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US LGBTQ and Pride events in 2020

Let’s get one thing straight — LGBTQ people know how to throw one hell of a party, and in the United States, there’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to curating a queer shindig. From ski-slope soirees to fetish-themed festivals, the only thing more difficult than choosing which events to attend in 2020 is choosing who to vote for in the Democratic primary. Luckily, choosing from this list of epic LGBTQ gatherings is a win-win situation. Editor’s note: Queer culture doesn’t begin and e...
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Best local ski resorts near Zurich

Zurich, the financial capital of Switzerland, is home to world-class universities, multinational companies, and hip neighborhoods. The city has a lot going on, but during winter weekends, many Zurich residents leave town to hit the slopes. The Swiss Alps are home to many resorts, both big and not so big. Some you may have heard of — and many probably not. From this picturesque little city, it’s crazy easy to explore a huge variety of places loved by both locals and international visitors. We...
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10 Most Beautiful Regions in California

The third-largest state in the US, California is home to a diverse array of beautiful landscapes. Its scenic Pacific Ocean coastline contrasts with the Sierra Nevada and Tehachapi mountain ranges, Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys, and the arid conditions of the Mojave Desert. It is also home to some of the most famous and treasured
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10 Best States to Visit in the USA

The United States is a kaleidoscope of cosmopolitan cities, rich cultures, and enchanting landscapes catering for everything from city breaks to longer escapes in nature. Each American state has its own unique attraction and individual character. Experience the wilderness in Alaska, taste fine wines in California, and tick off bucket list sights in New York
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World's most instagrammed forests

About a third of the world’s landmass is covered in forest. And in addition to providing important stuff like the oxygen we breathe and habitats for wild animals, they also make for some downright jaw-dropping photographs. From the towering redwoods of California to the cloud forests of Costa Rica, the trees covering our planet can be our most beautiful sites when captured correctly. We took a look at’s study of the 15 most-Instagrammed forests in the world and found some of ...
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Cycling the Pacific Coast

The idea to tour the Pacific coast by bike came to me slowly, in pieces. I wanted to challenge myself physically and mentally. I wanted to see the world with a minimal carbon footprint. Most of all, I wanted to travel alone, sure the experience would change me for the better. Ideas percolated for a year or so before I came across the Bicycling the Pacific Coast guidebook by Vicky Spring and Tom Kirkendall. The route looked challenging but popular enough to be safe for solo travel. That settled i...
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Joshua Tree National Park Rose Bowl Hollywood

December 7 2019 we left Lake Havasu City for 29 Palms California to explore Joshua Tree National Park. The drive was desolate and in several areas you could see forever. We drove through more desert surrounded by mountains. I was very excited for our nex
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5 Golf Courses In The USA That Every Golfer Should Visit

Golf is one of the fastest-growing sports in the USA, and indeed globally. Given the prize money that is now on offer, it doesn’t take a leap of logic to realize that the sport is watched by millions of people and television rights are worth a fortune. In fact, the and the 2020 tournament should be no less than this. So, the figures would indicate that golf is tremendously popular. So there are many golfers are in search of that course that will provide memories (and boasting rights) to last a...
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Courtship customs around the world

Though easier than ever, dating today can feel formulaic: Meet on a dating app, maybe in a bar. Exchange numbers. Exchange texts. Meet for drinks, maybe coffee. Then fade into each other’s contact lists, rinse, and repeat with the next match from said dating app. Even in the Tinder era, however, there’s more to courtship than swiping right. It just depends on where in the world you are. If you’re looking for some flirty inspiration this Valentine’s Day, keep these seven traditional courtship ...
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Back Home

  After an eleven and a half long but safe flight I am back at home in California. At the airport going through customs took over two hours (no seats were available as bad as it was I felt lucky compared to a pregnant woman who was also carrying a small sleepy child as the fear) due to the C. virus at hand. A flight from Hong Kong had arrived at the airport at the same time as our flight arrived. Most of the passengers from Hong Kong were wearing face masks. At Customs, we were asked if we had ...
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TSA Screener Charged With False Imprisonment Of Female Passenger

