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Amazon faces backlash again, this time over toilet seat covers bearing images of Hindu gods

Amazon faced a social media backlash yesterday after toilet seat covers and other items featuring images of Hindu gods were spotted on its US website. Thousands of Twitter users called for a boycott of Amazon, making #BoycottAmazon trend. Amazon said it was removing the products from its store.... ...
Tags: Travel, Amazon, Ecommerce, News, US, Safe Harbor, Intermediary Liability, Freedom Of Expression

Lowdown: The Christchurch Call signed by global tech companies and governments including India

Two months after the Christchurch terror attacks, the world’s biggest technology companies have jointly pledged to tackle violent and terror online content. Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft have signed the Christchurch Call to Action, which is being spearheaded by New Zealand... ...
Tags: Travel, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, News, Microsoft, Government, India, Policy, Regulation, Terrorism, Freedom Of Speech, Christchurch, Intermediary Liability, Safe Harbour

Internet Freedom Foundation files RTI, approaches MEITY after website satirising dowry is blocked

After the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) blocked access to the satirical website last week, the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) has now filed a Right to Information application (read a copy here) seeking to know why the website was blocked, says a report on its... ...
Tags: Travel, News, Internet, Censorship, Satire, Intermediary Liability, Dot, Blocking, RTI, MeitY, Department of Telecommunications DoT, Internet Freedom Foundation, Internet Freedom Foundation IFF, Dowry Calculator

Google raises concerns about Singapore’s fake news law

Google has highlighted that Singapore’s fake news law will hurt innovation and growth of the “digital information ecosystem”, adding that the intensity of the debate over the law has highlighted the need for a full and transparent public consultation. The law allows ministers,... ...
Tags: Travel, Google, Legal, News, Singapore, Policy, Regulation, Safe Harbor, Intermediary Liability, Freedom Of Expression, Fake News, Singapore Fake News Law

Uber drivers are not employees since they own the cars, choose working hours, and can work for competitors: US labour agency

A federal US labour agency ruled in an ongoing case that Uber drivers are independent contractors and not employees. According to the agency, Uber drivers set their working hours, own their cars, and are free to work for Uber’s competitors, and hence cannot be considered employees under... ...
Tags: Travel, Uber, News, US, Policy, Intermediary Liability, Online Cab booking, Labour rights

Singapore’s fake news law passes; correction and content removal orders will be directed at tech companies, says law minister; Lowdown of the Fake News Act

After an intense two-day debate, Singapore’s parliament yesterday passed the anti-fake news bill despite concerns surrounding free speech and abuse of power, reports The Straits Times. The Protection of Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill gives Singapore’s government powers, without... ...
Tags: Travel, Legal, News, Government, Singapore, Policy, Regulation, Freedom Of Speech, Safe Harbor, Intermediary Liability, Fake News

Madras HC may hold TikTok in contempt if it fails to moderate “negative”, “inappropriate” or “obscene” content

On April 24, the Madras High Court lifted its interim ban on video-sharing app TikTok, with the condition that pornographic videos would not be uploaded on the app. An order of the court’s order is now public; it states that the court considers TikTok submissions to it an undertaking that any... ...
Tags: Travel, Video, News, Social Media, Freedom Of Speech, Safe Harbor, Intermediary Liability, Madras, Madras High Court, Tiktok

WhatsApp to SC: will launch payments only after compliance with RBI norms; trial to end by July

WhatsApp today assured the Supreme Court that its payments service in India is currently in trial mode and will launch fully only after compliance with the RBI’s norms, per Bar & Bench. WhatsApp said it’s likely to complete the trial run by July. “We cannot launch the product... ...
Tags: Travel, News, Supreme Court, India, Whatsapp, Personal Data, Data Protection, UPI, Intermediary Liability, RBI, Digital Payments, Data Localization

Asia Internet Coalition criticises Nepal’s IT Bill as “vague and unspecific”; cites Shreya Singhal

The Asia Internet Coalition has accused the Nepali draft IT Bill of vague phrasing in its restrictions, empowering authorities indiscriminately, and of failing to understand the services it seeks to regulate. The submission has also made use of Indian law, including the Supreme Court’s... ...
Tags: Travel, Ecommerce, News, Supreme Court, Policy, Nepal, Bill, Intermediary Liability, Shreya Singhal, Asia Internet Coalition, Nepal's IT Act, Nepal It Bill

Madras High Court lifts ban on downloading TikTok, with a no-porn condition

The Madras High Court on Wednesday lifted its ban on downloading the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok, subject to a condition that pornographic videos would not be uploaded on it, NDTV reported. The court had imposed the temporary ban on April 3, on the ground that the app was responsible for... ...
Tags: Travel, Video, News, Censorship, Social Media, Intermediary Liability, NDTV, Madras High Court, Safe Harbour, Tiktok

