 languages big. To say nothing of its age, with a human history that began some 200,000 years ago and has since witnessed the rise and fall of countless empires, survived political wars and religious conflicts, experienced colonizations and reclamations of identity. Yet, despite its size and the individual herit...
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How to layer for spring hiking

Chilly mornings , warm afternoons, and a cooling breeze. The arrival of spring beckons us outdoors. The only problem is that the tempting blast of heat and sunshine is likely just a temporary front, withholding cold precipitation or frigid gusts. This is particularly true at altitude, where spring is synonymous with sun, rain, wind, and snow, often all in the same day. Fail to dress appropriately, and you may head out for the season’s first solid hike, only to find yourself soggy and miserable...
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Powerful LGBTQ-related monuments

For centuries, LGBTQ people were forced to lead invisible lives. You couldn’t find them in the pages of history books. No one erected monuments in their honor. Throughout history, defiant social reformers made visibility one of their chief concerns in the fight for LGBTQ rights. In 1978, Harvey Milk shouted, “Gay brothers and sisters, you must come out!” During the AIDS epidemic, the LGBTQ community stopped traffic in city streets while holding signs that read “Silence = Death.” Today, trans ...
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Winery dog delivery in Maryland

From waiting in lines six feet apart from other shoppers at grocery stores to pre-ordering groceries for pick-up or surviving solely off GrubHub, the current landscape of food consumption is almost unrecognizable. To add a little bit of joy to the difficult task of shopping for food and drinks these days, this Maryland winery is using its 11-year old boxer to carry wine orders to customers in a saddlebag. At the Stone House Urban Winery in Hagerstown, Soda Pup is helping the social distancin...
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How to embrace slow living

COVID-19 has forced us to slow down, restrict our movements, and turn our attention inwards. That’s a major lifestyle change for many of us. The slow-living movement reminds us to be mindful of what’s around us. It’s about cultivating simple pleasures and using our resources wisely, skills that are suddenly very useful during a pandemic. Slow living began with an exploration of local, sustainable food and has expanded to encompass a more thoughtful, intentional way of life. The movement is ...
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Pandas mate in Hong Kong zoo

For Ying Ying and Le Le, two 14-year-old pandas at the Ocean Park in Hong Kong, the closure of the zoo during the coronavirus pandemic may have brought the privacy they were longing for. For the first time in 13 years, the pair mated on Monday without the awkward, spying eyes of hundreds of visitors. Giant pandas Ying Ying and Le Le succeeded in a natural mating, @Ocean_Park has announced. "We hope to bear wonderful pregnancy news to Hong Kongers this year and make further contributions t...
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The best things to do in Cabo Frio

The turquoise waters and paradise beaches of Brazil’s Região dos Lagos have earned this watery region the nickname Caribe Brasileiro, the Caribbean of Brazil. The area lies on a lake- and lagoon-filled coastal outcropping in Rio de Janeiro state, just a couple hours’ drive north of the city of Rio. While it’s best known for the glitzy beach resort of Búzios, the less-traveled town of Cabo Frio is less than an hour south of Búzios and offers a lot to those fortunate enough to visit. Locals che...
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Andrea Bocelli Easter live stream

This Easter is going to look a lot different than previous years — church-goers won’t be able to attend the important celebrations and there won’t be any family gatherings. Getting in the Easter spirit will be tough this year, but Andrea Bocelli serenading you in your living room might be able to help. On Sunday, Bocelli will perform a concert called “Bocelli: Music for Hope” at the Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy, accompanied only by cathedral organist Emanuele Vianelli, and the whole thing ...
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Eleven Madison Park prepares meals

Eleven Madison Park , named the World’s Best Restaurant in 2017, is known for elevating dinner to the level of art. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit New York City, and the epitome of luxury had to be put on hold. The restaurant closed its doors, along with just about every other dining establishment in the city. But with so many resources behind it, Daniel Humm, the restaurant’s owner, decided that he couldn’t sit by and watch people go hungry during a crisis. The Eleven Madison Park kitchen...
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New Zealand is winning the battle

If flattening the curve were a sport, New Zealand would be Usain Bolt. Social distancing is a relatively new term in our vernacular, but it didn’t take long for one country to master it. New Zealand entered lockdown on March 25, but it fully committed to that lockdown. All nonessential businesses closed immediately, and people are pretty much confined to their homes, with the exception of exercising in their neighborhoods or grocery shopping. After just 10 days of lockdown, the number of new ...
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What is the Chinese cocktail bun

