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Twitter is ‘improving’ how it labels misleading 5G and coronavirus content, after mislabelling unrelated tweets

Twitter said that it is working towards improving the process of how it labels tweets containing incorrect information about 5G or the coronavirus after it incorrectly labelled unrelated tweets with a COVID-19 fact check. “In the last few weeks, you may have seen Tweets with labels linking to additional info about COVID-19. Not all of those Tweets had potentially misleading content associating COVID-19 and 5G. We apologize for any confusion and we’re working to improve our labeling process,” the...
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Facebook will label hateful content by politicians; MediaNama’s take

Facebook will finally start labelling content from politicians that, despite being newsworthy, violates it content policies, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Friday in a Facebook Live session. Content that may lead to violence or suppresses voting, even it is by politicians, will be removed by Facebook. This announcement came almost a month after Twitter and Facebook chalked out drastically different policies on how to deal with hate speech by politicians, including US President Donald Trump. On...
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End voluntourism and the white saviour industrial complex

We need to dismantle the unequal systems we have upheld in Africa. Divesting from missionary tours is a good place to start The post End voluntourism and the white saviour industrial complex appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Bill in US Congress proposes to ban federal agencies from using facial recognition tech and any other biometric surveillance system

Members of the United States Congress on Thursday introduced a bill which proposes to prohibit federal agencies and officials from acquiring, possessing, accessing, and even using “any biometric surveillance system”, such as facial recognition technology. The bill even stops federal agencies from using information derived by such systems operated by other entities. It also proposes to withhold federal funding through the Byrne grant program for state and local governments that use the technology...
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To Live What I Believe Without Fear

  I saw this on Instagram.  A lot of things I do not do but maybe would like to are not based on fear. Most have to do with not having the talent, nor wanting to put my resource towards it. Fear is not often the reason I do not do something unless it is something like parachuting or bungee cord jumping. And you? After reading the rest of the Instagram post I saw that the author was directing the quote towards those who did not, or those of us who do not, respond when something is going very wro...
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EatOkra on Black-owned restaurants

The EatOkra app is booming. Anthony Edwards, who founded the app in 2016 with his wife Janique, says that in the wake of the social uprising spurred on by the alleged murder of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer, the app has seen around 100,000 new downloads. That’s compared to last year when the app netted 12,000 downloads in total. And it’s not just users who are growing: The database — which currently lists 2,600 Black-owned restaurants, bakeries, cafes, food trucks, bars and w...
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Rename Columbus, Ohio, Flavortown

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, many agree that the United States’ attitude towards race needs to change. That includes anti-racist policies, police reform, as well as taking down Confederate monuments and renaming streets so they don’t commemorate racist individuals. When it comes to renaming things, though, deciding on the new name can be a bit tricky. In Columbus, Ohio, there’s currently a petition to rename the entire city “Flavortown.” “Columbus is an amazing city,” the petition ...
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essential reading on anti-racism: "we can't tinker around the edges. we need to dismantle systems."

During the current focus on systemic racism, this is likely the best essay I've read. It's written in a US context, but it applies to Canada, both for Indigenous people and black Canadians.I hope you'll read it and share it.* * * * *What the Courage to Change History Looks LikeBy William Barber II, Liz Theoharis, Timothy B. Tyson and Cornel WestJune 19, 2020Since the casual killing of George Floyd on camera, unprecedented protests — not policy papers — have radically shifted public opinion in su...
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Reply to Six Commentaries on Who’s the Bigot?

For the symposium on Linda McClain, Who’s the Bigot? Learning from Conflicts over Marriage and Civil Rights Law (Oxford University Press, 2020).Thanks very much to Sandy Levinson for organizing this wonderful symposium on Who’s the Bigot?and to Jack Balkin for providing space on Balkinization. I am grateful to contributors Aziza Ahmed, Dale Carpenter, Imer Flores, Cathleen Kaveny, Randall Kennedy, and Andrew Koppelman for their insightful and instructive comments. I will address some general t...
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Why Juneteenth 2020 matters

On June 19 , 1865, Union General Gordon Granger stepped onto the balcony of the Ashton Villa in Galveston, Texas, and read aloud from General Order No. 3: “The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free.” This declaration, as the tale goes, forever ended slavery in the United States more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Texans began celebrating June 19 as a holiday as soon as the following...
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Eurostar to launch facial verification for passengers

