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Best Places to Take Your Pet For Holiday

  Bringing your pet on your vacation can make it much better. Of course, sometimes it can be more complicated as you have to choose proper animal-friendly places, bring the best dog food that will last through the trip, or select particular kinds of activities that you can do together. Nevertheless, it is worth it, as you don't have to leave your four-legged friends with other people, pay for animal hotels, or worry about your pet's well-being. Still, if you plan to bring your pet for a trip, y...
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How to keep your dog healthy in vans

Van life has given many the chance to break free from traditional patterns, hit the road, and live freely and adventurously. For many, nothing could enhance this lifestyle more than bringing man’s best friend along for the ride. But if you are ready to introduce your dog to the open road, you’ll want to be sure you’re well prepared. Committing to a longterm van life starts with a well-thought out plan and adequate preparation. Adding a dog into the mix means an extra level of ingenuity in ord...
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Best dog breeds for the outdoors

If you’re an outdoorsy type, chances are you’re a dog person, and if you live in a mountain town, you know that dogs are as much a part of the outdoors culture as flannel and craft beer. But have you ever noticed that outdoorsy people seem to all have the same kinds of dogs? It’s logical, at least to a certain extent: Active, adventurous people are likely to get active, adventurous dogs. Still, most outdoorsy folks seem to gravitate toward the same handful of breeds — specifically huskies, la...
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Then and Now

Here are a group of photos I took before we went to Berlin and then after we arrived back in Paris: This little dog is almost always in front of this café a short distance from our apartment and I assume it belongs to the owner. I bet it is always on the lookout for other dogs. Seen in Montmartre. I have no idea what sort of entertainment is shown there but I sure did like the exterior. Autumn light always makes good photos. Also seen in Montmartre. Note that they use the window as part of t...
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Dog cafe opening in London

You’ve heard of cat cafes, owl cafes, and rabbit cafes popping up all over, but cafes tailored to a specific breed are a new addition to this trend. Following in the footsteps of the Pug Café, a cafe dedicated to French Bulldogs will open for one day only in London. The French Bulldog Café will have its grand opening on September 9th in a private lounge area at The Happenstance Bar and Restaurant, located across from St. Paul’s Cathedral. Visitors don’t need to be Frenchie owners themselves ...
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Berliners trying to break dog record

Dachshund dog enthusiasts are coming together this month in Berlin to achieve the world record for the most sausage dogs in one place. After the Sausage Fest in Cornwall, which set the current record at 600 dachshunds, Berliners have their eyes on breaking the record with 666 dogs on July 21st. The dachshund owners will gather on a 5000-square-meter dog play area in attempt to bring the record back home to Germany, where the breed originates. The event was organized by the owners of Posh Tec...
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United updates pet policy

The past few months have been rough for the PR department at United Airlines. The in-flight death of a flyer’s dog after being placed in an overhead storage bin, among other incidents, prompted the airline to bring much-needed change its pet policy. The updates appear to demonstrate a commitment by United to prevent future mishaps before they happen. But the airline is now much more stringent about exactly which breeds of dogs and cats are able to fly. The bulk of the new policy focuses on dog...
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Kyoto's pug cafe

Urban Japan is famous for its quirky attractions — maid cafes, capsule hotels, vending machine underwear, just to name a few. There’s also a huge trend of animal cafes, where customers can interact with creatures like kittens, bunnies, owls, and now, our favorite of all of them: pugs. Pug Cafe Living Room, just outside of Kyoto, Japan, is a dog lover’s dream. Visitors come for both the human snacks and doggie snuggles. With 12 pugs, each wearing their own namesake jersey, you’re in for a puggi...
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I visited three States on my trip: Arizona to see my mother, Texas to see my oldest son and daughter and their families, and California to see my second son and his. Lots of flying but nice to reconnect, especially with grandchildren.  My first stop was in Texas. I was happy to be there to see bluebonnets in bloom. We went out for Mexican food at this place. I love their interior. Chips and salsa. I always eat too many. In Paris if you go to a Mexican restaurant, they usualy charge you for th...
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Does Your Dog Barf in the Car? You Need To Read This!

