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Choice Hotels Announces Strategic Relationship With AMResorts, One of The Fastest-Growing Luxury Resort Companies

Choice Hotels International, Inc. (NYSE: CHH) has entered into a strategic agreement with AMResorts®, an Apple Leisure Group (ALG) related brand known for its portfolio of luxury, all-inclusive resorts across popular destinations throughout Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. The arrangement is expected to enhance Choice Hotels' award-winning loyalty program, Choice Privileges, by allowing members to earn and redeem points at AMResorts' more than 50 award-winning properties by year...
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A Beach Resort Worth the Trip in Mancora, Peru

Big news: we finally posted a luxury beach resort review from somewhere in South America that's not on the Atlantic. That's Arennas Mancora hotel in Peru. Ever since we started Luxury Latin America more than a decade ago, it's been a mystery to me why there weren't any luxury beach resorts worth featuring on the entire west coast of South America. There are plenty on the Pacific in Central America, so why does the action stop on the other side of the Darien Gap? There are a few answers that re...
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The Biggest Backpacker Budget Killers: Location, Velocity, & Distance

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Top 5 romantic Latin American beach retreats

With some of the most picturesque and dramatic coastlines in the world, Latin America offers up a plethora of options for romantic coastal retreats. Luxurious resorts, exclusive seaside boutiques and rustic-chic tropical hideaways are all available, meaning there is a hotel to suit all tastes and requirements for your indulgent luxury trip. Here are five […] The post Top 5 romantic Latin American beach retreats appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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How to Get Around Central America on a Budget

Posted: 5/13/2019 | May 13th, 2019 Surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Central America is a magical region that is perfect for backpacking. The area is full of rainforests, unexplored Mayan ruins, gorgeous beaches, incredible reefs, cheap prices, delicious food, and warm welcoming people. Though it is not expensive, it is often confusing to arrange your own transportation throughout the region. So, in this post, I’ll provide some helpful hints on getting around Central America. Here...
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Unusual methods of transportation

Traveling by car , train, and bus might be efficient, but it doesn’t always inspire an appreciation of the journey. After all, the reason it’s so easy to doze off on a train is that it’s a mundane way of getting from point A to point B. In some places around the world, getting places is an adventure. From a bamboo train in Cambodia to a Couchbike in Canada, there are some pretty wild ways people across different cultures use to get around. Here are six of the most unusual methods of transporta...
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Are You Getting All the Credit Card Perks for Travelers?

Every once in a while I'll be on a tour or staying at a hotel where I can't help but hear the conversations around me. Sometimes I hear something that makes me stop what I'm doing and listen. The latest happened on a trip to Peru recently when one traveler asked, in amazement, "Why would you use a debit card to pay for an $8,000 tour? Are you out of your mind?!" The recipient of this question mumbled something about responsible spending and not going into debt, but the others at the table hit ...
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8 under-the-radar places to visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the most popular destination in Central America attracting approximately two million annual visitors. Some come to explore rainforests and embrace nature. Others indulge in one of the luxury getaways to Costa Rica. If you’re looking to have a more in-depth experience away from the crowds, check out these fabulous off-the-beaten track places...
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22 of the Best Things to Do in Mexico City

Mexico City is often described in foreign media as unsafe and dirty. However, we found this unsavory reputation to be completely unwarranted. One of the best things to do in Mexico City is explore the San Angel Neighborhood Just like any major city around the world, there are areas that should be avoided, but you’ll quickly see that there is much more to Mexico City than the rumors will have you believe. CDMX, or Cuidad de Mexico , is full of unbeatable food, charming tree-shaded ...
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San Juan Chamula: Saints, Spirits and Sacrifice in Chiapas, Mexico

I wasn’t expecting to find a dualist heresy in rural Mexico, much less one governed and guided by narcos, but there it was in Chamula, a small town outside San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas. The town perches on the side of a mountain, roads plunging steeply to converge finally on the central square. At the heart of this shines a white building trimmed with green, surrounded by a low-walled plaza curiously empty of the street food vendors and craft sellers who lurk just beyond the gates. St...
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7 Travel Mistakes I Made in Guatemala

