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Dexterity Training

Chengdu China May 17 2019 Sometimes little things amuse me. At breakfast this morning was thinking back to a meal at Stanley Market in Hong Kong where we decided that the dexterity exam for upcoming potential cataract surgeons was eating a plate full o
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Friday at Sunrise

Chengdu China May 17 2019 After a reasonably restful night I got up at sunrise to go for a walk and explore a park near the hotel. The Huanhuaxi Park has beautiful flower lush vegetation a river and large pond with plenty of egrets and ducks. A nice
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Dinner at Breakfast Time

Chengdu China May 16 2019 Still feeling foggy brained after a good nap this afternoon I was invited across town to have dinner at what my body believes is morning with a Chinese colleague who has helped our team in many ways since our earliest days he
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Chengdu China May 16 2019 San Francisco weather caused incoming flight delays. This year's team was made up of faculty and residents from the Dean McGee Eye Institute in Oklahoma City two ophthalmologists from Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco and my
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The Familiar Tian Chen Lou Hotel

Chengdu China May 16 2019 The people from the Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital are always gracious in hosting us. In spite of arriving an hour early there was a resident I'd not met before who met me with a car to take me to the hotel. Vincent hi
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Breakfast at Tian Chen Lou

Chengdu China May 16 2019 Those who've been here know it well picking through the buffet of exotic dishes to find something familiar for breakfast. Here's my foray into the culinary delights of the Tian Chen Lou menu this morning boiled chicken eggs
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The Familiar Tien Chen Lou Hotel

Chengdu China May 16 2019 The people from the Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital are always gracious in hosting us. In spite of arriving an hour early there was a resident I'd not met before who met me with a car to take me to the hotel. Vincent hi
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Arrived in Chengdu

Chengdu China May 16 2019 Hainan Dreamliner flight 7966 couldnt have gone any smoother. Boarding on time leaving JFK on time and getting to our destination about an hour earlier than projected a 14 for flight. My original seat wasnt working an
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The best family volunteer trips

While taking a family vacation is nothing new, family volunteer trips are becoming a more popular way to travel. Volunteer trips allow families to experience new countries and cultures while bonding as they complete community-oriented tasks. Parents find that these trips can create awareness about other parts of the world and instill in their children the value of service and giving back. Through volunteering abroad, you can experience life as a local and contribute to a meaningful cause. Yo...
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Spicy Mala Sauce Rabbit Head Food Dujiangyan China

( = || []).push({}); This is one of the unique food or bizarre food in China. Rabbit head is actually a popular food in Chengdu China. Then, it spread to other cities nearby such as Dujiangyan in Sichuan. We have rabbit meat in Malaysia but it never popular. There were attempts to popularise rabbit meat in Malaysia but it never succeeds. However, rabbit head is extremely popular in Chengdu. The rabbit head is sold with spicy mala sauce...
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Tea and history: an evocative brew in Chengdu, China

This centuries-old teahouse in Sichuan province and its regulars are a world away from China’s modern megacitiesOut in the western suburbs of Sichuan’s capital, Chengdu, the town of Pengzhen is home to what’s said to be the oldest teahouse in China. About 300 years old, the Guanyin Pavilion is at the heart of a tiny community of historic streets where, against a tide of rapid modernisation, the local population proudly preserves its heritage and traditional way of life. Continue reading...
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All-you-can-eat buffet bankrupt

Crushing it at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet is a skill that takes years of over-stuffing your face to hone. A restaurant in Chengdu, China learned the hard way that no one is more skilled in this fine art than the Chinese themselves. Jiamenar, a hot-pot restaurant in the bustling city of nearly 15 million, was forced to close its doors after only two weeks in business because customers ate too much food. A poorly laid out plan for an all-you-can-eat buffet that sent food costs through th...
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Endangered animals to see and where

In the late 1980’s, Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, began traveling around the world with zoologist Mark Carwardine in order to see animals that were likely to go extinct in the near future. The resulting radio program and book, titled Last Chance to See, was a funny, beautiful, and sad look at a natural world that has been disappearing thanks to mankind’s interventions. Adams died in 2001, but Carwardine has continued to work as a conservationist, making a follo...
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UNWTO General Assembly confirms World Committee on Tourism Ethics

With a leading role in the recent approval of the Framework Convention on Tourism Ethics by the UNWTO General Assembly held in Chengdu, China, the composition of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics has been renewed.
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22nd UNWTO General Assembly in China: a week of important achievements

The approval of the Chengdu Declaration on Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals, the adoption of the Framework Convention on Tourism Ethics and the appointment by consensus of Zurab Pololikashvili as Secretary-General for 2018-2021 were only some of the achievements of the 22ndsession of the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), held in Chengdu, China last week.
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More than 1300 delegates attend 22nd UNWTO General Assembly in Chengdu

More than 1300 delegates from over 130 countries attended the opening of the 22nd session of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) General Assembly in Chengdu, China this morning. During the next four days, the priorities of the Organization for 2018-2019, the transformation of the UNWTO Code of Ethics for Tourism into an International Convention and the impact of technology on tourism will centre the discussions. On the agenda of the Assembly is also the election of the Secretary Genera...
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8 Underrated Cities Around The World Worth A Visit

