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Fortnite developer sues Apple and Google after it was removed from both app stores

Epic Games, the developer of the popular game Fortnite, has sued Apple and after the two took down Fortnite from their respective app stores. The removals had come after Epic Games started allowing users to pay directly to them for in-app purchases, by essentially bypassing the official payment mechanisms that both Apple and Google mandate. The app was not present on the Indian app stores at the time of publication, MediaNama has verified. What led to the removals: At the heart of the issue is...
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#NAMA: Non-personal data for sovereign and public interest purposes

“Take Amartya Sen’s flute example: there is a little kid who makes a flute and then there is another little kid who plays the flute and then there is a little kid who doesn’t have any other toy. Should this flute be given to the person who has made it, to the person who actually knows to play the flute, or to the person who doesn’t have any other toy?” This parable, brought up at MediaNama’s two-day discussion on the Governance of Non-Personal Data, is a useful lens to look at the government re...
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Aarogya Setu code on GitHub is ‘test backend code’, not ‘production code’, says NIC-CERT

In response to MediaNama’s queries about security vulnerabilities in Aarogya Setu, as reported by Security Brigade in their now removed blog post, NIC-CERT directed us to Security Brigade’s updated blog post which reads: “The code that was been published on GitHub was a test backend code and not the production code.” The updated blog post was written, “after consultation with relevant stakeholders [sic]”. We have asked NIC-CERT and Security Brigade to clarify if this means that all Android code ...
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Make travel decisions with confidence

As some countries around the world begin to reopen this summer, we’re seeing more searches for places to go on vacation. Because the impact of COVID-19 on destinations can vary, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest travel-related information for places you may want to visit. If you’re looking to travel soon, here are a few updates to help you make travel decisions with confidence.Get travel related updates about a destinationWhen you search on Google for information like hotels, fligh...
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Unravelling the claims over Aarogya Setu’s vulnerabilities

On Wednesday, Security Brigade, an Indian information security company, published a now rescinded blog post detailing how it found certain security vulnerabilities in how Aarogya Setu’s code is managed, and informed CERT-In, NIC CERT (which is different from CERT-In) and the Aarogya Setu team about it, but got no response. This prompted the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to “widely circulate a statement” denouncing the company that was later retracted, as per a Hindustan Time...
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#NAMA: Sameer Nigam on the perils of requiring companies to sell Non-Personal Data

“There’s this Hallmark card from 20 years ago that used to say, ‘Everything I love is illegal, immoral, or fattening.’ [The Non-Personal Data Governance Framework] is the closest I have seen any draft come to that,” Sameer Nigam, CEO of PhonePe said. “I’ve spoken to quite a few friends in the startup industry who really understand the dynamics of tech, and Big Tech particularly. How it will play out is riddled with a bunch of very weird manifestations in terms of who gets to ask for whose data, ...
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#NAMA: What are data trusts? How do they work?

“Data trusts are a type of data steward which are legally recognised trustees that hold data in a trust, as defined by law, and make decisions on behalf of people. There is a fiduciary responsibility between the people whose data it is and the trustees who hold it. The trustees can decide on how this data is used, how it is not used, where it is shared, who it is shared with,” a speaker explained at MediaNama’s discussion on the Governance of Non-Personal Data held on August 7. It is a legal str...
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Inside Aarogya Setu: How ShadowMap got access into the worlds fastest growing mobile application

By ShadowMap Aarogya Setu is the fastest growing mobile application in the world and now claims over 150,000,000 users on the platform today. This is the story of how ShadowMap discovered the source-code for the Aarogya Setu platform including its back-end infrastructure being exposed on the public internet. Additionally, some insights and expert analysis from the accidentally published source code. Background & Bug Bounty Program Aarogya Setu, India’s national platform for tackling the ...
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GPX sells Indian data centre business to Equinix

GPX, the data centre company with infrastructure in India that connects clients in India to Google and Amazon’s cloud services, has sold its India business to Equinix, the company announced on Monday. The deal is an all-cash US$116 million transaction. “GPX Global Systems will now turn its attention to growing our business throughout Africa using our Egyptian business as the anchor for our expansion. We believe Africa represents a very similar opportunity that drove our investments in India, inc...
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The Wine Windows of Renaissance Florence Dispense Wine Safely Again During COVID-19

Everything old is new again and Tuscany’s buchette del vino—wine windows—are definitely rolling with the times. As Lisa Harvey earlier reported in Atlas Obscura, buchette del vino became a thing in 1559, shortly after Cosimo I de’ Medici decreed that Florence-dwelling vineyard owners could bypass taverns and wine merchants to sell their product directly to the public. Wealthy wine families eager to pay less in taxes quickly figured out a workaround that would allow them to take advantage...
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Trump signs executive order banning US business with TikTok and WeChat 

