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Prediksi Barcelona Vs Manchester United: Setan Merah Berharap Deja Vu

Pada leg pertama Old Trafford Barcelona menang 1-0 lewat bunuh diri Luke Shaw menit 12. Barcelona menjamu Manchester United di Camp Nou pada leg kedua babak perempat final Liga Champions musim 2018-2019. United percaya peluang untuk comeback selalu ada tapi Barcelona tak ingin itu terjadi dan mereka siap menuntaskan pekerjaan mereka.Shaw sendiri terkena kartu kuning dan harus absen dalam duel penentuan di markas Barcelona .Tapi United belum menyerah aksi comeback melawan PSG di babak sebelumnya...
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Beautiful Barcelona

Sunday 7th April.We arrived in Barcelona on Sunday in the early afternoon. We were quickly through the airport formalities and on board our coach. On the way to the hotel the coach took us on a quick tour of the western side of Barcelona helping us g
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Jamon Tapas Old Dames in Barcelona

Barcelona 9th April Barcelona the capital of Catalonia and Spains second largest city. Everywhere youll see the ornately works of Antonio Gaudi 20th century Modernism emblematic constructions declared World Heritage Sites by UNESC
Tags: Travel, Catalonia, Barcelona, Antonio Gaudi, Jamon Tapas Old Dames, Barcelona 9th April Barcelona

ETW #10 Game of Thrones Travel Guide

Although Winter isn’t really coming, the final season of Game of Thrones is and so today we’re talking all about GoT filming locations around the world that anyone can visit. Northern Ireland, Iceland, Croatia and Spain have all been heavily featured in episodes of Game of Thrones and in this episode experts join us to share how to best visit these key filming locations. There’s no doubt that HBO’s “Game of Thrones” series has had a remarkable effect on people around the world. One of the most ...
Tags: Travel, Hong Kong, Hbo, London, Bali, China, US, Spain, Barcelona, Italy, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Croatia, Belfast, Iceland, Thor

10 tips for renting and driving a car in Spain

For the first few years I lived in Spain, I didn’t have a car. There’s really no need to get behind the wheel if you’re living in a city or visiting another city on vacation. But sometimes you get the urge for a road trip, and the Spanish rail and bus system doesn’t always reach the best off-the-beaten-path destinations. That’s when it’s time to hop in a car and see Spain from behind the windshield. Renting a car will get you to little villages, mountains, secluded beaches, and vineyards you’d n...
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Cities that are banning cars

According to the US Census Bureau, about 80 percent of Americans now live in urban areas. Globally, that number is 54 percent and on the rise. City centers are more clogged than ever. Inrix, which releases an annual Global Traffic Scorecard, found that traffic congestion costs the average American more than $1,300 per year — along with 97 hours of their time. Many cities, including London, San Diego, and Brussels, have implemented congestion tolls of varying forms and with varying degrees of su...
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Fleksy’s AI keyboard is getting a store to put mini apps at chatters’ fingertips

Remember Fleksy? The customizable Android keyboard app has a new trick up its sleeve: It’s adding a store where users can find and add lightweight third party apps to enhance their typing experience. Right now it’s launched a taster, preloading a selection of ‘mini apps’ into the keyboard — some from very familiar brand names, some a little less so — so users can start to see how it works. The first in-keyboard apps are Yelp (local services search); Skyscanner (flight search); Giphy (animated...
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Travelling in Style City Visits

As you know I love to visit cities across the world from the stunning artistic paradise of Barcelona to the beauty of Pisa and farflung destinations such as the vi
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The best rooftop bars in Barcelona

It might not be New York City or even London, but the Barcelona skyline is also one to marvel at. Tibidabo Mountain, the Hotel W, the architecture of Barceloneta, Port Olímpic, and of course the glorious La Sagrada Família, all make up one of the best views in the whole of Europe, and the world. […] The post The best rooftop bars in Barcelona appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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On the vernal equinox we set out for Fort Lauderdale to spend the night prior to boarding the Regent Voyager for a 15day passage from Miami to Barcelona. We have always enjoyed ocean crossings especially on a beautiful ship like the Voyager. With a tota
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Best music festivals this spring

Spring break season might be over, but spring is just getting into full swing. That means warmer weather, higher spirits, and, of course, drinking outside. To combine all three and ring in the season right, you need to figure out your spring music festival lineup. You probably know all about Coachella, Ultra, and the Governor’s Ball, but those behemoths of the concert scene aren’t always the best value, or the most fun — especially when it comes to actually securing tickets. From the Stagecoa...
Tags: Travel, Europe, UK, England, US, Spain, Barcelona, Brighton, New Orleans, Music Festivals, Las Vegas, Coachella, Louisiana, West Coast, Lyon, Edm Festivals

