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Inside Compass’ recruiting machine

For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Please Allow Javascript and reload this page. Inside Compass’ recruiting machine “When we want someone, we go after them from every angle possible.” New York / (Illustration by Lexi Pilgrim for The Real Deal) UPDATED, Feb. 13, 9:38 a.m.: Residential brokerages in New York woke up on Dec. 7 with 450 million new reasons to fear Compass. Softbank’s cash infusion in that amount accelerated the firm’s nationwide growth tim...
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Nobody Asked Me, But… No. 254: Hotel History: St. Regis Hotel | By Stanley Turkel

Hotel History: St. Regis Hotel (550 rooms) : In 1904, Colonel John Jacob Astor broke ground for the building of the St. Regis Hotel at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 55th Street, in the most exclusive residential section of New York at the time.
Tags: Travel, New York, Fifth Avenue, St Regis Hotel, Stanley Turkel, John Jacob Astor

Investcorp's move to delist in keeping with its iconic history | The National

Investcorp's move to delist in keeping with its iconic history | The National In London, in the mid to late 1990s, the only Arab financial company that was spoken of with reverence was Investcorp. By then it had been involved in iconic deals for luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co and Gucci, rejuvenating them and then taking them public at enormous profit. It outbid future US President Donald Trump to acquire Tiffany’s in 1984 and netted $1 billion profit from Gucci. Understandably, Iraqi found...
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12 of the best affordable hotels in New York City, according to our first-hand stays

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Price is usually a factor for booking hotels, especially in more expensive cities like New York. However, traveling on a budget doesn't have to mean compromising on quality. We found the best cheap hotels in New York City, all personally vetted and starting under $200. Though New York is known for being pricey, especially when it comes to hotels, there are plenty of affordable spots to b...
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‘The Last Dance' documentary

When I started watching The Last Dance, the majority of my basketball knowledge revolved around seeing Space Jam in theaters when I was six. I’d see Larry Bird or Patrick Ewing pop on screen and turn to my partner and incredulously ask, “Wasn’t that guy in Space Jam?” Sure, I had watched the Warriors and Cavaliers face off a few times — enjoyed it even — and I had followed the controversy around LeBron James’ departure from Cleveland with fascination. But the 1998 Chicago Bulls? Never heard ...
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Live drag show etiquette

Once upon a time , the only way to see a drag performance was to go to a gay bar. Aside from the occasional John Waters film featuring Divine, gown-clown court jesters were relegated to the stages of sacred queer establishments. Spotting a drag queen outside their natural habitat was like spotting an elephant traipsing down Fifth Avenue in New York City. RuPaul’s Drag Race changed all that. Like a gag-worthy costume reveal, drag transformed from holy queer subculture into secular sensation ov...
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Post-lockdown life in Naples, FL

On Saturday , I took a vacation back to the real world. You remember that place, where we walked down crowded streets on a Saturday night, ate at crowded restaurants, and cruised in bumper-to-bumper traffic down the main drag? A place where we only wore masks if it was Halloween or Mardi Gras, and the only fear we had was the fear of missing out. It wasn’t some far-off fantasy I had while laying on my couch during day 62 of quarantine, nor did I jump in a souped-up Delorean and ride a hoverbo...
Tags: Travel, Florida, New York City, America, Los Angeles, Fifth Avenue, Jacksonville, Naples, Delorean, All, Mardi Gras, South Florida, Sunshine State, Naples Florida, Naples FL, New Normal

Signs and Symbols: The Zodiac

If you are in New York and have an interest in astrology, you may want to check out this exhibit at The Jewish Museum; The Jewish Museum will present Signs and Symbols: The Zodiac  from November 15, 2019 through September 14, 2020, featuring works from the Museum’s collection that depict the astrological signs. Jewish communities, adapting and adopting local practices over the centuries, incorporated these symbols into ceremonial objects, synagogue architecture, and art even though rabbinic au...
Tags: Travel, New York, Israel, Religion, Spain, Fifth Avenue, Astrology, Justin, Abraham, Christianity Islam, Moses Maimonides, StreetNew York NY

Nobody Asked Me, But… No. 226 Hotel History: Peninsula Hotel, New York | By Stanley Turkel

