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Traditional Italian meat dishes

When it comes to Italian food, there are the basic you know and love: pizza and Italian pasta dishes. Maybe you think of some meatballs, prosciutto, and other sliced salumi as well. But there’s so much more to the beloved food of Italy. Italian cuisine is highly regional and varies place to place (as does the regional Italian wine and food pairings). Some of the variation dates back to tradition, some is due to what’s available in the area. Meat dishes are one of the clearest examples of thi...
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The Orange Jello Obsession (And Much Tastier Brazilian Foods in Pictures)

In São Paulo, around New Year’s Eve, Mark became obsessed with orange jello. It’s a fairly common dessert in “por kilo” buffet-style restaurants, although it’s not as much as in North America (… because Brazilians have better options?) We had the jello discussion several times in Canada. Some of his friends apparently eat gelatin but I refuse to buy Jell-O cups because the nutritional contents of his lunchbox already makes me want to scream. But Mark was really craving Brazilian jello. One night...
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DoorDash is officially live in all 50 states

Hot off the heels of a $250 million funding round and a lofty $4 billion valuation, DoorDash is launching in an additional six markets. As of today, the service is live in Anchorage, Alaska; Billings, Bozeman and Missoula, Montana; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Fargo, North Dakota; Morgantown and Huntington, West Virginia; and Cheyenne, Wyoming, making it the first on-demand food delivery startup to operate in all 50 U.S. states. “In the past year alone we’ve more than quintupled our geographic fo...
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Countries with sweet breakfasts

When it comes to breakfast, only one question really matters: sweet or savory? For those of us with an early morning sweet tooth that needs to be satiated, the answer is easy. The good news is that there are early morning sweets lovers around the world, meaning there are worldly takes on AM sugar fixes wherever you go. Of course, pigeon-holing an entire country on one breakfast is impossible, and the below often have savory breakfasts as well. The world is a mix of sweet and savory lovers, af...
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Vegan Mini Market

The Rainbow Vegan Mini Market is a lively monthly event at the Rainbow Centre. There will be a fun festive vibe with the day packed full of exciting Vegan stalls featuring a variety of local and ethical products, services offering delicious treats, complimentary sampling, elixirs & kombucha, beauty & fashion, plus live music and face painting for the kids. The Rainbow Centre is tucked away in the Hinterland of Byron Bay, in a peaceful town Mullumbimby. The Rainbow Centre is a space for you to ...
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Peace, Love, and Avocado for All

San Francisco is home to the original hippie, the flower child borne of the 1967 Summer of Love, though only faint traces of the counter culture movement remain today. Largely replaced by tech workers with smartphones in their pockets rather than floral ornaments in their hair, it disappoints me to no end that we don’t even have an outpost of Flower Child out in the bay area. Had it not been for a trip out to Austin, TX, I never would have even known of the peaceable chain. During my whirlwind f...
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Experimenting with Sourdough Starter

I have a bread thing going on. About a month ago I was gifted some thirty year old “starter” and since then I’ve baked more bread than I have in years. I’m still in the experimental stage as I’ve only ever baked with dry packaged yeast. My first few attempts were sourdough loaves which turned […]
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3 Easy Malaysian Recipes Learned in Borneo

Easy Malaysian Recipes from Sabah, Borneo To the soundtrack of thunderous monsoon rain, I learned these easy Malaysian recipes at the Mango Garden Restaurant in Borneo. Light, healthy and bursting with the zest lemongrass and coconut, they translate pretty well to kitchens back home in the UK. Here’s what the cooking class was like and […] Originally from Inside the Travel Lab.
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Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

Valentine’s Day just got a little sweeter with this easy recipe for Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies using box cake mix. Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies for Valentine’s Day If there was ever a reason to bake a batch of heart-shaped red velvet crinkle cookies it’s Valentine’s Day! Red velvet cake is more elegant than plain chocolate […] The post Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies appeared first on Mommy Musings®.
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Coffee Flavors Rule The World

