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Facebook pushes EU for dilute and fuzzy Internet content rules

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is in Europe this week — attending a security conference in Germany over the weekend where he spoke about the kind of regulation he’d like applied to his platform ahead of a slate of planned meetings with digital heavyweights at the European Commission. “I do think that there should be regulation on harmful content,” said Zuckerberg during a Q&A session at the Munich Security Conference, per Reuters, making a pitch for bespoke regulation. He went on to sugg...
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How Google Flights is shaking up the travel Industry

The internet is littered with the bodies of companies unable to adapt when Big Tech moved to offer a service for free.Possibly the most famous example in tech history remains Microsoft's decision in 1996 to give away its browser Internet Explorer bringing Netscape's skyrocketing share price to an abrupt halt. The rest is history.Although Google's recent decision to stop charging for leads to airlines and OTAs in Google Flights might look insignificant in comparison, it is sending shockwav...
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Google’s free public WiFi Station to shut down this year

Google will shut down its Google Station — through which it installed free WiFi at over 400 Indian railway stations — this year, Caesar Sengupta, VP – Payments and Next Billion users, announced earlier today. The company cited low mobile data costs in India, amongst the lowest in the world, and its own inability to scale […] ...
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How do hotel star ratings work

In case you missed it, there’s a seven-star resort coming to an Austrian treetop near you. No word on if it’s being inspected by the Lil’ Rascals to make sure it has adequate clubhouse space and “No Girls Allowed” signage since to literally everyone in the world’s knowledge no official rating system exists for tree houses. But it makes one wonder: If a treehouse can claim it has seven stars, can any old hotel do it too? The Burj-al-Arab in Dubai famously claimed it was the world’s first and o...
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Alibaba Cloud revenue reaches $1.5B for the quarter on 62% growth rate

Alibaba issued its latest earnings report yesterday, and as part of that the Chinese eCommerce giant reported that cloud revenue grew 62% to $1.5 billion U.S., crossing the RMB10 billion revenue threshold for the first time. Alibaba also announced that it had completed its migration to its own public cloud in the most recent quarter, a significant milestone because the company can point to its own operations as a reference to potential customers, a point that Daniel Zhang, Alibaba executive chai...
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Where Is Google Headed?

By Stuart Butler, CHDM, Chief Operating Officer at Fuel, and member of HSMAI's Marketing Advisory Board. Google is one of the biggest tech giants in the world, accounting for 94 percent of all Internet searches. But what does that really mean? How is the company evolving, and how will that impact the hospitality industry? HSMAI's Marketing Advisory Board (MAB) discussed Google on a recent call. Here are some takeaways:
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Innovaccer wants to be the service that unifies all healthcare data

The holy grail for technology companies working in the healthcare industry is becoming the gateway for all healthcare data. Big legacy providers like Epic and Cerner are trying to reach out to hospital networks to hoover up all of their data. Google is interested in it. Salesforce is interested in it. Everyone wants to be the resource that organizes and manages healthcare data for physicians and hospital providers — everyone including the San Francisco-based startup Innovaccer, which has r...
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GameSnacks, from Google’s Area 120, brings fast, casual online games to developing markets

A new project called GameSnacks is launching today from Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120, with the goal of bringing fast-loading, casual online games to users in developing markets. Billions of people are coming online through mobile devices. But they’re often on low memory devices with expensive data plans and struggle with unreliable network connections. That makes web gaming inaccessible to millions, as the games aren’t optimized for these sorts of constraints. Today, over half of mobile...
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Datometry snares $17M Series B to help move data and applications to the cloud

Moving data to the cloud from an on-prem data warehouse like Teradata is a hard problem to solve, especially if you’ve built custom applications that are based on the data. Datometry, a San Francisco startup, has developed a solution to solve that issue, and today it announced a $17 million Series B investment. WRVI Capital led the round with participation from existing investors including Amarjit Gill, Dell Technologies Capital, Redline Capital and Acorn Pacific. The company has raised a total ...
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AdQuick raises $6M to conquer an advertising market Google and Facebook won’t

With Google and Facebook yielding massive control over the online ad market leaving only scraps for other ad platforms, perhaps it was only natural that tech startups would take a step back and start to look for opportunities in selling billboards. AdQuick, a marketplace for out of home (OOH) advertising, tells TechCrunch that it has closed a $6 million Series A led by Initialized Capital with participation from WndrCo, Shrug Capital, The Todd & Rahul Angel Fund and rapper Nas. The startup h...
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Facial recognition tech, new smartphones from Samsung, Motorola

