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Scrap Jars Just Another Way of Saying Scrapbook

    The little things I have collected that have no real value on their own, due to a chip, crack or a tear instead of throwing the defaulted bits and pieces away, or disregarding them to a chest of drawers never to be seen again instead I have collected these fragments in apothecary jars. Creating, "scrapbooks or "scrap jars". No need to turn the page to see what is next in the scrapbook instead all I need to do is turn the jars around.   Do you have scrapbooks? Of junk drawers as my...
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Violets the Bravest Flower

  Violets. The bravest little flower dares to bloom before spring announces itself Receives a white winter coat and a heavy tiara of raindrop diamonds,  Blooming purple with a note of glee. Here I am, such a tender little flower reminding me of faithfulness against the odds, courage with grace. What is your favorite flower?         [Author: French la Vie]
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Are Sandals Worn in the Louvre

  Heavenly soles at the Louvre.   After all these years of living in France, the Louvre never ceases to amaze me. If I lived in the Louvre I would feel the same way it is a feast for the eyes.         Whenever I go to the Lourve I like to focus on one thing and take photos of just that one thing for example; One time I took photos of frames, another time signatures, yet another time people taking photos of the Mona Lisa. This time I took photos of feet in sandals: Heavenly Soles.           Yo...
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Everything has a Story to Tell

        1800s Spode DemiTasse Found at the Avignon International Fair over twenty years ago. A setting for eight. Plates, saucers, demitasses, teacups, creamer and sugar bowl to match. While carrying them back to the cupboard I tripped. Five demitasses danced to dust. ... We hold people, places, things which in time became part of who we are. They tell us our story, hold our memories, feelings, they gather our history as we love and live with them. They become intertwined with...
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Friendships Through Blogging

  Singing the song of my memories, it is a beautiful gift to have. Petal after petal Sharing memories especially with those who need to hear how their lives have touched mine. Thank you for reading my blog, for your ever generous response, for the many gifts you have given me by your words, friendship, prayer, and good thoughts. I am lucky to know you, and my life is fuller because of it.         [Author: French la Vie]
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Semi-Marathon in Paris

      A little over a week ago Yann ran a semi-marathon in Paris, he will run the marathon in Paris on April 14th. He started training in January with Chelsea as his coach. They are a good team those two. Yann is an obedient student who would never disappoint his daughter and Chelsea is a strong, constant, encouraging coach. The goal was to run the semi-marathon in two hours, Yann did it in two hours and forty-three seconds. During the first two kilometers, he wore his bright bogger green j...
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Coco Chanel Challenge

Coco Chanel and the Baby Who Pooped Chelsea was six weeks old when French Husband came home with a pair of tickets for a Chanel fashion show. A friend from work had given him the tickets since he couldn't go.     Coco Channel photo source Chanel.   My excitement was instantly tamed when French Husband announced that the show was the next day. "What am I going to wear?" were my first words. My closet did not hold anything labeled Chanel, let alone Casual Chic. To top it off I was breastfeed...
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Chelsea at Six Months

        [Author: French la Vie]
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      Ten reasons why to visit Provence, though do you really need any?   No need for words... let your eyes tell you why:   One   Two   Three     Four     Five   Six   Seven   Eight     Nine   Ten   If you want to see or read more click on any of the ten numbers and it will take you to Provence.   PS If my Brother Marty is reading, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"         [Author: French la Vie]
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Route de Crete Cassis

      The Route de Crete laces along the edge of the cliff along the sea between Cassis and La Ciotat. The view is breathtaking, giving you the sense of flying, as you wind along the tight turns with intense views of the sea far below.         Sheer. Profound. Far beyond and below.   The view below: Cassis.           Cap Canaille is 394 m (1,293 ft), it is the highest sea cliff of France. The rock face of Cap Canaille is called Falaises de Soubeyrannes. The rock consists of laye...
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Scone Memories

  A Throw Back to 2009... Since I am travelling to Ireland today I thought I would repost something 'Irish'... Scones!   School holidays are happening as I type. French Husband and Sacha went skiing. Chelsea came home with more books, binders, and notepads than laundry. She has finals and nothing else matters more than intense studies right now. My broken rib, lack of skiing skills, a daughter who needs a devoted mother to feed her, and my love of silence allowed me the avenue to stay home. I am...
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He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

  How funny that out of thousands of things at a brocante fair a charm that size of my fingernail could grab my attention. This green daisy or Margurite in French has two parts, a cover that turns around a stationary part the has words written on each petal. The finely printed words I could not read when I bought it, but I took a chance that it would convey a sweet secret and I wasn't wrong.  On the petals are written, "I love you with all my heart." It sure beats that game of plucking petals a...
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Meeting at the Window Between Here and There

      Walking along a street I saw an older woman sitting by a window. If it hadn't been for the brown worn shutters, and the white sheer curtain that framed her face... I would not have seen the small shadow of a person peering out.         Aiming my lens at the second floor I hoped to capture the stillness of the scene, the age, the solemn color, the moment. The woman by the window didn't sit still...she moved in and out of the shadow of the curtain. I held my camera and waited.         While...
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The First Signs of Spring

    "Large blossom branches like this against a blue sky were one of Van Gogh’s favorite subjects. Almond trees flower early in the spring making them a symbol of new life.  Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890), Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, February 1890"   VanGogh Museum          Transhumance /tranzˈhjuːməns,trɑːnzˈhjuːməns,transˈhjuːməns,trɑːnsˈhjuːməns noun   the action or practice of moving livestock from one grazing ground to another in a seasonal cycle, typically to lo...
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Apartments, Journeys, Antiques all in one Bag Called French la Vie

            If you are looking for a place to stay in Paris, a place that feels like home, that is comfortably stuffed with enough history, beauty, and antiques that you might prefer to cozy on up and never leave instead of visiting my sites: Paris Apartment   Provence   Along the Mediterranian   If you are in Provence, you better visit me otherwise I will be drastically disappointed, and if you are looking to stay a week or longer I have a perfect home next door that you can make your own,...
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French Husband in the 18th Century?

