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Notes on North Goa Beaches

Goa is the smallest state in India, with a coastline of approximately 160 kilometres facing the Arabian Sea. Despite its diminutive size its a bit of a pain to get around due to the roads and its geography. The state is comprised of two districts: North Goa, and South Goa. When people are planning a trip to Goa they are confronted with a decision of whether to stay in the north or south. I had this decision to make on my first trip to Goa. On that trip I was still undecided where to stay even ...
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Travel News: February 14, 2020

Italian Shipyard Delivers Virgin Voyages First Cruise Ship, Scarlet Lady Cruise Critic The Italian shipyard Fincantieri presented Scarlet Lady, the first of four planned cruise ships for Virgin Voyages, at a ceremony in Genoa today. The 2,770-passenger ship will then sail to Liverpool on the 24th where it will spend the night before beginning its transatlantic voyage to New York, where it will host a showcase event in mid-March. The ship will then head to Miami where it will be christen...
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Scraping National Air Quality Data

we live in Bengaluru/Bangalore. We as family suffer due to air quality. Given this concern, I wanted a data-set to analyze what has happened over the years and what to expect. I also wanted to compare the same with other cities. National Air Quality Index has this data. But it’s available only for major cities and even for cities like Bengaluru they have a very few stations. Bangalore has ten sensors across the city, which is not a lot. Any how this is the only official data-set available. But ...
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Notes on Bengaluru (The Garden City) – Old city mayhem, transport apps, and fancy airports

Bengaluru is the third largest city in India, located in the middle of the Deccan Plateau in South India. I was in Bengaluru on the way to somewhere else. I visited Bengaluru in 2007 during my first trip to India, so I would have preferred to visit a new city. 13 years between visits is long enough to warrant a revisit, so instead of flying straight through I made a stopover here. With a population of over 10 million people Bengaluru qualifies as a megacity, and that qualifies me to have anoth...
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MoEngage lands $25M for its mobile-first customer engagement platform

MoEngage, a San Francisco and Bangalore-based startup that helps firms better understand their customers and improve their engagement, has raised $25 million in a new financing round as it looks to grow its network in Asian markets. The new financing round, Series C, was led by . F-Prime Capital, Matrix Partners India, and Ventureast also participated in the round. The six-year-old startup, which is an Alchemist alum, has raised about $40 million to date. MoEngage offers a product that allow...
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A steady drip-feed has normalised hatred against Muslims in BJP-ruled Karnataka. Which is why Kannadigas are so apathetic to the Police claim that a poor, unlettered domestic help tutored a Class VI girl to wage war against the mighty Indian state.

As a pictorial representation of the perverse inhumanity that the “land of Buddha and Gandhi” has embraced as its key performance indicator since 2014, it is difficult to beat the two images that emerged out of Karnataka’s northern-most city, Bidar, in the week following the 70th year of the founding of the Republic. In the first picture (above), two boys, barely four feet tall, sit alternately crouching and cowering in fear before two XL policemen, one carrying a questionnaire, the other a cli...
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A Hindu bomber detonates the Mangalore ‘bomb’ in the face of Kannada news media. And a newspaper suggests mental tests and medical treatment for the ‘real terrorists’: embedded editors, owners and TV anchors.

Karnataka is the outlier in peninsular India—the only state in the South that the BJP has managed to come to power, by hook and by crook. Twice. There is a plethora of political reasons for this, including caste realignment, but there can be little doubt that the Kannada media has played a hands-on role in paving the way for the Hindu nationalist party to gain a foothold, and then obtain a stranglehold, in a progressive state known for pioneering social reforms. Politically invested media owners...
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How to Kill Innovation in India using Customs

I did my engineering from 1998 to 2012. It used to be very difficult to get the latest and greatest in the electronics world from the local market. My go-to way to get something interesting was to apply for freebies from companies in the USA, whether it was PICs from Microchip or the latest Linux CDs. I would apply and then wait. It would take time but it would arrive at home safely. I used to get frustrated by this waiting time. Sometime it would take up-to three months. Twenty years later ship...
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Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple

This amazingly beautiful 9th century Shiva temple located at the foothills of Nandi hills 60km from Bangalore city Karnataka. ltbr stylecolor 3e3e3e fontfamily 'Crimson Text' fontsize 18px textalign justify gtThis incredible Dravidian
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#NAMA: How proactive monitoring & removals impacts intermediaries; copyright and safe harbour, and whether we should classify intermediaries