Nepal’s new IT bill seeks to curb freedom of opinion and expression

As proposed by the Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli administration, the new Information Technology Bill 2075 (2018) of Nepal is being dubbed as a legislation designed to control social media and its misuse. The Bill will replace the prevailing Electronic Transaction Act, 2006. It aims to give powers to the... ...
Tags: Travel, News, Regulation, Nepal, Bill, South Asia, Intermediary Liability, Freedom Of Expression, Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli, Nepal's IT Act

Delhi High Court Issues India’s First ‘Dynamic’ Website Blocking Injunction for Copyright Infringement – Divij Joshi

By Divij Joshi Online piracy, that bugbear of copyright owners, has received significant attention from courts in India and abroad, which hope to craft an elegant solution to protect rightsholders interests in a digital economy, who face inherent limitations considering the manner in which data... ...
Tags: Travel, News, India, Censorship, Copyright, Intermediary Liability, Blocking, Delhi High Court, UTV, Intellectual Property Law, Divij Joshi

Jeff Bezos letter to shareholders: Pushback against regulation of Big Tech; cites third-party profits

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has, in a letter to shareholders, spoken at length on the benefits of the company for their partner sellers, as well as for the market at large. He cites third party profits and setting standards in labour practices as the positive results of Amazon’s policies. Parts of... ...
Tags: Travel, Amazon, Ecommerce, Usa, News, Jeff Bezos, Intermediary Liability, Big Tech, Competition Law, Platform regulation

Supreme Court directs Madras HC to hear TikTok’s objections on interim ban

The Supreme Court has directed the Madras HC to hear the objections against its interim and ex-parte order banning TikTok, reports LiveLaw. The SC was hearing a special leave petition filed by TikTok’s owner Bytedance Technology, and posted the SLP for hearing on April 22. Bytedance has... ...
Tags: Travel, Video, News, Supreme Court, Messaging, Streaming, Intermediary Liability, Platforms, Madras, Madras High Court, SLP, Madras HC, Bytedance Technology, Tiktok

TikTok introduces age gate, claims to have removed 6 million unlawful videos

Video-sharing app TikTok has introduced an age gate feature for new users, which will only allow those aged 13 years and above to create an account, the company said in a press release on Monday. TikTok, owned by China’s Bytedance, also declared that it has removed more than six million videos that... ...
Tags: Travel, Mobile, News, Safety, Children, China, Censorship, Child protection, Intermediary Liability, Madras High Court, Bytedance, Tiktok, Age Gate

Delhi High Court orders YouTube to remove PewDiePie “diss tracks” on T-Series

The Delhi High Court has ordered YouTube to “remove and disable access to” the two videos published by Swedish YouTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, also known as ‘PewDiePie’, from its platform, reports Bar and Bench. A single judge bench of the Delhi HC on Monday held in favour of... ...
Tags: Travel, News, Youtube, Defamation, Intermediary Liability, Delhi High Court, T-Series, YouTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Nepal bans PUBG citing addiction in children; Indian states’ ban factored in

Nepal banned mobile game PUBG yesterday saying that its violent content had a negative impact on children, reports Reuters. The ban was placed because it is “addictive to children and teenagers” according to Sandip Adhikari, deputy director of Nepal Telecommunications Authority, the... ...
Tags: Travel, Mobile, Gaming, News, Internet, Nepal, Intermediary Liability, Reuters, Online Gaming, PUBG, Nepal Telecommunications Authority, PUBG Ban, Nepal Telecom, Sandip Adhikari

A look at Singapore’s anti-Fake News law

The Singapore government has introduced a legislation in parliament to control the dissemination of fake news, and is applicable to media outlets as well as online platforms. The bill has led to debate and criticism of its provisions, which gives direct censorship powers to executive authorities... ...
Tags: Travel, News, Singapore, Policy, Intermediary Liability, Freedom Of Expression, Fake News

Why the Madras High Court’s interim ban on enabling download of Tik Tok is worrying

The Madras High Court has asked the Indian government to ban the download of TikTok, as an interim measure, to prevent new users from using the app. It has directed that the media stop showcasing videos from TikTok, and the Government of India enact a law on the lines of Children’s Online... ...
Tags: Travel, News, Children, Social Media, Intermediary Liability, Madras High Court, Government of India, Freedom Of Expression, Tik Tok, Bytedance, Section 79, Tiktok

We need a better approach to Whatsapp and traceability

It’s disingenuous when the Indian government says that they want traceability but “not at the cost of encryption or privacy.” Traceability is bound to be at the cost of privacy, even if it means getting meta-data. And, when it comes to Whatsapp, traceability is likely to be at the cost of... ...
Tags: Travel, News, Government, Messaging, India, Social Media, Whatsapp, Surveillance, Policy, Surveillance reform, Safe Harbor, Intermediary Liability

