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Female Poses for Pictures: Performativity and Power

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Tags: Travel, Fashion, Arts, Learning, History, Women And Travel, Cultural Differences

How This Woman Left NYC To Start A Business & Travel The World

This time of year, you might be finding yourself in a work rut, and any rest you managed to squeeze in during the holidays is starting to feel like a distant memory. Do Mondays seem tougher than ever and weekends shorter than you remembered? Well, you're not alone.Maybe you’re thinking of looking for another job or fantasizing about taking off on an open-ended trip around the world. And while the idea of travel can sometimes seem antithetical to career growth — unless you’re a travel writer or ...
Tags: Facebook, Fashion, Music, New York City, Time, San Francisco, World, Paris, Romania, Seattle, Skype, Buenos Aires, Machu Picchu, Gallup, Bilbao, Buenos Aires Argentina

Joana Vasconcelos at Le Bon Marche

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, wait, it’s a Super sculpture by Joana Vasconcelos hanging in Le Bon Marche. Le Bon Marche continues its commitment to feature relevant contemporary artists and in past years invited Ai Wei Wei, Chiharu Shiota, and Leandro Erlich to create a hanging installation in there atrium and in their windows. This year they welcome Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos, who has imposed Simone, a massive Valkyrie figure in white with trimmings of sequins, fringe, lace, kni...
Tags: Travel, Fashion, Shopping, Events, Simone, Leandro Erlich, Le Bon Marche, Museums/Galleries/Exhibits, Richard Nahem, Sevres Babylone, Vasconcelos, Joana Vasconcelos, Le Bon Marche Le Bon Marche, Ai Wei Wei Chiharu Shiota, Chateau de Versailles Venice Biennale, Guggenheim Bilbao Joana Vasconcelos

Portrait of a Tokyo shopper

The intriguingly indecipherable expression of a young Tokyoite out shopping.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Fashion, Tokyo

Amsterdam: How to dress and act like a local

Maybe it’s because I’m American, but I can spot our style from a mile away. I see it all over Amsterdam: The baseball cap, the oh-so-handy cargo pants, and a sporty, all-weather and near-fluorescent windbreaker. We stick out like sore thumbs in Euroland. Of course, standing out is not necessarily a bad thing, and it’s certainly a practical way of dressing. We are all for Cheapos embracing the style that makes them feel the most comfortable. But it’s also nice to blend in with the locals and not ...
Tags: Travel, Europe, Fashion, Advice, Clothing, Nike, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Madrid, Florence, Dailycheapo, Don, Bruce, Julien, Puma Adidas, Planning for Amsterdam

The 25 Top-Rated Hotels In The World All Have One Thing In Common

Scheduling time away from our daily work grinds — while clutched in winter's cruel embrace — is a seasonal no-brainer. But, actually finding time to plan such an escape is never as dreamy as the vacation idea itself. The multiple moving pieces of travel-planning equations can be dizzying to put together, starting squarely at where the heck to go — and more importantly, where the heck to stay. Sure, you could kick things off with a from-scratch destination search...Or, you could consult a tighte...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Turkey, Taiwan, Morocco, Tripadvisor, Mia, Maldives, Costa Rica, Florence, Istanbul, Belvedere, Ubud, Hanoi, Jaipur, Oceania

An old school Tokyo train traveller

No face mask or ubiquitous smartphone for this old fella. Instead, it was just pinstripes, a trilby and total indifference.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Fashion, Tokyo

Catherine Deneuve/Yves Saint Laurent Auction at Christies

She, one of the most beautiful actresses in the world, was his BFF, inspiration and ultimate muse, dressing her in his most iconic designs for close to forty-years.   Catherine Deneuve and Yves Saint Laurent were THE fashion power couple, sharing the limelight in the international press.   On the 10th year anniversary of Saint Laurent’s death, Deneuve has put up over 340 pieces of her collection for auction.   I went to see the preview yesterday at Christies on Ave. Matignon. On t...
Tags: Travel, Fashion, Events, Paris, Catherine Deneuve, Franklin Roosevelt, Laurent, Yves Saint Laurent, Christies, Deneuve, Richard Nahem, Christies Paris, Pauline Bernard, Ave Matignon

Dita Von Teese in Jean Paul Gaultier’s Freak Show

The modern day Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese is joining the cast of the Paul Gaultier smash hit show Freak Show for only seven performances, January 22 to 27, 2019.   Von Teese and Gaultier are big fans of each other and are ecstatic to be collaborating together.   Freak Show, is an autobiographical musical and dance show about world famous fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Running since October 2018, it’s been loved by critics and audience alike, selling out most of its run. ...
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Revenues digest: Myntra revenue down by 80%, Byjus’ shoots up by 97% in FY18

