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Free Sandals trip to nurses and more

If Mother’s Day , Teacher Appreciation Week, National Nurses’ Day, and Military Month aren’t already on your radar, they should be. Not just because it’s important to honor those who provide essential services to our community, but because Sandals Resorts is celebrating by giving away a seven-day, six-night vacation for two to 31 lucky winners. Every day in May, Sandals will randomly select one deserving teacher, nurse, military member, or mother, and give them a free six-night luxury vacation...
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9 Gay Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Travel blog by Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) – Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) - Of all the Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico is one of the most accepting and LGBTQ-friendly destinations. As an unincorporated territory of the United States, same-sex marriage has been legal since 2015. And with over three million inhabitants, Puerto Rico has plenty of gay and lesbian activities, bars, and attractions for visitors to easily discover. There are even two different pride parades each year on the island...
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Excellence Group Luxury Hotels & Resorts Rebrands As The Excellence Collection

With a mission to exceed guests' highest expectations in every aspect possible, Excellence Group Luxury Hotels and Resorts has become the Caribbean's most trusted name in all-inclusive luxury travel. The family-owned and -operated group, which owns and manages five-star, award-winning resorts in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica, will continue to deliver stunning properties and unmatched service as it enters its next chapter with The Excellence Collection.
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Best places to travel in June

Though it seems like spring just got here, it’s never too early to start thinking about where to take a summer trip. Because the kids are finally out of school and every co-worker has just about had it by the time June rolls around, it’s one of the most popular months to travel, which means the usual suspects like New York City or Italy will be overrun with crowds. In order to avoid spending your entire vacation on line or in traffic, your best bet is to book a June holiday to an unexpected p...
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Radisson Hotel Group Announces Six Key Hotel Additions And Multimillion Dollar Conversions In The Americas

Radisson Hotel Group today announced at its Americas Business Conference in Miami, Fla. the introduction of six key hotels set to join its Americas portfolio, which include one Radisson RED and three Radisson Blu hotels. This announcement exemplifies the growth strategy outlined in the company's five-year plan. The signings and conversions span from the Great Plains to the sunny West Coast and the tropical Caribbean, providing a variety of unique destinations for business and leisure gues...
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Bryher: 9 reasons to visit this idyllic Isle of Scilly

A little over a mile long and rarely half a mile wide, Bryher is as close as you will get to the Caribbean around Britain. The rugged island, “The Island of Hills”, with a sub-tropical climate, has azure and turquoise seas, a scattering of palm trees and white sand beaches. With a population of just […] The post Bryher: 9 reasons to visit this idyllic Isle of Scilly appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Best hotel hot tubs in North America

Nothing winds down a hard day of vacationing better than a nice soak in the hotel hot tub. It’s a little cherry of luxury on the sundae of vacation decadence, where you can grab an evening cocktail and let the tension of the real world escape into the bubbling water. While even the run-of-the-mill chlorine-scented jacuzzis at indoor pools are nice, some put you in settings that will make the hot tub experience one you conjure up for relaxation when you’re stuck in traffic back home. Here are ...
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Best things to do in Guadeloupe

“Most people, they think we’re in f**king Mexico,” my guide laughs over rum punches on my first night in Guadeloupe. “Like we’re gwa-da-LOOP-ay or something.” Such is the struggle of Guadeloupe (pronounced gwa-da-LOOP), the French Caribbean island that sits smack in the middle of the Lesser Antilles near St. Maarten and Dominica. AKA nowhere near Mexico. Though it’s one of the larger Caribbean territories, it somehow gets forgotten in North America’s collective consciousness. Which is a shame...
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History of West African food

For the finale of season 16 of Top Chef, Eric Adjepong announced that his final meal on the show would “tell the story of the transatlantic slave trade and how those flavors migrated to the South.” No small feat, especially when compared to the other contestants, Kelsey Barnard Clark from Alabama and Sara Bradley from Kentucky, who set out to cook the Southern food they grew up loving. Southern food, however, is forever tied to the story that Adjepong wants to tell about West African food. Gr...
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WestJet Announces Flyre Festival

today announced that Canada's favourite airline may launch Flyre Festival, the world's first premium in-flight music festival, on April 1, 2020. Many of the airline's promised festival activities can be seen in a promotional video released today."Since the dawn of flying, humans have yearned for an immersive music festival at 35,000 feet," said Richard Bartrem, WestJet Vice-President Marketing Communications. "WestJet is giving the people what they want, and the experience will be impossible t...
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10 Tips for the Ultimate Summer Vacation

