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Mulch and the garden path

On Thursday, our next door neighbor had contractors in to remove two very tall pine trees that grew very close to her house. She's been planning to do this for a few years. In fact, we thought she had changed her mind because nothing happened after she told us about it. I think her contractor flaked out on her and because she lives in Paris, making alternate arrangements can be difficult.  The pile of mulch in front of the garden shed. Earlier this week, a landscaper came through the ham...
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Pumpkin progress [2]

As promised, here's a peek at the muscade pumpkins in the garden. They're still green, but when mature they should turn a tan color similar to a butternut squash. Some of them will likely be two-toned. I've grown them before, so I know that's likely. Two muscade pumpkins growing under the vine leaves. There are at least five of them out there. Today should be much cooler than it has been the past few days. August vacationers have arrived in our region and we're seeing several unfamiliar faces ...
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Pumpkin progress

There are two surviving rouge vif d'Etampes pumpkins in the garden. The others just rotted away. I'm not sure why, maybe the heat. But these two look healthy, so far. If I'm lucky, they'll both make it to harvest by which time they'll go from orange to bright red. I'll keep you posted. Two good sized and healthy looking pumpkins. The muscade pumpkins are faring better. There are about five large ones on the vine. I'll post a photo of those tomorrow.We made it through our mini heat wave. It's s...
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I harvested our first beans on Thursday! The green and purple beans are producing now, and I'm hopeful that we'll have several harvests before they stop. I'm looking forward to tasting these. They're quite fine, French style. And I'm betting that the purple ones turn green when they're cooked. Beans! Beans! Good for the heart... After I walk Tasha this morning, I'm going to take a load of stuff to the déchetterie (dump and recycle center). We're trying to get rid of a lot of junk and clutter t...
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Dry dry dry

Remember when I was complaining about our soggy spring? Now I can complain about our parched summer. It's not particularly hot, just dry. It's normal. Every summer our "lawn" goes from spring green to summer brown. It reminds me of California summers. At least I don't have to mow so frequently. Our brown lawn and green vegetable garden. You can see the pumpkin plants kind of wilting in the afternoon heat. They perk back up again when the sun goes down. Every morning I'm out in the vegetable ga...
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Please don't eat them

The daisies, that is. I'm sure I've seen that movie, but I have no memory of it. I know I didn't read the book it's based on. So, naturally, I don't know what the title refers to. Probably something about silly city people trying to live in the country, a popular theme in 1950s and 60s America.* There's a lone pink rose among the daisies. This patch of daisies has been here since before we moved in, over seventeen years now. In late fall or early spring, I cut the dead stems down as close to t...
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Courge musquée

This variety of winter squash is called "muscade." It will look like a tan-colored pumpkin when mature, kind of the same color as a butternut squash, another related variety. Like the rouge vif d'Etampes, I've grown these before. We should have a nice pumpkin patch this fall. And a big job of processing the flesh for the freezer. This one's got a lot of growing to do! I had a good market day on Saturday, bringing home a melon, some radishes, and some tomatoes. I also stopped into a charcuterie...
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Red-ribbed chard

Seven red chard plants add a little vibrant color to this year's vegetable garden. A near-by friend found a good crop of volunteers in her garden this spring. I guess some of last year's crop had reseeded itself. She offered me some and I happily took them. We grew standard white-ribbed blettes (chard) in the garden for a couple of years and really enjoyed it. Chard in the garden after an early morning shower. So far these transplants look happy and healthy. I'm looking forward to tasting them...
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That's more like it

The zucchini plants are producing now. We only have two plants, and we've already got three squash in the fridge waiting to be used. I grilled a fourth one to accompany yesterday's lunch. There might be one or two more ready to harvest today. Yikes! I'm trying to pick them small, but sooner or later one is going to get away from me and become a baseball bat. This is not an unfamiliar situation to anyone who's grown zucchini. We face it every year. In fact, I still have some zucchini from last ...
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Pole beans

These are the climbing bean plants I mentioned yesterday. They're called "Mélissa." When the beans are mature, they'll look like green beans but will be a shade of purple similar to the stems in the photo. I've already seen tiny beans forming so I'm hopeful we'll have a good crop in the coming weeks. Blossoms on the purple bean plants. Wednesday was a damp day and not at all warm, but we're expecting summer to return in a day or two. Where have I heard that before? [Author: wcs]
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Dwarf beans

