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Netflix adds 8.8M paid subscribers globally, says it now accounts for 10 percent of U.S. TV screen time

Netflix just released its , which looks mixed compared to Wall Street expectations. The company added 8.8 million subscribers, well above the 7.6 million that it had predicted at the beginning of the quarter. It also beat estimates for earnings per share — analysts had predicted EPS of 24 cents, but actual EPS came in at 30 cents. However, revenue was a bit lower than expected — $4.19 billion, compared to predictions of $4.21 billion. As of 4:50pm Eastern, Netflix shares were down about 2 pe...
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Amazon and Flipkart seek extension to comply with new FDI policy

Amazon and Flipkart have asked the government for an extension on the 1 February deadline to comply with the new FDI policy for e-commerce, reports the Economic Times. Amazon has asked for time until 1 June, while Flipkart has asked for an extension of 6 months, to 1 August. MediaNama has reached... ...
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Harmonix Harmony

I find it a bit funny and strange that last week I found myself playing not one, but two games from Harmonix, having terrific play experiences with each. Sure, I’ve enjoyed Rock Band games in the past (especially the Beatles one), but I hadn’t played anything from them in a while, and although it’s a coincidence I found myself playing both DropMix and Amplitude at the same, it’s a happy one. DropMix is an electronic board/card game the company released a year or two ago. I remember hearing it w...
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Choice Hotels Goes All-In on AWS

Today, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company (NASDAQ: AMZN), announced that Choice Hotels International, Inc. (NYSE: CHH) is moving its infrastructure to AWS—going all-in on the world's leading cloud—to boost its technology leadership position in the hotel industry. Choice Hotels, which develops some of its own technology, will migrate over 1,000 applications to AWS, moving off legacy systems to help improve performance, scalability, and reliability. As Choice Hotels cont...
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Financial Case Study: Rosemary and Claire – Authentic Food Quest

This post Financial Case Study: Rosemary and Claire – Authentic Food Quest appeared first on The Professional Hobo. Rosemary and Claire are co-founders of Authentic Food Quest. Their goal is to inspire you to travel through food and explore the local flavors. They believe travelers can have deeper connections with a destination and people by opening up to the local tastes and flavors. And that’s exactly what they do themselves! Learn more about their slow travel lifestyle and related career her...
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AIOVA to appeal CCI’s Flipkart ruling regarding unfair and discriminatory pricing

The All India Online Vendor’s Association will appeal against the Competition Commission of India’s ruling favouring the Walmart-owned Flipkart, reports Reuters. AIOVA, which represents more than 3,500 online sellers, will appeal to the National Company Law Appelate Tribunal (NCLAT).... ...
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Why you need to visit French Guiana

During the 2014 World Cup , French Guiana got the geographical equivalent of 15 minutes of fame. A place a good portion of the world didn’t know existed, much less could find on a map, was highlighted in numerous maps of World Cup stadiums around Brazil, as well as the subject of a number of “interesting places to travel around the World Cup” stories in the months leading up to the event. And that was the last most of the world thought about it. It’s not the world’s fault, really. Getting to t...
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Videos from Amazon’s Ring security cameras were accessible to employees

Videos and information from Amazon’s tiny Ring security cameras could be accessed by Ring employees in Ukraine and the US at the least, reports The Intercept. Employees were also using video streams from within and outside the house to tag objects in order to train its poor object-recognising... ...
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CES Report 2019

The annual CES event was held in Las Vegas this week. Ever since 1967, the first week in January has seen the enormous Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  This year was no exception, with over 180,000 attendees from over 150 countries and over 4,500 exhibiting companies meeting in an enormous 2.5 million square foot exhibition, sprawling over the Las Vegas Convention Center and spilling into other nearby hotels and locations too. We’ve been occasionally attending CES since the mid/late 198...
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Two million room nights booked online in a single day

Meituan-Dianping, which sells good and services Amazon-style in China alongside hotels and other travel products, says it offloaded more than two million room nights on December 31.
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Meet Caper, the AI self-checkout shopping cart

The Amazon boogie-man has every retailer scrambling for ways to fight back. But the cost and effort to install cameras all over the ceiling or into every shelf could block stores from entering the autonomous shopping era. Caper Labs wants to make eliminating checkout lines as easy as replacing their shopping carts while offering a more familiar experience for customers. The startup makes a shopping cart with a built-in barcode scanner and credit card swiper, but it’s finalizing the technology to...
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Defensive Handgun Safety and Proficiency Course (March 2019)

