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Summer Lovin’ Had Me a Blast; Summer Lovin’ Happened So Fast

This post originally appeared on Nomadic Chick. It all began, fittingly, on the first day of summer with a game called ‘tangled’, where everyone puts their hands in the center of a circle, grabs two random people’s hands and then proceeds to untangle themselves to make a circle as this is “team-building” and “creates friendships”. It was our first day as counselors at an American summer camp in up-state New York and we were wondering just what we had gotten ourselves into. In the fray of hand g...
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Most popular whiskeys in the world

Whiskey is one of the world’s most beloved spirits. It’s both sipped neat and mixed into cocktails, savored and taken as a shot alongside a pint of beer. With this level of universal popularity, it should come as no surprise that countries around the world make the spirit. Each does things a little differently, making exploring the world through a dram or glass all too easy to do. Quick note: America, Ireland, and Mexico use the spelling “whiskey.” Everywhere else goes with the English spelli...
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Harvard’s Semitic Museum: Exploring the Ancient Near East

The Harvard University campus — the whole Boston area, in fact — is filled with world class museums. The Fogg, the Busch Reisinger, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Isabella Stewart Gardiner: you’ve heard of and perhaps been to these. Do you know about the Semitic Museum, though? The Semitic Museum is part of the Harvard campus in Cambridge. Though it’s equally world class with those...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories The Easter Rising: Ireland and HistoryGlasgow in Six Statues...
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Best doughnuts from around the world

Food isn’t, and never has been, limited by borders or boundaries. The things we eat travel as we do, flying across oceans and into the cultures and diets of their new homes, adapting along the way. But there may be no single food item that’s made its way into every corner of the world quite like the doughnut. Fried dough has been consumed for long enough to be found as fossilized pieces at ancient Native American sites. These days, it’s everywhere in one variation or another. In fact, forms o...
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6 Reasons to Try a Home Swap Vacation

Home swapping is such a rewarding way to travel and so this list could have been much longer, but here are six good reasons why you might want to consider going on a home exchange vacation.  1. Saves you (a lot!) of money This is the most common reason people get into home swapping, the cost savings. By swapping homes you completely cut out the cost off accommodation, which is often the most expensive part of a vacation ...especially when travelling with the family. Cutting out the cost ...
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Discover the natural beauty of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way is one of the longest defined coastal routes in the world, winding for 2,500km down the entire west coast of Ireland. A road trip in Ireland along the Wild Atlantic Way is a must for anyone who wants to explore the rugged, picturesque landscapes that make this region so special. Here are just some of the highlights from guest author Joe Shaw, who shares all that the Wild Atlantic Way has to offer. Source
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Things to do in Dublin Ireland

If you are lucky enough to visit Ireland, you are most likely going to start in Dublin. Here are our recommendations for the top things to do in Dublin taken from our four different visits to one of our favorite cities on earth. Things to do in Dublin Updated: March 2019 Dublin is the nation's capital city and […] Read the original post Things to do in Dublin Ireland on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.
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Weekly Top Posts: 2019-03-17

Memories of Scones Before I Ever Went to Ireland
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10 of the best activity holidays in Ireland

With its rugged coast, lakes and hills, Ireland is one big adventure playground – perfect for kayaking, hiking, cycling and road trips20 of the best pubs in IrielandStanding at 1,039 metres in the middle of the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks range, Carrauntoohil is the tallest mountain in Ireland. The range spreads out across 100 sq km in the heart of the Ring of Kerry, adding drama to the Iveragh peninsula’s wild, beautiful landscape. Start the Carrauntoohil ascent from Cronin’s Yard, a car park with se...
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Aine Tyrrell Return To The Sea Album Launch Tour

‘Tyrrell’s incredible journey is one you’d be well advised to follow…  A purveyor of elegant yet seductively psychedelic folk songs….’ –  Iain Shedden, The Australian Story is at the forefront for troubadour Áine Tyrrell whose rich songwriting practice draws deeply on her Irish roots. Her latest offering ‘Return to the Sea’was written and recorded in her homeland but mastered and crowdfunded with one boot in the red dirt of her adopted country of Australia. Fiercely independent Tyrrell is not on...
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What are the Celtic nations

