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Vancouver Island’s glaciers melting

Vancouver Island is among Canada’s most striking and diverse areas, containing 12,000 square miles of biodiversity ranging from rocky, coastal shores to high-alpine peaks, from slow-moving glaciers to running rivers flowing into the thousands of lakes on the island. The island is home to the city of Victoria, capital of British Columbia, and is a popular getaway spot for tourists and residents of the Pacific Northwest. Visitors come for rafting, hiking, skiing, and to hunt glacier-fed waterfa...
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Things to do at Harrison Hot Springs with kids

Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia Located on the shores of Harrison Lake and surrounded by evergreen mountains, the quaint Village of Harrison Hot Springs is a perfect family getaway for Vancouverites. We’ve known about Harrison Hot Springs for years (it’s a recommended day trip from Vancouver), however, this recent visit was also our first. As I reflect on our 4 day trip to Harrison Hot Springs, I’m questioning why it took so long for us to visit? I’m not sure what we were expecting, bu...
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7 Hiking Trails to Experience at Kicking Horse Resort

If you’re a skier or boarder from Alberta or British Columbia there’s a high probability that you’ve been to Kicking Horse Resort, one of Canada’s world-class downhill skiing destinations. While it’s renowned for its spectacular alpine setting, long runs and abundant snow in winter, it’s equally beautiful in summer. From the top of the Golden Eagle Express Gondola enjoy sweeping Rocky Mountain views. Then look way down and you’ll see the Columbia River Wetlands snaking through the valley bottom....
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Benefits of hiking

Deciding on a destination is easy. Narrowing down an itinerary, on the other hand, is every traveler’s greatest challenge. With so much to see and do, it can be hard to know what to prioritize and easy to bounce between cultural highlights on the tourist circuit, completely forgetting to factor in the great outdoors. Adding a healthy dose of nature is bound to improve any itinerary, and hiking is among the easiest to organize, most approachable, and thoroughly rewarding ways to make it happen...
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What the Rocky Mountaineer Train Ride is Really Like

The day started early. I left the comfort of my luxurious Fairmont Hotel Vancouver bed to be whisked in a bus along with hundreds of others to the Rocky Mountaineer train terminal. And that’s when the magic unfolded. Walking into the airy train terminal, John and I were immediately greeted with three things – glasses of orange juice, a coffee bar and gorgeous music coming from the grand piano. It didn’t take long to get over the fact it was still only 7 AM. I figured this was an auspic...
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Travel News: May 7, 2019

Experts Warn Summer Travelers To Be Wary Of Measles Travel Pulse Doctors and health experts across the country are warning summer travelers to take precautions with the measles outbreak at a 25-year high in the U.S. More than 700 people in 22 states have contracted measles, the most cases in 25 years according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Measles was declared eliminated in the United States in 2000, but outbreaks overseas have brought them to America. New York has been esp...
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A guide to Richmond's Dumpling Trail

R ichmond, British Columbia, is a different kind of Pacific city. Cultures converge here to create a true mosaic of sights and tastes. Green spaces meet shorelines meet accessible urban hot spots. But the locals aren’t interested in putting on airs to draw you in. They’re just living it. And as a visitor, you can too. Fittingly, there’s a different kind of trail that runs through the heart of town — and it’s one you’re invited to follow. In contrast to other regions’ wine and food trails, Rich...
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Unexpected Adventures To Try In Canada

Whenever thinking about Canada, there are different adventures that you automatically think about, like skiing, dogsledding and canoeing. However, at the same time, there are numerous other adventures that can be experienced. Below you can find some that are unexpected and not even known by numerous Canadians. The next time you get your ETA Canada approval, prepare for a different than expected coffee experience and plan for the following adventures. Surf A Big Wave Canada does not have t...
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Best First Nations food in BC

No amount of museum visits will teach you more about a culture than its cuisine. Food tells us where people come from, both geographically and historically. It offers insight into how communities are structured and how they celebrate special occasions. And, best of all, food lets outsiders experience traditions honed over generations in a hands-on way, sometimes literally. Like many places, British Columbia has a sacred culinary history dating back to its earliest inhabitants. In First Nation...
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The best places for wine trip

Wine vacations aren’t nearly as bougie or costly as they sound. Today, you can find wine around the world that tastes good and is affordable — especially when you go to the winery itself. It doesn’t hurt that literally every state in the nation has a wine region now, so there’s plenty to choose from. Napa can get by on its name, everyone else has to vie for wine tourism dollars in other ways. This makes you, the wine-drinking tourist, the winner, as everywhere from British Columbia to South A...
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How to plan a winter trip to Banff

