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Best local food spots in Chicago

Chicago is one of the great food and restaurant cities in the world. The city has everything from world-class fine dining to incredible hole-in-the-wall dives, and more cuisines from more regions and countries around the world than almost anywhere else. It’s no surprise then that Chicago gets its fair share of foodie travelers, but even those most in the know miss some of the city’s best places. These are the local favorites that tend to stay hidden — the spots where the chefs eat on their da...
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HVS Market Pulse: Chicago Ascending | By Dana Waud & Stacey Nadolny

Chicago continues to attract major corporations and hotel development, supported by its proximity to global transportation infrastructure and a well-educated workforce. In 2018, 57.6 million visitors came to Chicago, setting a record for city tourism. In addition to the plethora of tourist attractions in Downtown Chicago, McCormick Place continues to be a major demand generator for the ever-growing supply of hotels in the market. In the last two years, the 1,200-room Marriott Marquis, the...
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History of popular condiments

Condiments can make or break a meal. They’re the addition that saves a dry sandwich and the extra touch that spices up a bit of sushi. No matter what you’re eating, there always seems to be a condiment on the side that is there to at least improve a dish, if not save it entirely. It’s something that has been done throughout history — something that’s immediately clear as soon as you take a deeper look at where your favorite condiments come from. This is how your favorite condiments came to do...
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Know Your Rights If You’re Bumped From a Flight

Read the full article on at - Know Your Rights If You’re Bumped From a Flight What are your real rights if you’re bumped from a flight? After the infamous incident when a dentist was literally dragged off a United flight from Chicago to Louisville, the real rules of denied boarding were brought into focus, and some were actually changed. The good news is that now, once you’ve actually boarded a... The post Know Your Rights If You’re Bumped From a Flight appeared first on Peter...
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Japan’s Sapporo Snow Festival photos

In February of this year, we traveled to Sapporo, in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, to see the annual Sapporo Ice Festival. The festival has grown from six sculptures in 1950 to entire city neighborhoods dedicated to ice sculptures and other wintry activities — from ice skating to ski jumping. Every year, teams of designers and ice sculptors come from around the world to fashion their stunning ice creations. 1 Around two million people travel to no...
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Air travel linked to measles

Getting the proper vaccinations before a trip is extremely important, but it’s not only yellow fever, typhoid, cholera, and the like that travelers should be worried about — measles are making a comeback in the US and there’s already been 268 cases there in 2019 alone. If you don’t have an MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) proof of vaccination in your health records, make sure you talk to your family physician and get vaccinated before you travel internationally, domestically, or even walk around ...
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American Travel Experiences Everyone Should Try

In recent years I’ve spent a lot more time traveling around my own country and, for the most part, it’s been wonderful. The experiences I’ve enjoyed most times truly surprised me and I’ve learned how to better appreciate the full width and breadth of the U.S. In an effort to encourage other people, American or not, to experience more of what makes the country so much fun to explore, today I want to share some of my own personal experiences that I think best portray what the nation is all about....
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Week 15: Viva Las Vegas Baby!

We weren’t intending on visiting Vegas on our America Unplugged road trip. Our intention on  this trip is to go beyond the main tourist destinations that everyone knows, and strangely, wants to visit. But, since we were close by, and our Australian readers insist on incorporating Vegas into their travel plans, we decided why not? I wasn’t expecting to have a great time – I mean how long can you spend looking at casinos before you get bored? But, I arrived intending to have a great time and see V...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 15 March 2019

Stones (in both foreground and background) and sheep (everywhere) – we’ll see these in Kilmartin Glen, on our Scotland’s Highland Highlights Tour this September. Good morningWow, what a wild and crazy week this one has been, with the added dimension, for me personally but hopefully not for you, of (hopefully just) experiencing another kidney stone event.  These seem to be occurring with increasing frequency.The extraordinarily dysfunctional nature of Obamacare was driven home to me.  When it bec...
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St. Patrick’s Day parades in the US

Admittedly, it’s fun to get out and slosh yourself silly in green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. And in some cities — like Chicago, New York, and Boston — you’ll find millions of people who agree with you crowding the streets for the rowdiest St. Paddy’s parties of the year. The problem, of course, is that most of those people had Guinness for breakfast too, so by parade time things can get a little… sloppy. There are, however, smaller destinations around the country with celebrations that are ju...
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Parking ticket revenue in US