Eurostar passengers will soon have the option to go through a face verification process allowing them to walk through a “facial biometric corridor” to board a train, without requiring a passport or other travel documents. The solution is being developed by British technology company iProov in partnership with Eurostar and Canadian travel company WorldReach Software. It will first go live at London’s St Pancras International station by the end of March 2021. The Financial Times first reported thi...
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Airbnb new anti-discrimination plan

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer and the ensuing Black Lives Matter protests that have spread throughout the world, companies across all industries are reevaluating their approach to racial issues. Airbnb’s platform continues to be the scene of race bias, with both hosts and guests allegedly discriminating against potential guests and hosts on the basis of race. Now, Airbnb is taking steps to prevent this from happening. According to Airbnb, the new initi...
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Pompeo to meet Chinese officials in Hawaii, vacation rentals reopening on three islands, state's largest newspaper threatens to lay off half of newsroom, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo official photo Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to meet with Chinese officials in Hawaii as tensions escalate. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is planning a trip to Hawaii this week to meet with Chinese government officials as tensions continue to mount between China and the United States, according to multiple media reports. Star-Advertiser.Pompeo Plans To Meet In Hawaii With China Officials. Politico and CNN are reporting that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pom...
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Twitter makes Aakar Patel’s account accessible again in India

Twitter has unwithheld columnist Aakar Patel’s account for Indian users, days after it restricted access to it without a clear explanation. The company notified Patel by email that the restriction had been lifted on June 13. Patel was the Executive Director of Amnesty International India until last November. Twitter declined to comment. Hello. — Aakar Patel (@Aakar__Patel) June 13, 2020 The restriction on Patel’s account had come days after he posted a tweet hoping...
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Twitter restricts ex-Amnesty India head Aakar Patel’s account

Twitter has restricted access to columnist and Amnesty International’s former India head Aakar Patel’s account to Indian users. The company said a legal demand from India (either a court or government order) resulted in the takedown. This comes days after Patel posted a tweet hoping that Dalits, women, and Adivasis in India would protest their conditions like Americans have in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. It’s not clear if that tweet is what led to his account being withheld in India, but ...
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’60 Minutes’ producers launch a ’10 minute or less’ Quibi series in bid to attract younger viewers

After teasing the series’ arrival for some months, Quibi is finally ready to launch its take on 60 Minutes for the social media generation. What that mainly means is content tailored to the shortened attention spans of viewers on top which the service has hung all of its hopes, dreams and $1.8 billion. The new take on the America’s oldest newsmagazine goes under the banner  ’60 IN 6’ — slightly confusing, given that its producers are committing to a broader definition of short form content at...
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Pretesting of inbound Hawaii passengers urged, Maui bars to reopen, Kauai Foodland to close, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Honolulu airport ©2020 All Hawaii News Experts: Test Passengers To Reopen Hawaii Tourism. People traveling to Hawaii could get a COVID-19 test before boarding the plane at a national pharmacy chain under a deal in the works with state officials. Civil Beat.UH proposal calls for strict preflight screening of out-of-state passengers. The University of Hawaii is proposing a way to allow for the reopening of out-of-state travel to Hawaii while ensuring minimal spread of COVID-19 from tourists...
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Black Lives Matter, in Paris

Memorial Service at Place de la République Over 2000 Parisians gathered last night at the Place de la République for a memorial service in remembrance of George Floyd, the African-American man killed on May 25th by a policeman in Minneapolis, and in support of the #BlackLivesMatter protests taking place across the United States against systematic racism. It was a solemn event, with eight minutes and 46 seconds of silence, the length of time the officer kept his knee on the neck of George...
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Why did it take George Floyd's death for Canadians to rediscover their humanity?

For almost three months Canadians had quarantined their humanity out of fear of the novel coronavirus.  When funerals were cancelled hardly a peep was heard, little concern expressed for those grieving the loss of loved ones.  "We have to stop the spread", was the reply, so we have to make sacrifices.  Same when schools were shuttered, with many children also seeing their parents lose their jobs.  Hardly anyone raised a hand to object that this was a recipe for abuse, especially with liquor stor...
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Hawaii Legislature to take up police misconduct bill, Ige asks participants in Black Lives Matter rallies to self-isolate, military travel restrictions lifted, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Police on parade, file photo, ©2020 All Hawaii News Hawaii House Speaker Says Cop Misconduct Bill Is ‘On Our Radar’. The House and Senate are reviewing a measure requiring more disclosure on the part of police agencies that stalled last year after passing both chambers. Civil Beat.Gov. Ige asks protesters from weekend Black Lives Matter rallies to voluntarily self-isolate. Gov. David Ige today requested that participants in Black Lives Matter protests over the weekend consider self-isolat...
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Statue of slave trader torn down

