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Urban Fun in São Paulo

“So, we leave from Santos Dumont and we land in Congonhas.” “Awesome!” Santos Dumont is in Centro Rio de Janeiro and Congonhas is also a “city airport” in São Paulo, so it means shorter taxi rides than if we were using the larger international airports. “Wait… isn’t Congonhas the one with super short runways and the congestion issue?” Feng shrugs. Oh well. I slept during the one-hour flight from Rio to São Paulo, but I sure woke up when we arrived—it was a hard landing in what’s said to be one o...
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The Orange Jello Obsession (And Much Tastier Brazilian Foods in Pictures)

In São Paulo, around New Year’s Eve, Mark became obsessed with orange jello. It’s a fairly common dessert in “por kilo” buffet-style restaurants, although it’s not as much as in North America (… because Brazilians have better options?) We had the jello discussion several times in Canada. Some of his friends apparently eat gelatin but I refuse to buy Jell-O cups because the nutritional contents of his lunchbox already makes me want to scream. But Mark was really craving Brazilian jello. One night...
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Climb the Social Ladder Walking Though Rio

Some cities are perfect to wander around—not Rio. In Rio, you tend to follow a straight path. First, you’re stuck between the hills—I’m pretty sure some qualify as mountains—and the shore, so there’s no much room to move around. Second, it’s probably not a great idea to stray from the main streets and avenues if you’re not sure where you’re going because there are plenty of neighbourhoods you don’t want to get lost in. You can’t really “explore” Rio the way you would with many other cities. Howe...
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South America Day 7 Igua Falls

Igua Falls are on the border between Brazil and Argentina. Today we are visiting the Brazilian side and the Parque Nacional do Igua.Once I have transformed the bathroom into a Chinese laundry we take a bus to the Park. Brazilian buses only h
Tags: Travel, Brazil, Argentina, Parque Nacional, Igua Falls

SHARK! (At AquaRio…)

“So, no Aquaman.” “Zero chance.” “Megalodon… I KNOW, I KNOW! It was a long time ago!” “Yep, no extinct, massive creature.” “Nemo?” “We should be able to find it.” “Dory?” “Likely in the same tank. Eh, you might see sharks too.” “SHARKS?” “Yes, but they’re smaller and less scary than you think. Unlike in movies,” I clarify. I remember being obsessed with Jaws, much like Mark is obsessed with The Meg, and feeling both a bit disappointed and relieved by the average size of a great white shark. I’m ...
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10 surrealistic South American travel hotspots

Even after journeying to more than 110 countries, I continue to find that nothing has the potential to be as life-altering as a remarkable travel experience. Though we all learn and grow on every trip we take, occasionally there’s a truly unique moment, a special circumstance or a distinctive sight that changes a seemingly simple […] The post 10 surrealistic South American travel hotspots appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
Tags: Travel, Colombia, Chile, Attractions, Brazil, Peru, South America, Ecuador, Bolivia, Regions, Going Out

One of These Nights in Rio

I’m getting antsy because it’s 6:30 p.m. and I haven’t accomplished anything yet today. Well, technically, I did—we packed, checked out of the hotel in Florianópolis, took a taxi to the airport, queued at the GOL check-in counter to get boarding passes, weighted our checked baggage at the self-service kiosk and pay for them (it’s 60 reais if you do it yourself but 120 reais if you do it at the counter) then queued again to drop off the two backpacks now properly tagged. We waited at the very cro...
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This is Brazil in a (Coco)Nutshell

At 1:30 a.m., I had a sudden craving for a pão de queijo. Don’t judge if you’ve never had this quintessential, addictive melt-in-your-mouth Brazilian snack. Fortunately, in Florianópolis, it’s easy to satisfy a few basic late-night cravings, as long as you enjoy what Brazilians eat when bars are closing—mostly fried snacks filled with chicken and cream cheese, ham-and-cheese bread, pound cake or yes, pão de queijo. Just walk to the nearest 24/7 gas station, they have a big selection of food and ...
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Why you need to visit French Guiana

During the 2014 World Cup , French Guiana got the geographical equivalent of 15 minutes of fame. A place a good portion of the world didn’t know existed, much less could find on a map, was highlighted in numerous maps of World Cup stadiums around Brazil, as well as the subject of a number of “interesting places to travel around the World Cup” stories in the months leading up to the event. And that was the last most of the world thought about it. It’s not the world’s fault, really. Getting to t...
Tags: Travel, Amazon, Florida, US, Paris, Italy, Avis, Brazil, New Orleans, South America, Laos, Caribbean, Martinique, Buenos Aires, Canary Islands, Cacao

