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7 New Cuts to American Airlines Inflight Catering Including Pre-Bagged Bread and Fewer Champagne Glasses

When American Airlines management ran US Airways their ticker symbol was 'LCC' for low cost carrier. They briefly tried to charge for water. They always seem to be looking for an angle to shave cost. And there are a few new ones coming to inflight catering. Continue reading 7 New Cuts to American Airlines Inflight Catering Including Pre-Bagged Bread and Fewer Champagne Glasses...
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You Can Now Use American AAdvantage Miles on China Southern

American Airlines purchased a stake in China Southern. The Chinese carrier will be leaving SkyTeam this year. Several months ago they announced that frequent flyer benefits would be coming. Travel on China Southern now earns American AAdvantage redeemable miles (but  elite qualifying miles only in American Airlines codeshares) and AAdvantage miles can be used for award travel on China Southern. Continue reading You Can Now Use American AAdvantage Miles on China Southern...
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Washington DC USA A whiter shade of pale

Our American Airlines flight from Charlotte NC to Washington DC was scheduled to depart at 7.30 am. We were initially delayed because the cabin crew were still busy with an earlier flight they had done but we were assured their plane had landed and they w
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Report: Delta Doesn’t Want You to Watch CNN or Fox News in its Clubs

In January American Airlines made a move to reduce tensions in its lounges instructing staff to avoid national news channels on the televisions unless specifically requested. Now reportedly Delta SkyClubs are making a similar move. Continue reading Report: Delta Doesn’t Want You to Watch CNN or Fox News in its Clubs...
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American Airlines suspends Venezuela flightsAmerican Airlines suspends Venezuela flights

It was the only US carrier still serving the crisis-torn country
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A New Reason for American Not to Offer Predeparture Beverages

There are two things American Airlines believes affects premium passenger perception of service: flight attendants referring to them by name, and offering predeparture beverages. American Airlines flight attendants are inconsistent about offering beverages prior to push back. And there's no consequence if they don't. If they don't consider themselves to have time, they can skip it. One flight, though, finally had a good reason not to offer them -- and even to skip most inflight beverage servic...
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American stops flying to Venezuela

Amid the civil unrest taking place in Venezuela, American Airlines is joining other major US airlines in suspending service to the country. Normally, the airline flies twice daily between Caracas and Miami, and once between Maracaibo and Miami. The decision came after the Allied Pilots Association (APA), a union group for American Airlines Pilots, began urging its pilots to refuse trips to the country following a travel advisory issued by the US State Department. The advisory warned of “viole...
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American Airlines Pilots Union Telling Members to Refuse Trips to Venezuela

American Airlines is the sole remaining US carrier serving Venezuela and there are few other airlines flying in and out of the country as well. As the nation has fallen apart, with mass shortages, rampant crime, and inflation over 5000%, American Airlines had found their Venezuela routes extremely profitable -- because there was so little air service left. With flight crews getting robbed by bandits airlines fly crews out of the country rather than overnighting, and try to refuel elsewhere as...
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5 Things American Airlines Shared With Employees This Week About Their Product

American Airlines hosts a ‘state of the airline’ event for employees after its earnings calls. There senior management shares their vision for the company and employees can ask questions. In addition to those questions that are asked live, there are followup questions that get asked – and answered – in writing. The airline has shared written responses to several employee questions, and some of those were interesting (to me). Continue reading ...
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American Airlines Strands 16 Woman Bachelorette Party When Bride’s Mother Appears Drunk

Sixteen women headed out Thursday on American Airlines from Sacramento to a bachelorette party in Cabo San Lucas while first connecting in Phoenix. As they were about to board their connecting flight they were stopped — the bride‘s mother appeared to be intoxicated. Her daughter excuses it because she was nervous flying for the first time “in over 20 years” which is why she “had a few alcoholic drinks before their first flight.” Continue reading American Airlines Strands 16 Woman Bachelorette Pa...
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American Airlines Cancels Plans for the Worst Flight in the World

In November American Airlines rolled out a schedule change -- a plan to fly their Boeing 737 MAX to Brazil and to Bolivia swapping out Boeing 757s with lie flat business class for their new, least comfortable domestic aircraft. This was supposed to start in May. Continue reading American Airlines Cancels Plans for the Worst Flight in the World...
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American Airlines Pilots Back the 737 MAX, as Black Boxes Get Analyzed We’ll Know More

