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I am back in Arizona. I have good memories of my boy wrangling time in California. My daughter in law returned to find all five of them well and fed. I even watched the youngest play two baseball games. They are young enough that they say they don’t keep score (I bet the adults do) but a lot of hits and runs occured. We had some beautiful weather while I was there too. A lovely park near my son’s home. Red wood trees are everywhere. I saw this in a grocery store. I don’t know ...
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Here are the 88 companies that launched at YC’s W19 Demo Day 2

Today was the second half of Y Combinator’s two-day Demo Day for its Winter 2019 class. Over 85 startups pitched on stage yesterday, and another huge batch launched today. Previously held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, this YC Demo Day instead took over a massive warehouse in San Francisco. Like yesterday’s pitches, today’s were split across two stages (“Pioneer” and “Mission”) running in parallel — so even if you were there, you couldn’t see everything alone. Here are all o...
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Best US vintage trailer rentals

Before there was #vanlife, there was trailer life. In the 1950s and ‘60s, hitting the great highways and meandering backroads of the US with the family and a nicely outfitted trailer was the best way to see the country, and tons of great models emerged from that time period, including the now-iconic and coveted silver Airstreams. Nowadays, you’re more likely to see sleek modern RVs and boxy fold-out campers at campsites, but these charming relics of the USA’s great road-trip era are still flo...
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Super bloom chaos in California

When news of a possible super bloom in Southern California was announced earlier this year, some towns, such as Borrego Springs near Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, geared up for mayhem. During the last super bloom in 2017, the town was overwhelmed by an estimated 500,000 flower-peepers, so this year it ordered dozens of portable toilets and dumpsters and took measures to reduce traffic buildup and parking issues. The town of Lake Elsinore, California, however, was not as prepared for the in...
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How JetBlue Putting Someone on a Flight 90 Minutes Later Cost the Airline $2500

I was approached by someone recently about a fascinating interaction with JetBlue, and I thought this was worth sharing here. I suppose the moral of the story is that if you think you’ve been wronged and the airline isn’t owning up to their side of things, you could consider small claims court. It’s their fault if they can’t bother to show up. But be warned: this doesn’t sound like a typical outcome. Our story begins last October when a man who we’ll call Rigoberto (no reason, I just like ...
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Sky-high trekking: taking on California’s High Sierra Trail

This demanding adventure amid granite domes and giant trees ends in a climb up Mount Whitney – and it’s worth every lung-busting stepAs soon as we set foot on California’s High Sierra Trail, the clamour of the world fell away, replaced by the rhythm of our footsteps, the chatter of forest birds and a feeling of stillness. A week of wonder lay ahead. It was euphoria of the purest kind.We would follow the metre-wide path from the beauty spot of Crescent Meadow in Sequoia national park to the other...
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Supreme Court won't hear B&B appeal denying gay couple, city council wants to evacuate Honolulu Hale, Southwest Airlines lands inaugural flight, taxpayers lose in failed Kauai dairy farm, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Honolulu Hale ©2019 All Hawaii News Supreme Court rejects Hawaii B&B owner who denied room to gay couple. The justices on Monday are leaving in place Hawaiian state court rulings that found the Aloha Bed & Breakfast in Honolulu violated Hawaii’s anti-discrimination law by turning the couple away. Associated Press.Buyer Beware: Oceanfront Homes Keep Going Up Despite Rising Seas. Now, Hawaii lawmakers are considering bills that force sellers to tell prospective owners about vulnerable coast...
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Best doughnuts from around the world

Food isn’t, and never has been, limited by borders or boundaries. The things we eat travel as we do, flying across oceans and into the cultures and diets of their new homes, adapting along the way. But there may be no single food item that’s made its way into every corner of the world quite like the doughnut. Fried dough has been consumed for long enough to be found as fossilized pieces at ancient Native American sites. These days, it’s everywhere in one variation or another. In fact, forms o...
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Heading Back

I have decidedto head back to Arizona to spend some more time with my Mom and hopefully get her settled in a nice assisted living place. I had a good time with my five grandsons in California, a beautiful area. The pretty entrance to a Piedmont park. The lovely interior of a home I passed during my many walks. My son has a huge van that I was afraid to drive. I saw this in a yard. I don’t know what it was for but I like it. An entrance looking rather castle like. There...
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"'Poppy Apocalypse': Small California city overrun by thousands of tourists declares 'public safety crisis.'"