Celtic tribes once occupied much of mainland Europe, stretching as far east as modern-day Turkey. Over time, invaders forced the Celts west, and today, there are only six Celtic nations in the world clustered around western Europe, specifically parts of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, Ireland, and Brittany in France. Some argue that Galicia in northwestern Spain is the seventh Celtic nation as its Celtic heritage is evident to this day, but the six official nations are determined by the ...
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Niagara Falls going green

Niagara Falls is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in its own way — by turning green. This Sunday, the falls will be illuminated after dark by green lights, as part of Tourism Ireland’s Global Greening campaign. Hundreds of LED lights, installed across various locations in the Niagara Gorge in Ontario, Canada, light up the falls year-round, but this weekend they will shine bright green in celebration of the holiday. According to the Niagara Falls Illumination Board, on Sunday, March 17, from 7:0...
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10 cookery schools to discover around the world

‘There is no sincerer love than the love of food’… George Bernard Shaw Food is humanity’s greatest connection with each other. One of travel’s enticing rewards is the discovery of new cuisine and exploring the soul of a place through its dishes. We have handpicked 10 of our favourite culinary experiences to delve into; food […] The post 10 cookery schools to discover around the world appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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20 of the best pubs in Ireland: readers’ tips

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, readers salute the idyllic locations, great music, bonhomie and creamy stout of the island’s brilliant pubsOn a good night, the Tin Pub on the Sheep’s Head peninsula is a dangerous place. The name comes from the sheets of corrugated iron holding it together around a concrete floor and a small wooden bar that serves Murphy’s and a cocktail called Cormac on the Beach, named after the red-headed barman. The garden runs down to the sea and a view to the hills of the Mi...
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My Week Wandering Around Ireland in 15 Photos

For the last several years I’ve worked with Tourism Ireland to coordinate a visit and share what I discover. Each trip has been a wonderful experience, but this week so far may be the best yet. I have a lot to write about my experiences around the Republic of Ireland, but today I want to share some of my favorite photos from the trip so far. Waterford City Waterford City Waterford City Waterford Greenway Waterford Greenway Mahon Falls Walk Ardmore Ardmore Curraghmore House Mou...
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Scone Memories

  A Throw Back to 2009... Since I am travelling to Ireland today I thought I would repost something 'Irish'... Scones!   School holidays are happening as I type. French Husband and Sacha went skiing. Chelsea came home with more books, binders, and notepads than laundry. She has finals and nothing else matters more than intense studies right now. My broken rib, lack of skiing skills, a daughter who needs a devoted mother to feed her, and my love of silence allowed me the avenue to stay home. I am...
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The proper way to drink Guinness

The Guinness brewery opened in Dublin, Ireland, in 1759. Since then, it’s become one of the most ubiquitous beers worldwide. With that popularity and ease of access comes a lot of mythology. We determined fact from fiction with studies and the help of Heather McReynolds, a social media correspondent with Guinness. She’s spent 10 years in the beer industry, from head brewer at The Cannon Brew Pub in Columbus, Georgia, to brewing manager at Sixpoint Brewing in Brooklyn, New York, to her current...
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Best Irish bars in New York City

New York City is a city of immigrants. From all over the world, people have come here seeking different things, whether it be a new and better life, the American Dream, or just a change. One group of people that makes up a significant part of the city’s population is the Irish, and NYC currently has one of the largest Irish-American communities in the US. The influence they’ve had on the city can be seen in many ways, but one of the main ones that people pick up on immediately is the number o...
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Travel News: March 14, 2019

Winter Storm Ulmer Causing Thousands of Flight Cancellations, Delays Travel Pulse As travelers see glimpses of spring weather, the Rockies, Plains and Midwest regions of the United States are being hit by Winter Storm Ulmer, causing thousands of flights to be canceled and delayed. According to, the storm system is expected to bring damaging winds, heavy snow and blizzard conditions through Thursday, with Denver likely the city most impacted by Ulmer as 12 inches of snow is forecaste...
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Hiking the Croagh Patrick pilgrimage

For out-of-towners , Ireland is usually summed up as the land of Guinness, craic, and cable-knit sweaters — a description that ignores many of the greatest aspect of the country, including hiking. As an outdoors destination, Ireland is totally underrated. The Camino may hog the spotlight when it comes to European pilgrimage routes, but make no mistake: A hike up Croagh Patrick is just as spiritual and the views just as spectacular. While the distance is much shorter than the Camino, the Croagh...
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Best Irish bars in Chicago