Ultimate Summer Vacation Cheap flights to a perfect destination is how it starts, then we add 10 tips for the ultimate summer vacation to make the trip even less expensive. It's a little smoother and a lot more fun. A list of perfect vacation destinations 1. Find a Cheap Flight There are three proven ways to do this: 1. Avoid peak summer pricing by flying before mid-June or after late August. 2. Fly cheaper days which are usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday in the U.S. (weekdays for i...
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15 of the most beautiful places to visit in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island nation located in the heart of the Caribbean. The country is administered by the United States and consists of flavours of both the US and its Spanish colonial past. With a casual island vibe and stunning scenery, it makes a delectable travel destination with paradise-like beaches and pretty built up...
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Challenges of Black British travel

From discrimination and safety issues to not always relating to other travelers simply due to the color of our skin, black travelers collectively face a set of unique challenges around the world. But if you delve into the black travel movement, you will quickly notice the stark differences among us: our locations, cultures, as well as other intersectionalities of our identities like gender or religion, all shape our experiences. This is no different for the Black British community, a historic...
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Top 5 Luxury Ocean Cruise Destinations

Top 5 Luxury Ocean Cruise Destinations The folks over at Cruise Industry News are out with their listing of the top destinations for luxury cruise brands in 2019. Each year they compile all of the deployments of the various luxury cruise lines and produce this interesting information for us to consider. Not surprisingly, the Mediterranean and Northern Europe command a whopping 43% of all luxury cruise itineraries.  It’s no secret that American baby boomer travelers love Europe.  And, it is also...
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30 Fun Things To Do In Cancun: Mexico’s Gateway To The Yucatan

Best Things to Do in Cancun, Mexico! Cancun, Mexico Cancun is the official party capital of Mexico with great beachfront access to the Caribbean Sea. But there are so many more things to do in Cancun besides the beaches! Known as the gateway to the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is often the first travel experience that most Americans have in Mexico. In fact up to 40% of American travelers are picking Mexico for their vacation. I’ll be the first to tell you that Cancun is not my favorite place i...
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2019’s List of Cheap Destinations: All About Unique And Outsized Experiences

Almost anywhere can be a wallet-friendly destination— if you book far enough in advance, stick to low season and do not mind a shared bathroom. However, there are some places that are just cheaper, or in general, cheaper to get! That list may shift every year, and this here is the 2019 cheap list. 2019’s List of Cheap Destinations 1. Iceland The welcoming and natural splendor small-town feel of Iceland just make open its gate for an affordable getaway this year. Living in the eastern US, t...
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what i'm reading: jackie robinson: a biography

I finished reading this fine biography a while ago, but I've been having trouble writing about it. It was very good. If some parts were a bit too detailed for me (which is bound to happen if a biography is comprehensive), parts were thrilling, fascinating, sad, and very moving.There are many biographies of Jackie Robinson out there, but Jackie Robinson: A Biography by Arnold Rampersad is said to be the most accurate and complete. Rampersad, who has also written celebrated biographies of Langsto...
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How to Plan For Your Cruise Itinerary

Gone are the days when people would get seasick by being out on the open waters. Modern cruise ships are so stable and boast a range of activities to keep you entertained all throughout your trip. What’s more, there are so many destinations to explore and a myriad of cruise ships, that the odds of you ever getting bored are slim-to-none. Here is our step-by-step guide to planning your cruise itinerary. 1. Pick a destination The first step to planning a cruise is to decide where exactly y...
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Top 5 Things to Thing of While Creating Your Cruise Itinerary

