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Guest Post: Kambria Anton

  I believe at one point or another in our lives we find ourselves searching for something or someone to guide us, to help us along this life’s journey. Finding Corey and following her blog for over 8 years has been like finding a treasured jewel at the Brocante. like many of you fellow readers, I start my morning with a cup of coffee, sitting down with my computer and diving into Corey’s World. She has a tremendous gift of weaving her tales and imagery that spark my ...
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Guest Post: Andrea Hames

Years ago, I reconnected with someone I went to high school with, and through him, I found Corey just in time to see the Paris apartment renovation.  When the apartment was done, my husband and I spent a week there.  Walking up the stairs and into the space was a bit like finally reaching the Emerald City.  I’m honored to be a guest blogger and to have the opportunity to share a bit about my love of weaving and dyeing fabric.    This is my grandson.   He’s playing an instrument tha...
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Guest Post: Penni also as S'Mee

  Hello Friends!   I’d like to thank Corey for reaching out to us all and inviting us to share a bit about our lives.  I’m Penni, and I found Corey about a year after she began her blog, ‘Tongue in Cheek’. I will rewrite a message I sent her a bit ago, changing the pronouns   "I’m not really into antiques, France is fine- but I’ve never been there, and probably never will— I stumbled on Corey’s blog about a year after she started and I stay because of her literal Spirit. She’s genuine. She’s re...
Tags: Travel, France, Canada, Corey, Duke University, Jane, ASL, Mee, Yann, Penni, French la Vie, Arson Investigator, Journeyman Wireman, Mojave Desert of SoCal

Guest Post: Amy Kortuem

    Bonjour!   My name is Amy.  Here is my story .  It’s about  adventu re. S urprise.  D isappointment.  M usic ,  art ,  discove ry .  It’s even a little juicy.        First, I am from North Mankato, Minnesota. I live in a charming old Craftsman-style bungalow   that I love   despite  its quirks,  creaks , crookedness ,   and  the occasional wayward bat they are always gently  shepherded outside in a net , a ccompanied by lo...
Tags: Travel, France, Chicago, Paris, Liam Neeson, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Mom, Mikhail Gorbachev, Seine, Monet, Mona Lisa, Amy, Corey, St Patrick, CDG

Thanks Giving

For many of you, this is a very unusual Thanksgiving. It certainly is for my mother and family given that it is the first time my mother is celebrating alone, not preparing her cherished feast, nor having to chase my brother Marty from biting off the turkey cookies’ heads, though I bet she is secretly happy not to have had to make those pesky cookies... and at the same time wishing without a doubt that my brother Marty would run in and eat every single turkey cookie. My brother is in the h...
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Guest Post: Debra Graham

  Like many of the other blog posters who have shared about themselves here, I’ve wondered if I should accept Corey’s invitation to tell a bit about my life. Don’t we all wonder if we are “good enough” or “ interesting enough? Finally, I thought I’d just throw that doubt out the window. So here’s a bit about me.     I’m a native Mainer now living in North Carolina, a change that has been a real culture shock. When my husband retires in a few years, we will move further north and also ho...
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Guest Post: Robin Henshaw & Donn Hess

  "Thank You for Trying"   Some 15-ish years ago, my wife and I were simultaneously struck mad and, at the height of our insanity, decided it would be a grand idea to buy a 1-bedroom flat in Paris. We had just welcomed a baby boy into our lives and thought, “What better time than now to embark upon an ill-planned and extremely expensive adventure?”     In fairness to our younger selves, we did have several things going for us. I’d studied high school French ...
Tags: Travel, Texas, France, Paris, Luxembourg, States, Robin, Ile St Louis, French la Vie, Chez Michou, Robin Henshaw, Donn Hess, Corso Trudaine, Facebook Follow Donn Hess on Facebook

