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A bug meant Twitter Fleets could still be seen after they disappeared

Twitter is the latest social media site to allow users to experiment with posting disappearing content. Fleets, as Twitter calls them, allows its mobile users post short stories, like photos or videos with overlaying text, that are set to vanish after 24 hours. But a bug meant that fleets weren’t deleting properly and could still be accessed long after 24 hours had expired. Details of the bug were posted in a series of tweets on Saturday, less than a week after the feature launched. full d...
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Aveine’s Smart Wine Aerator is a huge upgrade for wine lovers – and could create some new ones, too

You might have very good reason to be on a wine kick right now – along with plenty of the rest of the country – so it’s perhaps timely to take a look at the Aveine Smart Aerator, a gadget from a French startup that offers variable, instant aeration and a connected app platform for determining just the right amount of aeration that any particular wine you happen to be drinking requires. The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator is premium-priced, but you might be surprised at just how much of a difference it...
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Microsoft’s Project Natick underwater datacenter experiment confirms viability of seafloor data storage

Microsoft has concluded a years-long experiment involving use of a shipping container-sized underwater data center, placed on the sea floor off the cost of Scotland’s Orkney Islands. The company pulled its ‘Project Natick’ underwater data warehouse up out of the water earlier this year at the beginning of the summer, and spent that last few months studying the datacenter, and the air it contained, to determine the model’s viability. The results not only showed that using these offshore submer...
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LA gets a big SAAS exit as Fastly nabs the Culver City-based Signal Sciences for $775M

Los Angeles was always more than a one industry town, even when it comes to technology startups, but media and entertainment (and social networking) were always the big draws in tinseltown. Now the city’s enterprise tech scene can claim a really big winner with Signal Sciences, the security monitoring and management company that is getting bought by Fastly, a provider of content delivery networking services, for $775 million. “Our team couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to join Fastl...
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Vicariously mimics another person’s Twitter feed using lists, but it violates Twitter rules

That Vicariously app you might have seen pop up in your twitter feed via a little viral growth hacking has run aground on Twitter’s automation rules. We reached out about it after it started spamming my feed with ‘so and so has added you to a list’ notifications and Twitter says that the app is not in compliance. Updates below. To be fair, they did also say they ‘love’ it — but that it will have to find a different way to do what it does. “We love that Vicariously uses Lists to help people ...
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Google launches the Open Usage Commons, a new organization for managing open-source trademarks

Google, in collaboration with a number of academic leaders and its consulting partner SADA Systems, today announced the launch of the Open Usage Commons, a new organization that aims to help open-source projects manage their trademarks. To be fair, at first glance, open-source trademarks may not sound like it would be a major problem (or even a really interesting topic), but there’s more here than meets the eye. As Google’s director of open source Chris DiBona told me, trademarks have increas...
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In game app-development platform Overwolf acquires CurseForge assets from Twitch to get into mods

Overwolf, the in-game app development toolkit and marketplace, has acquired Twitch’s CurseForge assets to provide a marketplace for modifications to compliment its app development business. Since its launch in 2009, developers have used Overwolf to build in-game applications for things like highlight clips, game performance monitoring and metrics, and strategic analysis. Some of these developers have managed to earn anywhere between $100,000 and $1 million per year off of revenue from app sal...
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Emteria, maker of industrial version of Android, raises cash from HTG and Runa Capital

Emteria, is a startup that emerged out of the limitations of the official Android Open Source Project. AOSP just isn’t good enough to be used in industrial applications which means if industry wants to use it, the platform must be extended and customized. Some industries still use outdated platforms like Windows CE to power things like ticket machines, for instance. Emteria developed emteria.OS, an adapted Android operating system for industrial settings. As a result of its work, the startup ...
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A bug bounty alone won’t save your startup — here’s why

In this world, there is no such thing as perfect security. Every app or service you use — even the websites you visit — have security bugs. Companies go through repeated rounds of testing, code reviews and audits — sometimes even bringing in third-parties. Bugs get missed — that’s life, and it happens — but when they are uncovered, companies can get hacked. That’s where a bug bounty comes into play. A bug bounty is an open-door policy to anyone who finds a bug or a security flaw; they are critic...
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The best laptop backpacks and briefcases for traveling in 2020