Travel Insiders on an earlier Front Sight course. I’m in the rear. All firearm owners should consider themselves obliged to be thoroughly conversant with safety issues and the law surrounding when and how their firearms can be used.  They also need to be competent and comfortable with their firearms so that, whether for recreation or defensive purposes, they can appropriately handle the equipment and make the proper decisions as to when and what to do. Most of all, firearm owners need to unders...
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Travel News: January 11, 2019

Air France leans toward pulling plug on Joon Travel Weekly Joon, the Air France subsidiary promoted as a hip new airline for millennials, appears to be on the verge of closure, just 13 months after launch. “After much discussion with employees and customers alike, and in consultation with the unions, Air France has decided to launch a project studying the future of the Joon brand and the integration of Joon employees and aircraft into Air France,” Joon’s parent said Thursday as part of a statem...
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FOMO killer: Developments at Amazon, OnePlus, WhatsApp, Yatra and more

Payments Amazon may soon be able to issue its own UPI handles in partnership with Axis Bank, as the company is reportedly testing the product with a closed user group, according to the Economic Times. It currently accepts UPI payments but cannot issue its own handles. Amazon’s plans to launch... ...
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Amazon India data breach exposes seller data to other sellers: report

Amazon India faced a data breach in which seller data from sellers’ merchant tax reports was exposed to other sellers yesterday, reported by CNBC-TV18. The breach came to light when sellers logged on to Amazon to download their monthly merchant tax reports, which they can download during the... ...
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Palazzo Rucellai Inside Out: 6 Centuries, 6 House Secrets

Palazzo Rucellai sits and waits. Nestled among the bright and busy commercial boutiques that line Florence’s Via della Vigna Nuova, the fifteenth-century house is a beacon of reserved elegance, quite unlike its hulking contemporaries—Palazzo Medici, Palazzo Strozzi, Palazzo Pitti—which unapologetically command entire city blocks as well as throngs of checklist-happy tourists. Lovers of fine architecture—indeed, any serious student of Italian Renaissance art—recognizes Palazzo Rucellai as the unc...
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10 Creative Ways to Save Money in 2019

I don’t know about you, but money has been on my mind a lot recently. Probably because I’m anxiously awaiting several end-of-year payments from work I did last year, and also the fact that it’s the NEW YEAR and I’ve got to start planning for the future…I guess. As a freelancer & business owner, I’m always a little anxious about my fluctuating income. And with the volatile market the past month, my future is increasingly…worrisome. One of my top goals for 2019 is to save more money. Just feels li...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 4 January 2019

Fedex tracking information showing it will take eight days for a package to travel about 15 miles from Seattle to Redmond.  See article below. Good morning A chatty sort of newsletter rather than a “real” one today.  I’m still easing back into the usual routine after a disruptive Christmas/New Year break, but plan to be back to whatever passes for normal next week. There used to be a time when I’d bemoan the start of each new year due to the difficulty in breaking the habit learned over the pre...
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Top 5 luxury Amazon experiences

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most unique and intriguing habitats on the planet. Bursting with life on land, in the water and in the skies, this magnificent jungle is on many a traveller’s wish-list. Long gone are the days of sleeping in lines of hammocks whilst being attacked by mosquitoes, today there is […] The post Top 5 luxury Amazon experiences appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Will the gaming industry clutch up in 2019?

Joost van Dreunen Contributor Share on Twitter Joost van Dreunen is the co-founder of the game analytics firmSuperData, a Nielsen company. 2019 promises to be a great year in games. Innovation and competition will elevate the industry’s offerings and drive more inclusivity among a broader range of audiences. Cloud gaming emerges as the new frontier and brings about unlikely partnerships. Collectively, gamers will serve as the c...
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The best family trips for 2019

It’s the start of a new year, and that means it’s time to make some family travel resolutions and start planning. Whether you want to explore more national parks and state parks, introduce the kids to urban culture in cities like New York, or take them overseas — say, to New Zealand — these are our favorite family travel destinations for the year ahead. 1. Bozeman, Montana Photo: Jeremy Janus Photography/Shutterstock Head to Montana for spring break, and you’ll still catch plenty of spr...
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Best Ways to Save on Food at Disney World + 2019 Free Disney Dining Plan Available!