US President Donald Trump, on August 6, signed an executive order banning US transactions with Chinese internet major Bytedance, TikTok’s parent company. A similar order was signed banning US transactions with Tencent, the parent company of WeChat. Both the orders come in effect in 45 days. The executive orders also mention the Indian government banning TikTok, WeChat and 57 other ‘Chinese’ apps over national security concerns. This action comes less than a week after Microsoft confirmed that it...
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Google discontinues the Pixel 4, nine months after release

Days after announcing the Pixel 4a, Google has quietly discontinued sales of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. The move, noted early by the Verge, represents an extremely truncated lifecycle for a Google flagship — around half of the 18 months the company continued to sell its two predecessors. Google already announced the imminent arrival of the Pixel 5, when it noted the forthcoming handset would be one of two Pixels devices to sport 5G, along with the Pixel 4a 5G. The company confirmed the move in ...
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Cambria Hotels Launches New Podcast Series To Inspire Modern Travelers

ROCKVILLE, Cambria Hotels, an upscale brand franchised by Choice Hotels International, Inc. (NYSE: CHH), announced today the launch of their first-ever podcast series, "Travel Inspired With Cambria Hotels." The original series, hosted by Janis Cannon, senior vice president, upscale brands, Choice Hotels, and Rick Hertan, director, Cambria Hotels brand management, explores the topics travelers value most while on the road and the ways in which Cambria hotels are carefully designed to cater...
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More Chinese phones could lose US apps under Trump’s Clean Network

Over a third of the world’s smartphone sales come from Chinese vendors Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo. These manufacturers have thrived not only because they offer value-for-money handsets thanks to China’s supply chains, but they also enjoy a relatively open mobile ecosystem, in which consumers in most countries can freely access the likes of Google, Instagram and WhatsApp. That openness is under attack as the great U.S.-China tech divide inches closer to reality, which can cause harm on both sides. T...
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US announces effort to get Chinese apps, telcos out of US smartphones and networks

The US State Department on Wednesday announced a wide expansion of their Clean Networks effort that aim at reducing China’s internet presence in the US. Some of the new efforts announced are already in action in some way or the other, but the “clean store” and “clean apps” initiatives are the most notable, aiming to get Chinese apps out of American mobile app marketplaces, and popular US apps out of Chinese app marketplaces. “PRC [Chinese] apps threaten our privacy, proliferate viruses, and spre...
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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 ships August 21, starting at $1,000

Samsung promised a lot of gadgets for today’s big Unpacked event — five in all, as a matter of fact. As expected, the big headliners — both figuratively and literally — are the latest additions to the popular Note line. Also unsurprising is the company’s positioning the Note 20 — along with the rest of today’s new hardware — as   “devices […] that seamlessly integrate to empower consumers navigating a rapidly changing world.” It’s mostly a bit of hyperbole as the company looks to position a pai...
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Google Play Music to shut down starting in September, will disappear by December

Google’s plans to wind down its Google Play Music service in favor of the company’s newer YouTube Music have been known for some time. But Google this week has given users a deadline on making the switch. The company says YouTube Music will fully replace Google Play Music in December 2020, at which point Google Play Music users will no longer be able to stream from or otherwise use the Google Play Music app. Though December is the final deadline for being able to export from the Google Play Musi...
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EU launches probe into Google’s acquisition of Fitbit

The European Commission has launched an in-depth probe into Google’s takeover of Fitbit, it said in a statement on August 4. The Commission said it was concerned that the proposed transaction will further entrench Google’s market position in the online advertising markets by increasing the already vast amount of data that it uses for personalisation of the ads it serves and displays. Google had announced the acquisition of wearables company FitBit for $2.1 billion in November 2019, to help inves...
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Explore the Ruins of Timgad, the “African Pompeii” Excavated from the Sands of Algeria

Image via Wikimedia Commons Fifteen centuries after its fall, the Roman Empire lives on in unexpected places. Take, for instance, the former colonial city of Timgad, located in Algeria 300 miles from the capital. Founded by the Emperor Trajan around 100 AD as Colonia Marciana Ulpia Traiana Thamugadi, it thrived as a piece of Rome in north Africa before turning Christian in the third century and into a center of the Donatist sect in the fourth. The three centuries after that saw a sacking by Van...
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Facebook doubles down on work-from-office with massive NYC lease near Penn Station

We’ve had huge debates about the future of work — are we going to be working from home, working from the office, or perhaps, working from anywhere? Work From Home is dead, long live Work From Anywhere Well, Facebook has put its wager down, and it’s work from office. In a flurry of articles in the local press overnight, the New York Times and others confirmed that Facebook has secured the main office lease on the James A. Farley Building, located one block south of Penn Station in west...
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Google wants to be only destination for Search and digital advertising: 14 key takeaways from Pichai’s deposition before the antitrust subcommittee

Given that Google earns more than $100 billion, there is “a fundamental conflict of interest between serving users who want to access the best and most relevant information and Google’s business model, which incentivises Google to sell ads and keep users on Google’s own sites,” David Cicilline (D-RI), the chair of the subcommittee, said at the Big Tech CEOs’ hearing before the House subcommittee on antitrust on July 29 (available to watch here). But Google CEO Sundar Pichai clarified that ads ar...
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Equity Monday: Could Satya and TikTok make Bytedance investors happy enough to dance?