My dad took me grocery shopping in Seattle’s International District most weekends of my childhood. He bought stout bottles of sambal oelek, styrofoam containers of raw tofu wrapped in plastic wrap, and duck eggs at at Viet-Wah, the Vietnamese grocery store in Chinatown, then he’d duck into the cafe next door and grab himself a banh mi sandwich before we drove home. But sometimes there would be something in it for me, too, if I had behaved and traffic wasn’t too bad: a coconut bun from a baker...
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Mike Posner on walking across the US

Mike Posner never thought he would traverse a continent on foot, summit mountain peaks, or complete an arduous Wim Hof retreat. “I’m just a singer who already blew his shot,” Posner lamented in his 2016 hit, “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.” Singing about the possibility of disappearing into obscurity, ironically, helped him climb the ladder of musical fame. It would later win him the 2017 Grammy award for “Song of the Year,” a milestone achievement after writing hits for other artists like Justin Bi...
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Travel in the post-COVID-19 era

In this op-ed, Luis Vargas, CEO and founder of the tour company Modern Adventure, shares his thoughts on the outlook of travel in the coming months after several weeks of coronavirus wreaking havoc on the industry and the world at large — and why he’s certain the power of the traveler mindset will endure. As the days turn into weeks, and it’s clear that things are not going to be “back to normal” by summer, I have found my mindset moving from light to dark and back again. I feel sad, angry, f...
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110,000 restaurant closures expected

The dining scene across the United States is going to be drastically different when life settles after the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association (NRA), 3 percent of restaurant operators have permanently closed, 44 percent have temporarily closed, and 11 percent say they expect to permanently close within 30 days. The survey polled more than 5,000 restaurant owners and operators, and questions were related to the period between March 1 and March 22. Sa...
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Pickled, cured, and fermented foods

It’s easy to take refrigeration for granted. But far before these nifty gadgets arrived in our kitchens, humans had to be a little more creative when it came to keeping their food edible for longer. Averse to wasting nutrient-rich ingredients, our ancestors turned to pickling, fermenting, drying, and curing our food to avoid starvation — and many dishes created using these techniques remain centerpieces of cuisines across the globe today. Korean people have been pickling cabbage to make kimch...
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ATL medical workers fly to NYC

On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called upon medical workers from around the country to come to New York’s aid to help battle the coronavirus crisis. With many NYC hospitals overwhelmed, more medical personnel are needed to treat the rising number of coronavirus patients. And health workers are answering the call. According to Southwest spokesperson Derek Hubbard, 29 nurses and doctors boarded Southwest Flight 979 from Atlanta this week to serve in NYC. It’s a heartening show of sol...
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Map of unemployment during COVID-19

The coronavirus has rocked the United States’ economy, resulting in millions of laid off or furloughed workers. The result has been the biggest unemployment spike in the country’s history, with over 6.6 million people applying for unemployment benefits since the stay-at-home orders were given. Yahoo created a graph and map that paints a clear (and troubling) picture of the unemployment situation in the US. Photo: Yahoo In many cases, states that took longer to implement lockdown orders al...
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Live streaming flower blooms

Despite everything that’s going on, nature takes its course and flowers are blooming around the world. Because going out in busy areas isn’t possible right now, it’s tough to experience spring in all its glory. Thankfully, several gardens and public spaces are streaming their blooms online. In real time, you can watch cherry blossoms, tulips, orchids, and other flowers blossoming and signaling the arrival of spring. Among these blooming events are the New York Botanical Garden’s “Orchid Show....
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Astronauts' tips for self-isolation

When it comes to surviving and thriving in self-confinement, astronauts are serious pros. Becoming trained and certified to work in outer space takes years, and a good chunk of that time is spent learning the art of living in close quarters. During a typical six-month mission, there are plenty of chances to go stir-crazy without personal space — but also co-worker privacy, hot showers, normal toilets, and, well, gravity. “Being prepared for isolation is part of our training,” says Matthias Ma...
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SXSW online now

South by Southwest (SXSW) was supposed to take place March 13-22 in Austin, Texas, but even though it was canceled last month because of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the popular event will still see the light of day. Amazon is partnering with the conference’s organizers to launch a virtual film festival. Filmmakers scheduled to screen films at SXSW in 2020 will be able to participate, showing their films exclusively on Prime Video. The event will take place over 10 days in late April and ...
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