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Luxury Wildlife Holiday Ideas for 2019

When it comes to wildlife holidays, they need not be devoid of luxury and comfort. Thanks to well-planned and designed itineraries, one can enjoy luxury wildlife safaris at their favorite destination. Holidays focused on wildlife are fast increasing in popularity, and today, there are so many fabulous locations to pick from. Nothing can be more thrilling and exciting to see your favorite animals in their natural habitat. It can be a breathtaking moment and life-changing experience when you spot ...
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The best LGBTQ travel companies

As a queer traveler, planning a vacation that will be equal parts captivating and safe can prove to be incredibly difficult. And, while it may have seemed like a far-off dream just a few decades ago, there are now, with just the click of a button, a plethora of LGBTQ travel companies offering an endless array of pre-planned trips and tailormade adventures for every traveler in the rainbow. Whether you’re looking for a chance to meet fellow queer nomads or just desire a luxurious, exhilaratin...
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Equipped for adventure: Conrad Anker

Lifestyle 5 ways to stay physically equipped for adventure Kitt Doucette Mar 30, 2019 ...
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Ice climbing with Conrad Anker

Conrad Anker first picked up an ice axe in 1982. He’s been climbing on ice ever since. “When I’m at home in Montana,” Anker says, “I absolutely live for ice climbing.” With the world-class Hyalite Canyon just a few minutes outside his hometown of Bozeman, Anker spends a lot of time every winter doing just that. He’s established dozens of routes in the canyon and uses the frozen waterfalls and overhanging rock walls of Hyalite as his exercise gym, gear lab, and training ground before heading t...
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Flat Earth Cruise will sail

As mind-boggling as it sounds, there are people out there who think the earth is flat. They are convinced that the planet is not a globe, but a disk, with an edge that is an ice wall. This ice wall is supposed to be Antarctica and what lies beyond it is apparently a great mystery that flat-earthers cannot wait to decipher. To prove this theory, the Flat Earth International Conference is organizing a Flat Earth Cruise to the “edge of the world,” i.e. the seventh continent, in 2020. Very few d...
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What’s Still On My Own Travel Bucket List

People ask me a lot of questions about travel which is fine, that’s my job. However, many of the questions are somewhat repetitive. Strike that, most of them are repetitive. I don’t mind though, most folks are curious about the same things hence the friendly interrogations. I thought I’d take just one of those queries though and expand it into a post all about my bucket list. For a long time I hated the term bucket list. I thought it was too self-limiting since, at least in theory, I want to go...
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Spring Forward : Notes from Right Now

My excellent friend Knox, a guy not known for his restraint, ordered way to many bulbs for his garden and gave the excess to me. I planted about half of them before our ridiculous second snow arrived. Yesterday, when I went to take the dog out, I noticed my lawn was dotted with bright yellow crocuses, like little golden suns. There should be more of them, but the squirrels must have their share. Daily, I would tuck them back in the ground, daily, I would find them slightly chewed on and rejecte...
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ETW #6 Cruise Vacations: Everything You Need to Know

Cruise travel is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry, but not every cruise is made the same. Choosing the right one for you can be a challenge, and in this podcast Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor-At-Large of Cruise Critic joins us to share her best tips, recommendations and the latest innovations in the cruise industry. You can listen to the podcast here on this page or on any of these services: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher Carolyn Spencer Brown is editor-at-l...
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Financial Case Study: Hannah and Chad, Wall Street Minimalist

This post Financial Case Study: Hannah and Chad, Wall Street Minimalist appeared first on The Professional Hobo. Hannah and Chad Janis quit their finance jobs in NYC after earning more than two million credit card points in the course of one year. They booked round-the-world business class tickets for nearly free and they help others book free flights by sharing their travel hacks and secrets via their website Wall Street Minimalist ,   Instagram account, and YouTube channel. Their story ha...
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How to join the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program for free

Last week when I was helping my friend sign-up to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program I realised something that I had totally forgotten: they charge a joining fee. Forget paying that fee, there are numerous ways to join the Qantas Frequent Flyer program for free in 2019. That’s right zero, nada, zilch. Why join the Qantas Frequent Flyer program? Here are just three reasons I recommend you sign-up: Collect Qantas Points: you have to join to collect these babies, and there are some great re...
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Travel: The Virgin Islands offer beautiful beaches and relaxed times