The jagged peaks and alpine lakes of Banff National Park fill 2,500 square miles of western Alberta. The area, which encompasses the towns of Banff and Lake Louise, along with three ski resorts and some of Canada’s most rugged backcountry terrain, is both surreal and irresistible. You could almost picture Frodo Baggins on his fantastic mission — traversing his way up and across the mountains, narrowly evading capture among the craggy pitches that stretch across the provincial border into Brit...
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How to see wolverines in Washington

When you tell folks that you’ve volunteered with a group that monitors wolverines in the North Cascades, their response is usually one of confusion. No, they don’t think you’re busy saving mutant X-men with retractable claws. They are amazed, though, that wolverines — stocky animals in the weasel family that look like small, bushy-tailed bears — even exist in Washington State. Those people are understandably stunned by the existence of these brown-and-black-hued carnivores because, like othe...
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8 ways to discover Richmond, British Columbia

8 ways to discover Richmond, British Columbia By: Kelsey Pekarek Sunset at Garry Point Park. Photo: Shutterstock/James Chen R ichmond is where your feet technically touch ground when you land at Vancouver International Airport. For years it was relegated to pass-through status for travelers headed elsewhere in the region…but this has actually worked in its favor. Unique, authentic cultures are always formed on the margins, and Richmond’s been busy...
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Video Post: Wapta Falls in Winter—a Frozen Gem

I hiked to a 30-metre high waterfall in the middle of winter. What did it look like? In This Travel Video You Will Discover: The Rockies’ Most Beautiful Waterfall An Easy Winter Hike Directions & Difficulty Info Wapta Falls is the gem of British Columbia’s Yoho National Park. And that’s saying a lot—Yoho is literally an aboriginal word for “awe,” and the park as a whole lives up to the moniker. Nearby, Alberta’s Banff and Jasper national parks tend to hog the spotlight—especially since Y...
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25 FREE Things to do in Vancouver in 2019

We’ve lived in Vancouver for over 15 years and, during this time, we’ve hosted many first time visitors to the city. We’re often asked the question, “what are the most popular things to do in Vancouver?”  Our responses tend to vary depending on the time of year, but there are several places in Vancouver that we always recommend to first time visitors. The must see attractions that make Vancouver an awesome city. Last summer, we wrote a detailed post that highlights 25 Awesome Day Trips from Van...
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Riding the overnight train from Vancouver to Jasper with VIA Rail

We originally published this post back in the summer of 2014, when our boys were still quite young. We’re re-publishing this post today because this is the time of year when many first time visitors to Canada are exploring the Via Rail from Vancouver to Jasper. Riding the overnight train is a memorable way to experience the majestic Canadian Rockies.  Riding the Overnight Train from Vancouver to Jasper with VIA Rail Surprisingly, we’ve never taken an overnight train in Canada. It’s always ra...
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Way Out There: Cycling Northern Vancouver Island

The North Island has a hold on me, and I keep going back. Northern Vancouver Island is vast, sparsely populated, and you’re more likely to meet a bear than a tourism spot. A super destination if you like the great outdoors. This article shares three favourite spots. Two are rough and remote (don’t expect pavement!), while the third is a mellower cluster of tourist gems. I’m a cycle tourist and bikepacker (a rare breed up here), but the info here will appeal to all travelers. If you want mo...
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Metro Vancouver south shore of Vancouver Island and Galiano Island June 21July 5 2017

Returning to British Columbia within a year of visiting Victoria I got on a plane from Ottawa. Approaching Winnipeg the weather was so stormy the flight needed to circle the sky above the airport.On the first day covering the Metro Vancouver area I
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World’s largest snow maze

When winter rolls around, some people decide to lock themselves in, while others spend the season building snowmen, snow fort, and, apparently, snow mazes. It took six and a half days of work a week for the last three weeks and 300 truck loads of snow, but Canadian Clint Masse did it: he built the world’s largest snow maze and broke the Guinness record. You might say that Masse’s entire life has been preparing him for this moment — for 21 years he has designed and erected corn mazes on his p...
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Vancouver Island British Columbia Lower Mainland and the Southern Gulf Islands