California's Attorney General says a TSA screener 'tricked' a woman into baring her breasts. What he did was use the authority of the government to intimidate her, for his own sexual gratification. That agent has been arrested for false imprisonment. Continue reading TSA Screener Charged With False Imprisonment Of Female Passenger...
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How influenza is much more of a threat to Americans than coronavirus right now

The novel coronavirus outbreak in China has been in the headlines, and several people in California are being monitored for the virus. Although there are just a handful of coronavirus-related cases locally, more than 200 people have died in the state from other influenza-related causes this season. People over 65 are in the highest risk group. Click the image below to see the dashboard tracking coronavirus spread around the world was built by a team at the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Scienc...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 7 February 2020

Glorious Chambord Castle in France’s Loire Valley. Come visit it with us in May. Good morning News came out on Thursday that because of New York state’s policies shielding the state records of illegal aliens from federal organizations, the Department of Homeland Security announced that no-one in New York state will now be eligible for any of their Trusted Traveler programs (the best known of which is Global Entry), and those currently enrolled will not be able to renew when their current membe...
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Ex-TSA officer accused of false imprisonment of woman at LAXEx-TSA officer accused of false imprisonment of woman at LAX

California attorney general files charges against Johnathon Lomeli
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Art exhibit in Saudi Arabia desert

Saudi Arabia isn’t exactly known as a hub of contemporary art and culture, but from January 31 until March 7, 2020, it will be the host of one of the coolest art installations in the world. The 2020 Desert X exhibition, previously hosted in the desert of Coachella Valley, California, in 2017 and 2019, is comprised of 14 art installations, ranging from artificial puddles that double as trampolines to a three-seater swing, in the AlUla desert, an ancient oasis. The works are all designed to sp...
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Most endangered plants in the US

A rose by any other name may smell just as sweet, but what about a blackspore spillwort? Or cabbage on a stick? Do you even know what cabbage on a stick is supposed to smell like? A lot better than you think, most likely, but the problem is you’ll likely never get to smell either of those because they are gravely endangered. In pursuing NetCredit’s research on the most endangered plants in every state, you’ll not only notice the plant names are absolutely fantastic, you’ll also see how human ...
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5 Alternatives to a Traditional Beach Holiday

Everyone looks forward to their annual vacation, and the first thing that usually comes to mind is a week or two in a sun-drenched location where the main activity is relaxing on a gorgeous beach. But, there are plenty of other ways to have a fantastic vacation, such as: 5 Alternatives to a Traditional Beach Holiday Cruises Cruises are not just for older people and couples. They are now an attractive option for all ages. There is also an extensive range of cruise options that people may not...
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About 350 more Wuhan coronavirus evacuees land at California military base from China

More Americans fleeing the coronavirus outbreak are being evacuated from Wuhan, China, to the U.S. On Wednesday, 2 State Department-chartered jetliners carried an estimated 350 U.S. citizens from Wuhan, China, to a U.S. military base in California. All of the recent arrivals will be quarantined for 14 days, said the U.S. Defense Department. First, the two planes landed at Travis Air Force Base, which sits about half way between San Francisco and Sacramento. Then, one of the two planes contin...
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Meatless Meet-Up

Macadamia stuffed date, pomegranate Endive, chive walnut cheese, pear Potato nettle croquette, hedgehog mushrooms Baby Bloomsdale spinach, broccoli, tahini, nettle gomasio salad Baby mixed greens, beets, fennel cara cara orange, hazelnuts, macadamia cheese Black eyed peas, smoked tomato, collard greens Broccoli soup, panisse, cauliflower, black olive, Meyer lemon Black trumpet mushroom lasagna, spinach, herbed cashew cheese, spring garlic marinara, rapini Lemon cloud cake, lemon curd, van...
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How to visit the wineries in Carmelo

There was a moment when Uruguay was in the running for the title of “it” destination. Visitor arrivals peaked in 2017, reaching roughly four million, or around half the number of tourists neighboring Argentina saw that year. Around the same time, Uruguay started showing up in travel publications that lauded its beaches and cool, progressive capital, Montevideo. Tourism has stalled over the past couple of years, but Uruguay remains the ideal candidate for “the next big destination” that it ne...
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Books to look forward to in 2020