Months before hurricanes Maria and Irma hit the Caribbean in fall 2017, I booked a trip to explore the Virgin Islands by yacht. I knew little about the islands, other than they must be relatively untouched as their name suggested. After Maria and Irma passed, damage to Puerto Rico dominated the headlines. I began to wonder, and worry, that the Virgin Islands just east may have been similarly destroyed. I didn’t plan to cancel my trip. It was canceled for me. Cow Wreck Beach in Anegada is a w...
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Everest climbers carry own waste

It’s difficult to comprehend that the outdoors experts who climb or attempt to climb Mount Everest are also responsible for trashing the place with litter and poop. According to a report by The Washington Post in 2015, sherpas remove around 26,000 pounds of human excrement from Everest each season. A BBC report drawn from a statement by the Tibetan authorities supports these findings, revealing that three clean-up operations last spring resulted in the collection of eight tons of waste, inclu...
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Where is the Eurasian pole

It turns out that the “middle of nowhere” is actually somewhere very specific. Located in the corner of China that is bordered by Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Russia, the Eurasian pole of inaccessibility redefines the benchmark for “remote.” The farthest point from any sea or ocean on the planet has always been on the bucket list of geography nerds and explorers, and as the name suggests, reaching it is an adventure not without obstacles. What is a pole of inaccessibility? The poles of inacce...
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The 4 Best Ways to Visit the Panama Canal

As our Uber pulled into the Mira Flores Visitor Center at the Panama Canal, I suddenly had a memory race through my mind. I was transported back to being 13 years old again traveling with my parents for spring break in Florida. We always went to the same little place near Sarasota for the week. But somehow this year I convinced my parents to stop at Disney World on the way home, even though it was out of the way. I knew my Dad had no real interest in Disney World and the never-ending lines. In f...
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7 Best Cycling Trips and Trails around the World

Cycling is traveling at your own pace, where you can take in the scenery without reducing it to a blur. And while it looks like a solitary activity, you can always opt for company like your family to share the view and the experience of biking tours. Where do you want to go for your next cycling adventure? The world is one huge meandering, challenging, and exciting path where the cycling pros and enthusiasts ride. Take your trusty bike with you, and explore the best trails and tracks around the ...
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Destination: Antartica

Why? I want to bring you on a journey with me.  It has been 20 plus years in the making.   While I was attending Rigby High School in rural Idaho, I set a goal to travel to all 7 continents.  Growing up in a single-wide trailer and a son of a single mother, this was a very audacious goal.  In 10 short months I will take the last step in tackling this ambitious goal.  Cue the stirring music. I am sharing my experience, not to boast, or draw attention to myself (This is Mike by the way…). ...
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Humpback whale washed ashore

On Friday, marine biologists from the Bicho D’Água conservation group in Brazil discovered a young humpback whale washed ashore on a remote, forested island on the Amazon River. It wasn’t lying on the riverbank though, as might be expected, but lodged in the thick shrubs and brush about 50 feet from the shore — and during a time of year when most humpbacks have already migrated to Antarctica. The whale was about 26 feet long, and had been dead for more than several days. ...
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Tuesday Wednesday 1920 February DAY 1819 KING GEORGE ISLAND ANTARCTICA RETURN TO SOUTH AMERICA OVERNIGHT x 3 in PUNTA ARENAS This morning we said our goodbye to our expedition team and transfer ashore by Zodiaceventual
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Day 1213 1314 February Active Sound in Antarctic Sound Brown's Bluff

Wednesday Monday 1318 February DAYS 12 17 SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS AND ANTARCTICA PENINSULAThis Blog Day 1213 1314 February Around 60 miles off the coast of the Antarctic mainland we found the South Shetland Island chain.
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Sunday Tuesday 1012 February DAYS 911 AT SEA TOWARDS ANTARCTICA

Sunday Tuesday 1012 February DAYS 911 AT SEA TOWARDS ANTARCTICA Weather and ice dictated our crossing of the Scotia Sea from South Georgia to Antarctica. As with all of One Oceans itinerary planning the Expedition Leader and
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Travel: Antarctica will turn your perceptions of life upside down