Vancouver Island Metro Vancouver and Salt Spring Island August 115 2016 The coach driver named Erica stopped in Tofino for 20 minutes. Across the southern interior of British Columbia a second stop was made in Port Alberni. After both 20 minute
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Northern lights visible over the US

The northern lights will be visible tonight above parts of the US. According to the the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), a minor geomagnetic storm watch is in effect for February 27 (tonight) and February 28. The SWPC provided a map that shows where the celestial phenomenon is most likely to occur (see below). According to the map, the northern lights will appear in the vicinity of the green line. That means if you’re in parts of Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, a...
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Best First Nations activities in BC

There’s something special about Vancouver International Airport, the gateway to British Columbia’s biggest city. All throughout the hub are striking sculptures and carvings created by First Nations artists, reminders to those bustling in and out of the province that the area’s traditional landowners are integral to British Columbia’s history and culture. In fact, this particular province is one of the most diverse in Canada with around 200 different Indigenous groups and more than 30 language...
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Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park in British Columbia has everything the Canadian Rockies are famous for — including craggy mountain peaks and turquoise lakes — but without the crowds you get in a place like Banff National Park. With no roads in or out, the park is essentially undeveloped. Aside from an old backcountry lodge, a smattering of rustic log cabins, and a barebones campground, the only development you’ll find is a network of hiking trails connecting you to some of the most beautifu...
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Weirdest hotels around the world

The traditional chain hotels , with their cookie-cutter design and bland continental breakfasts are the reason why we tend to spend as little time in our rooms as possible when traveling. Not all hotels, however, are a necessary evil — some are inventive, fun, artsy and destinations in themselves. Whether it’s a hotel with underwater views or one where guests sleep inside massive wine barrels, the following hotels from around the world take the lodging experience to the next level. 1. Kokop...
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Top Things to do in Fernie, BC in Winter

Fernie, BC is a true mountain town with a laid-back vibe and great community spirit. Most of the 5,000 plus residents live here because they want to. They like what the town has to offer, not just in winter but on a year-round basis; things like great recreation out the back door, excellent dining, loads of locally owned shops to visit and most of the services of a far larger town. If you’re a visitor to Fernie you may end up at the local realtor’s office, wondering how you can make this town a ...
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Visit Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Snuggled between the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia and the flat open plains of Saskatchewan lies the sunny province of Alberta. Diverse landscapes of emerald gleaming lakes, dense boreal forest, and jagged mountain peaks draw visitors year-round. Many use Calgary as their gateway, not ever making it to the provincial capital of Edmonton, a three-hour drive north up AB-2. As locals are quick to call out, this is a mistake. With unusual malls, expansive parks, multicultural festivals, an...
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The best ski resort restaurants

Ski lodge cafeteria food has a reputation for being as bland as it is overpriced. You can only pay $20 for chicken fingers and fries so many times before wanting to revolt. Still, many longtime powderhounds never thought they’d see the day when their favorite hill embraced the concept of decent meals. But the times are changing. North American ski resorts are finally learning from the best European ski resorts and putting some thought and effort into the food. For guests who already paid upw...
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How to Stay Healthy When You Travel to Mexico and the Caribbean

No one likes to get sick, especially while on a vacation away from home, even more so in a country where you don’t speak the language. Perhaps you’ve planned the holiday six months out, anticipating time on a beach, not beside a hotel room toilet. If you don’t get many vacation days, getting sick is even harder to stomach. Fortunately most food you eat is safe Is Canada a No Vacation Nation? As a Canadian I think of myself as lucky when it comes to vacation time. But if I look at a 2017 E...
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Employment: Bridging Programs in Western Canada

Canada is internationally known as a country with excellent immigration programs for skilled workers and qualified professionals. It is important to know the rules and regulations of the province or territory you want to call home – only the right preparation and proper licensing will ensure a chance to put your expertise to work. Engineering, health care, and a variety of other professions are regulated; and in order to be able to work in a regulated occupation, you must perform two steps – ...
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Ski resorts and apres ski in BC

Skiers know British Columbia’s Powder Highway as a place full of quirky towns, local ski resorts, and some of the best skiing a powder hound could ask for. But after decades of après options centered on nacho platters and beer, a couple of stops on the Powder Highway have been seriously improving their dining scene. You can now sample eats from a new food truck snowcat, dine at mountain-top restaurants, or sip craft beer and cocktails — all after hitting some of the region’s best ski slopes. ...
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