I would love it if it were more possible to follow the facts and not the mob. We don’t yet know where the facts on the Ethiopian Airlines disaster will lead. American Airlines pilots have come out in support of the 737 MAX. Contrary to the Chinese regulator's lack of confidence in their pilots flying aircraft manually, they remain confident in their ability to operate the MAX, the performance of their planes has been exemplary, and their planes have a difference that they highlight from other...
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The Lengths American Airlines Will Go to Cram More Seats Into a Plane

Apparently American Airlines is performing an evacuation test on their Airbus A321neo, which is required before they're certified to fly it in revenue operations. There's controversy over whether today's more densely packed planes -- more seats, closer together, with higher load factors -- can be evacuated that quickly under real world conditions, but I've argued that misses the point. Evacuation standards need to be so stringent in order to account for the delays that happen when frightened pa...
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American Airlines Flight Attendants Union Telling Crew They Don’t Have to Work the 737 MAX

American Airlines has 24 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft in service. Plenty of customers are expressing concern over the aircraft after the Lion Air incident in October was followed by yesterday's tragic crash of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX. China and Indonesia have grounded the jet. Many airlines operating the plane, including Southwest and American, have expressed support for the aircraft's safety. And it's too early to know just what happened in yesterday's occurrence. We'll know more soon, es...
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The Boeing 737 Max plane, which has been involved in 2 deadly crashes in 5 months, is used by American Airlines, Southwest, and United. Here's how to find out if you're flying on one. (BA, AAL, UAL, LUV)

Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 crash shortly after taking off from Addis Ababa Bole International Airport on Sunday. The crashed killed all 157 passengers and crew on board the four-month-old plane.  Aviation regulators in China, Indonesia, and Ethiopia grounded all of their Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. US airlines such as Southwest, American, and United have all told Business Insider that they stand by the safety and airworthiness of the Boeing jet. Here's how to find out if you're going to be f...
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List of 40 Airlines Flying with Boeing 737 Max 8

Last Sunday, an Ethiopian Airlines passenger jet crashed minutes after take-off killing all 157 people on board and it was the Boing 737 Max 8. This is the exact same model of the tragic crash of Lion Air Flight JT610 which killed all 189 people on board last October. Two airlines accidents involving the same plane model prompt China to suspend all flights with Boeing 737 Max 8. ( = || []).push({}); We never flew with Boeing 737 Max 8 but on...
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American Airlines Cuts Even Deeper at New York JFK This Summer

The summer schedule is what's supposed to be the most dense, for the most profitable flying. And though there aren't new destinations being cut American is retreating from places like San Diego, like Seattle, and even Raleigh which was once an American hub but is now a Delta focus city. American Airlines doesn't have the assets in New York that United has at Newark or Delta has between JFK and LaGuardia. Current management sold their privileged position at LaGuardia to Delta while still runnin...
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American’s Chicken Salad Lunch: New Worst Airline Meal Ever?

If you choose the salad, here's a sample of the chicken as seen on American Airlines flight AA644, the 1 p.m. departure from Charlotte to Austin on Friday. Perhaps this is the reason airline President Robert Isom says their caterers have "gotten a little bit lazy in terms of what they can provide us." Unfortunately it doesn't seem he's done enough about it. Continue reading American’s Chicken Salad Lunch: New Worst Airline Meal Ever?...
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Some of American’s 14 Grounded Boeing 737s are Expected to Be Out for Two Weeks

American Airlines grounded 14 Boeing 737-800s. These are planes that have undergone the 'Oasis' modification - to replace interiors with more seats; less comfortable seats; less distance between seats; less recline; no seat back video; and smaller lavatories plus bigger overhead bins. All of the planes were modified by the same vendor, Aviation Technical Services. There were several problems identified with some aircraft including the way that overhead bins attached to the aircraft, and how ...
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Are American Airlines Credit Cards Still Worthwhile With The New Changes?