Today on KITV’s “Good Morning Hawaii,” anchor Maleko McDonnell and I discuss the latest tech headlines, including the controversial facial recognition startup Clearview AI, and new smartphones from Samsung (including the Galaxy S20 flagship and Galaxy Z Flip folding phone) and Motorola’s Razr reboot and mid-priced Moto G Power. Q: Let’s start with privacy, which affects everyone. Civil liberties groups are sounding the alarm about facial recognition technology. What do we need to know? ...
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Notes on Bengaluru (The Garden City) – Old city mayhem, transport apps, and fancy airports

Bengaluru is the third largest city in India, located in the middle of the Deccan Plateau in South India. I was in Bengaluru on the way to somewhere else. I visited Bengaluru in 2007 during my first trip to India, so I would have preferred to visit a new city. 13 years between visits is long enough to warrant a revisit, so instead of flying straight through I made a stopover here. With a population of over 10 million people Bengaluru qualifies as a megacity, and that qualifies me to have anoth...
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Gartner Digital IQ Index - Luxury Hotels US 2019

As Google strives to create a one-stop shop for travelers and Airbnb Experiences continues to grow in popularity, luxury hotel brands must adapt to users' growing expectations for the full package when booking on their sites. Incorporating experiences and customization into the booking process can reduce the chances of users visiting the third-party alternatives that dominate the search space and expertly implement more holistic travel planning features. Focusing on experiences should tra...
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FTC will review unreported acquisitions made by the Big Tech between 2010-19

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), on February 11, ordered Alphabet (including Google), Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple “to provide information about prior acquisitions not reported to the antitrust agencies under the Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) Act”. These companies will have to provide information such as the terms, scope, structure, and purpose of such transactions made between January […] ...
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Google Nest makes two-factor authentication mandatory starting spring

Starting spring this year, all users of Google Nest (Google’s subsidiary that sells smart home products) will be required to enroll for two-factor authentication to reduce the likelihood of unauthorized persons gaining access to a Nest account, Google Nest’s head of security announced in a blog post on February 11. MediaNama has reached out to Google […] ...
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Google backs productivity startup building algorithmic inbox for Slacks, emails and texts

There have been plenty of stories written about the so-called “Slack-lash” and the growing unrest among workers dealing with DM interruptions that take their attention away from the task at hand. Slack is a poster boy for the problem, but VCs have invested heavily in a number of collaboration tools over the past several years that have compartmentalized chat and commenting systems and have left workers reeling. It seems fairly likely that we’ve reached peak VC interest in collaboration, but VCs ...
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Google Bows to European Pressure and Tests Adding Travel Rivals’ Direct Links

Google has argued for years that its boxed-up and featured hotel, flight, and restaurant results are highlighted because they provide users with the "best answers." But in Europe, regulators may have pushed Google to acquiesce, offering its competitors some air time in its featured results by testing direct links.
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Holiday rental search companies accuse Google of ‘unfairly promoting’ its own service in EU: Report

34 companies including Trip Advisor and Expedia have accused Google of “unfairly promoting” its own holiday rental search in Google search results, in a letter to the European Commissioner for Competition, Financial Times reported. The companies reportedly claimed that Google directs more user attention and clicks to its own service by displaying “a visually-rich OneBox at the top […] ...
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Google Chrome to gradually block all ‘mixed content downloads’

Google Chrome will “gradually” block non-HTTPS downloads started on secure pages (mixed content downloads) starting from June 2020, and will eventually block all mixed content downloads by October 2020, it announced in a blog post on February 6. Starting April 2020, Chrome will start warning users whenever they download non secure files such as executables (.exe) […] ...
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Web traffic increases in 2019 were driven by mobile; top 100 sites saw average of 223B monthly visits

Mobile adoption around the world is having a significant impact on the web’s traffic. According to a new report from SimilarWeb, out today, mobile web traffic has jumped 30.6% since 2017, while desktop traffic dropped 3.3%. But it’s not just the numbers that are changing. Mobile visitors also behave differently from their desktop web counterparts, staying on pages for shorter periods of time, for example, which is impacting core metrics web publishers today track. The report found that 2019’s...
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#Saudi VC Fund Hires From Google to Help Build Tech Unicorns - Bloomberg

Saudi VC Fund Hires From Google to Help Build Tech Unicorns - Bloomberg:One of the Middle East’s largest venture capital funds hired Ivan Jakovljevic from Google Inc. to help transform its portfolio of start-ups into so-called unicorns. Jakovljevic will join Saudi Arabia’s STV -- which backed Dubai-based ride-hailing firm Careem Inc. before its sale to Uber Technologies Inc. -- as chief development officer next month, the company said in a statement. He was previously head of new markets for Goo...
Tags: Travel, Google, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Dubai, Careem, North Africa, Google Inc, Uber Technologies Inc, Amazon com Inc, STV, Rupert Neil Bumfrey, Souq, Abdulrahman Tarabzouni, Jakovljevic, Help Build Tech Unicorns Bloomberg

Could You Make Money Being a Travel Consultant?

