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Variations on Veganuary 2021: Interview with EHL’s, Ehrhard Busch | By Beatrice Venturini

Welcome to Veganuary 2021! This typically marketing-oriented term was first coined by a UK charity in 2014 as an initiative to encourage people to go meat-free after the fleshy excesses of Christmas. The concept has proven to be an impressive success, championed by supporters ranging from actor Joachim Phoenix, musician Paul McCartney to Germany's strongest man, Patrik Baboumian.
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EHL’s new Customer Experience Management Institute: Prioritizing customer-centricity and service excellence | By Alessandro Inversini

In September 2020, EHL launched a new research institute called the Institute of Customer Experience Management. The launch of the institute, along with its ambitious research program, is part of the strategic vision of the school which, through the creation of business/research institutes in different disciplines, is trying to advance academic knowledge serving the needs of the industry.
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Fish & seafood recipes from EHL chefs

Are you looking for some aquatic inspiration for your next dinner party? Admittedly, fish and seafood can seem a scary prospect for those who prefer their ingredients to come from the comfort-zone of dry land. But the truth is that there's nothing quite as easy or elegant with which to wow your guests as as well-chosen recipe that brings the coast to your plate.
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Blended Learning in education: 5 steps to maximize ROI | By Achim Schmitt

An overview of how EHL has developed and implemented effective blended learning models, not just to meet the recent demands of the COVID pandemic, but with a view to modernizing the possibilities of teaching in general. Dr Achim Schmitt, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, shares actionable insights on how to best maximize ROI using effective digital teaching models.
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Teaching wine skills at EHL’s Berceau des Sens restaurant | By Beatrice Venturini & Thomas Fefin

Young EHL students are faced with the daunting task of mastering grape names, wine regions, flavors, along with some artful wrist action in just 10 days as part of their Service Skills trainee program. Head wine teacher and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Thomas Fefin, explains the main stops along the wine teaching journey at the prestigious Michelin star fine dining restaurant, le Berceau des Sens.
Tags: Travel, Michelin, EHL, Beatrice Venturini, Berceau des Sens, Thomas Fefin, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Thomas Fefin

VET by EHL: a new turnkey programme for the hospitality industry

Earlier on this year, EHL launched its turnkey education programme, VET by EHL, for the hospitality industry and is currently inviting applications from Indian and Chinese academic institutions. Based on one of the best education models in the world, the Swiss Competency Framework, this programme is a blend of skills training, strong learning outcomes and a competence-oriented structure of training content.
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Why join EHL's Master in Global Hospitably Business program?

After completing her BSc in International Hospitality Management at EHL in 2016, Rubina Insam knew two things: she wanted to gain global industry insights and further strengthen her academic background, so she signed up for EHL's Master of Science in Global Hospitality Business (MGH).
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EHL launches European Hotel Transaction Price Index | By René-Ojas Woltering

EHL's Real Estate, Finance & Economics Institute presents the first edition of the European Hotel Transaction Price Index. This project aims to contribute to increased transparency in the European hotel industry by publishing the index on an annual basis. This first edition of the index is based on a total of 1247 hotel transactions across Europe between 2007 and 2019. In 2019, European hotel transactions prices increased by 7.7% vs. the prior year on the back of a record transaction volu...
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The Future Of Innovation In Hospitality: Current Best Practices, Key Success Factors And Main Challenges | By Carlos Martin-Rios

Just before the majority of countries around the world went into lockdown, we (Pr. Martin-Rios from EHL and Pr. Chan from NY Institute of Technology) completed a report on the future of innovation for hospitality. HSMAI America commissioned a scenario study as part of the association's continued commitment to unfolding a vision of the current U.S. hospitality's emerging sales, marketing and revenue optimization (SMRO) innovation strategic initiatives with its challenges and needs.
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How to create a Great Place to Work | By Pascal Gauthier

It's been a busy and unique start to the new school year here at EHL for many reasons, mostly to do with the implementation of innovative teaching methods such as HyFlex and adapting to the necessary global changes. Much to my delight and satisfaction, we have recently become the recipients of two prestigious awards in terms of employer certification. Bilan magazine, (for the 3rd year running), has nominated us as "Best Employers" in Switzerland in their education category with regards to...
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Pascal Gauthier, EHL Chief Culture & Marketing Officer: how to create a Great Place to Work | By Pascal Gauthier