If you recently had to pay a ticket that you deemed unfair or have been dealing with zealous parking authorities in your town for years, this infographic may take your blood pressure through the roof. TopView created this handy graphic, posted by Reddit user Gard3nB1rd, that gives a clear representation of which cities brought in the most money from parking fines in 2017 and some of these numbers are staggering. Photo: TopView Obviously, New York City blew the competition out of the water. ...
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Visit Indiana Dunes National Park

A whopping 330 million nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts from all over the world visited US national parks in 2017. This summer, visitors will have a new park to explore, and they’ll have to venture to Indiana to get the newest stamp on their national parks passport. The National Park Service welcomed Indiana Dunes National Park to its roster on February 15, making it the country’s 61st national park. Just 50 miles from Chicago, the park is doable as a day trip or a multi-day adventure....
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Best Irish bars in Chicago

Few cultures are as synonymous with lively drinking and hospitality as Irish culture. Much of that is thanks to the ubiquitous nature of the Irish pub with its characteristic deep mahogany wood, food that sticks to your bones, beer on draught, and friendly bartender always ready with a bit of craic. That type of pub can be found around the country, but Chicago, it could be argued, is in a league of its own when it comes to pubs full of Irish charm. If you’re in Chicago this St. Patrick’s Day ...
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We started our day early with our driver picking us up at 515. He was 15 minutes late because he had stopped to pick up the others in our group from a different hotel a couple from Germany and a lady from Chicago. It was about an hour and a half to the bo
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Libreria Costa Rica airport to Chicago via Atlanta

At the airport and heading home. We are sad to leave the warm weather and friendly tico people of Costa Rica. I have not blogged for the last 2 days and hope to get the photos organized on the flight. Ziplining on Sunday and a trip to Nicaragua yesterday.
Tags: Travel, Atlanta, Chicago, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Libreria Costa Rica

Cost of living around the world

Rent sucks everywhere . Half of the United States is rent-burdened, meaning they spend more than one-third of their income on rent. And when you hear a stat like that, sometimes you think moving to another country might help your situation. But the truth is, it’s tough around the world. To see exactly how tough it’s gotten, relatively, the furnished apartment experts at Nestpick examined 740 neighborhoods in 50 cities, then determined the annual salary a single person would need to live in ea...
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U.S. Cuts Oil Production Forecast for the First Time in 6 Months - Bloomberg

U.S. Cuts Oil Production Forecast for the First Time in 6 Months - Bloomberg:The U.S. government cut its oil production forecast for the first time in six months as drillers scale back in smaller shale plays and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.While crude output is still expected to reach record levels, the Energy Information Administration trimmed its 2019 forecast to 12.3 million barrels a day -- 110,000 barrels-a-day lower than it had forecast previously. In 2020, production is expected to reach 13.0...
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Libreria Costa Rica airport to Chicago

At the airport and heading home. We are sad to leave the warm weather and friendly tico people of Costa Rica. I have not blogged for the last 2 days and hope to get the photos organized on the flight. Ziplining on Sunday and a trip to Nicaragua yesterday.
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RobertDouglas Advises on the Strategic Merger of the Waterford Hotel Group and Waterton Hospitality Businesses to Create a Powerful Management and Investment Platform

RobertDouglas announced today that it advised both parties in the merger of the Waterford Hotel Group, a leading hospitality management company, and Waterton, a Chicago-based real estate investor and hotel operator, to form a new venture to strengthen and grow their hospitality portfolios. With Waterford Hotel Group ("Waterford") driving operational success for hotel assets, Waterton will concentrate efforts on continued real estate investment strategies including growing the hotel portfo...
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Roxie Paris

Roxie Paris is set to bring the elegant supper clubs of the 1930s and 40s back into vogue again.   Newly opened at the end of 2018, I was invited for dinner two weeks ago. Located on a side street off the Champs Elysees, the exterior already emits a throwback to the 1930s with a black lacquer marquis spelling ROXIE in bold letters.   Two good looking, well dressed staff members warmly greeted us, took our coats and escorted us to the dining room. The lacquered interior looked like it wa...
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Lyft giving away free rides in March

For Women’s History Month , Lyft is honoring the contributions of women in a big way. The ride-sharing company will be offering free rides up to $10 to locations associated with women’s history, such as monuments, museums, and female-owned businesses throughout the month of March. Each rider can only use the free ride once, however, and to very specific locations. The promotion is available in 37 cities across the US and Canada, and each city has its own unique discount code which needs to b...
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Amtrak California Zephyr Across America