Myntra Flipkart-owned Myntra’s revenues fell sharply by 80% to Rs 427 crore in FY2018 from Rs 2,000 crore last year, reports the Economic Times. Myntra told ET that the data points are partial and do not give the entire picture of Myntra. The company’s losses were down by 76% to Rs 151... ...
Tags: Travel, Mobile, Ecommerce, Fashion, News, Education, Internet, Earnings, Revenues, Jabong, Economic Times, Myntra, Byju

Tried & Tested: Hotel N’vY, Geneva

Just a 5 minute walk from Lake Geneva and not too far from the town centre, Hotel N’vY is wonderfully located. But it’s location in and of itself is definitely not the only reason why we’d recommend this 4 star luxury hotel over and over again. Part of the Manotel Hotel Group and designed by hotel architect Patrick Ribes, Hotel N’vY is more of an art gallery meets hotel. The lobby is filled with eye-catching artwork from renowned artists such as David Cintract, Bruno Catalano and Damien R...
Tags: Travel, Reviews, Fashion, New York, Geneva, Kobe, Lake Geneva, Tried And Tested, Hotel NvY, Hotel N'vY, Manotel Hotel Group, Patrick Ribes Hotel N'vY, David Cintract Bruno Catalano, Damien Richard, Trilby Restaurant

Tokyo short shorts and colourful sorts

When it comes to short and incredibly revealing shorts, then this previously photographed fella genuinely takes some beating. However, when it comes to both bare legs and an incredibly bold look, then the man below is arguably in a league of his own.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Fashion, Tokyo

FOMO killer: Developments in December 2018 – Zomato, Oyo, Viu and more

What happened when MediaNama went into hibernation from 22 December to 1 January: Food Zomato has launched Zomaland, a ‘food and entertainment carnival’ in to be held in Delhi (18-20 January), Pune (8-10 February) and Bangalore (1-3 March). Zomaland will have food, music, games and entertainment... ...
Tags: Travel, Ecommerce, Uber, Fashion, News, Vodafone, Streaming, Content, Zomato, Delhi, Flipkart, Bangalore, Ola, Idea, Oyo, Delhi Metro

Christmas in Paris 2018: Le Bon Marché

I’ve saved the best for last for my Christmas windows for 2018.   Le Bon Marché continuously creates the most clever window and in-store displays all year round.   This season, Christmas trees literally come to life. Initially seeing just a bunch of trees lined up in the window, I spouted “What an understated bore! About 20 seconds later the trees spun around and were shaped like a woman’s body, outfitted in a white tutu and white beaded top; then they started kicking up their wooden ...
Tags: Travel, Fashion, Holidays, Shopping, Events, Paris, Le Bon Marche, Richard Nahem, Montmartre St Germain, Sevres Babylone, Famille Mary

Travel Capsule: Eight Days in the Netherlands

Two weeks ago I flew back to the Netherlands to see my Dad and this is what I packed. I do the same trip every few months and have prepping for it down to a fine art. It takes me half an hour to decide what to bring after I’ve studied the weather forecast and finalized which pairs of shoes make the cut. I keep things simple by creating a daily outfit formula, and slotting my current favourite wardrobe items into the formula. The weather was a wet and windy 2 to 11 degrees Celsius (35 to 51 degre...
Tags: Travel, Fashion, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Seattle, Sam, Levi, Arnhem, Simkhai, Inge, Capsules, Furla, Velp

Christmas in Paris 2018: Printemps

Jules and Violette are the fictional child heroes who grace the windows this year at Printemps. Disaster strikes when Father Christmas goes missing and it’s up to Jules and Violette to drop anchor on their ship to search for him. They finally realize he’s already left to deliver his gifts and along the way travel to the The Frosted Valley, The Golden Dunes, The Prairies of the Four Winds, and The Land of Sweet Delights, amongst other places.   Printemps Haussmann   64 Blvd. Haussmann,...
Tags: Travel, Fashion, Holidays, Shopping, Paris, Jules, Richard Nahem, Montmartre St Germain, Violette, Printemps Haussmann, Famille Mary, Blvd Haussmann, Havre Caumartin

A Japanese woman in silver amidst the shadows

Or perhaps more accurately, a Japanese woman in silver emerging from the shadows.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Fashion