Best Ways to Save on Food at Disney World + 2019 Free Disney Dining Plan Now Available! ** Disney has just announced that the 2019 free dining plan is now available! We have all the details you need to know about this years promotion below (updated 1/2/2019)! This is much earlier then Disney usually releases the free booking options, so this is a big deal in the world of  Disney Dining. More details below.  Food can be a big expense for families visiting Walt Disney World. If you want to eat ...
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23 of the Top Things to do in Peru – Travel Tips for Everyone

There are a lot more things to do in Peru than just trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Albeit, you must visit the magnificent Inca ruins when you are there. But when visiting South America's most popular tourist destination, you may want to check out all the other amazing sites too! Things to do […] Read the original post 23 of the Top Things to do in Peru – Travel Tips for Everyone on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.
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India could have vaccinated 41 crore children with the Rs 7,267 crore Narendra Modi has spent on travel and publicity. Or, bought JNU’s books for next 1,000 years.

‘Telegraph‘ infographic of all the countries Narendra Modi has visited since 2014 *** Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 48 foreign trips to 55 countries have cost the exchequer more than Rs 2,021 crore in chartered flights, aircraft maintenance and hotline facilities, Parliament has been told. Simultaneously, it has been revealed that the Modi government has spent Rs 5,246 crore on publicity of its plans and programmes. (Despite which it has been said after its recent electoral losses ...
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Wildlife conservation wins in 2018

Despite the fact that human populations are rising along with global temperatures, political leaders seem opposed to policies that keep our shared resources intact, and the mass pollution of our planet seems to be ever-increasing, there’s hope. In 2018, wildlife won in more ways than one and every little victory must be celebrated. From dedicated conservationists to passionate volunteers, those who heed the call of the wild ensure future generations of the planet’s biodiversity for every pers...
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How to travel without a smartphone

Some will tell you smartphones are ruining the world. They’ll say they’ve created a generation of people too lost in their screens to experience human interaction, too obsessed with being somewhere else to ever feel like they’re anywhere. Then there are those who’ll tell you they’ve made the world better. Allowing us to find our way, speak new languages, and settle debates over who won the 1987 AL batting title in a matter of seconds. There’s probably a happy medium somewhere in between, but ...
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Trailblazer's Hawaii Guides: Adventure in your Pocket. Memories in the Bank.

Hawaii means different things for different people, offering a mind-boggling array of choices. With Trailblazer guides, no matter where you are, you can answer the question, "I wonder what's down that road?" Some activities require planning and reservations, but the best of times are often had by turning the steering wheel on a whim. Indiana Jones-style adventures into the tropical forests are not always easy to find. Trailblazers do the leg work for you, and will lead you to places no...
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Adventure in your Pocket. Memories in the Bank.

Hawaii means different things for different people, offering a mind-boggling array of choices. With Trailblazer guides, no matter where you are, you can answer the question, "I wonder what's down that road?" Some activities require planning and reservations, but the best of times are often had by turning the steering wheel on a whim. Indiana Jones-style adventures into the tropical forests are not always easy to find. Trailblazers do the leg work for you, and will lead you to places no...
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in which i buy shoes on the internet and this makes me way happier than it should

I have two stories to tell about my shopping habits. This is the one with a happy ending, the story that makes me appear to be a rational adult.On our road trip from Mississauga to Port Hardy, I quickly became aware that my boots had become useless. They were light hiking boots from New Balance (shown here). I wore them in Egypt and on our Northern Ontario trip, but they were suddenly taking on water like a leaky raft. If it was at all wet outside, my feet were wet and cold. Note to self: buy ne...
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Entertaining Oneself On One’s Travels

What should you bring with you when traveling? Joe Brancatelli asked several travel writers to discuss what books, music and video they take with them on the road. Here’s our response, and rather than giving you any favorites, we’ve chosen to answer “everything”, and explain, below, why and how. The last few decades have seen extraordinary developments when it comes to in-flight entertainment.  The first ever in-flight movie was shown on a demonstration flight around Chicago in 1921, and then f...
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