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The lies – that underpin the “pandemic” crimes against humanity

I’ve covered the models elsewhere, but noting this info here in case I lose track of it later: On 16 March 2020, Australia claimed that 150,000 would die from covid.
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My note re: the criminal totalitarian Big Tech that are intent on destroying all semblance of liberty

THIS: text I’ve not been putting out my normal posts on criminal totalitarian Facebook for many months now – but this post by Naomi Wolf (who is a leftist who believes in liberty – a strange combination, I find) is worth sharing since it discusses the issue I’ve been fighting against. I’ve been literally butchered […]
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Further ban by Twitter – a record

Noting: My appeal: “I have cited a government document so what exactly is misleading about my comment? Particularly about rolling out vaccines to children who are at no risk.” Acknowledgement of my appeal: some time later On second thought I just removed the tweet – none of my appeals with any of these Big Tech […]
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Prof Ted Steele points out serious flaws in Peter Doherty’s advocacy of the vaccine

I’m sharing an EXTRACT from Prof. Ted Steele’s widely shared critique of Peter Doherty’s article. This is vitally important. Doherty’s response: TED’s EMAIL’S TITLE: I strongly disagree with your vaccine advocacy Dear Peter: So there can be no misunderstanding in what I now say and analyse,  I attach a scan of your article which appeared […]
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The devious ways by which Scott Morrison is trying to make the covid vaccine mandatory

Read my book and ICC complaint about the statements made by Morrison and Andrews regarding MADNATORY vaccines. Also by Greg Hunt (plan to roll out vaccine to “all” Australians).   #LockdownCrimesAgainstHumanity Morrison said these will be as mandatory as possible and the 4 Feb 2021 guidelines clearly say that vaccines "might [read: WILL] become a […]
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FDA and WHO both agree now (after it was clear to everyone for a year) that PCR tests are defective

FDA Admits PCR Tests Give False Results, Prepares Ground For Biden To “Crush” Casedemic WHO Information Notice for IVD Users 2020/05
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China’s fake videos and bullying to get the West to impose lockdowns #GreatCrime2020

A placeholder post. But the best will be to go through the tweets I’ve tagged with #GreatCrime2020 This is a compilation of some of the fake videos (there were around 20-30 of them) pumped out by China during January-March 2020. Coronavirus: Inside the pro-China network targeting the US, Hong Kong and an exiled tycoon […]
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Notes on the anti-liberty farmers agitation led by the communists and Congress

I’ll be writing a number of pieces on this issue in the coming weeks. This a placeholder post where I’ll dump material that is related to the issue. I may or may not get time to read this/ watch the videos listed below. I saw this video yesterday. Shocked that hardcore communist Kavitha Kuruganti – […]
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My critique of Christopher Snowdon’s deplorable article in The Quillette

The article. My critique: This is a piece clearly from someone who has worked from home and enjoyed the lockdowns. This was a big test of science and philosophy and we have failed on both counts. a) The science was very clear: there shall be no lockdowns for flu-like viruses. The last they were tried […]
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The Great Invention of 2020: LOCKDOWNS, 7-22 January 2020 by medical genius Xi Jinping

Lockdowns and quarantines for a flu-like virus are the personal invention of China’s President Xi Jinping, being unheard of before Wuhan. Never before had lockdowns been recommended or implemented for a respiratory flu-like virus (or even for any other virus – only for Ebola these had been attempted once, but found ineffective). The great genius Xi […]
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One of biggest fergusons of all time: Fauci

A placeholder post, as usual. Came across a video interview of @JamesGRickards – now following him. He nailed it perfectly. The deadly mistake by @realDonaldTrump of hiring people like Fauci, which cost him and the USA dearly. & the elites who didn't lose a thing from the lockdowns. — Sanjeev Sabhlok, Pope @Church of […]
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The finger of suspicion for SUBVERTING THE SCIENCE points to Bruce Aylward. And Tom Frieden.

Unfortunately, there’s so much to discover about the wheels within wheels. I thought Tedros Ghebreyesus was the main culprit in distorting WHO’s former advice against lockdowns, quarantines and mass testing for flu-like virus. But it is most likely the Canadian Bruce Aylward. . Not just consensus. There was a prohibition even against quarantines for a […]
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The finger of suspicion for SUBVERTING THE SCIENCE points to Bruce Aylward

Unfortunately, there’s so much to discover about the wheels within wheels. I thought Tedros Ghebreyesus was the main culprit in distorting WHO’s former advice against lockdowns, quarantines and mass testing for flu-like virus. But it is most likely the Canadian Bruce Aylward. . Not just consensus. There was a prohibition even against quarantines for a […]
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My email re: Countering government propaganda re: the covid vaccine

I’ve sent this email out a moment ago. Please share if it makes sense. === I’m no anti-vaxxer – quite the contrary, I’m a great supporter of vaccines. But everything must be risk-based and every person must have full information before they decide to get the covid vaccine. Unfortunately, governments, including the Trump administration are intent on […]
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Bill Gates watch

I first expressed concerns about Bill Gates’s approach in 2013. Next earlier this year. I’m getting increasingly concerned about Bill Gates. This video is an indication of a fundamental moral problem with Bill Gates: Here’s a link to the Indian parliamentary report cited in this video: Link 1 | Link 2   (ALLEGED IRREGULARITIES IN THE […]
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Stories by Indians of their plight – separated from their family for nine months by Scott Morrison

This is a follow-up of my previous post. And remember – all this is for a PANDEMIC THAT DOES NOT EXIST. And in breach of all the laws of Australia (see my ICC complaint against Scott Morrison) Further, a comment on Facebook:   Surely this is a breach of Article 9 of the International Rights of […]
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COVID-19 deaths are counted DIFFERENTLY to deaths from other causes: THIS IS A SERIOUS MISDEMENOUR.