  No one I know likes dog vomit.  Not even a little bit.  By that I mean not even liking it a little bit and/or a little bit of vomit.  And especially dog vomit that is in your car.  That seems to make it extra nasty. And hey - your dog doesn't like vomiting.  He or she may like eating it, sadly, but that's a whole other blog post.   Enough about my musings on dog vomit.  If you have a dog that is prone to car sickness and hence, barfing in your Prius, Corolla, Soul or Bronco, you'll want to ge...
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Flying with pets

A family is mourning the death of their young dog, which died on United Flight 1284 en route to New York’s LaGuardia airport from Houston Intercontinental Airport on Tuesday evening. A flight attendant had insisted that the 10-month-old French Bulldog puppy be sealed in the overhead bin for the duration of the three-hour flight, against the passengers’ protests. The dog barked for a long time on the flight, before going silent. Upon landing, the family discovered their dog was lifeless. The tr...
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Google Streetview Akitas

Because perspective is everything, Google Japan has decided to mount its Streetview cameras to three dogs. Three fluffy Akitas named Asuka, Ako, and Puko, to be precise. Google Japan took these poofy pups on a series of lengthy walks across Odate in the Akita Prefecture, the birthplace of the famous dog breed, on the pretense of paying tribute to the city’s history. Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube You can now see portions of Odate from the p...
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Pooch in the Media

My dog Confiture — who I always call refer to as “pooch” on social media — has been getting quite a bit of media coverage in Montreal of late. It all relates to the fact that since early 2016, we’ve been basically crowdsourcing walks for him, using a private Facebook group we created that now has over 1000 members (with hundreds more still waiting for approval). It’s mostly done through McGill University students, and so he’s almost turned into an unofficial mascot on campus — if you walk him i...
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While in Texas, I had a wonderful dinner at the home of the mother in law of my son. She is a fabulous cook and always prepares meals you think of months later. Our meal was no exception. The table was beautifully set in an Autumn theme. There were flowers, of course. This was a thick pork chop topped with a crushed pretzel topping. So yummy. She has the sister of this dog belonging to my son, and another one to boot.
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Take a shelter dog out in Hawaii

The dog field trip program run by the  Kauai Humane Society in Hawaii is a unique program that allows visitors to take one of the Humane Society dogs out for the day. Dog lovers can explore the beautiful island with the company of a new canine friend. At the same time, the dogs are able to get out of the shelter, play, and interact. The shelter will provide everything your dog will need for the day, such as a leash and poop bags, as well as a bright doggy vest with the words “adopt me” on it. ...
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It has been really hot in France the last couple of days-95 degrees-too hot to be out except in the early morning. One night I slept with the ceiling fan on along with a floor fan. I hate it when the sheets are hot. We don’t have air conditioning here. We usually don’t need it. We just open windows on either side of our apartment, turn on the ceiling fans and we are comfortable. With the heat came a strange invasion of flying bugs, mostly gnat sized. They were all over my floor so I vacuumed the...
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10 National Parks you can explore with your dog

ALTHOUGH most of the 58 national parks in the country don’t allow dogs, in order to not to disturb the wildlife, a few permit dogs on a leash and in designated areas (with the exception of service dogs who are allowed to move around more freely). Take your pooch out for some much deserved outdoorsy quality time at one of these pet-friendly national parks. Yosemite National Park, California Photo: Peter Bodechtel Dogs are allowed in developed areas, on fully paved roads, sidewalks, along bike...
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Big Fat Dog Wedding - 5000 People Attend It

In Uttar Pradesh state of India, in Kaushambi district, 5000 People Attended the Big Fat Dog Wedding. The wedding was done as per prevailing Hindu rituals. Guests made merry & danced to the Indian songs and local feast was served to the people. The Dog 'groom' Shagun belonged to Basant... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: DIVINE MEDIA ART]
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I'm leaving Germany

Photo: Andrea Allen I moved from Dallas, Texas to Germany in 2009 with my husband, dog, cat and 10 suitcases for a five-month assignment. It was our first time visiting Europe, so we thought we’d take the chance with a short-term gig. Within three weeks, we realized that a few months would not be nearly enough time as our love affair with Europe blossomed. When a work opportunity arose to stay year-to-year, we took it. The time we’ve spent here has been life changing, and we are lucky to work...
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Pets Ride Free on Amtrak Through March 31