The world is a big place, larger than anyone can really even grasp. I’m always amazed by how many new experiences and destinations I discover while traveling, places that impress me almost immediately but which I knew nothing about before I left home. That’s why many of us love to travel so very much, for that sense of personal discovery and along the way I’ve found many cities and towns that I think everyone should visit but, for some reason, largely remain off the normal tourist maps. Here are...
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Chengdu, China: A Few Reasons It Should Be On Your Bucket List

Last year I traveled for the first time to Mainland China, a trip that had honestly been 40 years in the making. I’m not sure why it took me so long to finally visit, probably a whole host of factors. I was intimidated by nearly aspect of traveling there from the language and customs to the food and my general misconceptions. Almost as soon as I arrived fresh off my Cathay Pacific flight though I realized how wrong I had been. At least in the cities, traveling around China was far from being a ...
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17 Places You Should Visit In 2017

It’s hard to believe, but 2017 is almost here and in keeping with my year-end post traditions, I thought I’d share a few places I think everyone should visit in 2017. Some are obvious choices, others a little more unexpected but all are amazing places to discover for one reason or another. Also, these are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. I don’t want to see anyone complaining that one destination is ranked higher or lower than another one; they all have my love and admiration. Rovaniemi, Finland For wha...
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Yak served every which way in Chengdu, China

In the capital of Sichuan province, once you’ve tried the eponymous red pepper, it’s time for something more exotic – in the form of yak meat in the thriving Tibetan quarter. Though oily, salty yak butter tea may be a taste too farI’m in Chengdu, in China’s Sichuan Province, home of huā jiāo, the famous Sichuan pepper. I’m in the city’s Tibetan Quarter, however, where it’s yak on the menu. Related: Trekking in the Himalayas: how to do it Continue reading...
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STR: Asia Pacific hotel pipeline for October 2016

STR's October 2016 Pipeline Report shows 595,213 rooms in 2,654 projects Under Contract in the Asia Pacific region. The total represents a 5.4% increase in rooms Under Contract compared with October 2015.Under Contract data includes projects in the In Construction, Final Planning and Planning stages but does not include projects in the Unconfirmed stage.The region reported 252,195 rooms in 1,089 projects In Construction for the month, which is a 2.0% decrease in year-over-year compari...
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Getting My Kicks On Route 66: Enjoying Life at The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis

In 1904 the world arrived at St. Louis’ doorstep. That was the year of the World’s Fair as well as the Olympics; two events that had incredible repercussions not only on the city, but the world as well. This is where the ice cream cone was first introduced and where the coffee maker was presented to a curious public. It was an exciting time to be in St. Louis for sure, and it all happened in the still-beautiful (and massive) Forest Park. That’s also the neighborhood where one of the city’s best ...
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Class 9 First Impressions of Chengdu China

To China through Steiner... We arrived. WOW So big Ni Hao. China is very different but its really cool. I love China so much it is as good as Australia. I am so excited to be here. I love the food but a lot of it is so spicy Love the food sooooooo much
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FARE ALERT: China for $270 Roundtrip From Seattle, Portland, Chicago

Here's a fantastic roundtrip fare of less than $300 between either Portland or Seattle and Beijing or Chengdu, China. Continue reading FARE ALERT: China for $270 Roundtrip From Seattle, Portland, Chicago...
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Spending The Day With Pandas in China

There it sat, firmly at the number one position on my bucket list in no danger of being removed. I added “Hug a panda” to my wish list of travel experiences partly because I never thought I would ever actually have the chance to do it. It guaranteed a certain permanence to the list; it would always exist because there’s no way I would ever be able to actually hug a panda. Then the unthinkable happened, I actually did get a panda hug while on a trip to Chengdu, China and in a flash that long desi...
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Eating My Way Through Chengdu, China

I am a notoriously picky eater, almost to the point of being ridiculous. The list of things I won’t eat is far longer than what I do enjoy and it’s an added level of complexity when I travel, sometimes. As difficult as I am to cook for, I’ve actually had little trouble traveling around the world finding something to eat. There are some exceptions to this of course, and I’m not ashamed to say that on more than one occasion the only viable option was Pizza Hut or McDonalds. It’s an aspect to trave...
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42 Trips To Take In Your 40s

It seems that no matter where I look, I can’t get away from Millennials. Every article is about them, it’s what all the big companies are worrying about and I’m getting tired of it. A few months ago I wrote a post yelling from the rooftops that not only are Gen-Xers still here, but we still very much matter. Today’s post is a continuance of that theme. Too often online I see silly little posts written by 20-somethings lamenting the fact they’re turning 30 (oh no!) and advising their youthful com...
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Quiet Moment at the Wuhou Temple in Chengdu, China

The post Quiet Moment at the Wuhou Temple in Chengdu, China appeared first on LandLopers.
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The Great Power of Hospitality in the Travel Experience

There are a lot of people online who want to share their secrets for seeing the world as cheaply as possible. That’s fine I guess, but it’s never been my travel style nor is it something I can easily identify with. Don’t get me wrong, my partner and I are not spendthrifts and like everyone, if we can save money then we will. But travel is also an investment, and investments require expenditures of our time and money to be honest. Since my first trip as an adult, I’ve devoted most of my own resou...
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The International Eye Hospital

Chengdu China April 22 2016 Today's focus was our discussion and negotiation with the SPPH team on the plan to build an eye hospital in Chengdu an international eye hospital that would facilitate surgical training in addition to providing high volume
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