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Get 1% Better Every Day: The Kaizen Way to Self-Improvement

With our archives now 3,500+ articles deep, we’ve decided to republish a classic piece each Friday to help our newer readers discover some of the best, evergreen gems from the past. This article was originally published in August 2015. It’s happened to all of us. You have a “come to Jesus” moment and decide you need to make changes in your life. Maybe you need to drop a few pounds (or more), want to pay off some debt, or desperately long to quit wasting time on the internet. So you start planni...
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Meet America's Best Employers For Women 2020

Companies have made considerable progress in their quest for gender parity over the years, enacting strong hiring and retention practices that directly benefit female employees and offering family-friendly policies that place women at the center of these efforts.
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‘Company size doesn’t prevent competition’, Zuckerberg to argue at antitrust hearing

“Facebook is a successful company now, but we got there the American way: we started with nothing and provided better products that people find valuable. As I understand our laws, companies aren’t bad just because they are big. Many large companies that fail to compete cease to exist,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to tell lawmakers at an antitrust hearing on Wednesday, according to prepared remarks released to the public. “We know that our future success is not guaranteed, especially in a ...
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Travel CEOs Urge Federal Action on COVID-19 Testing

Washington, Fourteen CEOs of America's most recognizable travel-related companies sent a letter to the president and congressional leaders Monday stating that more and better COVID-19 testing is an indispensable component of pursuing an economic recovery, and urging a stepped-up federal role in making effective testing more widely available.
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Hear the Sound Of Endangered Birds Get Turned Into Electronic Music

Bird-watching is having a moment, thanks to the pandemic. As non-essential workers adjusted to spending more time at home, their ears adjusted to the increasingly non-foreign sound of birdsong outside their windows. Those sweet tweets are no doubt largely responsible for the record breaking turnout at this year’s Global Big Day, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's annual birding event, held earlier this spring. 50,000 participants logged 2.1 million individual observations, and 6,479 sp...
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PlayVS founder Delane Parnell is coming to Disrupt 2020

Gaming has always been one of the world’s most massive niches, but as game-streaming and eSports have drifted to the forefront of mainstream culture, it’s clear that there’s plenty of room left for the industry to expand. One harbinger of this shift has been the widespread adoption of eSports leagues in high schools and colleges across the country, a movement that has pushed online gameplay as just another athletic program schools should be offering. One of the central catalysts of this change h...
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TikTok announces $200 million fund for creators in the US

Even as the American government continues to hint a ban at short video app TikTok, the company announced a $200 million fund to “help support ambitious creators” in the US, who are looking to make a livelihood out of making content. Called the TikTok Creator Fund, it will be distributed over the coming year and is expected to grow over that time, the company said. The TikTok Creator Fund will open to applications from US creators beginning in August. To be eligible for the fund, users must be 18...
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Shale’s Bust Shows Basis of Boom: Debt, Debt and Debt: QuickTake - Bloomberg

Shale’s Bust Shows Basis of Boom: Debt, Debt and Debt: QuickTake - Bloomberg:America’s shale boom once looked like one of the century’s great business success stories. Now some of its most iconic names are in bankruptcy court and we’re not done yet. But while Covid-19 and the biggest-ever crude crunch it brought may have been the last straw, the sector’s weaknesses extend back many years, as U.S. oil and gas companies ran up over $300 billion in losses since 2010. Here’s a look at what went wron...
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Cooks Venture raises $10 million in Series A funding

Cooks Venture has raised $10 million in Series A funding led by SJF Ventures and Cultivian Sandbox, with participation from Larry Schwartz and John Roulac. At its most basic level, Cooks Venture provides a proprietary breed of chicken to grocery stores for consumption. The company also lists Fresh Direct and direct online sales to its distribution channels. But it’s far more complex than that. For one, Cooks Venture spent years researching the genetic lines of chickens to develop its own bree...
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12 Charming Inns of Alberta to Visit Year-Round

If you’re looking for unique places to stay in Alberta, check out the Charming Inns of Alberta – a collection of 12 distinctive properties covering a swath of the province from Jasper National Park in the north to Waterton Lakes National Park in the south. Choose from romantic small inns, log cabins, B&B’s, boutique hotels, and even glamping tents in a world-class mountain setting. Most of these properties are family and pet-friendly. Many are locally owned and offer personalized service. I fi...
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EU probes Apple, Amazon & Google for dominance in IoT market