If proactive monitoring and takedowns is going to be a rule, it’s undoubtedly going to increase costs for us, said Santosh Panda, CEO of Explara at MediaNama’s discussion on Intermediary Liability: The Way Forward in Bangalore in November 2019. “It will also reduce adoption since the onboarding process will become complex, since we wouldn’t able […] ...
Tags: Travel, News, Bangalore, Intermediary Liability, Safe Harbour, Medianama, Nama, Santosh Panda, Intermediary Guidelines Amendment 2018, NAMA Intermediary Liability - November 2019

#NAMA: How proactive monitoring & removals would impact intermediaries? Platforms, online harms, copyright, classification of intermediaries

If proactive monitoring and takedowns is going to be a rule, it’s undoubtedly going to increase costs for us, said Santosh Panda, CEO of Explara at MediaNama’s discussion on Intermediary Liability: The Way Forward in Bangalore in November 2019. “It will also reduce adoption since the onboarding process will become complex, since we wouldn’t able […] ...
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#NAMA: Why traceability, or some form of accountability, has become necessary

“Traceability is just about establishing who is availing using the service,” said Sameer Nigam, CEO of PhonePe at our discussion on Intermediary Liability in Bangalore on November 22, 2019. “Demanding traceability is not a way for the government to get a back door, companies have to be held accountable, the government has to have a […] ...
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At the latest science “circus”, Narendra Modi’s yoga consultant urges scientists to study the influence of “external forces” on man

The Nobel Prize-winning scientist of Indian origin Venkatraman Ramakrishnan rightly dubbed the Indian Science Congress a “circus” after he had to sit and watch an audience applaud Narendra Modi‘s mantra of five “E’s” in Mysore three years ago. Pseudo-science dressed up in ideology is in great demand at these gabfests of sycophancy, and at previous editions of the “circus”, all manner of claims have been made by jokers in all seriousness, and gone mostly unchallenged by the devout. # In 2014, Mod...
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Announcement: Discussions and workshop on India’s Data Protection Bill in Delhi and Bangalore

MediaNama invites you to apply to attend its discussions on India’s Data Protection Bill in Delhi (on the 9th of January 2020) and Bangalore (16th January 2020). These discussions will be held under Chatham House Rule (content may be reported on but speakers may not be attributed). In addition to the discussions, we’re also hosting […] ...
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Lucky Ali's Biography (The #in2020 Wishlist)

If there’s one thing that I could ask the Universe for #in2020, it would be the opportunity to get to write and direct a film (fiction / documentary / docufiction / any other genre) inspired by the life of Lucky Ali. His music, words, and life have been an inspiration since I’ve known what inspiration is. I have professed my love for him on this blog multiple times (Dec 2012, Aug 2006, Jun 2004). I infact learned how to use a computer while making a fan-website dedicated to him (I've long lost t...
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Save the date: #NAMA on India’s Data Protection Law in Delhi on Jan 9th, and in Bangalore on Jan 16th 2020 #ad

Save the date (and apply): MediaNama’s discussion on India’s Data Protection Law will be held on the 9th of January 2020 in Delhi, and on the 16th of January in Bangalore. The bill has been submitted to the select committee for review. Our coverage of the bill, for context, is here. We’ll announce the schedule […] ...
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The feeling of being listless

So I have been feeling listless in the last few days. Even before I went to Bangalore. And I don't know why. May be it is the new place that I have moved to. Or may be that I don't have an AC at my place and thus I have had inconsistent and fitful sleep. Or it could be that I don't have an office place anymore (the guys I was sharing an office with, they moved onto a new place and they no longer have a vacancy). Or may be I am stressed about something important to me - my work, relationships, mo...
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The Bangalore Diaries

Started writing this in Bangalore when I was there a few days ago. Edited and published it on 05 Dec 19, from Mumbai. So as I write this, I am at a Blue Tokai Coffee Shop at Indira Nagar, which to me will be among the top 5 places. Not Blue Tokai. I mean Blue Tokai is also nice. But Indira Nagar is dope. One of the top 5 localities to live in, in India.Indira Nagar has everything that you may want. Wide roads, lined with trees on both sides, a mix of international and local businesses, offering ...
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Reading List for our discussion on Intermediary Liability: The Way Forward; Nov 22, 2019, Bangalore #Ad

We’re looking forward to our round table discussion on intermediary liability in Bangalore, at Hilton EGL, on November 22, 2019. We are going to build on the discussion that we had in Delhi (read our coverage here) and will share an agenda soon. If you would like to attend the discussion, you can apply here: […] ...
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Walking in Cubbon Park