Hotel History: Peninsula Hotel, New York (241 Rooms): On February 7, 1989, the Peninsula Hotel was designated as a Landmark by the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission. The original neo-Italian Renaissance Gotham Hotel is one of the few structures on Fifth Avenue which recalls the golden age of luxury hotels and the prominent place they occupied in the formation of the city.
Tags: Travel, Fifth Avenue, Peninsula Hotel, Stanley Turkel, Peninsula Hotel New York, New York Landmarks Preservation Commission, Renaissance Gotham Hotel

29 Things to See and Do in New York City

Posted: 11/21/2019 | November 21st, 2019 New York City. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world and one of the most popular destinations in the US. Sprawling, busy, exciting — there’s a reason people call it the city that never sleeps! It has something for everyone — including lots of budget-friendly activities for travelers looking to stretch their pocketbook. I lived in the city for years and still return often. Whether you’re looking for history, nightlife, food, or art, this city won’t ...
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Marriott Sells St. Regis New York to #Qatar Investment Authority - Bloomberg

Marriott Sells St. Regis New York to Qatar Investment Authority - Bloomberg:Marriott International Inc. has sold the St. Regis New York for $310 million to Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, offloading a historic property that served as the launching point for an indispensable cocktail and a preeminent luxury hotel brand. The purchase gives Qatar Investment Authority another trophy asset to add to an expanding portfolio across the globe. The fund has been boosting its investments in the U.S., includ...
Tags: Travel, Qatar, Qatar Investment Authority, Fifth Avenue, Mary, Marriott International Inc, Rupert Neil Bumfrey, St Regis New York, John Jacob Astor, New York The St Regis

#Qatar's sovereign fund, Crown Acquisitions named as investors in $5.6 billion New York deal - Reuters

Qatar's sovereign fund, Crown Acquisitions named as investors in $5.6 billion New York deal - Reuters:Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) and private realty firm Crown Acquisitions said on Friday they were the unnamed investors in a deal with Vornado Realty Trust valued at $5.56 billion that involves a portfolio of prime New York retail properties.Vornado sold a non-controlling stake in its portfolio of properties along Fifth Avenue and Broadway in Times Square in a transaction that provided the fi...
Tags: Travel, New York, Qatar, Broadway, Fifth Avenue, Times Square, Reuters, Qatar Investment Authority QIA, Vornado, Vornado Realty Trust, Rupert Neil Bumfrey, Crown Acquisitions


Some streets in Le Puy-en-Velay are narrow. Very narrow. This one is called la rue traversière des Tables. I think that probably means something like The Tables Street Transverse, a street that intersects the rue des Tables and creates a short cut to another street. La rue traversière des Tables connects the rue des Tables and the rue Adhemard de Monteil. I only know of the usage of "transverse" in English from New York City. There are four streets that cross Central Park from Fifth Avenue to ...
Tags: Travel, New York City, Fifth Avenue, Central Park, WCS, Central Park West, Le Puy en Velay, Puy-en-velay

5 top things to do and see when travel to Tokyo

Tokyo is truly unique. One of the most exciting big cities on the planet, Japan’s capital offers almost everything you’d expect on a city break. From traditional Zen gardens to the most modern architecture, exploring Tokyo is a blast for your senses. As one of the most visually attractive cities, there’s not a better way of capturing your memories of an unforgettable trip than with one of professional photographers in Tokyo. As the metropolitan area is vast, the best way to discover Tokyo is by...
Tags: Travel, Japan, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Fifth Avenue, Travel Blog, Kyoto, Osaka, Buddhist, Shibuya, East Garden, Imperial Palace, Tsukiji, Harajuku, Asakusa, Ginza

#Qatar revamps investment strategy after Kushner building bailout | Reuters

Qatar revamps investment strategy after Kushner building bailout | Reuters:When news emerged that Qatar may have unwittingly helped bail out a New York skyscraper owned by the family of Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, eyebrows were raised in Doha.Kushner, a senior White House adviser, was a close ally of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - a key architect of a regional boycott against Qatar, which Riyadh accuses of sponsoring terrorism. Doha denies the charge.Brookfield, a global ...
Tags: Travel, New York, White House, Qatar, Manhattan, Brookfield, Fifth Avenue, Doha, Reuters, Riyadh, Mohammed bin Salman, Kushner, Rupert Neil Bumfrey, Kushner Companies, Jared Kushner Donald Trump, Doha Kushner

How Luxury Hotels Can Co-Design for Suite Success | By Karen Loynaz and Gregg Rockett