In icy, dicey bottom-of-the-world Antarctica, I melt when a fuzzy penguin chick hatches from a cracked egg underneath its feathered mother on a windswept pebbly beach. Over on another snowy isle, I listen to a smiling cat-faced Weddell seal magnificently sing, its melodic trills breaking the primal silence. And now, our suddenly-very-small-seeming 10-person raft is surrounded by eight diving, pirouetting, humongous humpbacks, including one that glides so head-on close our inflatable Zodiac quick...
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How to Spend a Day at the End of the World in Punta Arenas, Chile

Chances are high if you’re planning a visit to Patagonia that you’ll fly from Santiago into Punta Arenas, Chile – a seaside city known as the “end of the world.” It certainly has that sense about it. It’s both bigger, windier and more colourful than I imagined it to be with an overriding sense of loneliness about it, largely because I hardly saw a soul, except on the boardwalk late in the afternoon. Despite its location near the tip of South America, it’s still another 2,000 kilometres from Anta...
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Ushuaia "El Fin del Mundo" Last Stop Before Antarctica

Ushuaia pronounced ooswyya...H is silent in Spanish is the most southern city in the world. Met fellow shipmate Blue 27 year old Brit at the BA Jorge Newberry Airport and we went thru security together as we were on the same plane. We flew to Ushuai
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Veni Vidi Bibi Vinum

After a fullon couple of weeks our first day back in Santiago was a restday and for me a chance to catch up on the blogs. I edited and posted all of the Antarctica and Falklands blogs during the day but generally just stayed in the hotel room and too
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Celebrating Chinese New Year in Argentina 9 Years Ago

Chinese New Year is a very important celebration for Chinese all around the world. During Chinese New Year’s eve, we had reunion dinner which means families get together for a dinner together. For some families, they work far from home and they take this opportunity to come back home to sit down for a reunion dinner with their families. However, how does it feel when you are not at home for Chinese New Year celebration? Well I had the opportunity to celebrate Chinese New Year in Argentina 9...
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The Holy Mountain

After an amazing first day in Antarctica on Friday I was looking forward to another such day on Saturday. As we had been unable to change locations overnight because of the campers the first excursion was a little bit later. I used the extra time to go a
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Coolest lighthouses in the world

Lighthouses were once an integral part of any coastal seafaring culture. Their purpose wasn’t to look pretty but to give ships a point of reference in dark or bad weather. Their operators were akin to air traffic controllers, responsible for marking dangerous reefs, rocks, and coastlines, so ships could reach their destinations safely. Now, due to the advent of modern technology, lighthouse keepers have been largely replaced by electronic navigational systems; the lighthouses themselves, howe...
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Polar Vortex: What You Need to Know

Read the full article on at - Polar Vortex: What You Need to Know It’s now warmer in the outer edge of Antarctica right now than Chicago. Blame something called the “polar vortex,” which is directly impacting travel for thousands of Americans. So what exactly is a polar vortex? A polar vortex by definition is a large mass of rotating air that is located in the upper-middle atmospheric layers... The post Polar Vortex: What You Need to Know appeared first on Peter Greenberg Trav...
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Inside the “Super Bowl of the Travel Industry” the New York Times Travel Show

It’s January in New York City, where more than 30,000 people brave the cold and the Midtown Manhattan madness to attend the Super Bowl of travel trade shows in North America – the New York Times Travel Show. The trade show floor is an ocean of tourism bureaus and travel companies with burgeoning bounties of brochures and business cards meant to inspire the starry-eyed instagram influencers and to entice enterprising travel agents to choose their place or way of travel. It’s an epic (if overwhel...
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Polar vortex brings freezing temps

We’ve reached that stage of winter when there’s so much snow and the temperatures are so low that it’s pretty difficult to remember what summer felt like. The United States is in the midst of a polar vortex — a weather system bringing bone-chilling temperatures to many parts of the country. In much of the Midwest, particularly Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin, subzero temperatures have forced hundreds of school closures, and caused governors to declare emergencies. The high temperature in De...
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