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US LGBTQ and Pride events in 2020

Let’s get one thing straight — LGBTQ people know how to throw one hell of a party, and in the United States, there’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to curating a queer shindig. From ski-slope soirees to fetish-themed festivals, the only thing more difficult than choosing which events to attend in 2020 is choosing who to vote for in the Democratic primary. Luckily, choosing from this list of epic LGBTQ gatherings is a win-win situation. Editor’s note: Queer culture doesn’t begin and e...
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Best places to travel in April 2020

Despite an old adage about April showers, the fourth month of the year is really when life starts to return to much of the planet. The long winter has defrosted and left with it cherry blossoms, baseball, and plenty of end-of-winter parties, combining to make this one of the most enticing months to get out and see the world. But the best places to travel in April aren’t always the most obvious, where festivals you may never have heard of offer better times than well-worn destinations. So read...
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How to Do Disney Parks Solo

I’ve done three solo Disney trips in the past three years. Two visits to Disneyland, and one to Walt Disney World. Each time, I had an absolutely incredible vacation all by myself—and I’d recommend solo Disney travel to anyone who’s ever wanted the pleasure of experiencing a Disney park at their own pace.Read more...
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Travel News: February 13, 2020

Walt Disney World, Disneyland Raise Prices Travel Pulse The tradeoff of paying for a ticket to Walt Disney World or Disneyland is, of course, living the moment. A day at either park is one of the most incredible—or magical, if you want to use Disney’s own words—experiences you can have at any age. But the experience continues to be costly. For the second time in eight months, Disney World has raised its ticket prices. Additional coronavirus cases on the Diamond Princess Travel ...
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Comparing Disneyland & Walt Disney World: Honest Thoughts

It was only two years ago when I first visited a Disney theme park. I’d always wanted to go but, for some weird reason, just hadn’t. That changed when I had the opportunity to visit Disneyland in California. Since then I’ve returned four times, visited Walt Disney World in Florida twice and even spent a day at Disneyland Paris. Still, I am nowhere near being a Disney expert, but my experiences in the parks do provide me with an interesting opportunity to step back, appraise them from a pseu...
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What to do at Disney World at night

Most visitors to Walt Disney World are up at the crack of dawn to be one of the first through the gates at the resort’s amusement parks. Somehow, though, certain magical Disney moments are made even more enchanting as the sun sets and gives way to twilight. On your next trip, skip the early morning alarm for at least one day, sleep in, and maybe drink an extra cup of coffee so that you can rally into the wee hours (well, for Disney anyway) because there are some Disney experiences that are be...
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Travel is a Privilege

Updated: 1/16/2020 | January 16, 2020 Let’s face it: not everyone is going to able to travel. Whether it’s money, family obligations, or circumstance, travel is out of reach for a large percentage of the world’s population. In the “quit your job to travel the world” cheerleading that happens so often on travel websites (including this one), we often forget that it’s not so easy for everyone. Yes, years on the road have shown me that, for many of us, our inability to travel is partly a mindset i...
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The Ups and Downs of Visiting Walt Disney World As A Solo Adult

It seems strange for me to think about but, until just a couple of years ago, I had never before visited a Disney Park. After my first trip to Disneyland in Anaheim though I was hooked and it has since become an important part of my travel life. Some will poo-poo it, but that’s their issue not mine. I love visiting Disney Parks for many reasons, but at its core the experience is pure and innocent fun, the likes of which is all too rare to find. Even though I had visited Disneyland several t...
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Fun Family Getaways in America

Looking for the perfect family vacation destination? A place that lets you relax, unwind, reconnect with your loved ones, and make memories that last a lifetime? Well, our country has a wealth of locations that offer just the right combination of nightlife, attractions, accommodations, and activities for the perfect family vacation. Here are five: The Smoky Mountains Few destinations offer the mix of family activities, incredible scenery, and world-class lodgings as Gatlinburg, Tennessee and ne...
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The London Resort theme park

Anglophiles will be pleased to learn that plans for their personal utopia are in the works. The London Resort, a $4.5-billion theme park, is set to be built by the Thames estuary, in southeast England, in 2024. Much like Disney World, the park will be composed of various “lands” that each represent a slice of Britain. Although the park is still in its early concept stages, the first images give a sneak peek into what this new theme park might look like. Photo: London Resort Photo: London R...
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LGBTQ travel guide to Amsterdam

