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Weekly Roundup, Friday 21 February 2020

By all accounts, the Airbus A220 is a lovely plane, well liked by airlines and passengers alike. How ironic that this great airplane almost completely destroyed its developer – Bombardier. See story below. Good morningThe Covid-19 virus (it now has a name) has been enormously on my mind the last several weeks, and for very direct and personally impactful reasons.  To help clarify my thinking, I wrote a detailed and careful analysis of the present situation and the possible unfolding future, an...
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Great Service, Not-So-Great Product on a Delta 767-300ER From JFK (Trip Report)

( = || []).push({}); After our stay at the TWA Hotel at JFK, it was time to go home. Fortunately — unlike on the way out when we flew into Newark — this time we were flying home from JFK so we didn’t have far to go. We opted to take a mid-day flight … ( = || []).push({});
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Starting March 11 You’ll Be Able to Select Your Meal in Advance On American Airlines Regional Jets

American Airlines started letting customers pre-select their meals online when they're flying in premium cabins back in the fall of 2012. Delta didn't roll out this feature until early 2019 and United is still in testing. While American moved forward with pre-orders for buy on board in coach, they didn't actually extend pre-orders to first class on regional jets. That's finally changing. Continue reading Starting March 11 You’ll Be Able to Select Your Meal in Advance On American Airlines Regio...
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Two New American Airlines Paint Schemes Fire Back At Delta

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Two New American Airlines Paint Schemes Fire Back At Delta...
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Delta sets carbon neutral targetDelta sets carbon neutral target

Airline will invest USD1 billion over next decade
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Cranky on the Web: Screens in Seatbacks, The Impact on Delta

( = || []).push({}); Inflight Movies: Does Anyone Really Want to Watch Them on a Phone? – The Wall Street Journal ($Subscription Required$)It’s the age-old question about inflight entertainment. Does a seatback screen matter or not? Barbara Peterson at the WSJ took a look. What the American-Alaska partnership means for Delta – TPG… ( = || []).push({});
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Delta Claims They’ll Be Carbon Neutral Starting Next Month, And I’m… Skeptical

Ultimately this is long on narrative, and in the near-term relies mostly on buying carbon offsets which are questionable in effectiveness and limited in supply (if every company wanted to fully offset there wouldn't be nearly enough opportunity to go around, so Delta is in some sense just bidding up the price of offsets that will be taking place anyway). Noble goals, and surely they'll make progress towards those goals, but the claim that they'll be a carbon neutral airline next month is dubious...
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The Force Awakens: American Renews Ties with Alaska As They Make a Joint Move on Seattle

( = || []).push({}); Remember that whole thing about American stagnating? The message reached a deafening roar when Delta took LATAM away. It looks like someone over there got the message. This morning, American is announcing that it and Alaska are planning to renew the codeshare that was set to all-but-end next month… ( = || []).push({});
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Will American Airlines Eliminate International First Class?

American Airlines is the only remaining U.S. airline the claims to offer international first class. The top cabin on both United and Delta is business class. However there's good reason to think American Airlines may eliminate the product, too. And there are clues in the new business class seat focus groups that support this conclusion. Continue reading Will American Airlines Eliminate International First Class?...
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American’s New Inflight Wifi Ad Makes A Strong Case To Fly Delta

American has an amusing commercial about how much we've come to rely on inflight wifi. And American does a great job with domestic wifi, as Delta does and United does not. In fact the major reason I've continued to fly American Airlines is because United's connectivity is so poor (and because Delta's route network doesn't work super well for me in Austin). This new ad could have just as easily been made by Delta, and there it would have been even more persuasive. Continue reading American’s Ne...
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Delta Developing New Business Class Lounge To Compete With Polaris, Flagship

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Delta Developing New Business Class Lounge To Compete With Polaris, Flagship...
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Most endangered plants in the US

A rose by any other name may smell just as sweet, but what about a blackspore spillwort? Or cabbage on a stick? Do you even know what cabbage on a stick is supposed to smell like? A lot better than you think, most likely, but the problem is you’ll likely never get to smell either of those because they are gravely endangered. In pursuing NetCredit’s research on the most endangered plants in every state, you’ll not only notice the plant names are absolutely fantastic, you’ll also see how human ...
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The lowdown on baggage claim

Recently, after arriving on a flight from Houston into LAX, I stood amongst the other passengers waiting to retrieve our belongings at baggage claim. The carousel had just started turning when a woman pushed through the crowd towards the carousel. “Excuse me, first-class passenger here, I need to get up to the carousel,” she proclaimed loudly to everyone within earshot. This caught me by surprise, not so much because of its blunt rudeness but because I realized I’d never given the topic any t...
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American Launching Gol Partnership, Expanding in Miami and South America

American has announced a new codeshare relationship with Gol as well as frequent flyer partnership and an expansion at their Miami hub including to Latin America. Gol wasn’t a great partner for Delta, which doesn’t have a huge presence in Brazil and so the opportunities to feed Delta flights were limited. Gol is a much better partner for American, which serves four cities from Brazil and flies to the country from four of its hubs. Continue reading American Launching Gol Partnership, Expanding in...
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NBC News Correspondent Losing Delta Elite Status, Blames Trump

NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Kasie Hunt lost her Delta elite status, and it's Donald Trump's fault. However if you’re dating problems with SkyMiles, the program really started going down hill in the waning months of Bill Clinton’s second term. Continue reading NBC News Correspondent Losing Delta Elite Status, Blames Trump...
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UPDATED: Airlines canceling China flights over Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