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This is Equity Monday, our weekly kickoff that tracks the latest big news, chats about the coming week, digs into some recent funding rounds and mulls over a larger theme or narrative from the private markets. You can follow the show on Twitter here, and myself here, and don’t forget to check out last Friday’s episode. As you probably expected, we had a lot to sa...
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Apple’s preferential treatment in App Store, coercive practices: 8 key takeaways from Cook’s deposition before the antitrust subcommittee

Apple’s App Store policies are such that at one point even Facebook’s CFO Sheryl Sandberg thought that Apple could lock out Facebook’s apps, the Big Tech CEOs’ hearing before the House subcommittee on antitrust on July 29 (available to watch here) revealed. Questions to Apple CEO Tim Cook largely focussed on the company’s App Store policies. “I am concerned that Apple’s policies are also picking winners and losers in the app economy, and that Apple rules mean Apple apps always win.” — Representa...
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Revisit Scenes of Daily Life in Amsterdam in 1922, with Historic Footage Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

Welkom in Amsterdam… 1922. Neural network artist Denis Shiryaev describes himself as “an artistic machine-learning person with a soul.” For the last six months, he’s been applying himself to re-rendering documentary footage of city life—Belle Epoque Paris, Tokyo at the start of the the Taish? era, and New York City in 1911—the year of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. It’s possible you’ve seen the footage before, but never so alive in feel. Shiryaev’s renderings trick modern eyes with artifi...
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Facebook bought, copied, threatened competition: 11 key takeaways from Zuckerberg’s deposition before the antitrust subcommittee

In his introductory remarks at the Big Tech CEOs’ hearing before the House subcommittee on antitrust on July 29 (available to watch here), Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg conveniently gave a skewed picture of Facebook’s dominant position. “In many areas, we’re behind our competitors. The most popular messaging service in the US is iMessage. The fastest growing app is TikTok. The most popular app for video is YouTube. The fastest growing ads platform is that of Amazon. The largest ads pl...
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Amazon targeted sellers, investees, AWS clients with anti-competitive practices: 9 key takeaways from Bezos’s deposition before the antitrust subcommittee

On questioning by Representative Joe Neguse (D-CO), who is also the vice-chair of the subcommittee on antritrust, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos conceded that Amazon accounts for 40% of “online retail sales in the e-commerce market stream”. In his prepared testimony, Bezos had said, “Amazon accounts for less than 1% of the $25 trillion global retail market and less than 4% of retail in the US”, characterising retail as everything — including restaurants, bars, gas stations, Neguse pointed out...
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Telegram hits out at Apple’s app store ‘tax’ in latest EU antitrust complaint

Apple has another antitrust charge on its plate. Messaging app Telegram has joined Spotify in filing a formal complaint against the iOS App Store in Europe — adding its voice to a growing number of developers willing to publicly rail against what they decry as Apple’s app “tax”. A spokesperson for Telegram confirmed the complaint to TechCrunch, pointing us to this public Telegram post where founder, Pavel Durov, sets out seven reasons why he thinks iPhone users should be concerned about the...
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‘Company size doesn’t prevent competition’, Zuckerberg to argue at antitrust hearing

“Facebook is a successful company now, but we got there the American way: we started with nothing and provided better products that people find valuable. As I understand our laws, companies aren’t bad just because they are big. Many large companies that fail to compete cease to exist,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to tell lawmakers at an antitrust hearing on Wednesday, according to prepared remarks released to the public. “We know that our future success is not guaranteed, especially in a ...
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‘App Store commissions are comparable to competitors’: Tim Cook in his prepared congressional testimony

Apple CEO Tim Cook will defend Apple’s App Store policies, and identify Google and Huawei as “fierce” rivals to the iPhone in his antitrust congressional testimony on late Wednesday. In particular, he’ll submit that the 30% commission that Apple charges from developers on in-app purchases — which has been heavily criticised — is “comparable” to some of its competitors, according to a prepared testimony. Cook won’t be alone at the congressional hearing, as CEOs of the other three Big Tech compani...
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5 Safest and Best Rated Taxi Services in Kerala During the Lockdown

Known to the rest of the world as God’s Own Country, Kerala boasts of an expansive coastline on the South-western side of the Malabar Coast. Its exotic backwaters and rich heritage undoubtedly make Kerala a dreamy escape for travelers across the world. Its scenic beauty along with the umpteen number of activities to indulge in make it hard to not fall in love with this slice of paradise on earth. With some of the best places in Kerala scattered around, one of the ideal ways to get aroun...
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