WaPo reports.Officials in Lake Elsinore, Calif., located just over an hour southeast of Los Angeles, announced Sunday that they had closed off access to their famed California golden poppy fields after “Disneyland size crowds” inundated the city of about 66,000 over the weekend, straining resources and creating a “public safety crisis.”"This weekend has been unbearable,” the city said in Sunday’s announcement, which was shared across social media platforms. “We will evaluate all options next wee...
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World Renown, Locally Loved

How many chain restaurants can draw lines everyday, from opening to closing, numbering well into the dozens on a “slow” day? What about an outpost that can claim a Michelin star? If you haven’t already heard of Din Tai Fung, there’s a good chance you’ve felt its impact on the overall culinary landscape whether you realize it or not. Born in Taiwan originally as a cooking oil purveyor, Din Tai Fung transitioned into the restaurant business in 1972 and has taken the world by storm ever since. Base...
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World Renowned, Locally Loved

How many chain restaurants can draw lines everyday, from opening to closing, numbering well into the dozens on a “slow” day? What about an outpost that can claim a Michelin star? If you haven’t already heard of Din Tai Fung, there’s a good chance you’ve felt its impact on the overall culinary landscape whether you realize it or not. Born in Taiwan originally as a cooking oil purveyor, Din Tai Fung transitioned into the restaurant business in 1972 and has taken the world by storm ever since. Base...
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10 Best Beaches in California

The Golden State, as it is also known, California is blessed with an incredible coastline that is home to a host of beautiful beaches that are among the best in the United States. Very much a trendsetter when it comes to popular culture, many people imagine California to be a laidback place that is a
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A Wonderer's Return to California One Year Later

4th and King Street San Francisco Several months ago although it feels like yesterday time really does stand still when the seasons blend together I found myself at the 4thand King Street train station waiting for our ri
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Five Hawks Down: watch the tragic migration of six Californian raptors

Watch these six dots move across the map and be moved yourself: this is a story about coming of age, discovery, hardship, death and survival. Each dot is a tag attached to the talon of a Swainson's Hawk. We follow them on their very first migration, from northern California all the way down to Argentina. After one year, only one is still alive. Discovered: destination Argentina The Buteo swainsoni is a slim, graceful hawk that nests from the Great Plains all the way to northern California. I...
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Around The World And Back With Justin Baker

A California Native, Justin Baker started working for AirTreks in 2008. His passion for travel aligned perfectly with the AirTreks core values of making meaningful connections, embracing change, working and playing with passion, loving learning, and owning our experience. Justin’s interest in wildlife and the outdoors sparked his journey to traveling the world. We had the chance to catch up with Justin to hear all about his worldly treks. Where was the first country you ever traveled to ou...
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I am now in California with five grandsons. I can’t call it baby sitting as the youngest is now seven so maybe it is boy sitting or boy wrangling. They are all pretty independent with all sorts of activities so I’m not hearing any whining of «  I’m bored! » Beautiful rolling hills of California as we near the airport. Brotherly activity. There’s a dog too-Telly.
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Best places to stand-up paddle board

Stand-up paddle boarding , or SUPing as it’s colloquially known, has taken the world by storm since it was first made popular by the surfing gods of Hawaii. It seems like everyone who spends time near the water, be that on a river, lake, or ocean, is heading out with a heavy board under their arm and a long paddle in hand. SUPing vacations are now very on-trend. However, for a little more than just paddling on that upcoming SUP holiday — like savoring snow-capped mountain vistas, sampling exce...
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Best CBD products for travelers

Cannabidiol, or CBD , is said to relax your body, ease stress, and reduce inflammation and aches. All of which are problems that come up while traveling. So you have to ask, is it worth it to have some travel-ready CBD when you’re on the road? The answer is yes — if you know what to get. While CBD isn’t legal in every state, it can be found in shops or shipped to the vast majority of homes in the US. There are some dud brands out there, however, thanks to CBD’s sheer popularity and lack of reg...
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In Defense of Not Grounding the 737 MAX… Even Though It’s Now Grounded

When the 737 MAX operating Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 crashed on takeoff from Addis Ababa last Sunday, the pressure immediately began to mount. Since this accident happened during the same phase of flight as the Lion Air accident last year, the dots were instantly connected… even if they shouldn’t necessarily have been. Calls to ground the airplane mounted from all sides except from those who actually fly the thing. Everyone caved quickly except for the US and Canada. Then yesterday, the ...
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Where to Stay in Los Angeles