        [Author: French la Vie]
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Sacha Hits the Slopes

        [Author: French la Vie]
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Some Inspiration for the Cassis Home

  Here are some photos that I have in my mind's eye for the Cassis Home The light, also the type of molding for a bedhead...         A black iron-trimmed shower with a shelf and stool built in.               This will be the kitchen, in front of Rene will be the living space. The Serge Mouille light will go in the kitchen.       Inspiration... color palette   But with antique pieces too.         These Cotto Esagono 3D tiles for the wall in the WC.         This bathroom sink.       ...
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Cassis Home Renovation

  The renovation in Cassis continues. Rene and his team have been tackling the project with gusto even with the setbacks that come with additions and surprises that are found when renovating a century old property. One addition was to change the window casings which are white plastic ones known as PVC to aluminum tinted charcoal throughout the entire home.. This will give it a more loft chic appeal. Yet changing the windows was purely an aesthetic choice. Which meant a delay in the kitchen as ...
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It All Matters

     All those little things that say something that words fail to or actions deny. All those little things that let us know that the moment is right, that we are on to something good, that it is okay, that we will be alright. The way the morning light reaches into our bed, the way the hot water runs down our bodies, the way the church bells ring just at a time when silence needs to be broken. The way a strawberry taste or a daffodil springs yellow into the darkness, or the way a kite tail play...
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Come Dance with Me

  The first dance I ever went to my mom chaperoned. I was okay with that because at thirteen what mattered was that I got to go to the dance. Before arriving at the dance my mom told me, "Whoever asks you to dance say yes. It takes courage to ask someone to dance and you are here to dance. When the music starts if no one has asked you to dance, then ask someone to dance with you or go out and dance by yourself." for good measure my mom added, "I do not want to see you sitting around, just dance...
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Going on Six Months

Oh, that girl and her funny faces. When I was pregnant French Husband asked me if I could not make funny faces as he did not want our children to make them... I laughed, "Really you think I can just stop?" and added, "Too late now." Chelsea makes faces and French Husband has gotten over it.  Going on six months. My only regret is that I do not lie closer to see Chelsea more often.   xxxxx            Related Stories Nearly Five MonthsA Boy or a GirlThe Baby to Be  [Author: French la Vie]
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A Way to Pray

Putting my hand's palm to palm, I opened them to form a cup. I prayed, imagining my prayer taking form into my cupped hands. I imagined, God's hand, loving hands, underneath my own, When every word of mine, no longer had a name, when only silence stood between my heart and hands, when my prayer(s) sat heavy in my hands-- I opened them, letting them pour out to the hands underneath. Letting go. Letting be. Trusting that the loving hands underneath my own held my prayer. That is faith, bringing m...
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Jumping Out of a Plane

                                  Over ten years ago when Chelsea graduated from high school we asked her what she wanted to mark the occasion, what gift would she prefer...    Chelsea's smile had a tinge of mischief and her eyes started to sparkle. I thought to myself this is not going to be a typical response, I better prepare myself. I sat down. She said she would like to parachute out of a plane. I looked at my feet and thought to myself that is what you get for marrying a wild Frenchman...
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Where the Green Grass Grows

    Rusty and worn, though young at heart, the two chairs sat side by side.  Weathering seasons of sun and storm. They wiggled their toes in the mud, leaned on each other when their steps were uneven, Had each other's backs, do you see their hearts? Their friendship stayed true to where the green grass grew.             [Author: French la Vie]
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Mona Lisa Had a Cleavage?

    A page in an eighteen-century book of an engraving of the Mona Lisa. History lessons then and now. I never noticed that the Mona Lisa had a cleavage as I do in this engraving. It strikes me funny that two people can look at the same thing and have two completely different impressions of it. The engraver back then seem to notice her cleavage more than her smile.       Why is the Mona Lisa so Famous via the "Louvre Museum and draws thousands of jostling spectators each day...
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Brocanteur Friends Come Over for Lunch

  Two of my favorite brocante dealers came over for lunch. Before they arrived I looked around my house and declared that they were going to find the things I sold to them, I should play a game I thought like "Find fifteen things that you sold me?" Actually, they would find more than that without even trying. I made lunch and was so excited to see Christophe and Philippe. The market in Cassis is every Wednesday and Friday, this morning I walked to the market, filled my basket with fresh seasona...
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One of the Most Amazing Antiques I Have Ever Found

    After antiquing the entire morning at the brocante we went for lunch, we celebrated with our friend Joanne who had just received a copy of her new book (more about that tomorrow) plus we talked about what each of us had found during our morning hunt. Later with renewed energy, we went back to take a second look, I enjoy going back and walking the opposite way around at the brocante, taking it slow, looking under tables, in the back of the vans, looking at things I normally don't look at the...
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Enjoy the Day

  What are you doing today?           [Author: French la Vie]
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I am Eighty

  Oh, that hair color thing that I have been going back and forth on:  "Should I continue dying my hair or not?" I mostly am curious about how I would look with white hair it might be nice but I like the way my hair looks now. Yes, I could try on a wig, it would be easier.   Your comments resonated with me, I especially like knowing that we are of that age as they the French say, "Femme d'un certain âge" which is a phrase "used to avoid saying that a person, usually a woman, is no longe...
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