Traveling solo in your 20s

In my first year post-graduation, I had time, potential, and no clue what to do with myself. The options were endless, and the only thing I knew was that I wanted to travel. The early 20s were a confusing time of life for me, and at the time I had a much better idea of the things I didn’t want to do than what I did. While millennials are #blessed to have more readily available options for personal growth and career development than prior generations, the sheer number of choices can be overwhe...
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Windstar Cruises: James Beard Foundation Cruises

Windstar Cruises: James Beard Foundation Cruises Windstar Cruises is the Official Cruise Line of the James Beard Foundation And as Carol and I have dedicated ourselves to presenting our clients and readers with exceptional culinary travel opportunities, I thought it only appropriate to start with one of the best culinary institutions in the world: the James Beard Foundation. You should also know that Carol and I have also personally sailed with Windstar Cruises and completely loved the experien...
Tags: Travel, Featured, Blog, Barcelona, Rome, San Diego, Vancouver, Venice, Carol, James Beard Foundation, WINDSTAR, Roaming Boomers Travel Services, Windstar Cruises, James Beard Foundation Cruises, James Beard Foundation Cruises Windstar Cruises

Vegan food tours around the world

Veganism isn’t just for incense-burning yogis anymore. Now, your bro who went a little too hard in Vegas comes back talking about, “I’m going vegan for a few weeks; I need to clean out,” like he’s pledging to take up running. Even the fried chicken joint on the corner has a little section of its menu dedicated to vegan options. So maybe it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise that there are entire vacation packages based around sampling vegan cuisine. Thanks to Vegan Food Tours, the first co...
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Best European music festivals

Not that you ever need an excuse to head to Europe during the summer other than it being Europe in the summer. But sometimes it’s nice to have an event to base your travels around and something to do other than fight the million other Americans who also thought this would be a good time to cross the pond. European music festivals offer the perfect centerpiece to a summer Eurotrip, a weekend where you can converse with people from all over the world and maybe catch Cardi B somewhere along the ...
Tags: Travel, Europe, UK, Barcelona, Budapest, Bob Dylan, Ed Sheeran, Croatia, Music Festivals, Solange, Iceland, Florence, Porto, Tomorrowland, Malta, Glastonbury

Fashion house under fire for hotel plans at Costa Brava beauty spot

Campaigners say Custo’s development will spoil Sa Guarda in CadaquésThe Barcelona-based fashion designer Custo is under fire for plans to build a hotel on a beauty spot in a Costa Bravatown famed for a picturesque setting which has long attracted artists and writers.Campaigners led by two groups – Salvem l’Empordà (Save Emporda, the region Cadaqués is in) and SOS Costa Brava – protested on Friday outside a Custo shop in Barcelona demanding that work be stopped on the project to build the 4,000 s...
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Places to Visit in Europe – Underrated Cities In Europe Worth Visiting

When people think about their European vacations , they often picture Paris or London as the backdrop to their overseas adventures. While Paris and London are amazing cities in their own right, they are far from the only incredible places to visit on your next trip to Europe. Take a gamble on one of these underrated cities, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Places to Visit in Europe – 10 Underrated Cities Salzburg, Austria Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria. I...
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Best Places to Travel for Your 21 Birthday Celebration

Congratulations, you’re finally turning 21! Your 21st birthday is a milestone where you officially reach the legal drinking age. An occasion of this magnitude requires grand plans! It’s not surprising that most people want to live it up and celebrate their first boozy birthday in a memorable manner. And there is no better way to spend your big day than to go on a birthday getaway. Birthday trips offer unique memories and ensure that your birthday celebrations last longer than one day. Espec...
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Ship Of Dreams

The Other Half had checked her step counter and decided I had walked her too far the previous day. It was not Barcelona mileage but she reckoned that over 9 miles was pushing it a bit far on her dodgy foot. She insisted a bus day ticket was the order of t
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Cost of living around the world

Rent sucks everywhere . Half of the United States is rent-burdened, meaning they spend more than one-third of their income on rent. And when you hear a stat like that, sometimes you think moving to another country might help your situation. But the truth is, it’s tough around the world. To see exactly how tough it’s gotten, relatively, the furnished apartment experts at Nestpick examined 740 neighborhoods in 50 cities, then determined the annual salary a single person would need to live in ea...
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Our day in Barcelona