The countries that grow all the coffee used around the world come from Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Uganda, Ethiopia, India, Columbia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil. Coffee needs a certain amount of high latitude rainfall, seasonal tropical environments, and certain alkaline soil. In the U.S., only California and Hawaii are able to be competitive coffee bean growers. These countries provide all the requirements for coffee beans to grow very healthy. As a high-quality production produ...
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Eating raw chicken sashimi in Tokyo

When it comes to eating sashimi in Tokyo, fish is by far the most ubiquitous offer. But it’s not the only one. Restaurants also serve shikasashi (deer), basashi (horse), and — perhaps most hotly debated of all — torisashi (chicken). The name loosely translates to “raw bird,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like: thinly sliced raw chicken breast served with a flavorful salt or sauce. I never thought I’d order raw chicken sashimi-style. Like most Americans, I grew up deeply terrified of salmon...
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Meet Caper, the AI self-checkout shopping cart

The Amazon boogie-man has every retailer scrambling for ways to fight back. But the cost and effort to install cameras all over the ceiling or into every shelf could block stores from entering the autonomous shopping era. Caper Labs wants to make eliminating checkout lines as easy as replacing their shopping carts while offering a more familiar experience for customers. The startup makes a shopping cart with a built-in barcode scanner and credit card swiper, but it’s finalizing the technology to...
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Healthiest cuisines in the world

Every year, people enter the new year with New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier, lose weight, and finally be in shape when summer rolls around. Then we’re lucky if the first week passes and we haven’t already stuffed our faces with six pounds of leftover Christmas chocolate because salads seem bland. If you can relate, get some inspiration for spicing up your diet with some pretty delicious — and incredibly healthy — dishes from around the world. Sure, you could meal prep with chicken, bro...
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Best food markets in Europe

There’s something magical about discovering the local food that every country has to offer. Finding it isn’t always easy, though. You can search for Michelin-starred restaurants or try to find what’s popular on Yelp, but the best way to have an authentic, delicious, and cost-effective gastronomic adventure is to check out a local food market. Travelers to Europe are in luck as there are markets located in popular destinations all over the continent. Some are well known and have been establish...
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Tofu town in Korea for vegetarians

South Korea is famous for its tabletop barbecue and pork-heavy bulgogi. While delicious, it can make dining a significant challenge for vegetarians. The solution for a meat-free fix of kimchi and tofu is to head to Gangneung, a coastal city along the Sea of Japan that’s famous for its beaches, its tourist attractions, and, increasingly, its designation as “tofu town.” Also known for being one of the three primary locations for the 2018 Winter Olympics, Gangneung might just be the best place i...
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The best currywurst in Berlin

There’s a dizzying number of types of German sausages. To name a few: bratwurst, bockwurst, knackwurst, blutwurst, weisswurst — and the list goes on. By some accounts, there are more than 1,500 different kinds of wurst (sausage) in Germany. In Berlin, however, there is one kind of wurst that locals and tourists alike have deemed to be the best: currywurst. And it never would have come about if it weren’t for the British occupation after WWII and an enterprising street vendor. Currywurst is a ...
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Blueberry Smoothie with Banana and Almond Butter

Start your day off with a nutritious and delicious Blueberry Smoothie with Banana and Almond Butter. This easy smoothie recipe is packed with fruit, protein, and healthy fats, plus its dairy-free!  Blueberry Almond Butter Smoothie I’m not a huge breakfast person, but what I do love is a good smoothie in the morning. It’s so […] The post Blueberry Smoothie with Banana and Almond Butter appeared first on Mommy Musings®.
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Brazilian desserts you need to try

Brazil is known for its meat-based meals, but the food goes way beyond barbecue. Brazilians know how to end a meal just as well as they know how to grill one. The country’s cuisine is influenced by native cultures, Europeans, and Africans, and nearly every meal is accompanied by a little something sweet. Sometimes that means something simple and fruit-based; other times it means an elaborate pastry made with sweetened condensed milk and loaded with coconut. Often, desserts are variations on P...
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Indian curries you need to try

People are creatures of habit — especially when it comes to food. It’s simply easier to stick to tried-and-true dishes that we know are delicious. With Indian food, that often means ordering (and re-ordering) the regular recommendations of chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, dal, and biryani. Indian cuisine, however, is much more than that. The menus of many Indian restaurants in the US and UK are typically dominated by Mughlai dishes, a category of north Indian food. Some classic orders lack ...
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Lion Air delays mean fried chicken

