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Italy’s covid experience was not particularly different to its previous “bad flu” years

Italy’s performance has been a big mystery – and I’ve not had time to study it. This is a placeholder post on this topic. Italy has been a mystery but Wolfgang Wodarg has provided some helpful clues (this is from May 2020). I'm also compiling a blog post on Italy's covid experience – do send […]
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Except for Sweden, total mortality data CAN’T be used to estimate the magnitude of the pandemic

Someone asked me to do a similar analysis to my Sweden analysis, for the UK. It is crucial to recognise that we can’t do similar analysis for ANY other country. Any such analysis will be far more complicated. The following extract from my email response to this person outlines the reasons why we can’t simply […]
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The capture of government by the science establishment

This is an extract from the current draft of the book I’m writing on pandemics. In this book I will not be discussing or debating the merits of lockdowns. I have discussed that issue at length in my complaint to the International Criminal Court. In that complaint I showed that there is no basis for […]
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New book project: Why Pandemic Hysterias Are Getting Worse

This is a placeholder post – I’ve started this publicly today (22 November 2020) but expect this project to take many months to finish. In the meantime, I’ll be uploading a current version ever few hours or days and you can come by to fetch the latest version. I would like to invite people to […]
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Analysis of the covid vaccine

I’ve not had time to study this fully – given the constantly changing information – but have provided initial views both in the book, Great Hysteria and the ICC complaint. In the supplementary complaint to the ICC I might provide more info. Here are some notes: 170 infections, 162 placebo, 8 vaccine.10 severe covid cases, […]
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COVID deaths figures are so compromised they can no longer be used

I’ve written in some detail in my ICC complaint about the problems with COVID death counts. I also wrote earlier blog posts on this topic: The BIGGEST SCANDAL: Flu deaths being counted as covid deaths COVID-19 deaths are counted DIFFERENTLY to deaths from other causes: THIS IS A SERIOUS MISDEMENOUR. Dr Mark Hobart – who’s […]
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Stories by Indians of their plight – separated from their family for nine months by Scott Morrison

This is a follow-up of my previous post. And remember – all this is for a PANDEMIC THAT DOES NOT EXIST. And in breach of all the laws of Australia (see my ICC complaint against Scott Morrison) Further, a comment on Facebook:   Surely this is a breach of Article 9 of the International Rights of […]
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Indian students who’ve paid millions in Australia are being tortured en-masse by keeping families and children separated

SEE ALSO: Stories by Indians of their plight – separated from their family for nine months by Scott Morrison This is a second email I received (the first was in July 2020 but since I was in a government job I could not raise the matter publicly at that stage) – I’m noting it for […]
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Let me declare LOUDLY AND CLEARLY – there has been NO PANDEMIC this year

I’ll continue studying the madness we are seeing around us (and also learn something useful on the way, re: PCR tests and all that), but this matter – which I’ve elaborated in my ICC complaint, needs to put down as a clear marker: that THERE IS NO PANDEMIC. Regardless of whether PCR tests are good […]
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PCR testing – how many cycles are used in Australia?

We know that anything over 25 cycles is a pile of crap. It doesn’t have any diagnostic validity whatsoever (even assuming that PCR test are not measuring something other than SARS-Cov2). This is an extract from the 28 September 2020 report in the journal: Clinical Infectious Diseases published by the Infectious Diseases Society of America. […]
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COVID-19 deaths are counted DIFFERENTLY to deaths from other causes: THIS IS A SERIOUS MISDEMENOUR.

Even while writing the ICC complaint I wasn’t aware of this fact – that on 24 March 2020 CDC changed the method for counting deaths ONLY from covid. All other deaths are counted using the old (2003) method. THIS PANDEMIC IS TURNING OUT BE A SINISTER AND CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. SMELL SOMETHING FISHY? CDC has CHANGED […]
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Canadian doctor Roger Hodkinson’s testimony against covid mass hysteria to a professional committee

Someone’s shared this. It appears to be from this doctor. If true (it sounds true) – this is making note of:  
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A Portuguese court’s ruling against improper use of PCR tests

This extract is important. I’ll link it back to my main placeholder post on the tests (this one). ==SOURCE: LOCKDOWN SCEPTICS== In a recent decision, dated November 11, 2020, a Portuguese appeal court ruled against the Azores Regional Health Authority concerning a lower court decision to declare unlawful the quarantining of four persons. Of these, […]
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[UNDER REVIEW] MeWe is as bad as Facebook with censorship. Shutting down my MeWe account.

FURTHER ANALYSIS – THERE MIGHT BE SOME ERROR OF ANALYSIS HERE. SO WILL PURSUE FURTHER Sharing this – will study more closely when time permits. It is important to be sure of MeWe before I sign up again. — Sanjeev Sabhlok, Pope @Church of Reason & Liberty (@sabhlok) November 17, 2020     CLARIFICATION […]
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MeWe is as bad as Facebook with censorship. Shutting down my MeWe account.