Getting through airport security can be a pain, but your laptop bag can help. Check out our checkpoint-friendly bags!
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Hackers hit NutriBullet website with credit card-stealing malware

Magecart hackers have struck again, this time targeting the NutriBullet website. According to new research by security firm RiskIQ, hackers broke into the blender maker’s website several times over the past two months, injected malicious credit card-skimming malware on its payment pages and siphoned off the credit card numbers and other personal data — like names, billing addresses, expiry dates and card verification values — of unsuspecting blender buyers. The data was scraped and sent to a ...
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PhotoSquared app exposed customer photos and shipping labels

Popular photo printing app PhotoSquared has exposed thousands of customer photos, addresses, and orders details. At least ten thousand shipping labels were stored in a public Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage bucket. There was no password on the bucket, allowing anyone who knew the easy-to-guess web address access to the customer data. All too often, these AWS storage buckets are misconfigured and set to “public” and not “private.” The exposed data included high-resolution user-uploaded photos a...
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Skymind Global Ventures launches $800M fund and London office to back AI startups

Skymind Global Ventures (SGV) appeared last year in Asia/US as a vehicle for the previous founders of a YC-backed open-source AI platform to invest in companies that used the platform. Today it announces the launch of an $800 million fund to back promising new AI companies and academic research. It will consequently be opening a London office as an extension to its original Hong Kong base. SGV Founder and CEO Shawn Tan said in a statement: “Having our operations in the UK capital is a strategic ...
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Arduino launches a new modular platform for IoT development

Arduino, the open-source hardware platform, today announced the launch of a new low-code platform and modular hardware system for IoT development. The idea here is to give small and medium businesses the tools to develop IoT solutions without having to invest in specialized engineering resources. The new hardware, dubbed the Arduino Portenta H7,  features everything you’d need to get started with building an IoT hardware platform, including a crypto-authentication chip and communications modu...
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Digital assistants like Siri and Alexa entrench gender biases, says UN

Female-voiced tech often gives submissive responses to queries, Unesco report findsAssigning female genders to digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa is helping entrench harmful gender biases, according to a UN agency.Research released by Unesco claims that the often submissive and flirty responses offered by the systems to many queries – including outright abusive ones – reinforce ideas of women as subservient. Continue reading...
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GitHub gets a package registry

GitHub today announced the launch of a limited beta of the GitHub Package Registry, its new package management service that lets developers publish public and private packages next to their source code. To be clear, GitHub isn’t launching a competitor to tools like npm or RubyGems. What the company is launching, however, is a service that is compatible with these tools and allows developers to find and publish their own packages, using the same GitHub interface they use for their code. The ne...
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FBI has seized Deep Dot Web and arrested its administrators

The FBI have arrested several people suspected of involvement in running Deep Dot Web, a website for facilitating access to dark web sites and marketplaces. Two suspects were arrested in Tel Aviv and Ashdod, according to Israel’s Tel Aviv Police, which confirmed the arrests in a statement earlier in the day, Local media first reported the arrests. Arrests were also made in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Brazil. Deep Dot Web is said to have made millions of dollars in commission by offerin...
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AWS wants a bigger share of Asia following Hong Kong launch

Amazon’s cloud computing unit is making further inroads into Asia after it opened a data center in Hong Kong this week, adding to the seven existing locations where it currently operates across the Asia Pacific and China. The new entry will likely give the American giant some leg up in its regional battle with Alibaba’s cloud service, which, according to a new Gartner report, was the biggest cloud infrastructure provider in the Asia Pacific last year. But that won’t be the case with all countrie...
Tags: Travel, Google, Amazon, Cloud, Asia, Hong Kong, China, Cloud Computing, Beijing, Asia Pacific, Computing, Alibaba, Gartner, Aws, Alibaba Group, Cloud Services launches its managed Elasticsearch service

Setting up Elasticsearch, the open-source system that many companies large and small use to power their distributed search and analytics engines, isn’t the hardest thing. What is very hard, though, is to provision the right amount of resources to run the service, especially when your users’ demand comes in spikes, without overpaying for unused capacity.’s new Elasticsearch Service does away with all of this by essentially offering Elasticsearch as a service and only charging its custom...
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Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Google, Amazon and Facebook