The European Commission, on Thursday, launched a two-year probe into the Internet of Things market to see if companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Google, among others, can engage in anticompetitive practices with their virtual assistants and other smart devices. The Commission will send questionnaires to about 400 companies based in Europe, Asia, and America that sell smart home appliances, wearables and voice assistants, as part of the probe. EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager raise...
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Appalachian Mountain Club Selects Fuel Booking Engine For Optimized Online Reservation Process

Fuel, a leading provider of guest-facing software for the global hospitality industry, has been selected by Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) to manage its online inventory for the club's 22 lodging locations with the Fuel Booking Engine.In order to securely process direct online reservations through AMC's website, Fuel will build a multi-location booking feature for the national organization. The Fuel Booking Engine is an e asy-to-use reservation platform that provides guests with the most...
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Another White House official hints at banning TikTok and other ‘Chinese’ apps in the US

It’s not a good time to be TikTok. White House adviser Peter Navarro said to expect “strong action” from Donald Trump on TikTok, WeChat and other Chinese apps, while speaking to Fox News. Though he didn’t specifically mention a ban, he referenced India’s ban on TikTok, WeChat, and 57 other ‘Chinese’ apps, suggesting that a similar action could be taken. “[TikTok] and WeChat are the biggest forms of censorship on the Chinese mainland, and so expect strong action on that,” he told the outlet. He a...
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U.S. passports are worthless — "Welcome to the Plague States of America"

"Americans have gone from having access to most of the world to being banned from most of it," writes Indi Samarajiva for Medium Politics. "An American passport is now worthless." The world now looks at Americans as unhygienic, arrogant, willfully ignorant, science hating, magical thinking, untrustworthy, selfish rule-breakers. The most reliable projections are saying 200,000 dead and 50 million infected by election day in November. Even these projections struggle to account for completely irrat...
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We’re #1 with Viking Cruises

Carol holds our 4th #1 Viking Trophy We’re #1 with Viking Cruises We’re #1 with Viking Cruises for the 4th year in a row in the 26,000 member Virtuoso Travel Network. And, last we knew, we’re also the #2 booking agents for Viking in the world. Our relationship with Viking Cruises began nearly a decade ago.  We were luxury travel bloggers and Viking flew Carol and me to Europe twice to sample and write about their river cruises. It was love at first sight. River cruising was still fairly new t...
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Hawaii short of COVID-19 testing materials as governor and mayors mull continuing quarantine past Aug. 1, Legislature kills bill giving health director power to declare emergencies, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Gov. David Ige and Hawaii mayors via Zoom Gov. David Ige and the state’s mayors will meet again to decide whether to lift the 14-day travel quarantine. After a marathon meeting Wednesday, Gov. David Ige, the county mayors and health officials will reconvene today to make a final determination on lifting the 14-day self-quarantine restriction that has largely kept tourists from visiting the islands. Star-Advertiser.Discussion continues between mayors, governor on whether to postpone liftin...
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Nauta Capital launches fifth fund with €120M to back early-stage European B2B startups

Nauta Capital, the pan-European venture capital firm that invests in B2B technology startups at seed and Series A, is launching its fifth fund. The new vehicle has an initial close of €120 million and is expected to surpass the VC’s 2016 fund, which topped out at €155 million. With offices in London, Barcelona and Munich, Nauta Capital has over half a billion under management and is supported by a team of 24 people, making it one of Europe’s largest B2B focused VCs. The firm invest in companies ...
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"Completed in 537 AD, Hagia Sophia stood for nearly a millennium at the heart of the Christian world...."

"In 1453, Mehmed II conquered Constantinople, and although his troops plundered what they could carry, the building was saved and turned into a mosque. For 500 years it was the venerated center of the Muslim Ottoman Empire.... Minarets were added, and later the great Ottoman architect Sinan built massive buttresses to prevent the walls from buckling under the weight of the dome, which was damaged in earthquakes. With the fall of the Ottoman Empire... Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the modern ...
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Americans can’t travel to Europe because of Covid-19. I’m glad | Tamara Winter

We’re used to thinking of our blue passports as keys to almost anywhere. Now we are forced to experience travel as others doLast week, the European Union released a highly anticipated list: countries whose Covid-19 levels are low enough for their travelers to enter Europe now that borders have reopened to non-essential travel. The US is not on it.Given the rising numbers of cases being reported around America, this is hardly surprising news. Still, it deals a blow to Americans who were holding ...
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The Climate Win

This week’s Climate Win dives into the often elusive practice of cross-sector unity. Public, private, and non-profit sectors seem very distant in both goals and action when it comes to climate initiatives. But signs are emerging that this is changing, largely due to increased demand from the public. The Environment and Energy Study Institute released poll data in April of this year showing massive bipartisan support for renewable energy development, even if participants on opposite sides of ...
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How Americans did the first July 4