Guest Post: Lieselotte Maria Fritsch

  Hello Everyone, My name is Lieselotte, I live in a valley right in the center of Austria, surrounded by mountains and forests. My husband Dieter and I were lucky to get to know Corey and Yann a couple of years ago when they were on a motorbike tour through Austria. We found them “très sympathique“; but anyone who has had the chance to know them personally will know what I mean.   Corey was fascinated by what she called “coffee hopping in the alps“...
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Guest Post: Gina Baynham

    I first came upon Corey‘s blog in 2007 accidentally as I sat in my kitchen in Australia helping my 7-year-old daughter to research a school project. The link Google brought me to was a story about gold bead necklaces  traditionally gifted to young girls in Marseille to mark special occasions as they grew up. I was captivated. For a brief moment I was unaware of my messy kitchen, the pile of laundry waiting to be done,  and young kids running around asking me to do things for them. I came b...
Tags: Travel, Google, Australia, France, Ireland, Marseille, Facetime, Dad, Le Havre, Corey, Gina, Corey Amaro, French la Vie, Gina Baynham

Guest Post: Linda Morrison

  I am a finder, and maker. I am a 67-year-old woman,  I am lucky  I am happy And I found my tribe.     I hate to travel, but the opportunity to spend a week roaming around Provence  with Corey as a guide seemed like a worthwhile endeavor.   Corey took us to a small market in her village,   while the others in the group shopped and wandered,   I watched as the vendors did a dance that was familiar to me.   I loved being a street vendor,        For many years I sold at a weekly flea market in ...
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Guest Post: Cy Todd

  Hi Everyone!   I don't know about you, but when I got a message from Corey, asking me to consider doing a guest post on her blog, well... I had just finished reading about Rebecca  the Metropolitan Opera singer in NYC, and thought... how do I follow that?   Then I read about Jennifer in New Zealand, and again, I'm thinking... how do I follow that?  Then I gave up.  What could possibly be of interest to Corey's readers about my life?  And besides, she probably wrote ...
Tags: Travel, Facebook, Europe, Usa, France, Rebecca, New Zealand, Christian, Monaco, Venice, Mediterranean, South Of France, Venice Italy, Corey, Jennifer, Yann

Guest Post: Annie Lockhart

  I’m so excited to be a guest here! I met Corey through blogging when we both were just starting out blogging back in 2006.     I, along with several others where invited to a wonderful BLOGGERS tea party/slumber party in her hometown in gorgeous Northern California. My grown children were a little concerned that I would travel to someone’s home that I had never even met in person. They called my blogging friends my imaginary friends.       Little did they know that some of my favorite...
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Guest Post: Chris Ulichney

When Corey invited her followers to share their stories, it seemed like the least I could do in thanks for all the beauty, positivity and joy she has shared with us. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Corey in person, but it could have happened more easily four years ago. Let me explain. My husband, Mick, teaches at Savannah College of Art and Design. SCAD has four campuses. One of them is in Lacoste, France. Mick was offered the chance to teach there for a quarter in January 2017. Prior to...
Tags: Travel, Facebook, California, France, Time, Ohio, North Carolina, Marseilles, Opera House, Chris, Max, Santa Monica, Savannah College of Art, Justin, Corey, Mick

Guest Post: Shelley Wildgen

  I've been an avid Corey follower for the past ten years or so, having first been introduced to her transformative writing in a magazine article, she wrote about her 'French Husband'.  Corey's story and pictures sent me immediately to her blog and I've been entranced ever since.         I love Corey's perspective of being immersed in a land that is so different, yet equally as beautiful as her California origins... and of course, all the characters that go with ...
Tags: Travel, California, France, Peter, Mark, Belleville, Corey, Harry Chapin, Belleville Ontario Canada, French la Vie, Shelley Wildgen, North Wiltshire

A French Love Letter Says a Lot with a Few Words

Words from the French letter above...   My Darling, Received, Yesterday, "After" tranquility ...                     [Author: French la Vie]
Tags: Travel, French la Vie