As anyone who’s been to an airport knows, traveling is not all white-sand beaches and swaying palm trees. Crazy delays, unpredictable weather, and overcrowding can make even the most well-traveled feel a bit jittery when they head to the airport. In Philadelphia, the well-loved chain Popeyes Louisiana Chicken tried to ease some stress by offering “emotional support fried chicken.” How innovative, you might be thinking. How avant-garde of them! Brilliant as this Popeyes stunt may be, it’s not...
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Word of Mouth: Paris

From natural wine bars to sophisticated accommodations, some of our favorite spots in the City of Light Like any dynamic city, Paris is ever-evolving. As frequent visitors, we try to keep up with all cultural developments. While we remain faithful to our beloved stalwart bars and restaurants, there are always new or undiscovered venues to visit—be it bars, cafes, galleries or places to rest your …
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Eat Like a Local on a Neighborhood Food Tour

Are you experiencing a new country with all five senses? Are you taking advantage of the fact that most places are laying out their culture on a buffet and inviting you to into local life by eating their food? I once got on a flight to Central America and was surrounded by one of those mission groups in matching T-shirts. You know, the ones who spend $1,500 each on something not called a vacation...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories Eat Like a Local on a Neighborhood Food Tour -...
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10 Reasons Why I Chose Chiang Mai as My Winter Home Base

Chiang Mai is the capital of the northern province of Thailand. For years, it’s been a digital nomad hub and for good reason. Here are my top reasons for choosing Chiang Mai as my winter home base. 1) It’s cheap. Thailand, in general, is quite cheap by Western standards. True, you can easily go broke in Thailand if you don’t manage your budget. In Chiang Mai, I can rent a nice...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories TradFest: Celebrating Music in Dublin’s Temple BarTake a Western S...
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Most popular street food in Mumbai

Even dishes that a country considers most traditional can come from somewhere else. Ingredients and recipes cross borders and transform, each meal containing its own narrative. This is as much true in India as anywhere else. Here, certain foods are one of the more benign legacies of colonization. And few dishes are a better example of this than pav, a soft Portuguese bread roll that’s a beloved component of some of Mumbai’s favorite street foods. In 1498, Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama lan...
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Eating guinea pig in Peru

The bright red and green signboard on the cobblestone sidewalk in front of La Casita de Victoria read ”cuy al palo”. My Spanish may be rudimentary, but the object speared on a wooden stick and suspended over an open fire looked like a plump, toothy rat with no tail. At this roadside food stand and many others like it in rural Peru, the house specialty is roasted guinea pig to go. It’s estimated that indigenous people in the Andes Mountains have been eating domesticated cuy (pronounced “kwee”...
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Finding History in the Food of Greece

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Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Chicken Noodle Soup is the perfect comfort food. Packed with hearty chunks of chicken, fresh veggies and noodles, this homemade chicken noodle soup recipe AKA Flu Flighter Chicken Soup, is healthy and flavorful, helping you fight off whatever ails you.   I like to call this recipe “flu fighter chicken soup” because it’s my go-to when […] The post Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe appeared first on Mommy Musings®.
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Dublin: 5 easy ways to save on dining

Dining in Dublin can put a dent in your budget. While this city is full of opportunities to spend big on food, you can utilize a few simple strategies to keep prices down. Plan ahead and you will taste the best of the local dining scene without emptying your wallet. So book one of our favorite budget hotels in the city, and start planning your eating adventure in Dublin. And remember, the dining scene now offers much more than just fish and chips! 1. Seek out markets and street food Staying aw...
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TradFest: Celebrating Music in Dublin’s Temple Bar

Temple Bar in Dublin City: it is well known for its lively pubs, its art galleries, its one off boutiques, its history — but there is no better reason to visit Temple Bar than music. There’s no better time to experience and explore music in Temple Bar than during Temple Bar TradFest. This ever evolving and lively festival takes place near the end of January every year. In 2019 it will run from 23 through 27 January. There is a range of events on the TradFest schedule, from headline gigs in some ...
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