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The question of informed consent in the disability sector in Australia

Publishing this email received which contains information that could be helpful to some people. I’ve not had time to thoroughly understand the ethical issues raised here, but I believe that we need a genuine approach to informed consent in all cases. Dear xxx MP, As my local member of parliament, I write to you to […]
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Ashir Azeem (a Canadian of Pakistani origin) is fighting for citizen sovereignty

Msg received: Ashir Azeem is a Canadian of Pakistani origin. He served as a customs officer in Pakistan, got fed up of the system and migrated to Canada where he now works as a truck driver. He makes youtube videos in Urdu that get thousands of views, which shows many people want to improve their […]
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A very negative view of covid vaccines by a doctor whom I have come to admire: Peter McCullough

Someone shared this video yesterday. I flicked through it – seems worth sharing. He says clearly that never has a vaccine that has caused so many direct deaths ever been allowed in human history. Vaccines are pulled from the market for far fewer deaths. And someone sent this email, which I’m also sharing. Note that […]
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A question about IMOP – happy to receive informed inputs

Over the past few months, I have formed a truly positive impression of Michael O’Neill, President of IMOP. But a few days ago someone has raised concerns with me about Barbara O’Neill. I will need to look at this issue carefully before reviewing my current position re: Michael.  I have seen too many corrupt regulators and […]
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The info I sent to Monica and Morgan on 8 April 2021 about the new party being created

I’m sharing this since some people are asking why I did not work with Monica. Well, from 12 March 2021, she said to me on multiple occasions that she was no longer in politics and had reverted to the RDA’s “old” strategy of supporting good people. She specifically ruled out contesting any seat herself. Nevertheless, […]
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I ask Monica Smit to publicly explain why she stole my Third Front Facebook page

It is with a heavy heart and considerable personal disappointment and regret that I am posting this. But I will be remiss in my duty to the people of Australia if I withhold this information. The people have a right to know about the true character of anyone in public life. BACKGROUND ABOUT THE THIRD […]
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The “Objective Person” decides the reasonability of an emergency declaration, not the Minister

A superb (truly superb!) legal interpretation applicable to the current pandemic has been received by someone – I will disclose the name after obtaining consent. But the content is crucially important for the people of the world, not just for the people of Australia. === A large part of my days at university were devoted […]
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Confirmation directly from the Swedish Public Health Agency that Sweden WILL have vaccine passports

This response from the Swedish public health agency to my email to Anders Tegnell needs to be carefully mulled over. How is this even happening? I’m seriously disappointed. I suspect this has been entirely out of Tegnell’s control. Corrupt Swedish politicians have imposed their will because of so-called “international demands” (EU’s corrupt people, basically). Well, […]
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For the record – an acknowledgement from the Press Council

On 27 April 2021 I had lodged the following complaint with the Press Council: ==COMPLAINT== On 16 April 2021 ABC News published a so-called “fact check” in which they have attacked me without any basis, spreading an enormous bunch of lies that are inimical to Australia’s security and public interest. On 23 April 2021 I […]
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Gigi Foster’s Voices against lockdowns – (6) 26 April 2021

Continuing from the fifth report: === Dear all, On this ANZAC Day long weekend, I hope you are feeling solidarity not only with freedom fighters of the past but with the increasing numbers of people in Australia and the world today who are coming to understand the folly of lockdowns as a response to Covid-19.  […]
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My next TOI blog post: Lockdown origins and harms

I’ve already shared yesterday, but for the record – for someone searching for my posts – my next post in Seeing the Invisible: Times of India blog: and
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The ridiculous ABC – ANY moron would do a better job of “fact checking”

I’ll rebut this puerile nonsense separately, but for now, I’ve made a screenshot (for some weird reason, is refusing to archive this page). I do NOT forget criminals. The ABC will be shut down if the political parties that I’m working with get to form government in Australia. This organisation is a turncoat, a […]
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Arguments used by Brett Sutton to enforce mandatory masks outdoors (result of an FOI request)

Someone (I’ll make note of the person’s name once I receive permission) has ferretted out the Sutton logic to impose mandatory masks outdoors in Victoria:  DOWNLOAD HERE. I am desperately short of time. I invite anyone who has the time to go through this and provide a technical critique. REFERENCE The FOI request was for: “‘I […]
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Mass hysteria continues unabated, and if anyone thinks otherwise, have a look at these

Unless we actively engage with the 80% of the population that is living in a state of panic and fear, expect the worst. Totalitarian control by the state is coming. Today I lost 3 friends. They went on the attack because I had a different opinion to them, they think it’s ok for people to […]
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Comments by Elizabeth Hart on the vaccine passport