Christmas in Paris 2018: Galeries Lafayette

Today starts my annual coverage of the Christmas windows and festivities in Paris.   Galeries Lafayette is first up and this year the windows convey The Dream Factory, which includes theAdvent calendar, the gift factory, Santa Claus village, and New Year’s Eve dinner.   Inside is the towering Christmas tree stretching up to the top of the glass dome decorated with precious jewels from Piaget.   40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Metro: Chaussee d'Antin  https://haussmann.g...
Tags: Travel, Fashion, Holidays, Shopping, Paris, Santa Claus, Galeries Lafayette, Piaget, Antin, Richard Nahem, Montmartre St Germain, Boulevard Haussmann, Famille Mary, Paris Galeries Lafayette

Tokyo faces, reflections and fire

Tokyo has no shortage of interesting exhibitions, but ‘In Goude we trust!’ was particularly enlightening.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Fashion, Tokyo, Goude

Four Sets of Toiletries

I have four sets of the exact same toiletries that I keep in different locations. By toiletries I mean beauty and skincare products, hair products, grooming products, make-up, and a bottle of Flower eau de parfum by Kenzo. I have one set to use in our home in Seattle. A second set that stays in our loft in Salt Lake City. A third set that I keep packed in a travelling toiletry bag in small travel-size containers. And a fourth set of spares that I store in Seattle so that I can replenish immediat...
Tags: Travel, Fashion, Netherlands, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Grooming, Greg, Kenzo

Woodstock, VT: Covered Bridge and Falconry Fun!

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Tags: Travel, Fashion, Romance, Animals, History, Usa: New England, Tourist Attractions, Woodstock

Shinjuku Louis Vuitton shadows

Similar colours, but considerably different lifestyles.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Fashion, Shinjuku Louis Vuitton

8 Camping Gadgets You Need For Your Next Adventure

A camping trip in the wild can be a great experience. Whether you take a cool vacation with the family or plan a hunting spree, it can be absolute fun. However, you need to be well-prepared for the adventure with the right gear and equipment to make it memorable and safe. While there are several basic essentials that you must have while camping, you can add some cool gear and camping gadgets to add value to the experience. Here are some amazing suggestions for the camping gadgets that you ca...
Tags: Travel, Fashion, Camping, Tent, Omaha, Trip, Family Camping, Camping Trip, Camping Adventures, Sara Green

With Acqua di Scandola, Parfum d'Empire Puts Corsica in a Bottle

  The niche house Parfum d'Empire has recently expanded its range with a new fragrance, Acqua di Scandola, a creation that celebrates the charms of Corsica, an island very dear to the creator and perfumer of the brand, Marc-Antoine Cortichiato. For his twentieth fragrance, the perfumer drew inspiration from the peninsula of Scandola, a UNESCO protected nature reserve accessible only by sea, wher... Read full article: With Acqua di Scandola, Parfum d'Empire Puts Corsica in a Bottle from Fragran...
Tags: Fashion, Unesco, Corsica, Fragrantica Perfumes, Acqua di Scandola, Marc Antoine Cortichiato

Bonobos and Nike get their own branded shops on Walmart’s

Last year, Walmart acquired menswear site Bonobos for $310 million in cash. Now the retailer is adding the brand to a Walmart-owned website. A few days ago, Walmart opened up an online shop for Bonobos on its website, newly focused on serving urban shoppers, along with a dedicated shop for Nike apparel, footwear and accessories. The Nike shop is a part of the company’s strategic partnership with the brand, announced in September, and provides Nike with its own fully branded experience...
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Laurel Highlands, PA Delights: Mountains, Waterfalls, and Sunsets!

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Tags: Travel, Fashion, Arts, Romance, Tourist Attractions, Laurel Highlands, USA: Pennsylvania

The shortest of short shorts

A while ago I photographed this fella who appeared to be comfortably — or perhaps otherwise — in possession of Tokyo’s shortest shorts. It turns out, however, that he isn’t, as the man below boasts what can only be described as the shortest of very short, short shorts. A bold look that’s boosted even further by his cheeky little butterfly tattoo.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Fashion, Tokyo

Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Freak Show

It’s the feel good event in Paris this fall: Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Freak Show.   The autobiographical extravaganza is a labor of love by the bad boy of fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier. He took over four years to develop the show and is the creator, director, set designer and bien sur, costume designer.   The opening video takes place in an operating room, where a teddy bear has a serious surgery: A seven-year old Gaultier deconstructs his beloved toy and sews a bra with cone cups on ...
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