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art in our new home

When we were in Salt Spring Island, we went to the Saturday Market, and I instantly fell in love with this man's work.  Salt Spring artist Lorne Tippett uses wine-barrel stays to create a hanging frame, and carves the designs from reclaimed wood. We splurged and bought one. It's not like we're spending money on anything else this year! It's now hanging on our covered deck. We hung it where you can also see it from inside the house. I love the shape of the wooden base; it echoes t...
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extended mom visit

My mother is visiting from Oregon. That visiting from Oregon part still looks weird to me, since for my entire life -- and her entire life until a few years ago -- my mother has lived in the New York/New Jersey metro area. After her first great-grandchild (my great-niece) was born in 2015, my mom sold her apartment and moved to the other side of the continent. She now lives in a retirement community in southern Oregon, minutes away from her son, daughter-in-law, grandson, and the lovely Sophia, ...
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the north island restaurant report: where to eat in port hardy and port mcneill

I was sure that one of the downsides of moving to a small town in a relatively remote area would be a serious lack of food choices. I've been very happy to be wrong! There aren't a lot of restaurants here, but what's here is very good -- well-prepared, fresh, tasty food, and excellent, friendly service. As with most things, I'm finding that having a few choices are enough.  I cook a lot more now, as there's no prepared food, and I'm also less busy and have more energy. Allan's been helping ...
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