Whether you’ve got big plans to travel the world in 2020 or intend to stay put, you’ll need a few good books to keep you company. All those hours waiting in airports, riding on trains, or spent tanning on beach loungers are always more satisfying and entertaining when filled with the written words. And if you happen to be home, but wish you could be elsewhere, the pages of a novel will provide the escapism you’re longing for. For those purposes (and more) we have selected 20 books being publi...
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Marin Management Founder and President John Manderfeld to Retire

Marin Management, Inc., a California-based hotel management company, has announced that its founder and president, John Manderfeld, will retire effective Aug. 31 after more than 50 years in the hospitality industry.
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First light: Maui Haleakala telescope captures closeup of the sun, plus Oahu voters to decide prosecutor term limits, TMT protest nonprofit must release records, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

 The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope has produced the highest resolution observations of the Sun’s surface ever taken. In this movie, taken at a wavelength of 705nm over a period of 10 minutes, we can see features as small as 30km (18 miles) in size for the first time ever. The movie shows the turbulent, “boiling” gas that covers the entire sun. The cell-like structures – each about the size of Texas – are the signature of violent motions that transport heat from the inside of the sun to its su...
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KPCB has already blown through much of the $600 million it raised last year

Kleiner Perkins, one of the most storied franchises in venture capital, has already invested much of the $600 million it raised last year and is now going back out to the market to raise its 19th fund, according to multiple sources. The firm, which underwent a significant restructuring over the last two years, went on an investment tear over the course of 2019 as new partners went out to build up a new portfolio for the firm — almost of a whole cloth. Kleiner Perkins gets back to early-stage w...
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How long will powerful winds hit Southern California?

LOS ANGELES — A windstorm will generate powerful winds across Southern California Wednesday and Thursday, forecasters said. “Damaging winds will blow down large objects such as trees and power lines. Power outages are expected. Travel will be difficult, especially for high-profile vehicles,” warned a National Weather Service statement. “People should avoid being outside in forested areas and around trees and branches. If possible, remain in the lower levels of your home during the windstorm and ...
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Book cheap flights from Phoenix to these nonstop destinations

Do you want to take some rest from the desert and go somewhere far away? If you want to take the plunge, book cheap flights from Phoenix to these popular destinations. From Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), you can go to your planned destination with these cheap flights that are flying nonstop: From PHX to Honolulu, Hawaii People from Arizona can now see the view of the tropical islands of Hawaii and volcanoes in less than seven hours. There are five airlines that fly from PHX to...
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What to do in Monterey: 15 Reasons to Visit Monterey County, California

No Californian road trip is truly complete without cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway. This incredible highway is home to some of the best beachside towns and surf spots in the state. There’s also great food, towering Red Wood forests, and – would you believe it – plenty of great spots to play golf! On this road trip, be sure to spend some time in Monterey County. You will be hard-pressed to find a destination as idyllic and breathtakingly scenic. From dramatic coastal views to verdant fie...
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What to do in Tahoe besides ski

Most people who visit North Lake Tahoe in winter are planning to hit the slopes. After all, the region in California’s high Sierra hosted the 1960 Winter Olympic Games and is home to a dozen world-class ski areas all within 40 miles of one another. To go without at least attempting to ski or snowboard would appear to be selling your trip short. But if you, for whatever reason, are not there to slide downhill on a plank of some sort, there are plenty of other activities to keep you entertained...
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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts welcomes film icon Susan Sarandon as new global brand ambassador

PARIS, January 2020 - Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is delighted to announce a new Global Brand Ambassador - the Oscar-winning actress and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Susan Sarandon. In this unique role, Ms. Sarandon will star in a global brand campaign that will portray the transformative power of travel, connecting Fairmont's history and majestic hotels with modern sensibilities and the dreams of a new generation of travelers. The campaign is expected to be revealed in key markets around th...
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As Airbnb prepares to go public, here are the five things things investors will be focused on

Airbnb announced last September that it plans to go public in 2020 in what will be one of the most highly anticipated IPOs of the year. Founded in 2008, Airbnb has gone from renting out air mattresses to a global travel company last valued by private investors at $31 billion. But after a year of startups failing to impress investors and WeWork's disastrous IPO attempt, Airbnb could face more intense scrutiny. Investors will be paying attention to Airbnb's profits (or losses), marketing ...
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