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COVID-19: Swiggy sets up Rs 10 crore fund for its delivery persons

Swiggy has launched a Rs 10 crore fund to support delivery personnel who test positive for COVID-19. The delivery personnel’s will get income of upto 2 weeks, essential goods including food and groceries; their parents and families’ medical expenses related to COVID-19 will also be covered. Swiggy has so far raised Rs 4 crore, from founders, […] ...
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Rajasthan residents require e-passes for movement amid COVID-19 lockdown

Individuals in Rajasthan, who have to step out of their houses for “unavoidable work”, will have to get an e-pass using the Rajasthan government’s RajCop Citizen app, Bhagwan Lal Soni, Additional Director General of Police, Crime Branch, Jaipur, told MediaNama. Similarly, “companies” will also have to apply for these passes in case their employees have […] ...
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Navi Mumbai residents need e-passes to get food, medicines during COVID-19 lockdown

Residents of Navi Mumbai have to get e-passes if they need to step out of their houses for essential movement (groceries, medicines, or medical reasons). They can apply for the pass here: Residents have to provide either their Aadhaar card, driver’s licence, PAN card, or college ID at the time of application, and must […] ...
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Bengaluru City Police to issue passes for e-commerce delivery via app by MyGate amidst COVID-19 lockdown

Bengaluru City Police will issue e-passes to e-commerce delivery agents to commute during the 21-day COVID-19 lockdown, via an app. This will be done through an app created by apartment management startup MyGate, called the Karnataka State Police CLEAR Pass. These passes will only be valid in Bengaluru and will be issued by the Karnataka […] ...
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Bengaluru City Police issues passes for e-commerce delivery via Android app by MyGate amidst COVID-19 lockdown

Update (March 30 1:41 pm): E-passes are now being issued through the KSP Clear Pass all for all divisions in Bengaluru, the office of DCP (West) and Inspector Venkatesh (in charge of e-passes) told MediaNama. Aadhaar details are not mandatory for a vehicle pass, as per the updated MyGate website, but Venkatesh said that it […] ...
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E-commerce companies to operate without passes during COVID-19 lockdown: Faridabad Police

E-commerce companies do not need any pass from the district administration to operate in Faridabad, the Faridabad Police said in an order dated March 26. The commissioner’s office told MediaNama that they will validate the identity of delivery persons via ID cards, and it is not mandatory for them to be wearing uniforms “since every […] ...
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Noida allows e-commerce delivery of essential services, no govt passes required

All e-commerce companies are allowed to operate in Noida, the Gautam Buddh Nagar District Magistrate said in an order dated March 26. Delivery persons of e-commerce companies do not need any passes from the district administration, and their company ID would be sufficient to carry out delivery of essential goods, DM B.N. Singh said in […] ...
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E-commerce supply chains must be allowed to operate: Home Ministry to all states, UTs

You’re reading it here first: All facilities in the supply chain of e-commerce companies, local stores, and large brick and mortar stores must be allowed to operate to ensure supply of essential goods (including food, medicine and medical equipment/devices), as per the latest order from the Home Ministry to chief secretaries of all states and […] ...
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Delhi Police rescinds earlier order that allowed e-commerce delivery without passes

Update (March 26 11:28 pm): The Home Ministry has also directed all states and UTs to allow e-commerce supply chains to function so that essential goods (food, medicines, and medical equipment/devices) can be delivered. The order issued by Delhi Police allowing operations of e-commerce in the city without any passes had already been rescinded before Home […] ...
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No passes required for e-commerce delivery of essential goods: Delhi Police

All e-commerce retailers and online delivery services delivering essential goods can continue to operate in Delhi, according to a Delhi Police order sent to all cops, including traffic cops, in the city. No separate passes are required to operate within the city, Vikram Porwal, the staff officer to commissioner of Delhi Police, who signed the […] ...
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Zomato extends Gold membership duration by 2 months, announces fund for delivery persons

