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EU Commissioner Marya Gabriel highlights tech duopolies as a cybersecurity concern

Market forces are inadequate, in terms of generating the necessary incentives for companies to improve products from a cyber security perspective, Marya Gabriel, the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, said in her opening remarks at the EU Cyber Direct conference, held virtually, on Monday. “Firstly, there is relatively little competition”, she said. “For instance, the desktop operating system industry is dominated by two companies, while the mobile oper...
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Sellers on Amazon US must display name, address on seller page from Sep 1

To help make customers “informed shopping decisions”, from September 1, 2020, Amazon US will show the seller’s business name and address on their Seller Profile page, the company announced on Wednesday. For individuals, the page will show their individual name and address. Sellers were already required to give this information to Amazon, now they have to display it for the customers as well. Sellers can choose to add more information if they so wish but Amazon has advised them to not ...
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Americans can’t travel to Europe because of Covid-19. I’m glad | Tamara Winter

We’re used to thinking of our blue passports as keys to almost anywhere. Now we are forced to experience travel as others doLast week, the European Union released a highly anticipated list: countries whose Covid-19 levels are low enough for their travelers to enter Europe now that borders have reopened to non-essential travel. The US is not on it.Given the rising numbers of cases being reported around America, this is hardly surprising news. Still, it deals a blow to Americans who were holding ...
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A European Summer Without Americans Threatens Already Struggling Luxury Hotels

The European Union's temporary ban on American travelers due to the swelling coronavirus count in the U.S. will particularly hurt American-based chains and the upscale end of the European hotel industry.
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#NAMA: PDP Bill needs to address issues around adequacy

“As far as the big MNCs are concerned, the [compliance] burden is only a delta on top of what GDPR’s is because fortunately we had to get ready for the GDPR,” S. Chandrasekhar, group director of policy and government affairs at Microsoft India, said, continuing, “We are only concerned now more about the provisions that are going much further than the GDPR such as non-personal data and other things because we need to calibrate our engineering effort to make agreements and stuff like that. The add...
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#NAMA: Issues with inferred data and non-personal data in the PDP Bill 2019

“From a customer perspective, the entire purpose of data protection will be defeated if inferred data is not regulated. Because that’s literally the biggest tool in the hands of technology companies, and that’s where most privacy violations are likely to happen,” Nikhil Narendran, partner at Trilegal, said. Narendran was speaking at our discussion on June 26 on the impact of the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, on cloud and telecom services, supported by Microsoft and Google. The definition ...
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Americans officially banned from entering EU, at least for now

The European Union made an agreement on a list of 15 countries that could travel in its bloc from July 1st.Citizens of the United States, as well as Russia, Brazil and India, are not on it.The exclusion of the U.S. reflects concerns over its coronavirus surge. From July 1st, when its external borders will re-open, American tourists won't be welcome in Europe, decrees a new agreement from the European Union. The bloc decided on a list of 15 safe countries whose residents would be allowed to trav...
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U.S. Travel Reacts to EU Travel Ban Reports

U.S. Travel Association Executive Vice President for Public Affairs and Policy Tori Emerson Barnes issued the following statement in response to reports that the European Union will still exclude most travelers from the U.S. as it opens its borders:
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Europe to ban American travel as U.S. struggles to contain pandemic

The EU has slowed the spread of COVID-19 in most regions, while cases in the U.S. continue to grow.The U.S. is reportedly excluded from both lists of "accepted nations," but Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suggested the U.S. may reach an agreement with European officials.A ban on American travel would surely have political consequences for the Trump administration. The European Union is preparing to block Americans from traveling to member nations when borders begin to reopen on July 1.European ...
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Spain reopening on June 30

Spain just announced that it will open its borders to tourists from outside the European Union and Schengen area on June 30. Spain was one of the countries most severely impacted by the coronavirus, and its imminent reopening is an encouraging sign that the country is getting back on its feet. The announcement shouldn’t excite international tourists too much, however, as the EU is about to issue recommendations for member states regarding which visitors should be allowed to enter. According ...
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EU borders might stay closed to US