Just days after protesters toppled Confederate monuments in Richmond, VA, and Birmingham, AL, a slave trader’s statue in Bristol was also torn down. On Sunday, protesters in the southwestern city of Bristol used ropes to pull down a bronze statue of Edward Colston, a 17th-century slave trader. The statue has been controversial for many years, but the recent global events have thrust it into the spotlight. When the statue came down, a protester was pictured with his knee on Colston’s neck, em...
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BLM protests around the world

In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s March on Washington was the largest major civil rights demonstration in United States history. And right now, images from all over the country are evoking the memory of that historic event. For the second week in a row, people have been gathering in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and in protest of George Floyd’s murder by a white police officer. The incident occured on May 25 in Minneapolis, but since then, demonstrations have spread around the ...
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Watch a Mesmerizing Stream of Unwatched YouTube Videos: Lets You Discover the Hidden Dimensions of the World’s Largest Video Platform

When times are hard, it often helps to zoom out for a moment—in search of a wider perspective, historical context, the forest full of trees…, an algorithmic YouTube-based project by Andrew Wong and James Thompson, offers a big picture that’s as restorative as it is odd: Today, you are an Astronaut. You are floating in inner space 100 miles above the surface of Earth. You peer through your window and this is what you see. If the stars look very different today, it’s because they’re ...
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Why blacks need to be extra careful about contracting Covid-19....

I'm not in favour of forced lockdown measures, anyone who has been following this blog for any length of time knows that.  I just read an incredible Guardian article that beautifully calls out the blatant hypocrisy of many so called progressives for distorting science here: When the George Floyd protests and demostrations started h...
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Zuckerberg cites a post from India as a clear-cut example of ‘incitement to violence’

For Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, while posts from US President Donald Trump may not pose a “100 per cent clear-cut of a decision”, posts from India where “someone” said “‘Hey, if the police don’t take care of this, our supporters will get in there and clear the streets’” are a clear cut case of incitement of violence and have been taken down. This was revealed in a transcript of a meeting that Zuckerberg held with 25,000 employees on June 2. Recode published the transcript of the meeting. Zucke...
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12 books books by Black women

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, a righteous uprising against racism and police brutality has swept the United States, and with it, a proliferation of so-called anti-racist books lists. The aim of these reading recommendations is to educate non-black people how systematic racism affects every aspect of our society — from what and where we eat, to who gets arrested, elected to office, or a starring role in a movie, and yes, who gets to write and publish a book. These efforts to amplify the...
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An open letter to Gianna Floyd

Dear Gianna, Millions of people know your name now, and like most of us I first found out who you were a few days after your father’s murder. In that time between, the people of the United States erupted on your dad’s behalf. Even though we are still braving a global pandemic, Americans flooded the streets with their cries promising no peace without justice, proving that they would not tolerate your father’s death at the hands of the state under literally any circumstances. I say “they” becau...
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Los Angeles make cuts to police

Amid calls from protesters and organizations for lawmakers to defund the police, Los Angeles has been the first to announce a significant budget cut for its law enforcement. Before George Floyd’s death, the Los Angeles police department was set to receive an increase in its annual budget from $1.189 billion to $1.86 billion, mostly in the form of bonuses. On Wednesday, after activists protested outside his home, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti nixed these increases, and cut $100-$150 million from the...
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Boating restrictions eased, Maui unemployment rate highest in nation at 35%, George Floyd protests continue, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Sailboat off Keaukaha ©2020 All Hawaii News Boating and water sports restrictions relaxed statewide. Boating and other water sports got the green light to expand activities with some restrictions Wednesday. Hawaii News Now.Hawaii eases restrictions on number of people allowed on commercial, recreational boats. State officials said that up to 10 people may now be on a commercial or recreational boat at a time, effective immediately, due to the easing of emergency restrictions imposed in re...
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11 things on my mind about the anti-police-violence and anti-racism protests

1. Most violence is not being committed by protesters.What percentage of protesters are violent? Filter for police provocateurs, filter for white nationalists, filter for random thieves hiding under cover of mayhem. All of those exist at mass protests and have been proven to exist countless times.What percentage of actual protesters used violence? 0.5 percent? I have been to my share of protests, and I doubt it is even that. 0.05 percent?What percentage of media coverage is about violent protest...
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