Traveling with pets can be tough. It can also be expensive. If you have to travel with a pet within the next few months, Amtrak has a promotion that allows them to ride free through March 31 (but you’ll have to book soon).Read more...
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10 ways to make a New Yorker whine

Photo: Thomas Leuthard 1. Say you only accept cash. Us New Yorkers don’t walk around with lots of cash. We don’t need to. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, including in our cabs and at our food trucks. We’re a little stumped and pissed off when a restaurant, or any store for that matter, is cash only. 2. Ask us to take you to visit Times Square. Time Square is exciting for tourists. For New Yorkers, it’s hell. There are too many people wandering around with no purpose or clear d...
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Summer of 2016

[Author: barbu vlad]
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Beach Living

This and that on the beach. Probably a weed but I will call it beach flowers. I don’t think this dog was particularly friendly but was looking for other dogs. At least he didn’t bark. Another great sunset. I love sand made smooth by the wind and beach fences. A hollyhock against the blue sky. We have had a run of windy, gray days so this was a pleasure. I’m not sure if the rest of this area has this type of architecture but I sure do like it. There are many similar in our village with a st...
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single guy in mountain town colorado

Photo: Zach Dischner 1. The months of May, October, and early November are blocked out from trying to date anyone because you don’t have any paychecks coming in during those times. The $300 end-of-season bonus check from the ski resort has to pay for gas and food so unless you can find someone whose ideal first date is red beans and rice prepared by campfire followed by drinking water and singing acoustic rock covers, it’s best to just write the shoulder seasons off as bad timing. 2. The mai...
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Single in Portland

Photo: Jim Fischer 1. You run into someone at a yoga class whom you totally ghosted a month ago. Seems you’ve forgotten about that second date conversation when you learned that both of you sometimes attend acro yoga with Amy on Tuesday evenings. Time to make like Edward Norton in Fight Club and find another session to attend. 2. You have written an anonymous letter to Portland Mercury’s “Savage Love” column for dating advice at least once. Come on, just admit it already. 3. You find out...
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Reflecting On Two Years of Travelschooling – 20 Years Later

It was more than 20 years ago when my parents called my brother and I into the living room. At the time I was 10 or 11 and I vaguely remember being more than a little confused.  We were going to go on an adventure. The specifics were still being hammered out, but we’d be packing our lives into backpacks, renting out the house we owned in Sedona, and striking out for a year-long exploration of Europe. I remember a tumultuous combination of emotions. A mixture of excitement, of confusion, of wonde...
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Road Trip USA – Colorado and Arizona in Color Photos

Grand skies, incredible nature. Delicious eats and dramatic mountain passes. Peaceful rivers and powerful inspiration for the imagination.  These are the traits, all bolstered by the sharp, clean, invigorating scent of mountain air kissed by the vanilla scent of a fresh summer rain and the vanilla perfume of Ponderosa pine trees. The following are color photos taken during my two week road trip across northern Arizona (briefly) before settling in along the west fork of the Dolores River in south...
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A Black and White Photo Tour of Copenhagen in Spring

Spring in Denmark is amazing.  The seemingly endless  dark depths of winter are quickly replaced by brilliantly long days that seem to stretch on forever bathed in the amber hues of golden evenings and freshly invigorated mornings.  The parks blossom and bloom in an explosion of color while Copenhagen’s population revels in every ounce of warm spring sun. While I’m constantly taking photos of Copenhagen and uploading them to flickr and Instagram I’ve realized I’m not posting those photos here on...
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Lil Kit

This cat may never enjoy a name of its own except in my household where pictures of it are a high commodity.
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Beach Walk 776 – Meditation on Fetching

Starring the amazing Lexi Dogg! Nuff said. Shot on the iPhone, For You, from Maui. Hawaiian Word: Kiʻi: fetch Be in Touch! Subscribe in iTunes so you won’t miss a single episode! Please leave a comment while you’re there! Be sure to Join Our Email List and be part of the Beachwalks ʻohana! Call the Conch line via skype:roxannedarling or 1-949-544-1456 and share your thoughts. Like us on Facebook and join the Beach Walks community. Our wonderful theme music is from The Ukulele Experiment ...
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