As the European Union sets guidelines for reopening borders to visitors from non-European countries, there’s one conspicuous absence from the list: the United States. Due to the US’ poor coronavirus response, and the continued surge of cases, the country is joining the ranks of Russia and Brazil on the EU’s blacklist, according to draft lists obtained by The New York Times. Although travelers from pretty much everywhere have been barred from visiting Europe since March, external borders are ...
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Re-open EU app

Keeping up with the current rules regarding travel can feel like an impossible and overwhelming task. Even though many EU countries are slowly easing their travel restrictions, figuring out where you can go, when, and what you can do there, is still a headache. A new app, developed by the European Union, aims to make it easier, giving travelers the most up-to-date information on each country’s reopening. The app, called Re-open EU, will give travelers real-time information about Covid-19 res...
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Europe to continue with digital services tax plans after US pulls out of talks: Report

European leaders doubled down on their plans to introduce digital services taxes after the US suspended talks with European countries on evolving a new global tax framework for technology companies and warned them of retaliatory measures on June 17. The Financial Times reported both these developments. Steve Mnuchin, the American Treasury Secretary had reportedly sent a June 12 dated letter to four European finance ministers — UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, French Economy Minister B...
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UK gives up on centralized coronavirus contacts tracing app — will switch to model backed by Apple and Google

The UK has given up building a centralized coronavirus contacts tracing app and will instead switch to a decentralized app architecture, the BBC has reported. This means its future app will be capable of plugging into the joint ‘exposure notification’ API which has been developed in recent weeks by Apple and Google. The UK’s decision to abandon a bespoke app architecture comes more than a month after ministers had been reported to be eyeing such a switch. They went on to award a contract to an...
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UNESCO Gets Started On Project To Restore War-Ravaged Mosul

“Restoration work funded by Germany has begun on the Al-Aghawat mosque, houses are being refurbished with the aid of the European Union, and the rehabilitation of the Dominican Al-Saa’a church is under way with funding from the United Arab Emirates. Brendan Cassar, the head of UNECSO’s culture unit in Iraq, says the projects grouped under its ‘Revive the Spirit of Mosul’ initiative are ‘modest attempts’ to rehabilitate the devastated city, whose full reconstruction would cost hundreds of billio...
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EU opens antitrust cases against Apple’s App Store and Apple Pay

The European Commission, on Tuesday, opened two antitrust investigations into Apple’s App Store and Apple Pay practices. One of these investigations will assess whether Apple’s rules for app developers on the distribution of apps via the App Store violate EU competition rules. The other will look into why Apple limits a certain technology to only its payments system. Incidentally, both these antitrust investigations come just a day after Apple promoted findings from a study which claimed that th...
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EU to file antitrust charges against Amazon over treatment of third-party sellers: Report

The European Union may file formal antitrust charges against Amazon due to its treatment of third-party sellers next week, the Wall Street Journal reported on the basis of anonymous sources. The European Commission, which is EU’s antitrust regulator, has reportedly been working on these charges for a couple of months. The Commission has been investigating Amazon’s alleged mistreatment of sellers that use its platforms for nearly two years. The crux of the matter is Amazon’s dual role as a market...
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EU commissioner calls for tighter regulation of American Big Tech

Europe’s dependence on American Big Tech during the COVID-19 crisis has been a “wake up call” and the fact that these companies were strengthened by the pandemic makes it more urgent to ensure that everyone “plays according to the same rules in digital markets”, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission and its Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said in an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag. She added that she did not begrudge companies their success, but want...
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Global report: EU pledges to lift internal border controls by end of month

Ban on non-essential travel into EU by foreign nationals is extended until 1 JulyCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe EU has pledged to lift border controls inside its territory by the end of the month while extending a ban on travellers coming from outside the bloc until 1 July. The extension of the ban on non-essential travel by foreign nationals into the EU’s border free-travel zone was approved by the EU’s 27 home affairs ministers on Friday by video conference. Co...
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Positive environmental news May 2020

This is The Climate Win, the most positive sustainability news around the world every week. Beginning in the 1970s, the United States and other Western countries began shipping recyclable plastic waste to China. China had the infrastructure, and the labor, to recycle the plastic and other cheap scrap recyclables like paper. But in January of 2018, the country began restricting the imports of these recyclables. In the months following the announcement, US recycling was thrown into chaos. What ...
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Portugal is reopening to tourists