The Manila Principles and Intermediary Liability protections in India –

by The Manila Principles is a set of guidelines outlining safeguards that must apply in all legal frameworks on intermediary liability. The document was launched at RightsCon, Southeast Asia – a multi-stakeholder conference held in Manila, Philippines in 2015 – by a coalition of Internet... ...
Tags: Travel, News, India, Policy, Safe Harbor, Intermediary Liability, Manila Philippines, Safe Harbour, SFLC, Manila Principles, RightsCon Southeast Asia

Recommendations for governments and intermediaries on safe harbor protection for intermediaries – has published a detailed analysis of the future of safe harbor, titled Intermediary Liability 2.0, A Shifting Paradigm. Below is an excerpt from the report, published under C BY-SA-NC 4.0, republished with permission. You may download the report here. Increase in the number of users of... ...
Tags: News, Intermediary Liability, Safe Harbor,

Intermediary Liability Amendment: Civil society Counter Comments on ‘Unlawful Content’

Earlier this year MEITY released a draft of an Amendment to the Intermediary Guidelines for public consultation. The consultation included a counter-comment period, where a number of civil society organisations and researchers have made arguments with specific reference to Rule 3, which details the... ...
Tags: News, Government, India, Intermediary Liability, Internet, MeitY, Mobile, Policy, Safe Harbor, Safe harbour

Intermediary Liability Amendment: Counter Comments on Copyright Issues

By Roshni Sekhar and Siddharth Manohar The counter-comments submitted to MEITY on the draft amendment to the Intermediary Guidelines Rules, 2018 covered a range of issues, including the copyright issues in relation to Rule 3(2). Star India had in the initial comment period argued in favour of... ...
Tags: Travel, News, Safe Harbor, Intermediary Liability, Safe Harbour, Star India, NAMApolicy, MeitY, Platform regulation, Roshni Sekhar, Siddharth Manohar

Intermediary Liability: “Many problems need many solutions”, says S Gopalakrishnan, Jt Secretary, MEITY

There was some indication from from S Gopalakrishnan, Joint Secretary, MEITY about how the ministry is looking at its consultation on Intermediary Liability protections. Gopalakrishnan was speaking at the Future of Tech Policy in India event organised by Key takeaways from his comments:... ...
Tags: Travel, News, India, Policy, Event, Intermediary Liability, MeitY, SFLC,, Future of Tech Policy in India, Gopalakrishnan

WhatsApp testing ‘search by image’ feature to combat fake news

WhatsApp is testing a new ‘search by image’ feature that could help tackle the spread of misinformation and fake news on its platform, according to a report on Wabetainfo. Also known as reverse image search, the new feature is undergoing internal testing and is not yet available publicly. It is not... ...
Tags: Travel, Mobile, News, Privacy, Internet, India, Whatsapp, Safe Harbor, Intermediary Liability, Fake News

Proposed Intermediary Liability Rules threat to privacy and free speech, global coalition tells MeitY

“We respectfully call on you to withdraw the draft amendments proposed to the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines) Rules in December. As published, the draft amendments would erode digital security and undermine the exercise of human rights globally.” A global coalition of 31 civil... ...
Tags: Travel, Mobile, News, Internet, Government, India, Policy, Safe Harbor, Intermediary Liability, MeitY

UN Special Rapporteur highlights censorship dangers of proposed EU copyright directive

David Kaye, UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, has said that the European Union’s copyright law should not be at the cost of freedom of expression. Kaye added that the law should be modernised. The latest version (pdf) of the... ...
Tags: Travel, Europe, News, Internet, Censorship, Eu, European Union, Copyright, Un, Intellectual Property, Intermediary Liability, Kaye, Freedom Of Expression, David Kaye, Copyright Directive

Indian content regulation laws will safeguard national interest: IT Minister RS Prasad

India will not hold back from making laws that safeguard national interest when it comes to regulating social media content, RS Prasad, India’s Union Minister for Electronics, told Reuters. Prasad added that the country will hold ‘wide consultations’ with internet companies before finalizing... ...
Tags: Travel, Mobile, News, Internet, Government, India, Policy, Regulation, Safe Harbor, Intermediary Liability, MeitY, RS Prasad, RS Prasad India s Union Minister for Electronics, Reuters Prasad

Bombay HC election transparency case: Google and FB submit ad policies

In response to a petition in the Bombay HC, Facebook and Google have submitted that they will make changes (more on these changes below*) to their advertising policy ahead of the Lok Sabha elections 2019, as reported by LiveLaw. Google and Facebook’s affidavits were submitted before the bench of... ...
Tags: Travel, Google, Mobile, Facebook, Twitter, Elections, News, Internet, Youtube, Social Media, Bombay, Intermediary Liability, Election Integrity, Lok Sabha Elections 2019, Bombay HC Facebook, LiveLaw Google

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