Last week Lucky from One Mile at a Time wrote that only "One American Airlines Credit Card [is] Still Worth It" and that's the Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard®. He was talking about worth it for American Airlines elite frequent flyers, but even there I'm going to have to differ. What it comes down to for understanding the value of any rewards credit card, including the portfolio of American AAdvantage cards, is just what kinds of things those cards can do for you. That wi...
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Flight Attendant Puts Coffee Grounds Above Passenger’s Head to Mask the Smell of Chick-fil-A

A reader brought a bag of Chick-fil-A on board with him ("12 grilled nuggets w/ buffalo sauce, 2 grilled chicken deluxe sandwiches no bun"). He admitted that it smelled quite a bit in the small first class cabin of an American Airlines Bombardier CRJ-700 regional jet operated by SkyWest. He finished eating, a flight attendant picked up his trash, and "moments later without making eye contact crushed up a bag of coffee grounds, opened the overhead bin, and placed the bag directly over my head in...
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What American is Discovering About their Grounded 737s as More Aircraft Turn Up with Problems

Yesterday American Airlines grounded 14 Boeing 737-800s. These are planes that have undergone the 'Oasis' modification - to replace interiors with more seats; less comfortable seats; less distance between seats; less recline; no seat back video; and smaller lavatories plus bigger overhead bins. I'm now learning more about issues with the aircraft being inspected. Continue reading What American is Discovering About their Grounded 737s as More Aircraft Turn Up with Problems...
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There May Be More Wrong With Those Grounded American Airlines Boeing 737s than Just Overhead Bins

When I asked American Airlines whether "there['s] any work besides overhead bins being done," specifically mentioning wiring, I was told "Our team is conducting a full inspection of these 14 aircraft." While they're not confirming specifics, they're also not claiming the issues are limited to overhead bins. Continue reading There May Be More Wrong With Those Grounded American Airlines Boeing 737s than Just Overhead Bins...
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Airport Fight — This Time It’s Employees Throwing Down

In this crazy video two employees are fighting. We don't know when the video was taken, although it was posted to Facebook yesterday. It's happening in the Caribbean -- I think St. Croix, though I haven't been since a US Airways mistake fare brought me in 2007 -- and one of the employees is wearing an American Airlines vest. We can only speculate what started the fight -- but usually it's passengers that are melting down. Right now though flight attendants (who are just entering contract nego...
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What American Tells Its Employees About Losing Money Flying Planes, Only Profit From Sale of Miles

American Airlines seemingly spends an awful lot of time talking to employees about my blog posts whether it's Vasu Raja responding to what I write about New York JFK or Doug Parker getting defensive about the 737 MAX. The airline is clear in its financials though that they lose money flying planes and all their profit is accounted for by the sale of frequent flyer miles. American is telling their employees not to worry though despite the way "some online commenters have tried to oversimplify" t...
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Hyatt and American Airlines Announce Partnership With Their Frequent Travel Loyalty Programs

If World of Hyatt and AAdvantage are your favorite frequent travel loyalty programs, you are in luck: you will have more ways to earn miles, points and elite level status when you fly as a passenger with American Airlines or stay as a guest at hotel and resort properties within the global brand portfolio of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, as the two companies announced a joint partnership earlier today which is expected to launch... The post Hyatt and American Airlines Announce Partnership With Their ...
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Travel News: March 6, 2019

Hyatt and American Airlines partner to award bonus points Travel Weekly Hyatt and American Airlines are teaming up to offer expanded partnership benefits across their World of Hyatt and AAdvantage loyalty programs. Under the new collaboration, World of Hyatt members at the Discoverist, Explorist and Globalist levels will be able to earn one World of Hyatt bonus point for every eligible dollar spent on qualifying American flights, while AAdvantage Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro, Executive Platinum...
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Eat at Home Like You’re Traveling With American Airlines and Amex Ending a Benefit

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Eat at Home Like You’re Traveling With American Airlines and Amex Ending a Benefit...
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Financial Analyst Asks American’s CEO: Maybe Your Revenue Lags Because Your Product is Poor?

At the JP Morgan Aviation, Transportation, & Industrials Conference today JP Morgan’s Jamie Baker asked American Airlines CEO Doug Parker about the airline’s poor revenue performance compared to United and Delta. He noted that Parker had promised that the airline’s new aircraft would help the carrier’s bottom line. In general newer aircraft are more fuel efficient and have lower maintenance costs, that’s good on the cost side, but these new planes were supposed to be more attractive to customers...
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American Will No Longer Let Customers ‘Buy Up’ From Basic Economy

When American Airlines introduced Basic Economy fares -- new restrictions on the cheapest tickets that prevented customers from upgrading, making itinerary changes, or even getting a seat assignment at booking -- they offered the ability to 'buy up' to the regular economy fare. That way if someone realized they had purchased such a restrictive fare in error, they still had a do-over possibility by giving the airline more money. Continue reading American Will No Longer Let Customers ‘Buy Up’ From...
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