Via email vaccine passports are one of the major current battlefronts, and what a great interview with Naomi Wolf and Del Bigtree on the Highwire. FYI, I’ve attached a copy of an article on vaccine passports published in the UK Telegraph today, including some of the comments. Here are my two comments on the article, I’m […]
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Key players in the vaccines – an email received

AS RECEIVED – WITH ANNOTATIONS IN BLUE (only one note, below) There is no stopping this juggernaut. This is a scam and deception of mind-boggling proportions. Perhaps never before have politicians, all over the world (excepting Sweden?) been complicit in a single crime together. Who is the Hitler that will break his promises and attack […]
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Strong ongoing censorship by Big Tech – and a plea for critical thinking

This is an email I sent to some media people in Australia a moment ago. Please share this with the anyone from the media that you’re aware of. === Dear all I’m a candidate for the federal seat of Menzies in the forthcoming elections. I’ve been a whistleblower for the grossly disproportionate response we’re seeing from […]
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Another superb email by the brilliant Elizabeth Hart

PDF. ———- Forwarded message ——— From: Elizabeth Hart  Date: Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 2:49 PM Subject: Who is at risk of ‘getting sick and dying’ with the SARS-CoV-2 virus? To: Peter Doherty Cc: Greg Hunt, Craig Kelly, Anthony Albanese, Mark Butler, Tanya Plibersek, Steven Marshall, Stephen Wade, Peter Malinauskas, Chris Picton, Nicola Spurrier, Vicki Chapman, […]
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Twitter backup account also not accessible

Here’s the snapshot of what I get, but the system doesn’t send any code – so I’m almost completely off Twitter now. Looks like this is going go be a permanent feature. Twitter hates the truth and will attack it at every opportunity.
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My Twitter account is suspended – without any idea why

Here’s what I get at No idea what “rules” were involved. Might be my criticism of Twitter itself.
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My Twitter account is suspended – without any reason why

Here’s what I get at No idea what “rules” were involved. Might be my criticism of Twitter itself.
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Avenue Hospital, Glenferrie Private Hospital, Masada Private Hospital – 7 August 2020 circular

Someone’s sent this piece of evidence [apparently it was circulated on Facebook but it looks authentic enough to me – unless these hospitals contact me to claim that this is false]. This suggests that when hospitals don’t know the cause of elderly patient’s deaths, they list it as covid as required by the government.   […]
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An illustrative fear-removal experiment in Newcastle, NSW by Mark Armstrong

REPORT RECEIVED BY MARK ARMSTRONG. EVERYONE CAN DO IT. The above [below] signage I have been using in Australia day 2021 in Newcastle NSW. I have been doing the same thing on most Sunday afternoons for maybe 2 or 3 hours. The small flag upside down as a sign of our nation in distress, but […]
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On 4 January 2021 I wrote a piece in Times of India and made a video a few days later re: CCP’s role in the hysteria and other events of 2020. This was followed by a 40-page Open Letter which I co-signed and other article/info – see this. On 17 March 2021 I published this […]
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Videos that can be repurposed for fighting government and MSM disinformation

Some illustrative repurposed videos I’ve created: Liberate Australia channel: Swarna Bharat Party channel: On this channel you’ll also find 10s of videos during 2020-21 in which I’ve compiled key extracts from videos of various scientists on the covid pandemic.  This channel has plenty of material in one place to fight...
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My 27 February 2021 podcast with Richard Jacobs of the Finding Genius Podcast

The podcast is now available at: * Finding Genius Website: * iTunes (Apple Podcasts): * YouTube: * Podcast Addict: * Spotify: * iHeart Radio: * Castbox: * Stitcher:
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A possible way forward to douse the covid hysteria

Extract from an email I sent to a few people a moment ago. Sharing: ==== Hi all, over the past month it has been great to interact personally with many of  those who’re already “converted”. But the WA election result has made it clear that the voter continues to be a state of deep hysteria […]
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Content for a consolidated video on China’s fake pandemic videos

This is the order in which I’ll try to publish a consolidated video: 23-24 January 2020 “Nobody’s come to manage this.” This video allegedly shows dead bodies lying in hospital aisles in Wuhan Red Cross Hospital, the city where the #coronavirus originated. The virus has killed 26 people and infected at least 830 […]
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A note based on WA election results – email sent to a few small parties

Extract from an email I sent out a moment ago It seems that the small parties of Australia have received a strong signal from the voter. I’m sure they are all listening – but here are some of my thoughts for your consideration: LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY – No Mandatory Vaccine party – 1.6% of the vote […]
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There’s no limit to the lies of these crooked health bureaucrats

We know how there’s no limit to the lies that Brett Sutton is capable of. But Brendan Murphy is not far behind: Australian Health Secretary Professor Brendan Murphy lied to Australians when he said the COVID-19 vaccine products have ‘full’ TGA approval on the ABC 7.30 program, when in fact they are only provisionally approved. It’s a very […]
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