Imagine walking into a hotel room designed by your favorite fashion brand, everything from the curtains to the bed linens emulates the brand perfectly. How much would you pay to sleep with your favorite brand? Leaders of luxury including Coco Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Bottega Veneta are now partnering with luxury hotels around the world to co-design fashion-forward hotel suites. Much like the hefty price-tag of a fresh-off-the runway design, "branded" designer suites can cost up ...
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Top 11 Free Things To Do In New York City This December

Everyone knows New York City is an expensive town, especially in December around the holidays. To save some money, try these tips for free things to do this December during your visit. 1) 9/11 Memorial The 9/11 Memorial, on the site of the former Twin Towers, opened on September 12, 2011, in time for the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and was easily the most anticipated new project in the city for years. The memorial features two reflecting pools nearly an acre in size each, each filled with t...
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3 Day NYC itinerary to Experience the Best New York Attractions

New York is an exciting destination for any kind of traveler. It’s a city that deserves hours spent lingering in cafes, neighborhood communities, museums and star attractions. If you can spend a week in New York, I say do it! But for most people 3 days in New York is all they can afford or have time for. So we’ve put together this NYC 3 day itinerary to help you have a great time without too much stressing about planning and searching. We’re keeping this NYC itinerary focused on different area...
Tags: Travel, Usa, New York, Jimmy Fallon, Top, Molly, NYC, New York City, Rock, Brooklyn, Chelsea, Liberty, New Jersey, Broadway, Manhattan, Newark

8 Ways to Make Your Trip To New York a Vacation to Remember

New York is undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest cities, which is why it attracts people from across the globe who want to live there, work there, study there or simply visit and have the vacation of a lifetime. They call it ‘the city that never sleeps’ thanks to its 24-hour lifestyle, but you won’t feel like sleeping either when you visit because there’s simply so much to see and do in its five boroughs. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead if you want to make the most of your New York c...
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New York Plaza Hotel Buyers Ashkenazy, Alwaleed Sue Owner - Bloomberg

New York Plaza Hotel Buyers Ashkenazy, Alwaleed Sue Owner - Bloomberg:"Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp. and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’s Kingdom Holding Co., the investors trying to buy New York’s historic Plaza Hotel, sued the property’s majority owner for allegedly reneging on an agreement that gives the group the right to match another offer.Sahara US Corp., which owns a 70 percent stake in the hotel, demanded a second deposit and has been negotiating with other parties, according to a compla...
Tags: Travel, New York, Kingdom, Fifth Avenue, Alwaleed Bin Talal, Kingdom Holding Co, Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp, Subrata Roy, Plaza Hotel, Rupert Neil Bumfrey, Sahara India Pariwar, Ashkenazy, Ashkenazy Alwaleed Sue Owner Bloomberg, Sahara US Corp, Central Park South Sahara US

The best time to visit New York City on a budget

When is our favorite time to explore New York? Easy Answer: Much like Paris, we’d argue there really is no bad time to visit the Big Apple. From the bustling crowds and bright lights during the holidays to a crisp autumn stroll through Central Park, New York has something to offer no matter what time of year you come. That said, it’s still important for budget travelers to think about timing before you lock down the dates on your calendar. Visiting New York on a budget: • 10 Best cheap hotels in...
Tags: Travel, New York, New York City, Queens, Paris, Broadway, Fifth Avenue, Bronx, Yankees, Central Park New York, Central Park, Dailycheapo, Times Square, Big Apple, Hudson New York, Mets

St Patrick’s Day Parade to kick off in New York City

NEW YORK (AP) — Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue will become a river of green and thunder with the sounds of more than 100 marching bands Saturday in the 257th edition of New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. The parade starts at 11 a.m. and typically lasts for nearly six hours, taking an estimated 150,000 marchers […]
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13 Magical Things to Do in New York at Christmas with Kids

It’s the most magical time of the year! To be honest, I never really get excited about Christmas, nor have found it too magical, until I visited New York for Christmas and New Years Eve in 2004. We’ve just returned from a two week trip to New York City with the girls, and was wrapped up in the magic of the Christmas spirit again. Experiencing Christmas in NYC with kids is like having whipped cream on your hot chocolate! From tree lighting ceremonies to magical shop window displays, to ice skatin...
Tags: Travel, Usa, New York, New York City, Disney, Brooklyn, Chelsea, Manhattan, Santa Claus, Fifth Avenue, North America, Santa, Chinatown, Family Travel, Destinations, Central Park