The second most populous city in the United States, after New York City, Los Angeles is the unofficial capital city of the West Coast. Claimed by the Spanish in 1542 but not settled until the late 18th century, Los Angeles passed into American hands just over 170 years ago and grew exponentially from then onwards.
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Texas bluebonnet bloom

Not to be outdone by California’s super bloom, Texas is having a colorful flower bloom of its own this winter. Texas’s Big Bend National Park is in the midst of its largest bluebonnet bloom in decades. The local Texas Hill Country news site reported, “The bluffs and roadsides near and within Big Bend National Park are being overtaken by the strikingly beautiful Chisos bluebonnets.” According to this year’s Texas Bluebonnet & Wildlife Report, “Displays in some area will be well above average.”...
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Millions of butterflies migrating

Seeing one butterfly is enough to make us giddy, so the swarms of millions of painted lady butterflies currently flying at speeds of 25 mph from southeastern California to the Pacific Northwest and Canada for the spring season are just blowing our minds. The painted ladies are cousins to the monarch butterfly, and are colored orange, white, and black. The population explosion this spring is due to the heavy rainfalls in the desert of northern Mexico and southeastern California and the flower ...
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Cost of living around the world

Rent sucks everywhere . Half of the United States is rent-burdened, meaning they spend more than one-third of their income on rent. And when you hear a stat like that, sometimes you think moving to another country might help your situation. But the truth is, it’s tough around the world. To see exactly how tough it’s gotten, relatively, the furnished apartment experts at Nestpick examined 740 neighborhoods in 50 cities, then determined the annual salary a single person would need to live in ea...
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Bay Area gets more rain than Seattle

Seattle might be the US city most stereotypically associated with heavy amounts of rainfall, but this year, the San Francisco’s Bay Area is blowing it out of the water. According to Mike Nicco, ABC7 News meteorologist, “San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Rosa have each received more than 45 days of rain so far this year. Seattle has received 39 days of rain. Portland has received 42.” While you might think the rain has dampened the spirit of San Franciscans, that’s actually not entirely true. ...
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Flying as a Gold Elite on American Isn’t Anything Special (Trip Report)

As you know, last month was the annual American Leadership Conference, and once again I was invited as a member of the media. This would be my first flights since being gifted entry-level Gold elite status through May 15 (along with everyone and their mother, apparently), and I was looking forward to seeing the difference between that and traveling as a peon. As any Gold elite already knows, it really wasn’t much different. It certainly hasn’t made me any more interested in actually earning st...
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Best flower fields in the US

The snow is melting, the terrible, frigid weather is retreating, and soon fields of colorful flowers will begin to pop up all over the US. At these 11 spots, you’ll find yourself lost among blooms in every color, shape, size, and texture; from fragrant lavender to bright orange California poppies to pastel tulips straight out of a Dutch storybook. Just remember the cardinal rule of floral tourism: no picking the flowers. Appreciate their beauty, but leave it for the next person to enjoy. 1. ...
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I have been up to Northern Arizona to spend time with my Mom in her rehab facility. They are working on getting her strong enough to get up and walk on her own. She wasn’t much of a walker before her incident but she could get around fairly well. Mom’s spirits are pretty good and she likes to make the staff laugh. Some of the patients there seem pretty much out of it which makes Mom the star. I knew she was doing better when I arrived and she had put on makeup. She still has some mental issues ...
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The future of flying

From 3500 feet up California is a glorious patchwork quilt of green and gold, textured by rippling mountains and shining water. Ahead of us we see the Carquinez Bridge and the Bay; behind us, the fingers of Lake Berryessa curl into the steep hills. Twenty minutes ago I stood barefoot in the soft grass on the bank of one of those narrow coves, many miles from any road. Twenty minutes from now I will be driving to Five Guys for lunch. “Hey,” I think to myself, “even a flying car couldn’t do this.”...
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March News from Dianne

“Imagine a world without Italy: Painting without Leonardo. Sculpture without Michelangelo. Literature without Dante. No Verdi choruses or Puccini arias. No Fellini films or Ferrari roar. Heavens uncharted, vines unplanted, tables bereft of pasta, pizza, and a Sicilian cake so divine that its bakers swore it could make the dead breathe again.”, This is how LA PASSIONE: How Italy Seduced the World begins. Western culture is indeed unimaginable without Italy. Its borders contain more  of ...
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