Guest Post Please Send Me Yours

  Haven't the guest posts been lovely introducing us to each other in a more intimate way discovering who we are over these many years from comments? Artists, Lawyers, Singers, Homemakers, Lovers of life, and goodness sharing in faith a bit of themselves revealing more than a name.  There are so many of you, actually all of you I would like to hear from will you give it a go send me an email with a bit about yourself?  I know I am not the only one who would be pleased.     Our stories are a fe...
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Men’s Health Awareness Month: Movember

    During the last few years in November I (Sacha) have taken part in the trend of growing my beard and or mustache as a way to draw attention towards The National Men's Awareness Month.   But this year for  The National Men's Awareness Month  I am taken it a step further.   By joining the Fundraiser efforts and doing my part to help...   I am selling many of my original photographs for the first time. The proceeds will go to The Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ri...
Tags: Travel, California, Seattle, Sacha, Men 's Health Month, Italy Lake Garda, French la Vie, Men 's Health Awareness Month, National Men s Awareness Month, National Men s Awareness Month Check, California Pink Clouds 2020 Photograph Sale, Seattle Moon Rising 2020 Photograph Sale, Seattle Skyline 2020 Photograph Sale, Venice 2019 Photograph, California Rolling Hills 2020 Photograph, Venice Rialto Bridge 2019 Photograph

Guest Post: Kathie Baker

“I Died at the Bataclan in Paris,” in commemoration of November 13, 2015 By Laureano Soares – Montréal, Québec, Canada Translated from Portuguese by Katharine F. Baker and Emanuel Melo   “I Died at the Bataclan in Paris,” in commemoration of November 13, 2015 By Laureano Soares – Montréal, Québec, Canada Translated from Portuguese by Katharine F. Baker and Emanuel Melo   For a brief moment, I felt the pain my twitching eyes closed, My hands and my fingers clenched life poured out of me, I fell t...
Tags: Travel, California, France, America, Chelsea, Marseille, Paris, Berkeley, Central Valley, Nancy, Dick, Provence, Bataclan, Azores, Cal, Corey

Guest Post: Kathy Baker

“I Died at the Bataclan in Paris,” in commemoration of November 13, 2015 By Laureano Soares – Montréal, Québec, Canada Translated from Portuguese by Katharine F. Baker and Emanuel Melo   “I Died at the Bataclan in Paris,” in commemoration of November 13, 2015 By Laureano Soares – Montréal, Québec, Canada Translated from Portuguese by Katharine F. Baker and Emanuel Melo   For a brief moment, I felt the pain my twitching eyes closed, My hands and my fingers clenched life poured out of me, I fell t...
Tags: Travel, California, France, America, Chelsea, Marseille, Paris, Berkeley, Central Valley, Nancy, Dick, Provence, Bataclan, Azores, Cal, Corey

Guest Post: Pam Gunn

              Hello, My name is Pam, I am 74 and have never “canned” anything. My mom did the canning but not me. Whenever I wanted something "canned", I would ask her and she would do it I loved her canning.   My mom passed 10 years ago.   My brother who is 69 and a widower lost his job of 50 years last March due to Covid.   My Brother thought we should make our mom's canned corn relish he asked me if I have my mom’s recipe. Yes, I said. We canned 14 pints ...
Tags: Travel, Corey, Carmel, Pam, Jeannie, French la Vie, Pam Gunn, Canned Spiced Tomato Jam, Justin Rooster, Facebook Sidenote

Guest Post: Wendy Cole Steel

When I first started following Corey, I was deeply entrenched in Silicon Valley working in Tech, a newly remarried mom of a tween (God Bless my husband), and running as fast as I could on the proverbial hamster wheel.   As a full-blown Francophile, Corey’s photos and writing piqued my interest and provided a nice diversion from my then overly stressed out life.      Fast forward to now... We are retired and live in Carmel Valley, Californi,  w e are empty-nesters with three rescues dogs ...
Tags: Travel, Facebook, France, Paris, Silicon Valley, Wendy, Corey, Carmel Valley, French la Vie, Wendy Cole Steel, Francophile Corey, Carmel Valley Californi, Wendy Steel Marketing It