This post 7 Travel Mistakes I Made in Guatemala appeared first on The Professional Hobo. I recently spent six weeks in Guatemala. It was supposed to be three months, but I cut the trip short. I’ll admit up front that the reasons I left Guatemala early have little to do with the country itself; rather, I did a poor job of planning this trip and I made some travel mistakes that somebody of my tenure in this biz should have been able to avoid. But, that’s how the cookie crumbled, and now that I’ve ...
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Climbing in Guatemala – Amatitlan Rock Breakdown

Guest post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s son) Amatitlan and Xela are the biggest and most recommended places to rock climb in Guatemala. I will mainly tell you my experience of Amatitlan because I have never been to Xela. But will be going soon, so stayed tuned. Amatitlan is a very big lake (Lake Amatitlan) located south of Guatemala City, about thirty minutes from there. Once you arrive to the spot of the entrance to the rock, it is about a ten minute hike to the first sector. T...
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Where to Eat in Antigua Guatemala – and More!

This post Where to Eat in Antigua Guatemala – and More! appeared first on The Professional Hobo. When a sailor friend ( on whose boat I lived for a while in the Caribbean) sent me a message asking where my traveling hat was currently parked, I wrote back “Guatemala! I’m currently in Antigua. It’s gorgeous.” “I don’t get it,” he replied. “Where are you – Antigua, or Guatemala? You just said you were in both.” Written like a true sailor, his version of Antigua is a Caribbean island. But if you go...
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Word of the week: Invasion

On March 15, a gunman killed at least 50 people and injured another 50 as they gathered in two Christchurch mosques. Minutes before the attacks, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had been emailed a 74-page document, variously called a “manifesto” and a “screed,” purported to have been written by the gunman. In it, the man – a 28-year-old Australian living in New Zealand – denounced immigrants as “invaders.” Hours later, Donald Trump held a ceremony at the White House to mark the firs...
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Guatemala Travel Prices

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Cost of living around the world

Rent sucks everywhere . Half of the United States is rent-burdened, meaning they spend more than one-third of their income on rent. And when you hear a stat like that, sometimes you think moving to another country might help your situation. But the truth is, it’s tough around the world. To see exactly how tough it’s gotten, relatively, the furnished apartment experts at Nestpick examined 740 neighborhoods in 50 cities, then determined the annual salary a single person would need to live in ea...
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What All Those Spanish Place Names Mean

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Top 5 Latin American hotels for luxury spa retreats

Blessed with an abundance of luxury hotels in regions of astounding natural beauty, Latin America offers much for the discerning traveller seeking to switch off from the pressures of quotidian life. With wellness escapes and innovative spa treatments becoming an increasingly valuable element of a luxury travel experience, the natural bounty of Latin America’s unique […] The post Top 5 Latin American hotels for luxury spa retreats appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Best surf spot in Central America

Central America has long been a hot surf destination for Americans. It’s easy to see why. The tropical region is right in our backyard, there are direct flights, and many of the surf spots exist in thriving, yet somewhat touristy, towns that make traveling convenient and comfortable. Few locations maintain the exotic appeal of surf travel’s origins — back when surfers were explorers who set out into the unknown. But Playa Venao, Panama, does just that. It’s remote, protected, and surprisingly...
Tags: Travel, Israel, Colombia, Peru, South America, North America, Pacific, Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica, Central America, Panama, Caribbean, Panama City, All, Costa Rica Panama, Bocas del Toro

10 amazing places to backpack in Central America

Central America is one of the most diverse and beautiful strips of countries in the world but yet it’s often overlooked. Our guest blogger Phoebe Simmonds from Passport Please tells us about her favourite places. You would be hard pressed to find a better region to backpack in than Central America. This small strip of land...
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Native American sites to visit

Sites of Native American heritage play a powerful role in educating visitors about the original residents of what are now the United States and help foster respect for the 5.2 million indigenous people in the country today. Socially ethical tourism helps sustain Native American families — some of the least represented, most poverty-stricken groups of people in the US. It’s important for tourists to respect that many of these sites are sacred to the local people, their spirituality, their land...
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History of the tres leches cake

In March of 2008 , I found myself in a pizza restaurant in Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras. I was part of a Habitat for Humanity trip, and it was my first time out of the country. I wouldn’t have expected to find a pizzeria in this rural town in the mountains of Central America, but there we were. I wasn’t complaining, though. A long day of digging foundations and hauling wheelbarrows of dirt had left me with a formidable appetite. Plus, it was my birthday. I wasn’t expecting any kind of recogni...
Tags: Travel, Asia, Europe, Mexico, Turkey, Austin, United States, Middle East, Brazil, Miami, Mega, Albania, Honduras, Istanbul, Central America, Latin America