If John Adams had it his way, we’d all be celebrating the Second of July. In a letter to his wife Abigail, dated July 3, 1776, Adams predicted that the day the Continental Congress declared independence from Great Britain would go down in history as America’s greatest, and be celebrated accordingly. “It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires, and Illuminations,” he writes, “from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forwa...
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Censor board inserts itself into online content regulation debate

Prasoon Joshi, the chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification, has entered the chat. In an opinion piece published in the Indian Express on Wednesday, he essentially argued that online content creators need to toe the line, inserting himself and the censor board into the online content regulation debate. “Some will misconstrue and say that I am hinting at some sort of policing,” Joshi wrote. “Please do not be misled or trivialise what I am honestly putting up for a rational and civil...
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America’s public bathrooms

Outdoor seating at restaurants and bars used to be a treat. Now, eating and drinking outside is just about the only way to stay (relatively) safe. There’s just one major problem: Restaurant and bar bathrooms are all still inside. Restaurants and bars across the United States have moved dining tables to the streets and parking lots. Cocktails and beer are now sold to-go, and sipping your drink while walking is about as common for some as bellying up to the bar once was. But stay outside long e...
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Chesapeake Energy (CHK) Files for Bankruptcy: Shale-Gas News - Bloomberg

Chesapeake Energy (CHK) Files for Bankruptcy: Shale-Gas News - Bloomberg:Chesapeake Energy Corp., the archetype for America’s extraordinary shale-gas fortunes, filed for bankruptcy, becoming one of the biggest victims of a spectacular collapse in energy demand from the virus-induced global lockdown.The Oklahoma City-based company filed for Chapter 11 protection from creditors in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of Texas on Sunday, listing assets and liabilities in the range of $10 ...
Tags: Travel, America, Oklahoma City, U S Bankruptcy Court, Chesapeake, Chesapeake Energy Corp, Rupert Neil Bumfrey, Southern District of Texas, Doug Lawler, Chesapeake Energy CHK, Shale Gas News Bloomberg

Stop calling durian stinky

The first time I tried durian, I was 13, sitting in the back of my maternal grandfather’s van as we drove around Manila. He had moved there with his wife, a Filipina woman, and their young son, and this was my second time visiting. Someone might have vaguely mentioned the smell of durian might be off-putting, but what I recall the most is hearing that durian is the most delicious fruit in the world — that what I was about to taste would change my life forever. So when a relative handed me spl...
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BIPOC summer camps

Most summers, millions of US children head off to spend a week, a month, or the whole summer attending camp, where they’ll enjoy the restorative power of nature, learn new skills, strengthen friendships, and hopefully build upon a lifelong relationship with the outdoors. The problem is, these camps are not representative of the country as a whole. “Only about four percent of campers in America identify as Black or African-American, even though we make up 13 to 14 percent of the population,” ...
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NY, NJ, CT visitor quarantine

Although US travelers are eyeing Europe’s border reopenings, we should also be turning our attention inward as certain states begin restricting travel. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut just issued a joint travel advisory Wednesday that requires people visiting from states with high COVID-19 rates to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. The quarantine will apply to states with a transmission rate of over 10 per 100,000 people, or 10 percent of its whole population, on a seven-day average....
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Unpacking the nCino and GoHealth IPO filings

It’s IPO season in the United States, despite market volatility in recent months and historical blockers like an impending election. Given the public market’s return to form since March lows — paticularly the outperformance of the Nasdaq index and other tech shares — some venture-backed companies are trying to get out while the new offerings are welcome. The Exchange is a daily look at startups and the private markets for Extra Crunch subscribers; use code EXCHANGE to get full access and take 2...
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Enjoy the water in Fort Lauderdale

6 awesome ways to enjoy the water in and around Fort Lauderdale, FL By: Alona Martinez Photo: Matador Network R esidents of Greater Fort Lauderdale have earned the right to the hashtag #ilivewhereyouvacation. After all, their zip codes belong to a lush, sunny city with beaches straight out of a postcard. This is where the Atlantic turns turquoise, like a neon highlighter run wild along the golden sands of the Florida coast. But take a look at any ...
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30 by 30 conservation initiative

Ask Senator Tom Udall about the state of conservation in America, and you’d better be prepared to hang around a while. The New Mexico Democrat is among the most active proponents of land conservation in the Senate and a continual voice for funding the Land and Water Conservation Act, including cosponsoring and voting in favor of the Great American Outdoors Act. But even after passing what many consider to be the biggest conservation bills in recent decades, Udall wants the movement to go deep...
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