Also known as bush beans because they don't climb like pole beans. These are a variety of French dwarf beans called "Rudy." I planted them back in late May, now they're covered in blossoms. Beans are on their way! These blossoms will soon turn into little beans. There are two other bean varieties in this year's garden. Both are climbers, one is a yellow flat bean that I also grew last year, the other is purple bean called "Mélissa" that will look just like a standard green bean, only purple. I...
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Pumpkin patch

Okay, it's not really a "patch." More like two plants, separated from one another by two zucchini plants. This one is called rouge vif d'Etampes. When it's mature this fall, that shiny yellow orb should become a bright red color and significantly bigger than it is today. I've grown them once before with success. There are at least a half dozen forming on the vine. If they all survive, there will be a lot of pumpkin this fall. This should become a big red pumpkin by harvest time. I was able to ...
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Ready for more?

How about a few days of vegetable garden photos? Here's what it looks like right now. It may look relatively weed-free from this distance, but I'm battling the purslane almost daily. On Sunday I planted out some habanero pepper seedlings that have been in the greenhouse, not growing, since they sprouted. The chard (in the foreground) was a gift from a friend with a surplus. It's the red-ribbed variety. So, to recap, this year's garden is home to twenty-four tomato plants, three kinds of beans,...
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This photo is a week old, so some of this zucchini has already been harvested. I can count about six little zukes there. We're getting one or two a day right now from the two plants in the garden. I'll get out there later with the camera for some more up-to-date images. The round-leafed green plant on the right is pourpier (purslane). It's hard to get rid of, but it's supposedly edible. The market was fun yesterday morning. But, it being the first Saturday of official summer vacation and the l...
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Back to summer

Friday was a lost day for outdoor work. It didn't rain much, but just enough to dampen (pun intended) any interest in cutting grass or otherwise working outside. And it was breezy and chilly. But today the clouds are gone and the temperature should be warming back up. That's the forecast, anyway. The artichokes are flowering now. So, I'm planning a market run this morning. The big poultry vendor has summer sausages called chipolatas and merguez made of poultry (rather than pork and lamb, respe...
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Cinnabar moth

I think this is the larvae of the cinnabar moth, called la goutte-de-sang (drop of blood) in French. The names describe the markings on the wings of the adult moth, not the caterpillar. According to my extensive quick and dirty research, they like to lay eggs on ragwort, a very common plant in and around the vineyards and other fields nearby. I'm pretty sure this one was on a ragwort plant when I saw it. Not hard to miss this one. He (or she) is wearing my high school colors: orange and blac...
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That's how I jokingly refer to this plant, dipladenia, because I couldn't remember its name. I think it's more commonly known as mandevilla, from what I read on the internet. I first saw the bright red flowers of dipladenia across the road at our neighbor's house a couple of years ago. We went over and found the plant's label in one of the pots. The next year, I got some for our deck planters from one of the local garden centers. Dipladenia in the real fake well, surrounded by clary sage which...
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Don't sit under the apple tree

Until I get the apples picked up. It took me two days to prune off the low-hanging branches of our two apple trees. Now I need to gather up the apples that came off those branches as they hit the ground. Then I'll be able to run the mower under the trees again without being slapped in the face. The drooping low branches of both trees are gone now. I do this every year, but this year the trees have more fruit than I've seen in a while and it's really weighing down the branches. Like I said yest...
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The wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet

Here's my wheat harvest from what grew in the real fake well this spring. You may recall that the wheat sprouted in the well from bird seed. I hang the feeder above the well in winter and some of the birds like to push the seeds out then eat them on the ground. Obviously, they don't eat them all. My wheat crop makes a nice centerpiece for the deck table. There seems to be more than just one type of grain here and I don't know what they are, so I'm just calling it all "wheat." From what I under...
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Apple bounty

Our two remaining apple trees are laden with apples this year. There are so many that their weight is pulling the trees' branches toward the ground as they grow bigger. Little apples are already beginning to fall from the trees; soon I'll have to start picking the bigger ones up off the ground before I can mow. Not to mention that I'm going to have to prune back some of those branches so I can get under them with the mower without being knocked in the head. I had these two apple trees professi...
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It's not very tidy, but there's a lot of color just outside the greenhouse door. The blue rozanne geraniums have filled in very nicely since I relocated them in the fall of 2017. So have the weeds. The red blooms are dipladenia (or mandevilla) that were originally in planter boxes on the deck. Last fall we put them into pots and over-wintered them inside the greenhouse. Now they're waiting to go into the real fake well for the summer and fall. The rogue wheat that's there now has gone brown and ...
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You say cilantro...