History of the torta de tamal

The base of Mexican street food is the diet of the Ts: tortillas, tacos, tortas, tlayudas, tostadas, and tamales. The T diet is something I’ve heard more than once and something you’ll also hear and experience if you stay in Mexico City, Oaxaca, and other parts of Mexico for long enough. And among those many Ts you’ll find the torta de tamal, sometimes called guajolota, which is a magical combination of bolillo (a short French bread also called pan frances in some parts of Mexico) and tamales...
Tags: Travel, Mexico, India, US, Mexico City, Central America, Oaxaca, Maya, All, Mexican Food, Tamales, Mexica, Tamale, Mexico City Oaxaca, Tono Balaguer Shutterstock, Mexican breakfast

Places to travel to get over an ex

Sorry folks, Valentine’s Day is over, and half of the couples you saw flooding your Instagram feed with #bae #forever will be broken up by summer. Oh, you were one of the people that posted a gratuitous kissing selfie? Well, we sincerely wish you the best of luck in your romantic endeavors — but perusing airfares wouldn’t hurt, in case you have to make a quick escape. Whether you’ve just been dumped, plan on dropping a big bomb on your partner soon, or can’t imagine this relationship outlas...
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The Coup, The Struggle for Democracy and a New Beginning – Santiago’s Museo De La Memoria Y Los Derechos Humanos

Forty-five years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to roam around freely in Latin America—unless the other me had had a taste for military dictatorship tourism, and I don’t think she would have. Forty-five years ago, the US-backed Plan Cóndor implemented a campaign of political repression and state terror involving intelligence operations and assassination of opponents in most of South America. Forty-five years ago, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay were right-wing dictatorshi...
Tags: Travel, US, Santiago, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, South America, Uruguay, Central America, Latin America, Augusto Pinochet, Colombia Peru, Forty, La Moneda, Argentina Chile, Derechos Humanos

Southwest Airlines contest

If you love traveling the world, and don’t mind spending an awful lot of time on airplanes, this Southwest Airlines job might be for you. Southwest Airlines recently announced that it’s looking for influencers and storytellers to create travel content. Candidates will be asked to compete for the chance to win a grand prize of up to 12 round-trip tickets from Southwest, valued at approximately $4,800, according to USA Today. The grand prize winner can expect to travel, free of charge, to 99 d...
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Scuba sites in Baja California

Baja California is famous for its dramatic landscape of boulder fields, cactus-studded mountains, and nearly 2,000 miles of rugged coastline. While Baja may be arid and earth-toned above water, below the surface it transforms into a colorful and biodiverse ecosystem. Nicknamed the world’s aquarium by Jacques Cousteau, this region is one of Mexico’s most impressive destinations for dive travel, yet it’s often overlooked by tourists in favor of the Yucatán. If you want these stunning sites all ...
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Most romantic cities in the world

It’s time to end the City of Love’s monopoly on romance. It’s not that Paris hasn’t earned its reputation as a couples magnet; it’s just that the world is full of cities that could have been designed by Cupid himself, and it’s about time they get the recognition they deserve. Between major metropolises that have been overlooked by honeymooners for far too long and small, storybook cities that’ll make anyone go full-on soppy, these romantic destinations are perfect for lovebirds. 1. Mostar, B...
Tags: Travel, Japan, Danube, Budapest, Chile, Paris, West Bank, Cape Town, Pacific, Cupid, Central America, Romantic Trips, Table Mountain, Antigua, Osaka, All

The best new luxury hotels in Costa Rica

With Costa Rica fast becoming the hottest destination in recent years for holidaymakers the world over (largely helped in the UK by new direct flights), there has in turn been a host of new hotels opening across the country. As many people look at this tropical paradise as being the ideal location for a luxury […] The post The best new luxury hotels in Costa Rica appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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A Pair of Brown Eyes

I just spent three weeks traveling all over Central America. My plan was simple. No plan.Back when I was 18 and fearless I backpacked my way through Central America with my best friend Linda. We were just a couple of inebriated surfer girls l
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