A public map at the Cubbon Park shows the that can be used to run or cycle. Its a good track to use on sundays as there is no traffic (allowed) inside Cubbon park on Sundays. But one can’t follow that track on weekdays as traffic inside Cubbon Park is high and its not a good idea to walk or run next to it. window.WPLeafletMapPlugin = window.WPLeafletMapPlugin || []; window.WPLeafletMapPlugin.push(function () { var baseUrl = 'https://{s}.tile.ope...
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ProjectOnHerOwn Story booths in Cubbon Park

When we started ProjectOnHerOwn, our intention was to reach as many people as possible. We knew we couldn’t just do online events. We needed offline (IRL) events. We had multiple options but we choose Cubbon Park because it was convenient, easy to get permission1 and people are friendly and approachable. That last point is important as most of us2 didn’t have any experience in doing such a public event. It also seemed fun to have phone booths in a park, that will tell you stories. I don’t rememb...
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Best places to travel in India

The monsoon season in India begins in early June, peaks in July, and comes to an end in September. Many coastal areas can be unpredictable, with torrential rains making sightseeing and leisurely activities essentially impossible. On some days, there’s only very little rain, particularly in parts of northern India, which generally means sweltering temperatures and humidity levels that are almost unbearable. There’s also an omnipresent risk of landslides — leading many travelers to skip the nor...
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7 key takeaways from the TRAI Open House in Delhi on OTT Regulation: “National Security should be embedded in everything”

The TRAI had a packed house at its discussion on regulation of OTT communications services yesterday in Delhi, and we have a live blog up here (our Bangalore live blog is here). My observations on the open-house in Delhi (note that the quotes are slightly paraphrased): 1. Numerical observations:... ...
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Aadhaar-based check-in using facial recognition is coming to Bangalore Airport this year

Bangalore’s Kempegowda International Airport will introduce check-ins through facial recognition technology as part of the Civil Aviation Ministry’s Digi Yatra initiative, reports Indian Express. To be implemented between in third quarter this year, passengers will need only a smartphone for... ...
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XPRIZE names two grand prize winners in $15 million Global Learning Challenge

XPRIZE, the non-profit organization developing and managing competitions to find solutions to social challenges, has named two grand prize winners in the Elon Musk-backed Global Learning XPRIZE . The companies, KitKit School out of South Korea and the U.S., and onebillion, operating in Kenya and the U.K., were announced at an awards ceremony hosted at the Google Spruce Goose Hangar in Playa Vista, Calif. XPRIZE set each of the competing teams the task of developing scalable services that...
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15 Kannada journalists have been arrested for forgery, blackmail, extortion in last 45 days. The tree is rotting from the top; there is an ethical vacuum. Kannadigas should be concerned about the news they are consuming.

As a Kannadiga who has been an English journalist all his life, it is deeply depressing and distressing to watch the current plight of Kannada journalism, both print and electronic. On the one hand, there is a burgeoning intellectual vacuum in newsrooms. Gone are the brains who shaped the minds of readers and leaders with balance, nuance and substance. In its place is loud, comic-book froth and frivolity in the name of the “market”. And, on the other hand, individual and i...
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In Gauri Lankesh’s home-state, a frighteningly real story of ‘fake news’, with the clumsy footprints of BJP and RSS—and embedded ‘sangh’ journalists and newspapers. (And, yes, a serial fabricator followed by Narendra Modi.)

*** A leading Kannada newspaper owned by a former three-term BJP MP and a serial fake news peddler followed by Narendra Modi on Twitter, have been embroiled in a forged letter scandal, following the arrest of a “journalist” owing allegiance to the RSS. # The newspaper is Vijaya Vani owned by former Dharwad (North) MP Vijay Sankeshwar. # The fake news peddler is Mahesh Vikram Hegde, the so-called editor of the fake news website Post Card News, which has links with at least two BJP ...
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LIVE: TRAI Open House discussion on OTT Regulation

TRAI is conducting an open house discussion on “Regulatory Framework for OTT Services” in Bangalore today. The objective of the consultation is to look into services that they are considering as being possibly ‘similar’ to those provided by telecom service providers. The... ...
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Bengaluru Karaga – 2019

Bengaluru City Karaga is probably one of the oldest festivals celebrated in the heart of the Bengaluru. It’s celebrated in the Bengaluru Kote and Market area by a community called ‘Vahnikula Kshatriyas Thigala’. Similar Karaga and Pallakki (Oora Habba) happen in villages and towns in and around Bengaluru. I have seen Karaga in Anekal, Hebbagodi and Muthanalluru etc but this is my first time in Bengaluru. We left home early (around 12 middle of the night) and reached KG Road – Mysore Bank Ci...
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