The Dutch word gezellig has no proper English equivalent but roughly translates to “cozy,” “pleasant,” or “comfortable” — a feeling of well-being that arises from a person or place. As an LGBTQ+ traveler, to visit Amsterdam is to know what this means. Gezellig lives in the tulips that spring from the flower boxes in front of 17th-century townhouses and the choral chime of bike bells cling-clanging through the air. Strolling along the snug houseboats that line the city’s iconic canals is geze...
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30 Things to See and Do in Tokyo

Posted: 11/23/2019 | November 23rd, 2019 Tokyo is an incredible, massive city home to over 10 million people. It’s the capital of Japan and home to a wide array of fun, historic, and quirky attractions. From the world’s largest tuna auction and the Imperial Palace to robot restaurants and vampire cafés, Tokyo really does have something for everyone. Whether you’re here for a short stopover or living here as an expat, you’ll be able to find plenty of ways to pass the time and get a feel for the ...
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Driving It Yourself vs. Professional Drivers for Hire: Which one is Best?

If you’re wondering if it’s better to drive your car across many state borders compared to Professional Drivers for Hire, then you’ve come to the right place. Both options can come at times when one is more convenient than the other, but there’s still the question of which is better. This article is going to let you know what the difference between both of them is and if there’s one option that just shines brighter. 6 Questions You Should Ask When Comparing Driving Your Car Yourself to going...
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100 Photos of Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

Photos of Tokyo Disneyland, Japan While in Japan attending the Rugby World Cup, we decided to take our boys to Tokyo Disneyland. This was our first Disneyland experience as a family, so one might say it was a milestone moment.  I’m not sure if we would not have visited Tokyo Disneyland prior to having kids. We both visited a Disney park when we were young, Nicole went to Disneyland in California and Cameron went to Disney World in Florida, but it was not on our radar as adults. We actually w...
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What Are the Best and Worst Escape Rooms in Your City?

Some escape rooms are Disney-World slick; others are basically a dirty studio apartment with everything glued down. And some are a lot more fun to solve than others. What are the best escape rooms in your area—and what are the worst?Read more...
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Scooter Rental Tips for Orlando, Florida Theme Parks

Being aware of your goals beforehand will surely relieve the strain of working with a mobility scooter at unknown places. • Are you going to be utilizing free theme park transport or renting a mobility scooter? • Are you really going to be traveling “park to park” or adhere to a single park every day? • Can you rent inside the parks or can you have an Orlando scooter rental delivered to your resort? • Are you currently riding on rides which will ask that you leave your mobility scooter rental? ...
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Disney’s new Star Wars ride

The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge park was long-awaited in both Disneyland and Disneyworld, and now that it’s open in both, more details are emerging about one of its most highly anticipated attractions. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is opening at Disneyworld on December 5 and Disneyland on January 17, and it will allow guests to travel underneath AT-AT walkers, be taken prisoner on a Star Destroyer, and immerse themselves in a battle with First Order troops. The ride begins at a rebel outpost...
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My First Visit to Walt Disney World – Thoughts & Impressions

There was very little doubt in my mind that I would love my first Walt Disney World experience and yet I had put off the trip for quite a long time. Even after visiting Disneyland in California four times in less than a year, the very idea of Walt Disney World intimidated me deeply. I had become used to the very compact and intimate feeling of Disneyland and I knew that the sheer size of its Florida counterpart would be a totally different experience. And it was, but that doesn’t mean it was ba...
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Here's How to Unlock Your Disney Hotel Room Door With the Disney World App

Everyone who goes on a Walt Disney World vacation gets a MagicBand. The handy little bracelet is your park ticket, holds all of your Disney Dining Plan meal credits, allows you to purchase merchandise, and unlocks your hotel room door. But sometimes MagicBands fail, which is where the My Disney Experience App comes in. Everyone with a smartphone heading to Disney World should already have this app downloaded (it's a huge life-saver). It's where you can see all of your dining reservations, FastP...
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Travel News: October 1, 2019

Global Luxury Travel Market Looks to Reach $1,615 Billion by 2026 Travel Pulse Allied Market Research has published a new report on “Luxury Travel Market: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2019–2026”, providing an outlook luxury market’s rise over the next several years. The global luxury travel market, consisting of services that provide premium and most-desirable types of accommodations, transport and cultural encounters, was valued at over $891 billion in 2018. Disney Skylin...
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Travel News: May 23, 2019

