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5 adventurous family friendly destinations in Asia

Seeking out a long-haul destination in Asia when travelling with children or families can be a daunting experience. Moving away from the well-trodden routes of Thailand villas and India’s Golden Triangle opens up a wealth of opportunities for bucket-list holidays that will be never be forgotten. We have spent many years travelling across the vast […] The post 5 adventurous family friendly destinations in Asia appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Why Elounda is ideal for your next family vacation

Family vacations are typically difficult to plan, as the parents must think of all sorts of things that will make the vacation comfortable, fun and dare we say relaxing. Crete, as a destination, is a no-brainer when it comes to family vacations as it offers variety in hotel properties, fun experiences, the nature is completely […] The post Why Elounda is ideal for your next family vacation appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Short stay: Ansty Hall, Ansty, Near Coventry, UK

Situated in 8 acres of grounds in the rolling Warwickshire countryside, Macdonald Ansty Hall is a Grade II Listed Georgian mansion dating back to 1678. This was our second visit to this 62-bedroom Macdonald Hotels & Resorts hotel, having stayed a few years previously (click here for that review). The welcome We were warmly welcomed […] The post Short stay: Ansty Hall, Ansty, Near Coventry, UK appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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How to Take Photos of Yourself When Traveling Alone

We are lucky enough to be able to travel as a couple. Traveling that way has many advantages. One of which is that there is always someone to take that magical shot of you standing in front of something fantastic. Although getting one of you together is trickier. But, as you will see, there are ways to do it. Whether you are a solo traveler or a couple you can use these tips to get the perfect location shot, every time. Photos you will want to send off to somewhere like to be...
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5 Lessons Kids Learn from Traveling

While some parents are under the impression that it’s better to wait until the kids are older before traveling with them, as long as you plan getaways and activities that are age appropriate, it’s one of the best things you can do. In fact, many teachers feel that children learn so much from traveling they don’t mind if you pull them out of school for a week or so to go. That may be part of the reason why so many millennials, 44 percent according to Travel Agent Central, are traveling with thei...
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How to Spend 4 days in Niagara Falls with Kids

Niagara Falls is arguably the most popular natural attraction in Canada. The Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park are also worthy of such a title, but these powerful waterfalls in Ontario attract the most tourists each year. It is estimated that over 30 million people visit Niagara Falls each year, with numbers consistently increasing every year. That number is close to the entire population of Canada! There are three waterfalls that make up the collective Niagara Falls, with the largest be...
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9 NOW Ideas: Family Friendly Podcasts

Podcasts are my jam. I rarely listen to music anymore because there are so many amazing podcasts out there about really interesting and exciting topics. I’m always looking for podcasts that I can listen to in the car with my whole family. These 9 family friendly podcasts are perfect for road trips, driving to and from school, or around town running errands. There is a podcast for all ages on here- toddlers, elementary aged kids, and even your teenagers! I promise you will love them too. Check ou...
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Taking On The World | Family Travel

This family of four came to AirTreks with a very important mission: to embark on a never-boring adventure & make life happen all over the globe. With that, their radical sabbatical began in June of 2018 and the rest is history. Or rather, currently in motion! We had the chance to catch up with Laurie to hear all the details and delights of their world tour thus far. When did the idea of taking a round the world trip first come up for you and your family? We knew that we had a sabbatical from my...
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Tips for traveling with kids

Maybe you vowed to keep traveling after becoming a parent. You know travel broadens the mind and makes kids smarter. When your oldest kid was younger, maybe you even let them miss school to make room for worthwhile trips. But if your kids’ ages span the spectrum from toddler to teen — or somewhere in between — planning a vacation gets more complex. Your kids may have diverse interests, attention spans, sleeping schedules, and the rest. Here’s how to make travel with different-aged kids work. ...
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The Family Travel Experience

World traveler, Daniel Gamber found family travel to be the most rewarding experiences of all. Daniel has been helping people travel around the world for over 20 years. At a young age, he was fortunate enough to take a trip to Hong Kong with his parents. This trip sparked his wanderlust and soon after he decided to set off as a solo traveler. He spent subsequent trips exploring a variety of countries with good friends and companions. His most memorable journeys have been traveling to five contin...
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Travel Russia The Right Way – Guide to Russian Trains