13 Magical things to do in New York at the Christmas with kids

It’s the most magical time of the year! To be honest, I never really get excited about Christmas, nor have found it too magical, until I visited New York for Christmas and New Years in 2004. We’ve just returned from a two week trip to New York City with the girls, and was wrapped up in the magic of the Christmas spirit again. Experiencing Christmas in NYC with kids is like having whipped cream on your hot chocolate! From tree lighting ceremonies to magical shop window displays, to ice skating to...
Tags: Travel, Usa, New York, New York City, Disney, Brooklyn, Chelsea, Manhattan, Santa Claus, Fifth Avenue, North America, Santa, Chinatown, Family Travel, Destinations, Central Park

4 surprisingly affordable New York hotels for Christmas

The holiday season is a wonderful time to visit New York City. The city shines even brighter, and despite chilly temperatures, a festive atmosphere takes hold across Manhattan. Go ice skating in Central Park, pick up unique gifts at the many holiday markets, and view the dazzling window displays along Fifth Avenue. You can feel the excitement in the days leading up to Christmas. There’s just one catch — it’s also one of the most expensive times when it comes to booking hotels. And although there...
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L.A. Kings’ goodwill trip to China took months of planning

When last season ended, one arm of the Kings organization immediately began the search for a new coach, president and general manager. Another arm simultaneously launched into its own extensive project, planning the first ever NHL games in China. The Kings and Canucks leave for Shanghai on Sunday to begin a groundbreaking week in China that has been a long time in the making. Whether planning an excursion to the top of the 1,536-foot tall Oriental Pearl TV tower in Shanghai or calculating the id...
Tags: Travel, New York, China, Sports, Sport, Beijing, Things To Do, Soccer, Shanghai, Kings, Fifth Avenue, NHL, Dustin Brown, Los Angeles Kings, Great Wall Of China, Broadcasting

Peter Greenberg Worldwide—Langham Place, New York, NY—September 16, 2017

Read the full article on at - Peter Greenberg Worldwide—Langham Place, New York, NY—September 16, 2017 This week, the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from Langham Place on New York’s historic Fifth Avenue. We’ll have an update on both hurricanes Harvey and Irma and what you can... Read More... The post Peter Greenberg Worldwide—Langham Place, New York, NY—September 16, 2017 appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
Tags: Travel, New York, Fifth Avenue, Radio Show, PeterGreenberg, Peter Greenberg, Peter Greenberg Worldwide, Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show, Harvey, Irma, Langham Place, Langham Place New York NY

4 Sights You Need to See in New York City

New York City is most likely one of the world’s top iconic tourist cities in the entire world. There are not many people on the face of the planet who haven’t heard of the New York or the seen images of its monuments, such as the Statue of Liberty. And though many people know the name and dream of visiting there one day, it is hard to choose which place to visit once they’re there. New York sees over 60 million foreign tourist visit it every year. That is quite an astounding number. They travel...
Tags: Travel, Usa, New York, New York City, America, Miami, Fifth Avenue, Travel Blog, Central Park, Empire State Building, Atlantic Ocean, Coney Island, East Side, West Side, Central Park Central Park, Brighton Beach

New York’s all-time top attractions

Planning your first visit to New York? I’m so envious if you are; I visited a few years back and I’ve been dying to return ever since. Personally, I think there’s something really special about your first trip – the image of the huge skyscrapers looming out of the distance as our taxi approached Manhattan is something I know I’ll never forget. Now, as we all know, New York is packed with iconic attractions and, if it’s your first time here, there are some places you absolutely must visit – even...
Tags: Travel, Usa, New York, New York City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Fifth Avenue, Travel Blog, Central Park, Empire State Building, Times Square, Big Apple, West 34th Street, Liberty Island, Centre Street, Ellis Island Immigration Museum Formerly

Now Open: Life Hotel

The doors are officially open at the first-ever Life Hotel in Manhattan's burgeoning NoMad neighborhood. Located at 19 West 31st Street (between Broadway and Fifth Avenue) in the original building that once housed LIFE magazine, the hotel echoes the original dual-use of this iconic property where celebrated writers and artists like Norman Rockwell, Charles Gibson, and John Ames Mitchell worked, resided, and played. By offering a smartly priced and wholly service-centric experience, Life H...
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