Abercrombie & Kent Creates New Inspiring Expeditions Trips Luxury Travel Advisor Geoffrey Kent and his team at Abercrombie & Kent have created two new Inspiring Expeditions: Ethiopia by Air: Danakil & Beyond and Carnival & Cariocas. On Ethiopia by Air: Danakil & Beyond (Oct 4-13, 2019), using a helicopter, travelers can fly down to the destination’s sights, including the remote and rarely-visited Danakil Depression with a glowing lava lake and Sulphur-yellow salt flats.   Disney World offers pa...
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Disney bans smoking, large strollers

Pretty much everywhere is smoke-free these days, from airplanes to restaurants, and now we can add Disney World to the list. Starting on May 1, smoking will be banned at all Disney parks, including Walt Disney World, Disneyland, the various water parks, and Downtown Disney in California. Now if smokers or e-cigarette users want to light up, they must do so in special areas located outside the park entry points or in specific zones at Disney Resort hotels. The rule does not, however, apply to ...
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Star Wars land reservations

One of the coolest events of this year is the opening of the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park at California’s Disneyland. And because it’s so anticipated, it’s going to be busy. So busy, in fact, that to visit between opening day on May 31 and June 23, you’ll need to make a reservation in advance (at no cost). You can make a reservation starting on Thursday, May 2, at 10:00 AM, though spots are expected to go pretty quickly. To make your reservation, you’ll first need to sign up for a ...
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Disney World Tips – What to Do and Not to Do

Do you want to save money while visiting Disney? My family and I have did visit to Disney World and here are some of the tips and tricks we learned. Visiting this magical park is an awesome experience, but the reality of it is that it can be expensive. So don’t wait until you get there to learn how to avoid paying extra. 6 Disney World Tips to Save You Money Top 3 Things TO DO Stay at one of their hotels Yes, they might look pricey but if you take into account that you won’t be paying add...
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Travel News: March 26, 2019

Disney’s Riviera Resort to feature foldout beds Travel Weekly Disney unveiled a model room for its Riviera Resort, which is scheduled to open at Disney World in December. The European-themed property will be the 15th to join Disney’s Vacation Club timeshare program and the first new Disney Vacation Club property to be added to Disney World since 2004. The model Riviera Resort accommodation on display at the Disney Vacation Club Preview Center at Disney Springs is a two-bedroom configuration cre...
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Mermaid swimming classes at Disney

Sparkly and colorful mermaid tails are everywhere these days (even in fancy hotels), so it’s not surprising that Disney, creator of the most famous mermaid in the world, wants to get in on the fun. At select Walt Disney World resorts in Florida, Disney will offer guests the opportunity to learn how to swim like a mermaid. As long as you’re four years old or older, you’ll be able to channel your inner Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Classes will last one hour, with students given a special tail...
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Most bizarre theme parks in world

If you want a traditional and predictable family vacation, head to Disney World, ride the teacups, and leave with a few mouse-ear hats. However, if you want an experience that isn’t all princesses and cartoon animals, there are plenty of bizarre amusement parks out there to satisfy your craving. From the explicit Loveland in South Korea to Lithuania’s Išgyvenimo Drama, a Soviet-themed park that gives visitors a brutal taste of life in the former USSR, these seven parks might not be the happie...
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Disney Popcorn Buckets Are The Park Souvenir People Can't Get Enough Of

Disney World and Disneyland superfans know what's up.
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6 Awesome Theme Park Travel Destinations That You Won’t Find in Florida

When you think “theme parks,” chances are your brain automatically thinks “Florida,” right? Hey, we totally get it. The likes of Disney World and Universal Studios are the undisputed kings of the theme park world to the general public for a reason. Downsides of visiting the big parks However, oftentimes what doesn’t get talked about is the downsides of visiting the big parks in Florida such as… The price tag: in the case of Disney especially, many families are being priced out as...
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Tequileria at Disney World

There’s always a line at the Mexico Pavilion at Disney World’s Epcot in Florida. No one should be surprised about a line at Disney World, but the folks in this line aren’t waiting to meet Mickey Mouse or see a live rendition of Beauty and the Beast. They’re waiting to enter a tequileria. Since 2009, La Cava del Tequila has brought life to the Mexico Pavilion. It serves an average of 1,000 people a day with nine tables, two high-tops, and a walk-up bar. The handcrafted margaritas and vast amo...
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