Weekly Roundup, Friday 11 January 2019

Bet you don’t know what this is, where it is, and what it does (did)? See final item. Good morning It has been an exciting week, with our “next generation” daily news curation service taking shape behind the scenes.  Part of this is a new and more active Twitter feed. If you’re on Twitter, please do follow our new Twitter account, @TheTvlInsider.  If you were following our earlier Twitter account, feel free to unfollow that one, and please now follow our new @TheTvlInsider account. The new Twit...
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Stuck in Hours-Long Traffic Jams on Ilha de Santa Catarina

You know you’ve been stuck in a traffic jam for too long if the songs play in the alphabetically and you started with Alanis Morissette to end up only a few kilometres further with Bono complaining about the world. “Why don’t they put a hónglǜdēng here? Don’t you agree, Juliette? I mean, that’s common sense, isn’t it?” Feng is so annoyed he used the Chinese word for “traffic light”. I shrug. I agree with him but obviously, there’s no light, just an endless line of cars trying to turn, merge, get...
Tags: Travel, Bono, Canada, Brazil, Central America, Centro, Alanis Morissette, Mark, Barra, Juliette, Feng, Florianopolis, Morro, Ilha de Santa Catarina, Florianópolis Centro, South America 2018-2019

Praia Mole (Swimsuit On), Praia Da Galheta (Swimsuit Off)

How come we tend to only memorize hurtful comments and not soothing, flattering remarks? I remember the day I started feeling self-conscious about my body. I had just turned 13 and I was meeting friends at the beach. We hadn’t discovered flirting yet, so we were actually going to play, chat or whatever we had planned that day. I didn’t think twice about changing into my swimsuit because that’s normal beachwear. All it took was one look and one comment. “Wow, what happened to you? Why you have so...
Tags: Travel, Brazil, Praia, Ponta, Ilha de Santa Catarina, Praia Mole, South America 2018-2019, Praia Da Galheta, Meio Praia da Galheta, Praia Mole to Praia da Galheta

Coffee Flavors Rule The World

The countries that grow all the coffee used around the world come from Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Uganda, Ethiopia, India, Columbia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil. Coffee needs a certain amount of high latitude rainfall, seasonal tropical environments, and certain alkaline soil. In the U.S., only California and Hawaii are able to be competitive coffee bean growers. These countries provide all the requirements for coffee beans to grow very healthy. As a high-quality production produ...
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Praia Da Joaquim, Between Sand Dunes and Massive Rocks

We keep on extending our stay in Florianópolis. “Maybe instead of checking out on Wednesday, we can check out on Thursday… or, fuck it, on Friday.” “If we stay any longer, I’ll have to register Mark at the local school,” I joke. I don’t mind another two days in Florianópolis. I love it here too. It’s just… comfortable. The hotel has everything we need—a bedroom with a door (Mark sleeps on the sofa bed), a microwave, a shower with good water pressure, a balcony and three towels (never take towels...
Tags: Travel, Brazil, Campeche, Mark, Praia, Florianopolis, Ilha de Santa Catarina, Floripa, Pedra, Havaianas, South America 2018-2019, Praia Da Joaquim Between Sand Dunes, Praia da Joaquim, Brazil Havaianas

Guide to the beaches of Uruguay

Uruguay beguiles with iconic gauchos, South American cowboys, herding cattle on its grassy plains. It inspires with its progressive social policies, having beat out Canada as the first country to legalize recreational weed. But more than anything, Uruguay beckons with its miles of sand. From empty beaches framed by pine forests to sandy stretches filled with beautiful people and thumping music, Uruguay has a beach for every type of traveler. And summer in Uruguay is happening right now, so ge...
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Brazilian desserts you need to try

Brazil is known for its meat-based meals, but the food goes way beyond barbecue. Brazilians know how to end a meal just as well as they know how to grill one. The country’s cuisine is influenced by native cultures, Europeans, and Africans, and nearly every meal is accompanied by a little something sweet. Sometimes that means something simple and fruit-based; other times it means an elaborate pastry made with sweetened condensed milk and loaded with coconut. Often, desserts are variations on P...
Tags: Travel, Food, Portugal, Brazil, Air Force, Brazilian Food, Minas Gerais, Brazilian Desserts, Brazilian Sweets, Brazilian Treats, Eduardo Gomes, Romeu Julieta, Alexandre Camilo Bonato Shutterstock Quindim, Leo Fernandes Shutterstock, Festa Junina Reveals the Most Welcoming Places on Earth According to Its 2018 Guest Review Awards