It's been a busy and unique start to the new school year here at EHL for many reasons, mostly to do with the implementation of innovative teaching methods such as HyFlex and adapting to the necessary global changes. Much to my delight and satisfaction, we have recently become the recipients of two prestigious awards in terms of employer certification. Bilan magazine, (for the 3rd year running), has nominated us as "Best Employers" in Switzerland in their education category with regards to...
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Stimulating coffee facts with EHL’s Alain Berruex | By Beatrice Venturini

Coffee - so much more than a drink - more a way of life. David Lynch is famously quoted as saying that "even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all". While the amount that is either good or bad for your health is still unresolved, coffee remains the most popular beverage in the world with more than 400 billion cups consumed each year. More important than the sun rising in the sky, once the taste and kick are floating around in your blood system, it seems that the day is ready...
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Sustainability Week: EHL students lead the fight against waste on campus | By Julia Barbey

Global warming is an issue that the world has been facing for years, and time is running out. Every action we take has an impact on the environment and it is our responsibility to implement sustainable practices into our lives and into our campus.
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ARC Bar: A Heart-Warming Story Of A Unique Concept Venue For The Able And Disabled | By Beatrice Venturini

Back in 2000, EHL launched its Student Business Project (SBP) module as an integral part of the final Bachelor year program. Its aim: to give students real-life, hands-on, practical experience of what it means to set up and run a business from every possible angle, in conjunction with the requirements of a business partner who has enlisted their help, insights and know-how.
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IDeaS Announces Fabian Specht Future Revenue Innovator Scholarship with EHL

Global hospitality revenue management solutions provider IDeaS has partnered with world-leading hospitality management school EHL to offer the Fabian Specht Future Revenue Innovator Scholarship. IDeaS has committed to €15,000, awarded annually beginning with the 2021-22 academic year, to two international EHL students pursuing a revenue management education.
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EHL’s Digital Capabilities And Support Measures Allow Students To Continue Their Learning And Development

Working with the Canton of Vaud and the medical authorities, today, 2,500 EHL students will emerge from their quarantine that was imposed on the Lausanne campus after several minor-symptom cases of coronavirus were reported amongst the student body. The quarantine followed privately-organised social gatherings.
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Over 2,000 Students At Swiss Hotel School Placed In Quarantine

All undergraduate students at the École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) - one of the most prestigious hospitality management schools in the world - have been placed in quarantine after several coronavirus outbreaks.
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HFTP Announces 2020 Paragon Award Recipient – Ian Millar, CHTP

Ian Millar, CHTP was selected as the 2020 Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®) Paragon Award recipient for his unwavering support of the association and substantial contributions to increase knowledge sharing and promote growth in the hospitality industry at large, specifically amongst students and hospitality professionals within Europe. Millar is a senior lecturer of IT at EHL in Lausanne, Switzerland. He has been a member of HFTP for 15 years and served in multipl...
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This summer's ‘Must Reads’ chosen by EHL’s Rooms and Revenue Management | By Beatrice Venturini

Continuing our summer reading list theme, EHL's Rooms and Revenue Management teams have drawn up a shortlist of essential titles that all prospective students of hospitality management should be familiar with on the topic of RM by the start of the new term.
Tags: Travel, Revenue Management, EHL, Beatrice Venturini

Brush Up On Finance & Wine Economics This Summer, Selected By EHL Experts | By Beatrice Venturini

Dr. Philippe Masset and Dr. Jean Philippe Weisskopf are both associate professors at EHL specializing in Empirical Finance and Wine Economics. They are founding members of the Alliance for Research on Wine & Hospitality Management and have written extensively on the subject. Here they share with us some useful tips on vital pre-learning material for any potential student of economics, equity, finance and management.
Tags: Travel, EHL, Philippe Masset, Jean Philippe Weisskopf, Beatrice Venturini, Empirical Finance

Gastronomic 'Must Reads' selected by EHL’s Culinary Arts team | By Beatrice Venturini