The travel industry is hotter than ever. As travel has become cheaper and more convenient, an increasingly large segment of the population is choosing to be adventurous. Travel spending is at an all-time high and, despite increased access to self-service tools and online research, many people are still looking for expert guidance to help them plan and enjoy their travel experiences. Could you help meet that need by becoming a travel agent? Starting Your Own Travel Agency Whether it’s a weekend...
Tags: Travel, Google, Travel Blog, Smoky Mountains, Travel Business

The Ultimate Guide to India’s Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is a popular tourist circuit in Northern India.  In fact, it’s the most popular part of the country for visitors. It encompasses the triangular region between New Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, with every city located around 125 miles from the others.  These days, the Golden Triangle receives a bit of a mixed write-up and before I touched down in Delhi, I was fully expecting to be disappointed by my week there.  I’m not a fan of tourist-filled destinations, and I’d read plenty of a...
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[Videos] Writing Title, META Descriptions, Keywords, and URLs

This blog post contains 5 videos that contain the following: Many examples of how to properly write the title tag for SEO An example of how to properly write the META Description tag for SEO Does your website’s SEO still rely on the META Keywords tag? Some examples of how to manage an SEO-friendly URL structure With the help of Yoast SEO Plugin (for WordPress CMS), you can write and edit the SEO title tags and META description tags by yourself without the help of your website designer or the ...
Tags: Travel, Google, Seo, Dubai UAE, Yoast SEO plugin, Digital Marketing Courses, SEO International

[Videos] 6-Step Process for Keyword Research

This blog post contains a 6-step process for keyword research. The following 6 videos will cover the following topics: What is a keyword? What is keyword research? What is keyword research so important? Developing a keyword strategy Categorizing your keywords Creating a content hierarchy How to start your keyword research How to know what people are searching in the UAE or any other country using Google Suggest (aka Google Autocomplete) How to know what are people’s questions on a particular t...
Tags: Travel, Google, Seo, Content Marketing, Uae, Keyword Research, Google Adwords, Dubai UAE, Google Suggest, Digital Marketing Courses, SEO International, Google Suggest aka Google, Content Strategy Keyword Research

An Artist Tricks Google Maps Into Creating a Virtual Traffic Jam, Using a Little Red Wagon & 99 Smartphones

Sometimes the miraculous time-saving conveniences we’ve come to depend on can have the opposite effect, as artist Simon Wickert recently demonstrated, ambling about the streets of Berlin at a Huck Finn-ish pace, towing a squeaky-wheeled red wagon loaded with 99 secondhand smartphones. Each phone had a SIM card, and all were running the Google Maps app. The result? A near-instantaneous "virtual traffic jam” on Google Maps, even though bicyclists seem to vastly outnumber motorists alon...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 7 February 2020

Glorious Chambord Castle in France’s Loire Valley. Come visit it with us in May. Good morning News came out on Thursday that because of New York state’s policies shielding the state records of illegal aliens from federal organizations, the Department of Homeland Security announced that no-one in New York state will now be eligible for any of their Trusted Traveler programs (the best known of which is Global Entry), and those currently enrolled will not be able to renew when their current membe...
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The lowdown on baggage claim

Recently, after arriving on a flight from Houston into LAX, I stood amongst the other passengers waiting to retrieve our belongings at baggage claim. The carousel had just started turning when a woman pushed through the crowd towards the carousel. “Excuse me, first-class passenger here, I need to get up to the carousel,” she proclaimed loudly to everyone within earshot. This caught me by surprise, not so much because of its blunt rudeness but because I realized I’d never given the topic any t...
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A Vacation in Belize on Us!

Would you rather be kicking back on that Belize island above right now? Snorkeling in those warm waters and sunning on the beach? That's Ray Caye, one of two stunning places you'll be staying if you enter our Belize vacation giveaway this month. Every once in a while we like to team up with some of our partners to give back to our regular readers interested in luxury travel in the Americas. This time we've got a great Caribbean beach break to offer from Chabil Mar Villas in Placencia and Ray ...
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Google, YouTube, Facebook send cease and desist letters to Clearview AI: Reports

Google, YouTube and Facebook have sent cease and desist letters to Clearview AI, a facial recognition app which scrapes pictures from the internet, including social media platforms, CNet reported. Venmo has also sent a cease and desist letter to the company, according to CBS. YouTube has demanded the company to stop scraping YouTube videos to […] ...
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