Today is honoring its accommodation partners that consistently deliver great guest experiences with a 2018 Guest Review Award. For the seventh annual edition of the awards, 759,845 properties in total across 219 countries and territories are being given an award, with the top countries receiving the most awards being Italy (106,513), Spain (46,646), France (45,286), Germany (36,042), United States (35,626), Croatia (34,027), United Kingdom (31,206), Russian Federation (26,729)...
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The Hidden Beaches of Ilha de Santa Catarina

The hardest it is to get to a spot, the more likely you’ll enjoy it. It feels like a precious, unique experience, you’re mentally set to appreciate it. And sometimes, you do stumble upon a true gem. South of Ilha de Santa Catarina is Armação, a cute village with an equally cute little beach and plenty of picturesque fishing boats. Praia da Armação was still quiet when we arrived—… at 2 p.m., I’m guessing Brazilians were still finishing their beloved lunch!—so I went to explore Praia do Caldeirão...
Tags: Travel, Brazil, South East Asia, Praia, Ponta, Ilha de Santa Catarina, Praia da Armação, South America 2018-2019, Lagoinha Leste, Caldeirão Ilha de Santa Catarina Praia, Campanhas Praia, Matadeiro, Campanhas Crossing, Matadeiro Crossing, Matadeiro Ilha de Santa Catarina Praia

Goldman Slashes Oil Forecasts as New Supply Seen Plentiful - Bloomberg

Goldman Slashes Oil Forecasts as New Supply Seen Plentiful - Bloomberg:Goldman Sachs Group Inc. cut its oil price forecasts for 2019, citing a re-emerging surplus and resilient U.S. shale production.Global benchmark Brent crude will average $62.50 a barrel this year, analysts including Damien Courvalin said in a Jan. 6 note, down from a previous estimate of $70. U.S. marker West Texas Intermediate will average $55.50 a barrel, down from a prior forecast of $64.50. Societe Generale SA also lowere...
Tags: Travel, Opec, Bloomberg, Canada, Brazil, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Permian Basin, Damien Courvalin, Societe Generale SA, Rupert Neil Bumfrey, Goldman Slashes Oil Forecasts, Goldman Big, Courvalin

Praia dos Ingleses and the Sand Dunes

“Why didn’t you call me ‘Nick’?” “… Because we thought ‘Mark’ was a good name.” “Can I change my name to ‘Nick’?” “Nope.” “I think we’re going to walk for at least an hour.” “More like thirty minutes. I’ve just been there and back, it doesn’t take that long. And it’s a sand dune, sand dunes are cool, right?” “My tummy hurts.” “Why?” “DUH! Because I’m hungry.” “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? If you see the word ‘pastel,’ let me know, I’ll buy one.” “What is it?” “Food. Like a big fried wonton wi...
Tags: Travel, Brazil, NICK, Mark, Praia dos Ingleses, South America 2018-2019

The Brazilian Beach Experience – Açaí, Caipirinhas, Corn, Grilled Meat, Pirate Ships and More

I don’t know for you, but when I go to the beach, I just take my swimsuit, a sarong and my camera. Okay, maybe some money too, my keys and cigarettes. I used to bring a few magazines as well, but now I have my own entertainment system—Mark…—so there’s no way I can focus on the intricacies of a good thriller. And that’s usually all I need for my beach experience, a straightforward affair that predictably involves swimming, sunbathing and walking from one end of the beach to the other. I’ve never ...
Tags: Travel, Brazil, Ilha de Santa Catarina, Praia de Canasvieiras, Choripán, South America 2018-2019, Canasvieiras

Top 5 luxury Amazon experiences

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most unique and intriguing habitats on the planet. Bursting with life on land, in the water and in the skies, this magnificent jungle is on many a traveller’s wish-list. Long gone are the days of sleeping in lines of hammocks whilst being attacked by mosquitoes, today there is […] The post Top 5 luxury Amazon experiences appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Ilha de Santa Catarina is (Almost) Paradise

Ilha de Santa Catarina is definitely on my top ten lists of places I’m happy I discovered. Mind you, Brazilians, Argentinians and Uruguayans found it long before me—it’s not like I’m planting the French or the Canadian flag. No land claim, I’m promise I’m not going to force locals to eat baguette and start a hockey team. I just want to enjoy the beach, like everyone else. I love this place because it has everything we’re looking for when we travel. It’s a big island—54 km north-south, 18 km east...
Tags: Travel, Brazil, Centro, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Ilha de Santa Catarina, South America 2018-2019, South 18 Km East West, Beiramar Shopping Mall, Campeche Ilha de Santa Catarina