...and I say coriander. In French, that is. Coriandre. The feuilles de coriandre (leaves) and the graines de coriandre (seeds) are called by the same name. I grow some every year with more or less success. It seems to work better in pots than it does out in the garden. This year, something, probably a bird, dug into the pot (which was out on the deck) so I had to move it into the greenhouse. The damage to the tiny seedlings was minimal. Little coriandre (cilantro) seedlings in a big pot. I see...
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The state of the onion

That would be a great title if I actually had onions (or something like them) growing in the vegetable garden. I don't. What I do have is, mostly, doing well so far. The tomatoes and climbing yellow flat beans are making blossoms now. Tomatoes in front, beans in back. Three of six tiny bell peppers on the right. I didn't have luck with the older bean and snow pea seeds, so I planted some climbing purple beans and a row of dwarf green beans. The all came up and are looking good, and the climber...
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Le potager

Here's what the vegetable garden looks like as we move toward mid-June. I think it's pretty well established, but now we're in a pattern of chilly days and that will slow things down a little. I planted twenty-four tomato plants under tripods. Then I planted bean seeds against the trellis. Only one variety of beans sprouted (I guess my seeds were too old). A couple of weeks ago, I got some new bean seeds from the garden center. Beans and tomatoes on the northern side of the garden plot. The ta...
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More sage and wheat

Here's another view of the flowering clary sage that's planted around our real fake well, and the tiny crop of volunteer grain growing inside it. The grain comes from the bird feeder that hangs over the well in winter. The sage is at it's peak now. I thought I'd post another photo of them before the flowers fade and go to seed. I have a couple of busy days ahead. First, I have to go to the pharmacy for a tetanus booster. I won't get the shot there, just the vaccine that I then take to the doct...
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Linden flowers

The tilleul (linden tree) in our back yard is flowering right now. The tree resonates with the sound of buzzing bees as they feed on nectar, pollinating the tree in the process. The flowers are supposedly good for making infusions (like a tea), but I've never tried it. Soon the flowers will fade and start dropping all over the ground. Les fleurs du tilleul (linden flowers). Our taste of summer is predicted to come to an end in a day or so. Storms are expected on Wednesday along with a signific...
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The clary sage plants around the real fake well are flowering now. Their purple flower stalks start out horizontal, but as the flowers open, they point skyward. Our little volunteer wheat crop in the well is also looking good. Better than weeds, anyway. Clary sage and wheat in flower. Ken picked up another grocery order from the Super U drive on Monday. This time they had the chicken wings that we've ordered twice before but didn't get. I like to make Buffalo style chicken wings from time to t...
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Everything's coming up roses

At least, the roses are. These are on one of three rose plants in our yard, the very plants we divided so many years ago. They're really intense right now. Hot pink roses. I finally couldn't stand my long hair any more and I asked Ken to cut it off. He used a pair of hair clippers we got for Tasha (but haven't used on her yet) after not getting any results with my beard trimmer. The clippers cut more hair off than I was expecting, so now I have a close buzz cut. It looks a little funny, but it...
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Vegetable garden v.2020

The vegetable garden is (mostly) planted! I got in under the wire; we woke up to rain this morning. I put up the tomato tripods and planted twenty-four seedlings. I have seven varieties: three each of cœur de bœuf, corazon, cornabel, margold, homestead, and St. Pierre, and six romas. I also planted my two pumpkins (rouge vif d'Etampes and muscade) and two zucchinis. The toms are in! The little wilted one on the left perked right up when I watered it. I still have to transplant my basil into la...
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Our artichoke plants are doing their thing. There are three or four of these small artichoke flowers on the bigger of the two plants. We don't harvest them because there aren't enough to do anything with at this size, and when they get bigger, they're tough. Better to buy them from the market. Two little artichokes. I'll leave them on the plants and the flowers will open later this summer. Since Thursday was a holiday, we were prohibited from making noise except for two hours between 10h00 and...
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