The influential Massachusetts Senator and Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has been a longtime critic of the consolidation of economic power by Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Now she’s making their break-up a key component of her Presidential platform. Warren has just released her plan for breaking up big tech, in what seems like a watershed moment for a Democratic nominee. Since Al Gore famously (infamously?) “invented the internet”, Democratic candidates have turned away from seri...
Tags: Travel, Google, Amazon, TC, Facebook, Technology, Instagram, Microsoft, Whole Foods, Internet, Obama, Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, Google Search, Companies, Artificial Intelligence’s clipping service allows gamers to share the moments of their digital lives

As online gaming becomes the new social forum for living out virtual lives, a new startup called has raised $3.5 million for its in-game clipping service to capture and share the Kodak moments and digital memories that are increasingly happening in places like Fortnite or Apex Legends. Digital worlds like Fortnite are now far more than just a massively multiplayer gaming space. They’re places where communities form, where social conversations happen, and where, increasingly, people are ...
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What business leaders can learn from Jeff Bezos’ leaked texts

Joel Wallenstrom Contributor Joel Wallenstrom is president and chief executive of Wickr, a secure communications company. Before Wickr, Joel co-founded iSEC Partners, one of the world's leading information security research teams, later acquired by NCC Group, and served as Director for Strategic Alliances at @stake, one of the very first computer security companies in the industry. More posts by this contributor Exposure of your sensitive data is...
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Users complain of account hacks, but OkCupid denies a data breach

It’s bad enough that dating sites are a pit of exaggerations and inevitable disappointment, they’re also a hot target for hackers. Dating sites aren’t considered the goldmine of personal information like banks or hospitals, but they’re still an intimate part of millions of people’s lives and have long been in the sights of hackers. If the hackers aren’t hitting the back-end database like with the AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Zoosk breaches, the hackers are trying break in through the f...
Tags: Travel, Security, Apps, Spokesperson, Computing, Hackers, IAC, Plentyoffish, Ashley Madison, Okcupid, Major, Natalie Sawyer

A flaw in e-ticket systems could mean a hacker can print your boarding pass

The vulnerability was discovered in December and involves unsecured check-in emails that can put the personal information of passengers at risk or even allow a hacker to print boarding passes. The post A flaw in e-ticket systems could mean a hacker can print your boarding pass appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Going long on LA, India, AI, and tech infrastructure March Capital raises $300 million

March Capital Partners, the Los Angeles-based venture capital firm, has raised $300 million for its latest fund. It’s another indicator that the Los Angeles technology ecosystem is coming of age, but also a sign that March’s core investment strategies — to invest in companies applying artificial intelligence to business use cases and investing in the next wave transforming computing infrastructure — is paying off. “We have two major areas and a couple of minor areas,” said Sumant Mandal, a manag...
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Connecting African software developers with top tech companies nets Andela $100 million

Andela, the company that connects Africa’s top software developers with technology companies from the U.S. and around the world, has raised $100 million in a new round of funding. The new financing from Generation Investment Management (the investment fund co-founded by former Vice President Al Gore) puts the valuation of the company at somewhere between $600 million and $700 million, based on data available from Pitchbook on the company’s valuation following it’s previous $40 million funding. P...
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The best laptop backpacks and briefcases for traveling

Getting through airport security is a drag, but your laptop bag shouldn’t be. Thankfully, these checkpoint-friendly laptop bags will get you and your gear to your destination with ease. The post The best laptop backpacks and briefcases for traveling appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Sites on the web are going Material Design

Google today announced that it has started the long-expected rollout of its Material Design update for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Sites, after first testing this update to the G Suite apps with its new design for Google Drive last year. It’s worth noting that there are no new features or other changes here. Everything is still exactly where it used to be (give or take a few pixels). This is solely a design refresh. What you can expect to see when you get the update, is different interfac...
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Marriott suffers a massive breach of its guest records. Here’s how to protect yourself

A breach of Marriott's Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty program could have compromised the data of up to 383 million of its guests. While an internal tool only recently flagged the breach, the company believes the hack started in 2014. The post Marriott suffers a massive breach of its guest records. Here’s how to protect yourself appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Leave the laptop at home, the iPad Pro is the travel buddy to take on vacay

The iPad Pro is a powerful tablet that's perfect for creatives and professionals. How does it fare when traveling with it as a laptop replacement? We took it on a two week trek in Japan to find out. The post Leave the laptop at home, the iPad Pro is the travel buddy to take on vacay appeared first on Digital Trends.
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