Today we slept in until 8am breakfast at 9am and we're going to leave the hotel at 10. This extra hour of sleep was much needed at this point in the trip. Yesterday after our showers and nap we went to the Picasso museum and had some lunch in cafes. We
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Exploring the North and South of Girona pushing the push bike further

Its said time passes faster with age And Id add experiences. Approaching 4 weeks here the noticeable change in temporary population reinforces that the Spanish off season is definitely the preferred time. We imagine Barcelona would be inte
Tags: Travel, Barcelona, Girona

Around The World And Back With Camille

A true nomad at heart, AirTreks Travel Planner, Camille Kaczmar, has been traveling the world from a very young age. She spent her early years on a small island located in the South Pacific called Pohnpei, and then her father’s job in the Air Force allowed her and her family to explore the world growing up. Early on, she learned that travel urges you to open your mind and engage with the world around you; to let go of the normal and embrace the extraordinary. Currently, Camille is digital n...
Tags: Travel, Europe, Japan, Bali, Germany, Barcelona, Thailand, Chile, South Pacific, Air Force, Travel Tips, Costa Rica, South East Asia, Travel Stories, Travel Philosophy, Camille

A Tale of Two Rebellions: From Edgy Barcelona to Serene Southern France

A two-country road trip, first up, Barcelona and Sagrada Familia and cafes of this exciting city, then some time in a castle in Minervois, Southern France.
Tags: Travel, Europe, France, Spain, Barcelona, Sagrada Familia, Edgy Barcelona, Serene Southern France

Spring in Barcelona: eat like a Catalan

Springtime is one of the best times to visit Barcelona. The weather is getting warmer but it’s still at a comfortable heat, and there are typically less people in the city as the tourist buzz hasn’t quite hit yet and many locals leave Barcelona for the Easter break. Better still; springtime is also a great […] The post Spring in Barcelona: eat like a Catalan appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
Tags: Travel, Europe, Featured, Spain, Barcelona, Food And Drink, Regions, Western Europe, Travel Miscellany

Should You Get a Vacation Loan to Travel the World?

Over three-quarters of Americans say they want to travel more than they currently do. What’s holding people back? It’s money, of course. That’s why a growing number of people are taking out personal loans for vacations. We want to know whether this is a smart idea to give eager world travelers with an opportunity of a lifetime or financially risky choice which should be avoided. If you’re considering taking out a vacation loan, keep reading to discover the pros and cons. Here we go! Should You...
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The 10 best budget hotels in Barcelona for 2019

The Barcelona hotel scene offers something for everyone from super cheap dorm beds to fancy penthouse suites. Cheapos have plenty of options but it can be hard to decipher between hotels, hostels, hostals, and a variety of other accommodation types in Barcelona. To help you make sense of it all, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 cheap hotels in Barcelona. There’s a little of everything here, from spots that are low on rates to those that are high on style. Our Barcelona Guide • Read all hot...
Tags: Travel, Spain, Barcelona, Best, Dailycheapo, Barri Gòtic, Maritime Museum, Las Ramblas, Barcelona hotels, Fashion House, Mari Luz, Plaça Reial, Barcelona Budget Tips, Barcelona Hostal Nuevo Colon Neighborhood, Hostal Nuevo Colon, La Barceloneta Read

6 Reasons Why Sarajevo Should Be On Your Bucket List

Most people have heard of Sarajevo but don’t quite remember it the first time you mention it. Some know it as the host of the 1984 winter Olympics when Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean broke records with their Bolero performance. The more studious person will remember Sarajevo from history books as the place where all hell broke loose when Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand – marking the beginning of World War I. But the city has changed a lot since those events, and its more...
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Things one needs to know about Spain before paying a visit there

Spain is a European country. It is not known only by football lovers. Real Madrid or Barcelona, are not the only things which are related to Spain, it has more to offer. It is widely known as a great tourist spot. Tourism contributes a lot to Spain’s economy. So, it is a serious business for them. Madrid is its capital as well as the largest city in Spain. It is not a small country and has so many beautiful places to visit. Before going on a trip or vacation doing a little assessment of the tou...
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Global smartphone growth stalled in Q4, up just 1.2% for the full year: Gartner

Gartner’s smartphone marketshare data for the just gone holiday quarter highlights the challenge for device makers going into the world’s biggest mobile trade show which kicks off in Barcelona next week: The analyst’s data shows global smartphone sales stalled in Q4 2018, with growth of just 0.1 per cent over 2017’s holiday quarter, and 408.4 million units shipped. tl;dr: high end handset buyers decided not to bother upgrading their shiny slabs of touch-sensitive glass. Gartner says Apple ...
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