Gone are the days when people would get seasick by being out on the open waters. Modern cruise ships are so stable and boast a range of activities to keep you entertained all throughout your trip. What’s more, there are so many destinations to explore and a myriad of cruise ships, that the odds of you ever getting bored are slim-to-none. Step-by-step guide to planning your cruise itinerary. 1. Pick a destination The first step to planning a cruise is to decide where exactly you want to g...
Tags: Travel, Sponsored, Disney, Alaska, Caribbean, Holland America, Misty Fjords National Monument, Orca, Saxman Native Village, Barbados Bahamas Mexico

Top 10 happiest countries in the world

Perhaps your idea of happiness is a pristine beach off the Caribbean, a glass of vintage red on the French Riviera or an unexpected hotel upgrade, but what about the happiness of a nation? The winner of this year’s World Happiness Report may come as a surprise to some. For the second time in a […] The post Top 10 happiest countries in the world appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Puerto Rico Moments – Travel Photos from San Juan

A few weekends ago I visited Puerto Rico for the first time since 2007. On my first visit to the American territory, I was captivated with the culture—even if the trip was brief. During this trip, I had the time and opportunity to explore even more of Puerto Rican culture and I spent a lot of time just wandering. Like any Caribbean island, the culture of Puerto Rico is rich. There’s a color and vibrancy not just in the place, but in the people. In the past few years, Puerto Rico has been hit wit...
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ViaHero Connects Travelers to Puerto Rican Locals for Personalized Trips

Via Hero connects travelers in Puerto Rico with locals who can show them around and give personalized tours. Interview with Via Hero's Greg Buzulencia.
Tags: Travel, Caribbean, Family Travel, Puerto Rico, Outdoor Adventure, World Tours, ViaHero

Top 5 sailing destinations for 2019

Thinking about a sailing holiday this year? With data collected over the last five years, leading boat holiday platform Zizoo has released its predicted sailing trends for 2019. Whether you’re an experienced sailor looking to navigate a more adventurous route, or a complete beginner embracing your sea legs for the first time, here are the […] The post Top 5 sailing destinations for 2019 appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Best things to do in Tampa, Florida

Going to Florida for vacation has been an American tradition since the invention of air conditioning. But for business? Outside of Latin American finance and quote-unquote “exotic” imports, folks usually didn’t come down this way to do anything that resembled “serious.” But that’s changed in the past couple of decades, and as business in Florida booms so does the number of people who come here for work. Since the sunshine state was a vacation destination to begin with, it’s also the perfect p...
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History of popular condiments

Condiments can make or break a meal. They’re the addition that saves a dry sandwich and the extra touch that spices up a bit of sushi. No matter what you’re eating, there always seems to be a condiment on the side that is there to at least improve a dish, if not save it entirely. It’s something that has been done throughout history — something that’s immediately clear as soon as you take a deeper look at where your favorite condiments come from. This is how your favorite condiments came to do...
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The Ultimate Cruise Packing Guide and Checklist

What to pack for a Caribbean cruise? Try my Ultimate Cruise Packing Checklist! It’s been a long time since I… The post The Ultimate Cruise Packing Guide and Checklist appeared first on Cruise Maven.
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Best things to do Curacao

As soon as he smelled the cigarette, Miguel was not having it. “Hey!” he yelled at a doughy man walking up the rocky path to the top of Curaçao’s Mount Christoffel. “Put that out! The hell you doing?” The man with the lit cigarette looked up like he was about to get mugged. Miguel, our hiking guide, stood uphill from him, his large, dark frame a menacing sight form below. The man nervously extinguished his cigarette on the closest rock. “Don’t throw that on the ground either,” Miguel added. T...
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Sandals goes ahead with legal challenge against Caribbean island

Dispute with Turks and Caicos rumbles on
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The best Piña Coladas in San Juan

You don’t have to go far to find a Piña Colada in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The cocktail’s birthplace is rife with frosty hurricane glasses full of rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. The bar at your hotel undoubtedly blends a reliable version, which you can happily slurp while lounging on the sunny hotel patio until you get brain freeze. But you don’t want to simply call it in when drinking Piña Coladas in Puerto Rico — because the bars on this island make some of the best vacation drinks ...
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