As we've been blogging here at Boing Boing, the Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread, and airlines have begun suspending flights to and from China, where most confirmed cases are located. • As of Friday, 11AM Eastern time, the Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV outbreak has killed more than 200 people and infected an estimated 10,000. • On Friday, the U.S. issued a travel warning telling Americans to stay out of China. • The Chinese government replied by calling the U.S. 'mean' for the travel adviso...
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Earn Up To 100,000 Delta Miles As American Express Re-Launches Their Line Of Cards

American Express and Delta extended their partnership through 2029 and invested in refreshing their cards. The new card benefits are now live. This has launched with the biggest public offers we've ever seen. There's an interesting twist to offers as large as earning 100,000 miles - some miles become available after a year. Delta has signed up at least a million new cardmembers in each of the last 3 years. They want to make sure they keep the cardmember accounts (at least for a little over a...
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3 Links I Love: A Wrong Boeing Turn, New Delta Seats, Flying on a Cargo Aircraft

( = || []).push({}); This weeks featured link Boeing’s new CEO needs to show commitment to deep overhaul – The Seattle TimesA scathing — though early — review of Boeing’s new CEO. The Seattle Times is not impressed. At least the newspaper realized that major change needs to happen, even if the CEO … ( = || []).push({});
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 31 January 2020

The stunning Customs Square looking out to the river in the heart of the stately world heritage city of Bordeaux.  We’ll be based here for a week in our May tour of France. Good morningIt is the dawn of a new era for Britain today.  At 6pm Eastern or 3pm Pacific time, ie 11pm GMT on 31 January 2020, Britain formally leaves the EU.  Depending on who you choose to believe, it will be the start of a new golden era of independent prosperity and a return to Britain’s leading role on the world stag...
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Best things to do in rural Romania

2020 travel trends show a return to the simplicity of our world, with an emphasis on sustainability, locally grown and made items, and origins. Well beyond Transylvania, Romania has outposts where traditionalism and traditions are flourishing. The Romanian spirit and the impact of other nations onto the country bordering the Carpathians, the Danube, and the Black Sea led to something that has been lost in many parts of our world: a genuine encounter. Each of these three regions in the country...
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Delta Agent Delivers A Message Of Hope To Passengers Mourning Kobe Bryant

A Delta Air Lines agent at New York JFK spoke to passengers waiting to board for Los Angeles shortly after learning about the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter and the rest of the passengers on board a helicopter on Sunday. The agent, Courtney, implored passengers to cherish the people most important to them in their lives. She told them "if there is someone you haven’t spoken to today, call them. If there is someone you haven’t reached out to in a while, call them" -- and not to text, "We’...
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Airlines Announce Flight Cancelations Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

As an outbreak of coronavirus that reportedly originated in Wuhan, China continues to spread, U.S. airlines are beginning to be impacted by travel advisories and a decrease in demand for flights to China.Read more...
Tags: Travel, Science, China, Delta, United Airlines, American Airlines, Wuhan China, Wuhan Virus, Coronavirus

A $6,500 Penalty From EVA Thanks to Complex Fare Rules (Tales From the Field)

( = || []).push({}); In my recent post talking about Delta’s move to reconsider change fees, I alluded to one issue we were having with EVA Air here at Cranky Concierge. Several of you chimed in wanting to hear about it, so here we go. Get ready to learn how a small mistake … ( = || []).push({});
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Delta Introducing New Domestic First Class Seat

Delta is introducing a new domestic first class seat which will be introduced with its Airbus A321neo. They have 100 on order and begin taking delivery later this year. This new Recaro seat has better privacy because of the shields that protrude from the side of the seats. There’s also improved storage at the front of the seats in the center and a larger tray table. With these seats Delta continues their practice of conveniently placing power outlets in front of passengers instead of making cust...
Tags: Travel, Delta, Airlines, First Class, Delta Air Lines, Recaro, Airbus A321neo

Delta fined for booting off Muslim passengersDelta fined for booting off Muslim passengers

Passengers removed from flights in Paris and Amsterdam
Tags: Travel, Paris, Delta

American Airlines Has Terrible Employee Morale. Its CEO Is Clueless Why.

An employee raised morale issues, and suggests that Delta employees are happier and take better care of customers. Doug Parker responded that while he's "not putting it all on this" he blamed the mechanics and summer operational performance for unhappy employees. Apparently he never read any of the employee surveys from before the mechanics' work slowdown. Continue reading American Airlines Has Terrible Employee Morale. Its CEO Is Clueless Why....
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Delta fined for booting Muslim passengers from flightsDelta fined for booting Muslim passengers from flights

Airline engaged in 'discriminatory conduct,' DOT said
Tags: Travel, Delta

Department of Transportation Plans To Ban Nearly All Emotional Support Animals

If the Department of Transportation moves forward with a regulation that matches what is says is its current thinking, only dogs will be permitted as psychiatric service animals. They'll have to be trained, have good behavior, and know how to potty. They'll have to stay in a passenger's foot area. But Delta's blanket ban on pit bulls will be overturned. Continue reading Department of Transportation Plans To Ban Nearly All Emotional Support Animals...
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Passengers Pulled Off Delta Flight Because Of Their Cell Phone’s Name

Two passengers from Quebec were removed from a Delta regional flight in Detroit over their cell phone's network name, “remote detonator.” Passengers were kept on board the regional jet for more than three hours over the incident. People still haven't learned, it seems, that actual NSA surveillance vans don't have network names like "NSA Surveillance Van #15" Continue reading Passengers Pulled Off Delta Flight Because Of Their Cell Phone’s Name...
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