Guest Post: Jean Munroe

  The big 8-0 this year.    My name is Jean Munroe. Your other posters have led such glamorous lives that it is intimidating to add mine.   Your invitation is so generous and compelling, though, that I want to participate.     Me indulging in my inner child      Paul, my husband, and partner in crime     Jean's Son, Daughter-in-Law, and grandson.       I met glass artist Laura Pesce in a tiny town in Italy.  She has become a friend we have met up with her three times...
Tags: Travel, Facebook, Europe, Greece, Law, Italy, PAUL, Lucca, Beth, Jean, Botticelli, Pisa, French la Vie, Tomassi, Jean Munroe, Laura Pesce

Guest Post: Leau Philips

There is a poet in Montana that calls himself  a "light chaser" - I think it fits him and it fits me.       I love all kinds of light, moonlight, sunlight, candlelight just about any but that harsh overhead lighting in strange buildings. It's not that I mind the dark, it has its place but oh...that light!   A few years ago I wrote a piece about light after witnessing a rainbow in the sunset on the solstice while the almost full moon was rising. It impressed me and the image stayed with ...
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"...And We Lead Not by the Example of Our Power, But by the Power of Our Example.

President-elect Joe Biden's Victory speech    "My fellow Americans, the people of this nation have spoken. They have delivered us a clear victory. A convincing victory. A victory for “We the People.” We have won with the most votes ever cast for a presidential ticket in the history of this nation — 74 million. I am humbled by the trust and confidence you have placed in me. I pledge to be a President who seeks not to divide, but to unify. Who doesn’t see Red and Blue states, but the Unite...
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Guest Post: Anna Schlemma

  A day without Corey is like a day without sunshine.  I always begin my day with Sunshine.  I’ve been reading Corey’s “reflections” for many years, and am always deeply appreciative of her open-heartedness, talents, insights, and wisdom, and the beautiful way she IS in this world.  I’m delighted and humbled to have been invited to share a bit of myself here.  I will now attempt to distill and encapsulate a life for almost two weeks short of 72 years.          I was ...
Tags: Travel, Chicago, National Parks, West Coast, Anna, Michael, Andy, Amy, Eric, Corey, University of Notre Dame, Evan, Bavaria Germany, Montessori, Valerie, Indiana University South Bend

Guest Post: Linda Marcov

2009   When Corey asked us to be guest writers for her blog, I knew I wanted to give it my best and make it something worth reading. I have followed her for years it seems, maybe 20 it's hard to remember when I first saw her beautiful photos and words in Romantic Homes magazine. When she wandered into my booth at Marburger Farms Antique Show in Round Top Texas over 10 years ago, camera in hand, and made a comment about how lovely our things were I looked up to find I recognized her name on her ...
Tags: Travel, Amazon, Facebook, Texas, Corey, Linda, Romantic Homes, French la Vie, Linda Marcov, Marburger Farms Antique Show, Ludimil

Bits of News

  The energy circling around the world is palpable as the wait continues to unveil the next president of the USA. I could speak about this subject for hours,  but I promised not to be political on my blog, which is a personal commitment I often want to break. But not today. Instead I will continue to do post Guest Posts in celebration of my blog being fifteen years old this month. Please, share your story, or a poem, or a favorite recipe, something about who you are... your story is what I wa...
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                  [Author: French la Vie]
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Today More Than Ever

    V   O   T   E - --------- ---------- Whatever the outcome we are in this together for better or worse richer or poorer sickness and in health to death do us part. Let us with our intentions, our gratitude, and forgiveness help one another to set the path towards beautiful world. Let us be the one who leads the way with intent and light. Godspeed!                       [Author: French la Vie]
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Guest Post: Sue Johnpeter

  When the blogging universe was exploding into many points of light, I found my way to Corey’s blog. Her touching words and observations kept me coming back. Her story of Chelsea climbing into Sacha’s crib to give him a bottle when Corey was recovering from cancer surgery touched me deeply. An incredible family, a mother with such heart and love.     (Our front porch)   Like many Americans, I am drawn to things French. Unlike many Americans, the reason is that our Dad was a bombardier instruct...
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