Even while writing the ICC complaint I wasn’t aware of this fact – that on 24 March 2020 CDC changed the method for counting deaths ONLY from covid. All other deaths are counted using the old (2003) method. THIS PANDEMIC IS TURNING OUT BE A SINISTER AND CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. SMELL SOMETHING FISHY? CDC has CHANGED […]
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The failed “disciplines” of epidemiology and virology with bogus models and bogus PCR tests

I aim to write a full section/ chapter on this issue for my supplementary submission to the ICC – or maybe just a paper for my personal knowledge. Epidemiology is turning out to be far, far worse than I had thought. I’ve written a lot about it on my TOI blog, in the book The […]
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A Portuguese court’s ruling against improper use of PCR tests

This extract is important. I’ll link it back to my main placeholder post on the tests (this one). ==SOURCE: LOCKDOWN SCEPTICS== In a recent decision, dated November 11, 2020, a Portuguese appeal court ruled against the Azores Regional Health Authority concerning a lower court decision to declare unlawful the quarantining of four persons. Of these, […]
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I’ve just discovered a vital piece of evidence of CRIMINAL INTENTION: that Daniel Andrews has been paying TAXPAYER MONEY to a company that SPECIALISES IN MANIPULATING PUBLIC OPINION. A company more evil can barely be imagined. Its website says it all. The Orwellian slogans that I’ve been commenting about for months are not a myth. […]
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Have Scott Morrison and Daniel Andrews (or their parties) been PAID BY VACCINE COMPANIES?

Somehow nothing is fitting together. The data are clear, the law is clear, For six weeks I’ve been shouting at the top of my voice that these policies are wrong in every way, and YET pollies from both sides of politics are determined to run Australia and Victoria into the ground. Normally this can only […]
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Say NO to Digital Immunity Passports

MY POSITION IS CLEAR: NO. UNAMBIGIOUSLY NO. === FROM LINKEDIN Charles Radcliffe – Digital Immunity Passports from Leo Clifford on Vimeo. Digital Immunity Passports. How do you feel about them? Charles Radclyffe (Tedx speaker and Forbes contributor) goes into detail about the data/technology ethics and governance aspects you should consider. My questions and timestamps below: 1. […]
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Australia’s HOPELESSLY IGNORANT AND UNETHICAL “epidemiologists” – an illustration

Someone shared this 30 July 2020 piece with me – to show me the way Australian “epidemiologists” think. This is SO BAD I need to keep it for my future record – I might also reference in my ICC complaint.  I’m assuming others are also pretty similar – for that might explain the shonky actions […]
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No, Scott Morrison or Alan Tudge CAN’T FORCE Australians to take a COVID-19 vaccine in order to travel internationally

Daniel Andrews is living in a world of delusion. He said on 4 July 2020: At that point we will not be returning to normal because there will be no vaccine in the weeks ahead, some argue even in the months ahead. It is a long way off. And unless and until that vaccine is […]
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Taxpayer funded scare campaign by Daniel Andrews – ads and social media focused on creating panic

There have been many such ads and  videos – I’ve never bothered to click or watch any, but for my complaint to the ICC I need to assemble some of them. Please share any that you find. Every test helps us get closer to a new normal. Go to work safely. Get back to sport. […]
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Brett Sutton’s misdemeanours – the complete violation of the Hippocratic Oath

At one time I only thought that Sutton was incompetent, but as more evidence has come in, it is clear that he is a REPRESENTATION OF EVIL ON EARTH. His “memos” to justify emergency powers are AN ABSOLUTE SHOCKER – FULL OF LIES AND DECEPTION. And he is justifying a policy of “freezing society indefinitely […]
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A placeholder for the MORONIC and UNETHICAL arguments of Dan Andrews supporters

This is a placeholder post. Dan supporters are like trolls – they can’t argue anything – and so I’ve generally block them after giving most of them an opportunity to clarify their issue. But I’ve now decided to create this post in which I keep their arguments on record for posterity. – and for me […]
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The BIGGEST SCANDAL: Flu deaths being counted as covid deaths

This is getting ridiculous – the data fraud around us is beyond the criminal – this is pure evil. All normal methods have been abandoned, new “methods” designed to INFLATE covid numbers. This is now plain as day – that MANY elderly who died FROM the flu virus have been almost certainly classified as having […]
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Extract from an email that I’ve received about Grattan’s bad report

This extract is self-explanatory. ==EXTRACT== Seeing my fellow Victorians in collective delusion has been very upsetting. I am ‘on the left’ and often am scared to speak. The misuse of agent based modelling, throwing around terms like ‘the science says’ and backing it up with ‘this super computer has a fair bit of grunt’ has […]
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An email sent to Liam Mannix by a reader re: his CRAZY WRONG article, “lockdowns are a ‘no brainer'”

This article by Liam is as mad as any that you can get: Numbers show lockdowns are a ‘no brainer’. Letting people die isn’t Liam did not respond to a reader who sent him the following email: ====EMAIL SENT TO HIM BY A READER== Hi Liam I just finished reading your article Numbers show lockdowns are […]
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