Calling foodie fans and would-be students of all things F&B. Members of the EHL award-winning Culinary Arts department have given us a peek at their favorite books on the theme of gastronomy. Their titles range from traditional subjects like recipes and cuisine theory to the etymology of gastro vocabulary and the science of pots and pans. Truly fascinating insights into the literature that got them excited about entering into and mastering their culinary profession. So why not put Harry P...
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Remote Student Coaching: 8 Weeks Of Tuition From My Spare Room | By Ian Millar

When COVID-19 kicked in here in Switzerland and we were told to go home and work remotely the foreseeable future, I was concerned. I was coming into the first weeks of coaching our Student Business Projects (SBP). It was my responsibility to ensure that twelve teams each consisting of six students were to be successful in their final module before graduation from EHL, (no pressure!).
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Future Hoteliers Help Design Infor Mobile Pricing App

When designing a mobile app that will meet the needs and expectations of future hoteliers, you would do well to involve them in the process. So when Infor began developing its newly released solution Infor Hospitality Price Optimizer (HPO), it tapped the talents of students at EHL in Lausanne, Switzerland, ranked the world's best hospitality & leisure management school.
Tags: Travel, Lausanne Switzerland, EHL, Infor, Infor Hospitality Price Optimizer HPO

EHL Named Best Hospitality & Leisure Management School In The World

2020 QS World University rankings: Soon after the confirmation of its Michelin star, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) has been ranked as the world's leading institution for hospitality and leisure management education.
Tags: Travel, World, Michelin, Lausanne, EHL

Tourism Satisfaction: Importance, Measurability & Impacts

How should we measure tourism satisfaction for businesses and destinations? And what key factors should we consider when consuming tourism indices?These questions and more were covered at EHL's 3rd Annual Hospitality Finance & Economics Research Conference, with keynote speaker Dr. Gang Li.
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From the Experts: Digging for Data and Kicking out Competition | By Holden Madison

EHL recently welcomed three hospitality companies actively engaging in data science during a panel discussion hosted by Associate Professor Alessandro Inversini. Participants shared their experience working with data, its opportunity and its pitfalls.
Tags: Travel, EHL, Alessandro Inversini, Holden Madison

AETHOS Participates in HR and Talent Management Discussion During EHL's Young Hotelier's Summit: "Organisational Culture Critical to Success"

During last month's 10th Edition of the Ecole Hoteliere De Lausanne's (EHL) Young Hoteliers Summit, panels and sessions focused on the multifaceted aspect of hospitality and its growing complexity. EHL alum and AETHOS London Managing Director Thomas Mielke, through his panel participation, discussed the "Pitfalls and Challenges of 21st Century Management and Leadership." Mielke exchanged his thoughts and views with fellow panelists: Dorchester Collection Chief People and Culture Officer E...
Tags: Travel, London, EHL, Mielke, Western Switzerland, Thomas Mielke, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Pitfalls and Challenges of 21st Century Management, Eugenio Pirri

INDUSTRY REPORT: Innovation Strategy in Practice

The Hospitality Innovation Industry Report, authored by EHL Associate Professor Dr. Carlos Martin-Rios, is based around a comprehensive model reviewing combinations of technological and non-technological innovations and analyzes how different innovation strategies contribute to generating competitive advantages for hospitality businesses.
Tags: Travel, Carlos Martin Rios, EHL

EHL Ranked World’s Best Hospitality & Leisure Management School

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) has been ranked at the top position in the 2019 QS World University ranking for Hospitality & Leisure Management Universities, after celebrating its 125th anniversary and earning the extremely sought-after Michelin star. Once more, QS rankings confirm Switzerland's central role in shaping the hospitality industry, and EHL's position as the world's leading institution.
Tags: Travel, Switzerland, Michelin, Lausanne, EHL, QS World University, Leisure Management School, Hospitality Leisure Management Universities

Artificial Intelligence: Hospitality, and That Human Touch | By Stuart Pallister

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly going to have an impact on the hotel industry as the bots - robots and chatbots - play a greater role. Julia Aymonier, CIO of EHL, says yes, some jobs will change, particularly those related to repetitive tasks. "The biggest challenge," she told Hospitality Insights in an interview, "will be to train people for jobs that are created by artificial intelligence."
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