Portugal will be one of the first European countries opening their borders to tourists this summer, vowing to welcome overseas tourists as soon as June. Unlike many other countries, which require visitors to undergo a two-week quarantine upon arrival, Portugal is waiving that requirement, making it easier for people to travel to the country. Some health checks will nonetheless be introduced at airports. The country has now specified which countries will be welcome in Portugal, and it’s good n...
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Can Americans travel to Europe

The recent news of countries ending their lockdown and lifting travel restrictions is undoubtedly bringing a smile to our face. Portugal has announced that it will be welcoming international tourism in June, Greece has set a June 15 date for opening its borders to overseas visitors, and even Spain and Italy — two of Europe’s hardest-hit countries — plan to kickstart their tourism season next month. Portugal has just become the first country in Europe to announce that US travelers will be welc...
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We lived the European dream. Will any politician stand up for open borders?

Millions of us built our lives on the promise of free movement. Under cover of coronavirus, that dream is disappearingCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThey said he was German, others Italian, but then again he might have been French. We may never know the true nationality of “patient zero” in Europe. And it doesn’t much matter, because the true patient zero in our continent is Europe itself.From the first detection of the virus on European territory, Europe has been in...
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Face masks and no duty free: EU issues coronavirus air safety guidelines

From physical distancing to reduced onboard food, EASA sets out guidance for plane travel Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAir travellers will have to wear face masks throughout all stages of their journey, they could be assessed in interview booths if they show signs of Covid-19, and will need to say goodbye to loved ones outside the airport, according to guidelines issued by the EU’s air safety body.Instructions issued to airports and airlines also include: restricti...
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Italy and Spain will reopen

No one really knows when the coronavirus pandemic will end, but countries reopening their borders to tourism is at least a sign of progress. That’s especially true when those countries were among the hardest hit by the virus. Italy, once the epicenter of the virus in Europe, is planning to reopen its borders to citizens of the European Union starting on June 3. Italy’s prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, acknowledged that the decision was risky, but believes the economic and social devastation of...
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Slovenia announced its end to COVID

On Thursday, May 14 , the Slovenian government officially declared the end of its coronavirus epidemic and revealed plans to reopen borders. The announcement followed a two-week period of recording less than seven new cases per day. As travel resumes, incoming EU citizens will no longer be required to self-quarantine for a week. Non-EU nationals will still need to adhere to a 14-day self-isolation period, with the exception of politicians, diplomats, and workers transporting cargo. The central...
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European Union summer 2020 tourism

Until recently , a summer European holiday sounded like wishful thinking. Now that EU countries are slowly easing restrictions, and appear to be flattening their respective curves, the prospect of a Eurotrip isn’t as grim as it once was. Tourism accounts for almost 10 percent of Europe’s economic output, so understandably, the union is eager to safely introduce travel. According to Paolo Gentiloni, the EU’s economic affairs commissioner, “our message is we will have a tourist season this summe...
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The Impact Of COVID-19 In The Hotel Industry – Brazil Overview | By Felipe Touro

In view of the advancing Coronavirus over the past few days, the economic impact starts to deepen and takes bigger steps around the world, mainly reflected by issues due to the drop in consumption and production, the stock market and supply chains, and this serves as a wake-up call for all the world even for those powerful countries in the European Union as a possible economic recession is looming.
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EU to beef up scrutiny of money-laundering risks, adds Panama to list - Reuters

EU to beef up scrutiny of money-laundering risks, adds Panama to list - Reuters:The European Commission aims to intensify its scrutiny of states posing money-laundering risks, and is looking into creating a new body to help police financial crime and monitor banks more strictly, draft documents seen by Reuters show.One document, expected to be published on Thursday, adds Panama and other countries to an existing blacklist but spares Saudi Arabia and U.S. territories that had been put on an earli...
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Norwegian Air shareholders back £770m rescue plan

Carrier will unlock government aid after winning support for debt-for-equity swap The embattled carrier Norwegian Air will push ahead with its rescue plan and unlock government aid after winning support from shareholders, bondholders and aircraft lessors for a 10bn kroner (£770m) debt-for-equity swap.After a weekend of frantic talks, the airline’s shareholders gathered at an emergency meeting in Oslo on Monday morning and voted 95% in favour of all proposals, including a 400m kroner share issue....
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