Zomato will extend all paid Gold memberships across India, UAE, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Lebanon, Turkey, New Zealand, Portugal and Qatar by two months at no extra cost, founder Deepinder Goyal announced. The company will also start a fund to cover up the lost earnings of its delivery partners, and is “hoping” for government’s support towards […] ...
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Flipkart resumes grocery delivery with restriction on quantities

By Aditi Agrawal and Aroon Deep Update (March 25 5:20 pm): Hyderabad Police is issuing passes to allow e-commerce delivery. Gurugram Police will allow certain delivery companies to operate during lockdown. Several major e-commerce delivery services were either completely booked out, had put a hold on operations, or were otherwise inaccessible, the morning after the […] ...
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Flipkart resumes delivery service, only delivering groceries for now

Update (March 26 2:15 pm): Flipkart website and app are now accepting orders, but only for groceries. All other products are “temporarily unavailable”. Limits have been placed on the quantity of certain staple items (such as pulses and flours) that can be purchased in an order. Also, the earliest delivery slot available in Delhi is […] ...
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E-commerce firms can email Mumbai Police to continue operations during COVID-19 lockdown

All e-commerce firms and delivery service providers that deliver “essential” goods such as food and medicines can email Mumbai Police at [email protected] to continue operations in the city, the Mumbai Police tweeted. This includes grocery delivery, e-pharmacies, food delivery and courier services, Pranaya Ashok, the Deputy Commissioner of Police told MediaNama. The company itself, through […] ...
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DPIIT to monitor delivery of essential services through control room during COVID-19 lockdown

Yesterday, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), set up a control room to monitor, in real time, the status of transportation and delivery of goods, manufacturing, delivery of essential commodities as India continues with the 21-day lockdown to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. DPIIT has asked e-commerce, manufacturing, distribution companies among others to […] ...
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Flipkart to resume delivery services ‘later today’

Flipkart will resume its grocery and essentials services later today, CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy said in a statement to MediaNama. He said that the company has been “assured of the safe and smooth passage of our supply chain and delivery executives by local law enforcement authorities”. The company has also updated its website to read “Paused. […] ...
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Gurugram police allows more e-commerce companies to operate amid COVID-19 lockdown

Update on March 25: After Gurugram’s police commissioner Muhammad Ali had initially allowed 12 e-commerce companies to operate in the city, a subsequent order has now allowed more e-commerce companies in the city. The new order specifically name checks the following e-commerce companies: Zomato, Swiggy, Flipkart, Amazon, Grofers, BigBasket, Dunzo, Milkbasket, Big Bazaar, Blue Dart, WOW […] ...
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Gurugram police will allow Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon, Flipkart, et al to operate amid COVID-19 lockdown

Zomato, Swiggy, Flipkart, Amazon, Grofers, BigBasket, Dunzo, Milkbasket, Big Bazaar, Blue Dart, WOW Express and IFFCO Tokyo Goods will be allowed to operate in Gurugram, the city’s police commissioner, Muhammad Akil, directed all officials of Gurugram police today. The commissioner’s office told MediaNama that the staff of these platforms will not require additional passes to […] ...
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COVID-19: E-commerce companies can get passes to operate in Hyderabad during curfew

All delivery and e-commerce companies in Hyderabad can obtain passes for their essential staff and vehicles by sending an email to [email protected], Jayesh Ranjan, the IT Secretary for the state of Telangana, tweeted. These passes can be obtained for 11 kinds of delivery related services, including milk and dairy; vegetable; meat, fish and chicken; medicines […] ...
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Milkbasket staff, vendors allegedly heckled by local police a day before nationwide lockdown

E-commerce platform Milkbasket could not deliver a single order in Hyderabad and more than half of their orders in Gurugram and Noida, even before Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Milkbasket’s CEO Anant Goel said that the company’s “staff, vendors and vehicles [were] being pushed back from the […] ...
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