São Paulo to Florianópolis – From the City to the Beach

It’s the kind of day when you know you won’t accomplish much except going from point A to point B and hopefully make it to your destination, which is admittedly a goal in itself. Maybe you’ll get to catch up with emails and work if the airport has free Wi-Fi. Maybe you’ll get to catch up on sleep in the plane. Maybe everything will go as planned. Maybe not. I mean, things rarely go exactly as planned but chances are, you’ll be just fine. We checked out at noon and stored the backpacks at the hot...
Tags: Travel, Brazil, Santa Claus, Rio, Sao Paulo, Mark, Feng, Florianopolis, Avenida Paulista, Congonhas, South America 2018-2019, Congonhas Airport São Paulo, Florianópolis Ilha de Santa Catarina Flying, Florianópolis Ilha de Santa Catarina Landing, Aeroporto Internacional de Florianópolis Landing

My Fashion, Lifestyle, and College-Related Resolutions for 2019

I have fifteen resolutions and I'm tackling them all. Happy New Year ladies! Can you believe that it's already 2019? I'm shocked by how fast 2018 went by. Now that we're in a new year, it's time to reflect upon all the things we learned last year and how we can improve moving forward. So for this very special post, I will be sharing with you my 15 new years resolutions for 2019. Yes, I made 15 resolutions and I'm excited about all of them. Read on to check them out and maybe get some inspiratio...
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People of São Paulo

São Paulo has a soul—a heart too, I feel it beating. This megapolis that stretches as far as the eye can see and probably beyond isn’t an overwhelming sea of buildings. Paulistas, those who call São Paulo home, make it lively, fun, interesting. The guy who was standing at the counter of a lanchonete on Avenida Paulista, drinking café, absentmindedly moving his feet to the sound of the music playing on the radio. The two girls kissing in front of the Museum of Art. The couples I saw walking aroun...
Tags: Travel, Brazil, Sao Paulo, Avenida Paulista, South America 2018-2019, Alameda Min Rocha Azevedo São Paulo, Monumento Mausoléu ao Soldado Constitucionalista

January 1, 2019 in São Paulo

The sun was shining, the city sounded dead quiet and we didn’t need hangover remedies since we only had half a glass of a mini bottle of cheap champagne bought for 9.90 reais ($2.55) at the 24-hour Extra supermercado on New Year’s Eve—don’t ever ask me to bring wine to your party, I make terrible choices. The day was starting well—or rather, the afternoon was considering we all went to bed very late and got up at noon. We already knew tudo estará fechado because all when there’s a holiday, every...
Tags: Travel, Brazil, Tokyo, Chanel, Santa, Sao Paulo, Avenida Paulista, Paulista, Rua Augusta, Sukiya, Sao Paulo SAO PAULO, South America 2018-2019, Libertade, Bella Paulista Rua Haddock Lobo, Avenida Pausliata, Alameda Min Rocha Azevedo São Paulo

00:00 in São Paulo – “Réveillon na Paulista” 2019

“How long do we have to wait?” “Ninety minutes.” “WHAT? I can’t do that!” “Well, I hope you can because we don’t really have the choice. First, it’s a bit of an old tradition that the new year starts at midnight, second we’re kind of stuck in a crowd of 1.7 million people.” “My tummy hurts. I really need food right now.” “How is that possible? You had one of these Tokyo bowls with rice and beef just two hours ago! Look, Mark, the other kids are waiting quie—” Never mind, I’ve just realized the f...
Tags: Travel, Brazil, Tokyo, Centro, Rio, Sao Paulo, Mark, Avenida Paulista, South America 2018-2019, Paulista São Paulo, Carrefour Paulistas, Libertade Little Tokyo, Eve São Paulo, Eve Avenida Paulista, Avenida Paulista Waiting

Smallest wild cats in the world

Everybody knows about lions, tigers, and jaguars, but most of the wild felines out there are small cats. They may be little — often smaller than the domestic cat — but what the small wild cats may lack in stature they make up for with daring attitudes and good looks. Like their big cousins, the small cats are threatened with habitat loss, poaching, and conflict with humans and livestock. But because they don’t have high profiles in the media, the small cats receive less than one percent of th...
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