Russia is a vast country with innumerable beautiful destinations to cover. To cover the large expanses of this country, you can choose many transport options but the best way would be to take advantage of the extensive rail network. Trains in Russia are both efficient and economical means of transport which covers almost every part of the country including some far-flung places. Booking tickets for train journeys is also very easy and you can do that conveniently on #1 online service for Russia...
Tags: Travel, Sponsored, Wikipedia, Russia, Moscow, Family Travel, Pullman, Vladivostok, Electric Trains, Russia The Right Way, St Petersburg Long Distance Trains, Russia The post Travel Russia, Right Way Guide to Russian Trains

Week 20: More Exciting Adventures in Moab, Utah

No matter how many days I spend outside exploring, Mother Earth still surprises me and offers me moments of awe. A life without awe is bleak and empty. He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. Albert Einstein It’s with awe that we can fill up our souls with joy, wonder, love and curiosity. It’s our connection to life. Corona Arch, Moab, Utah When I’m traveling and constantly finding reasons to feel awe, I feel as if I am completely a...
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Traveling to Ireland for the first time? Here’s what you need to know

Ireland Travel Tips – Here’s what you need to know Ireland is arguably one of the best all around travel destinations for families. We spent 2 weeks driving around Ireland that included a few days in Northern Ireland. Today, we’d like to share a few of the Ireland travel tips we learned from our Ireland family road trip. We chose to visit Ireland for a few reasons. First, it’s loaded with tourist attractions and things to do. From the jaw-dropping Cliffs of Moher (pictured above) to the ...
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6 Fun Family Activities To Do In Seattle

Seattle offers a vast range of fun family activities and amusements for individuals, couples, families, grown-ups, and kids. In fact, there are so many attractions in the city that you’re more likely to be spoilt for choice than you are scratching your head trying to find something to do. Whether you’re a local looking for somewhere new to explore or a parent trying to plan a week’s activities for a family vacation, Seattle can help you. It’s more than likely that you’ll run out of time to...
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How to book a family farm stay

Experiencing the great outdoors and spending time on a real-life working farm is a great way to switch off from the modern world. Not only will you slow down, but you’ll also be amazed at how much you learn. And nothing bonds a family more than enjoying the eggs that you’ve just collected from the chickens for breakfast or milking a cow together. While staying at a five-star resort with all mod cons can be fun, farm stays let you connect with nature and with each other. You’ll always remember...
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Tips for traveling with young kids

Being hesitant to travel with young kids is understandable. Maybe you’ve experienced a toddler screaming for the entirety of a coast-to-coast flight. Worse, maybe that was your toddler. But saying your kids are too young to travel is a slippery slope. When will you know when they’re old enough? The fact is, the sooner you start taking trips with your kids, the sooner they’ll adapt to journeying. And the sooner they — and you — will reap the benefits of that travel. Here’s why you should trave...
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Week 19: Valley of the Gods and Moab, Utah

Life can slip on past you real fast. You can get so caught up in present moment challenges and the future goals that you forget where you have come from. You fail to see all you have achieved because you’re so focused on what is left to come. Hustle replaces humility. Fisher Towers Hike, Moab, Utah I love how travel humbles me. I sit under a starry sky and I can’t help but feel small. I’m no more or less important than the stars. I am but a tiny speck, and yet that speck is part of something...
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Tips on Arranging a Vacation with Kids

Sometimes, daily and weekly routine becomes hectic for people who have to combine professional life and raising kids. Overload, stress, and tiredness are accompanying those who are doing their best to keep up-to-date with work and other duties. To escape from habitual life and brighten emotions, people are searching the ways to relax during weekends and days off. Undoubtedly, Friday beer with friends, lazy days with family at home or gambling in the best paying online casino in South Africa can...
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Top 5 family ski hotels

When we go travelling with our families we want to know that all our desires and needs are catered for; from making sure the hotel has all the necessary facilities, to ski areas with slopes to suit everyone’s level of ability. Here is a list of five fantastic hotels perfect for skiing families. Club Med […] The post Top 5 family ski hotels appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Vietnam: A Diverse Country with So Much to Offer

Vietnam offers a unique traveling experience like few countries in the globe. It offers culture and buzz in its cities, unique environments where you can find yourself heading from the beach to the mountains in a day or less, and hundreds of years of history from a proud and independent people. Backpackers can see a rising, friendly country with delicious food, low prices, and easy transportation. But before you hop onto a plane, how should you prepare? Here are some key tips to help you ensure...
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Week 18: Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley

I’ve been so fortunate to see places around the world of exquisite beauty. It’s hard to say what is your favorite place and why. I can’t say whether mountains, deserts, or beaches fill up my soul more than the other as each has its place and separate purpose. I love them all. But there are some places that stand above the others. They have this special magnetic pull that pulls you into their beauty. They enchant you. They heal you. They call you to look in so you can create something better when...
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The best family volunteer trips

While taking a family vacation is nothing new, family volunteer trips are becoming a more popular way to travel. Volunteer trips allow families to experience new countries and cultures while bonding as they complete community-oriented tasks. Parents find that these trips can create awareness about other parts of the world and instill in their children the value of service and giving back. Through volunteering abroad, you can experience life as a local and contribute to a meaningful cause. Yo...
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Chile: a luxury, organic wine tour like no other

Visiting Chile? Put this luxury vineyard tour on your list. I’ve lived in Santiago for over a year, and I’ve only just got round to discovering one of the best wine experiences in the world. Letting it breathe Emiliana Organic Vineyards is located just 45 minutes from Santiago, yet it feels like a world away. In […] The post Chile: a luxury, organic wine tour like no other appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
Tags: Travel, Santiago, Chile, Attractions, Food And Drink, South America, Family Travel, Regions, Going Out, Speciality Travel, Travel Miscellany, Emiliana Organic Vineyards

Countdown of the Best Costa Rica Surf Spots

Costa Rica is a perfect tourist destination for many reasons but for a large number of tourists who hit these shores each year there is only one activity which they have come for, and that is surfing. Within the surfing community Costa Rica has gained a lot of attention thanks to its year-round surf, large swells and range of surf opportunities. Whether you are a beginner, novice or experienced rider, surfing in Costa Rica has plenty to provide for all abilities and here are some of the best pla...
Tags: Travel, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Family Travel, Santa Teresa, Playa Guiones Nosara, Playa Guiones, Mal Pais, Playa Carmen, Hawaii Playa Avellanas, Little Hawaii

Climbing in Guatemala – Amatitlan Rock Breakdown

Guest post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s son) Amatitlan and Xela are the biggest and most recommended places to rock climb in Guatemala. I will mainly tell you my experience of Amatitlan because I have never been to Xela. But will be going soon, so stayed tuned. Amatitlan is a very big lake (Lake Amatitlan) located south of Guatemala City, about thirty minutes from there. Once you arrive to the spot of the entrance to the rock, it is about a ten minute hike to the first sector. T...
Tags: Travel, Climbing, Guatemala, Central America, Family Travel, Destinations, Guatemala City, Brandon Villatoro, Lake Amatitlan, Amatitlan, Climbing Trips, Amatitlan Rock Breakdown, La Chimenea, Belay Partners Hostel, Guatemala Amatitlan Rock Breakdown

After 25 Years, I Travel Because…

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ViaHero Connects Travelers to Puerto Rican Locals for Personalized Trips

Via Hero connects travelers in Puerto Rico with locals who can show them around and give personalized tours. Interview with Via Hero's Greg Buzulencia.
Tags: Travel, Caribbean, Family Travel, Puerto Rico, Outdoor Adventure, World Tours, ViaHero

Connecting Travelers with Puerto Rican Locals for Personalized Trips

Via Hero connects travelers in Puerto Rico with locals who can show them around and give personalized tours. Interview with Via Hero's Greg Buzulencia.
Tags: Travel, Family Travel, Puerto Rico, Outdoor Adventure, World Tours, ViaHero

The Ultimate Business Trip: Next Level Corporate Retreat Ideas

Picture this: You’re out in nature for a weekend, with a beautiful cabin, competing with your coworkers for amazing prizes. It’s an incredible bonding experience that everyone will talk about for the next year. Now imagine that you’re the one that planned this amazing retreat. Company retreats are incredibly important for the morale of a company’s employees. It provides a great way to relax, unwind, and bond with your coworkers. Anyone can throw a company retreat, but if you truly want to impres...
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7 reasons why Italy should be your next multi-generational holiday destination

The world of tech might well be abuzz with excitement about 5G; but for those in the travel industry, the compelling trend is 3G. It’s the growing demand for destinations that cater for multi-Generational holidays; those travelling with the extended family. Increasingly, parents not only get away with their children but with uncles and aunts, […] The post 7 reasons why Italy should be your next multi-generational holiday destination appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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