Few cultures are as synonymous with lively drinking and hospitality as Irish culture. Much of that is thanks to the ubiquitous nature of the Irish pub with its characteristic deep mahogany wood, food that sticks to your bones, beer on draught, and friendly bartender always ready with a bit of craic. That type of pub can be found around the country, but Chicago, it could be argued, is in a league of its own when it comes to pubs full of Irish charm. If you’re in Chicago this St. Patrick’s Day ...
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Life as a New Podcaster – First Thoughts

In February I did something a little unexpected, I started a new podcast, the Explore The World Travel Podcast. After running LandLopers for 9 years, I felt it was time to add something new to my skill set and podcasting had long interested me. Today I want to share some of the ups and downs of the process, what I’ve learned and where I’d like to see it go into the future. Another arrow No matter what we do for a living, we all need multiple arrows in our quivers; different skill sets that we b...
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Woman on a 20,000-mile trek

Karen Penny had better have packed a decent pair of boots and a reserve of blister-protection bandages, because she is on a four-year, 20,000-mile trek around the coastline of the UK and Ireland. The 53-year-old is traveling pretty light, with just a small tent and a 37-pound backpack containing the bare essentials. Penny, who walked from John o’ Groats in northern Scotland to Land’s End in southern England last year, believes she will be the first woman to complete the continuous coastline ...
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Cost of living around the world

Rent sucks everywhere . Half of the United States is rent-burdened, meaning they spend more than one-third of their income on rent. And when you hear a stat like that, sometimes you think moving to another country might help your situation. But the truth is, it’s tough around the world. To see exactly how tough it’s gotten, relatively, the furnished apartment experts at Nestpick examined 740 neighborhoods in 50 cities, then determined the annual salary a single person would need to live in ea...
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9 must-drink Irish whiskeys

Irish whiskey is , for many people, a simple and cheap spirit you order when taking shots. Yet year after year, Irish whiskey is growing into something much, much more than that bottle of Jamo you’re used to seeing and feel comfortable ordering. In 2008, there were just three Irish whiskey distilleries. Today, Ireland has more than 20. All this is to say that it’s about time you consider more than just the green bottle of Jameson at the bar. That means looking at some of Jameson’s other offer...
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Weekly Top Posts: 2019-03-10

Memories of Scones Before I Ever Went to Ireland
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10 Common Family Travel Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

We’re in full trip planning mode right now. In just a few days we will be traveling to Ireland for the first time. This trip will also be the first time Connor, our youngest, will cross the Atlantic and set foot on European soil. He’s 2.5 years old right now, which is not an ideal age to take a long haul flight, so we’re crossing our fingers everything goes smoothly. We’ve been mapping out our Ireland road trip and firming up the 2 week itinerary. We want to limit the number of unexpected surpr...
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Norwegian Air St. Patrick’s Day sale

If you can’t make it to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day, know that there’s still a chance for you to soak up the holiday’s aftermath. Norwegian Air is celebrating the holiday by offering cheap one-way fares to the Republic of Ireland’s three major airports — Shannon, Cork, and Dublin — for travel from March 30 to June 23. The sale only applies to travelers flying out of New York’s Stewart International Airport and Rhode Island’s T.F. Green International Airport. Fares are available for as low as...
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Send us a tip on great pubs in Ireland for a chance of winning a £200 hotel voucher

It’s not all about the Guinness … pubs in Ireland are about the craic and, if you’re lucky, brilliant music too. As St Patrick’s Day approaches, tell us about your favouriteFrom County Antrim down to County Kerry, Ireland’s cities, towns and villages are host to friendly pubs, often with intriguing histories and great atmosphere. Local musicians are often in situ, playing traditional tunes with virtuosity.Share your discoveries of pubs across Ireland, including exact locations, websites and othe...
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Understanding Ireland: Music from Cara Dillon, Cherish the Ladies, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh

Ireland’s stories are often told through song and tune. Learn about that on three recordings,from artists who know Ireland with different perspectives and from different landscapes. Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh grew up learning the flute and putting that learning into practice in the west part of Kerry, a county which is itself in the west of Ireland. She also learned songs from tradition bearers of...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories The Easter Rising: Ireland and HistoryIreland,...
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