Two full days. That’s how long it takes to travel 2,438 miles by train from Chicago to Emeryville, California. Slightly… The post Amtrak California Zephyr Across America appeared first on Cruise Maven.
Tags: Travel, Trains, Chicago, Amtrak, California Zephyr, Emeryville California, Viewliner, Train Reviews, America by train, Amtrak California Zephyr Across America

Best spring break trips in the US

You don’t have to do five-story beer bongs off a beachfront balcony to have a great spring break. Though let’s be honest, it’s a better story if you do. The annual respite from school and work that runs from the beginning of March to mid-April is one of the great American traditions, where college kids create memories they won’t remember, and families finally have time for some peace and quiet. Even if you can’t afford a week of debauchery in Mexico or a family jaunt to Europe, each state has...
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Where to eat at Chicago airport

Chicago is one of America’s great food cities. The Chicago O’Hare International Airport is, well, not a terrible place to find some decent food and good drinks. There are some local spots from the city that built outposts in the airport, like Tortas Frontera and Publican Tavern, as well as beer and wine focused bars, including craft beer from Chicago favorite Goose Island. This is where to eat and drink at in every terminal at Chicago O’Hare. Terminal 1 Photo: Chicago O’Hare International ...
Tags: Travel, Airports, California, US, America, Chicago, Tsa, West Coast, Pacific, Caribbean, All, Goose Island, Rick Bayless, Airport Food, Summer House Santa Monica, Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Best waterfront bars in the world

Whether you’re overlooking a pristine, tropical beach or the glittering skyline of a booming metropolis, there’s something special about enjoying cocktail hour on the water. Oceans, lakes, and rivers bring us a sense of calm, especially if we’re relishing the view with an icy beverage in hand. From a cocktail bar situated on the beach of a Spanish Mediterranean village to a towering lounge overlooking New York City, these are some of the most stunning waterfront bars in the world. Veronica’...
Tags: Travel, California, New York City, Bars, Spain, Chicago, Sydney, Alinea, Manhattan, John, Lake Tahoe, Brooklyn Bridge, Mediterranean, Antigua, All, Atlantic Ocean

What Are The Top Challenges Facing the Travel Industry In 2019?

Previously, here at SiteVisibility, we’ve made predictions for some of the major challenges we expected retailers and hotels to face in the year ahead. We had a great response to each of these blog posts with both proving extremely popular and as such, we thought we’d follow up with similar posts for 2019. The travel industry is one that is going through major disruption and so this time round, I’m going to be investigating the top challenges facing the travel industry in 2019. In this blog post...
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What and Where to Eat in Rome

Oh my god. Where do I begin? With so many choices, how do you narrow down where to eat in Rome? For my latest visit to Rome, I did more food and restaurant research than I’d done on previous trips. There is so much good, fresh food and so many choices, that it’s almost too much to bear! At some point, I knew we couldn’t do it all (or even get to all the places on my list). You have to pick a few must-eats (find out below about local specialties and what to eat in Rome), make reservations if you...
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Best wine bars in Chicago

Chicago is a world-class dining destination, so it’s no surprise that it’s easy to find a great wine list here. You may see us locals throwing back a beer and a shot one night, but that doesn’t mean we can’t quaff a fine Burgundy the next. We’re versatile like that, and we love a good local spot serving delicious food paired with great wine. From unpretentious neighborhood bars with short lists of carefully curated bottles to fine dining restaurants with encyclopedic lists, these are the 10 b...
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Waterford Hotel Group and Waterton Forge Partnership to Grow Hospitality Footprint

Waterford Hotel Group, a leading hospitality management company, and Waterton, a Chicago-based real estate investor and operator, today announced that they have joined forces to form a new venture to strengthen and grow their hospitality portfolios. With Waterford Hotel Group ("Waterford") driving operational success for hotel assets, Waterton will concentrate efforts on continued real estate investment strategies including growing the hotel portfolio.
Tags: Travel, Chicago, Waterford Hotel Group, Waterton, Waterton Forge Partnership, Waterford Hotel Group Waterford

Best and craziest St. Patrick’s Day

People around the US tend to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a fairly uniform manner: wearing green, attending parades, pretending Guinness has always been their favorite drink, and using their six percent Irish heritage as an excuse to eat a massive dinner of corned beef, cabbage, and soda bread. Some towns, however, celebrate more unconventionally. For these places, the holiday isn’t just an excuse to drink on a weekday — it’s a genuine celebration of the area’s Irish heritage. In trying to ...
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