I’m shutting down my MeWe account This user was suspended for 72 hours for saying "Democrats vote on November 4th" in a group were politics talks are forbidden. Being muted/blocked by the group owner is ok -BUT-the 72 hours jail time is by design – which means that there is a real censorship at system […]
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Voters of Clarinda might benefit from knowing this about their MP, Meng Heang Tak

This is just ridiculous. First this: Here's a Victorian MP (Meng Heang Tak, Clarinda)who thinks that sharing information that is crucial to Victorian pandemic policies is a form of spam. I though MPs are supposed to be interested in public policy? (I've de-identified his electorate officer who sent this to me.) — Sanjeev Sabhlok, […]
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Design shortcomings for Parler to improve. We are abandoning Facebook but Parler needs to get its act together.

I’m noting these – so Parler can improve. It needs to get its act together quickly because I can guarantee the world is going to abandon Facebook and LinkedIn and other such Big Brother platforms soon, and we need a well-managed alternative. Not enough words can be put into a post – the word limit […]
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My complaint to the International Criminal Court against the policies of Daniel Andrews and Scott Morrison

Have lodged a few minutes ago. Sharing: DOWNLOAD:  WORD | PDF  
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Private sector (IGA/ Bunnings) is making up rules EVEN HARSHER than the DHHS’s ridiculous mask rules

An extract. I believe these rules are in breach of the law. But when there is total anarchy in Victoria I don’t think anything can be done about it but to boycott IGA. ====IGA=== I went to the cashier in IGA and a young cashier asked if I had a mask. I confirmed I have […]
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My analysis of the 6 November 2020 Concerned Lawyers Network letter

My early analysis of the Concerned Lawyers Network suggests that it is a very well researched piece. I commend Maria Rigoli, Jeff Tran, Russell Sumner, Shemarrah Davis, Tony Nikolic, and Liesl Tziolis and others who prepared it. — Sanjeev Sabhlok, Pope @Church of Reason & Liberty (@sabhlok) November 7, 2020 ==MY POST== Here’s the letter […]
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Initial notes on investigation into China’s role in this pandemic

placeholder post A picture of one of the hospitals turned out to be an office building elsewhere in china. — Michael Tuck (@Michael54333358) November 7, 2020 Look into increase of Chinese export (masks and other medical goods) after March 2020. They had to refurbish passenger planes into cargo planes because they run out of planes. […]
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The honour roll of those who’ve been blocked on Twitter by Victoria’s Chief Health Officer (taxpayer funded account)

He blocked me today. But he’s been doing that regularly in the past. Here’s a few of those he’s blocked, including me. Apparently, in the USA no public official can block access to an official account. Of course, Australia has NO real protections for freedom at all, as we are now finding. "Public Officials: Beware […]
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The Victoria Police saga – sharing the comments made on my page before VicPol zapped their post!

WITH REFERENCE TO: Victoria Police put out a Facebook post, then realised they’re HATED by Victorians, so pulled it!! I had shared the VicPol post and within minutes there were a lot of comments. Sharing the comments for posterity. [Download the high resolution screenshot here]
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Victoria Police put out a Facebook post, then realised they’re HATED by Victorians, so pulled it!!

ADDENDUM: The Victoria Police saga – sharing the comments made on my page before VicPol zapped their post! I’m shocked at what’s just happened. VicPol had put out a post on Facebook (and probably advertised it, so it came up in my feed). I shared it here. I then realised I had to post my […]
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Dr Mark Hobart – who’s ACTUALLY worked in Melbourne nursing homes – confirms that MOST people dying WITH covid do not show respiratory symptoms

THIS IS FURTHER PROOF OF THE MASS FRAUD BEING PERPETRATED ON VICTORIANS BY DANIEL ANDREWS. Although from 4 September 2020, I was only sent this info recently. Mark Hobart practices in Sunshine. His views have been reported in The Australian on 16 September  2020: Melbourne GP treating aged care residents warns Victoria Government basing lockdown […]
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Letter by a registered nurse, R.N. Joyce, from Ontario about the DISASTROUS management of nursing homes

PDF of the letter – via Facebook. The letter sounds absolutely authentic, so I’m taking it to be real. It shows how the elderly are dying because of the extreme loneliness and lack of care. The letter also alludes to the massive harms from lockdowns. ===THE LETTER== October 30, 2020. I have been nursing for […]
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OPEN LETTER BY Alexander Cooney, Senior Constable, NSW against the Police State across Australia

This is really good. See also: October 26, 2020 To: Michael Fuller Police Commissioner of New South Wales RE: Open Letter Concerning the Police Enforcement of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions We are writing to you to raise concerns we have about the use of the police to enforce the ongoing restrictions placed upon our citizens […]
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I’ve just discovered a vital piece of evidence of CRIMINAL INTENTION: that Daniel Andrews has been paying TAXPAYER MONEY to a company that SPECIALISES IN MANIPULATING PUBLIC OPINION. A company more evil can barely be imagined. Its website says it all. The Orwellian slogans that I’ve been commenting about for months are not a myth. […]
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Contents of a complaint sent by someone to the TGA of Australia re PCR tests

Sharing the content – it might be helpful. === Professor John Skerritt Therapeutic Goods Association [email protected] [email protected] PO Box 100 Woden ACT 2606 Australia CC: Australian Department of Health; Office of Health Protection; The Public Health Laboratory Network; The Advisory Committee on Medicines; Australian Medical Association; Political bodies; media outlets; Australia Federal Police; Victoria Police; […]
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