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Changes to Eurail in 2019

Long before WOW and Norwegian Air had $99 airfares luring young people across the pond, there was Eurail, the post-World-War-II, trans-European train network that offered dirt cheap, all-you-can-ride passes for intrepid Americans looking to explore a region just recovering from the most destructive war in history. What resulted was the first iteration of the Euro-trip, a rite-of-passage trip for young adults in the summers between college spent riding the rails in a place that, at the time, c...
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Airbnb contest to live in Italy

Sure, you might have considered renting an Airbnb in Italy for a few weeks as a much-needed getaway, but now Airbnb might actually pay you to live there like a local in Southern Italy for a whole three months. Partnering with Wonder Grottole, Airbnb is offering four lucky winners the chance to reside for three months in Grottole, a small mountain village known for its homemade pottery baked in grottos scattered throughout the hills. With only 300 residents and over 600 empty homes, this ancie...
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Countries with sweet breakfasts

When it comes to breakfast, only one question really matters: sweet or savory? For those of us with an early morning sweet tooth that needs to be satiated, the answer is easy. The good news is that there are early morning sweets lovers around the world, meaning there are worldly takes on AM sugar fixes wherever you go. Of course, pigeon-holing an entire country on one breakfast is impossible, and the below often have savory breakfasts as well. The world is a mix of sweet and savory lovers, af...
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How the Months Got Their Names in the Italian Language

I mesi  The months  The original Roman year had ten named months, beginning with Martius, named for Mars, god of war. This was the month when the mighty Roman legions resumed their battles to conquer and rule the known world. It was also the time when farmers began working the fields and preparing for planting.  The other months were:  *Aprilis (April), dedicated to the goddess of love Aphrodite (Venus)  *Maius (May), for Maia, the goddess of new plantings (who also gave her name to il maial...
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Chiavenna Italy: What to See Beyond a Day Trip from Milan

Your guide to Chiavenna Italy, including what to see in Chiavenna, where to stay and eat, day trips, local delicacies and lots more helpful tips. Originally from Inside the Travel Lab.
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Trading Divorce for Travel

Reflecting on it now, it seems appropriate that my husband and I took a weekend trip to sign our divorce papers.  At the time, I was living in New York City and he in San Diego.  In an attempt to be amicable, we decided to meet in Palm Springs for the “official” signing.  It was a typical Palm Springs weekend that we’d experienced dozens of times before: the air hot and dry, with oily and glistening leathery women sprawled out on chaise lounges around the pool.  The difference this time was that...
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From Naples via Pompei to Amalfi Coast

Just a few days after returning from Travemnde I had planned to go on a five days trip to Naples Pompei and Amalfi Coast in Italy. Again some unforeseen events challenged my plans I had to undergo some minor surgery and discussed with the doctor whet
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Turkey Billionaire Said in Talks to Sell Hotels to #Dubai - Bloomberg

Turkey Billionaire Said in Talks to Sell Hotels to Dubai - Bloomberg:Turkish billionaire Ferit Sahenk is in talks to sell some of Europe’s most famous luxury hotels to the investment firm owned by Dubai’s ruler as part of a debt restructuring, people with knowledge of the matter said.The discussions involve properties including the historic Capri Palace in Italy, the Aldrovandi Villa Borghese in Rome and Istanbul’s Grand Hyatt, the people said, asking not to be identified because the talks are p...
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Travel Photographer Of The Year TPOTY 2018 Winners Are Revealed

One of the winners of Faces, People and Cultures category, Robin Yong from Malaysia. The winners of the 2018 international Travel Photographer of the Year awards (TPOTY) have been revealed, and they’re a glorious celebration of the beauty of this planet and its human and animal inhabitants. I’ve been following TPOTY awards since year 2010 and have had visited one of its winning photos gallery exhibitions in London. Even though I didn’t take part in this year awards, I wish to congratula...
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SNOC awards Eni three onshore exploration concessions | Reuters

SNOC awards Eni three onshore exploration concessions | Reuters:Sharjah National Oil Corporation (SNOC) awarded Italy’s Eni concessions in three areas, Eni said in a statement on Sunday.“Concession Area A and C cover respectively an area of 437 square kilometers (169 square miles) and 1,184 square kilometers. Eni will act as operator with 75 percent participating interest, with SNOC as partner with a 25 percent stake,” the statement said.“Concession Area B covers an area of 264 square kilometers...
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Experimenting with Sourdough Starter

I have a bread thing going on. About a month ago I was gifted some thirty year old “starter” and since then I’ve baked more bread than I have in years. I’m still in the experimental stage as I’ve only ever baked with dry packaged yeast. My first few attempts were sourdough loaves which turned […]
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Planning a trip to Europe? Avoid these 10 costly mistakes

Planning a trip to Europe this year and deep in the list-making process? Now’s a great time to quickly review your itinerary and “trip strategy” to make sure that you’re not about to make any common mistakes that will add unnecessarily to your travel costs. From hotels to flights, rental cars, and train tickets, there are several things to keep in mind before you hit “book”. Regular readers might recognize a few of these tips from posts in previous years (including “10 Ways to Save Before Leavin...
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How to Find a Safe Place to Smoke Weed During Your Travels

Without a doubt, weed is the most popular drug in the world after caffeine and alcohol. When you’re at home, you know where to get your marijuana. But, what about if you’re an avid traveler? How can you find a place to smoke weed legally when you’re traveling abroad? There are numerous countries with decriminalized marijuana use and legalized weed sales. Check out our list of safe places to smoke pot when you’re abroad. Let’s go! 1. Canada On October 17, 2018, Canada announced the legalizatio...
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Travel: Largest cruise ship ever to be based year-round in Southern California coming to Long Beach

Come December, Southern California cruisers will say “ahoy” to the new 4,000-passenger Carnival Panorama, currently being built at the same Italian shipyard where the ship it’s replacing, the 3,100-passenger Carnival Splendor, was constructed a decade ago. Just months away from a sea test at the Fincantieri shipyard near Venice, Italy, the Panorama is the third vessel in Carnival’s Vista Class, following the 2-year-old Carnival Vista and 9-month-old Carnival Horizon. It will not only be Carnival...
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Two Big Producers Just Called the Bottom on Oil: $60 a Barrel - Bloomberg

Two Big Producers Just Called the Bottom on Oil: $60 a Barrel - Bloomberg:Italy’s top oil producer and Oman’s energy minister predict the latest oil rebound will stick.Prices are up more than 20 percent since hitting an almost two-year low in December, enough to alter OPEC+ rhetoric from reassuring investors that it will cut output to taking credit for the rebound, and in the case of Oman, forecasting where oil will trade for the year.Oman Oil Minister Mohammed Al-Rumhi told Bloomberg TV that th...
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Travel Alerts January 2019: Industrial Actions in Germany and Italy

Calls for labor strikes by some of the airline unions in Germany and Italy for several days this month — most notably, Frankfurt on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 — have been issued; and air travel has been affected. If you are traveling to... The post Travel Alerts January 2019: Industrial Actions in Germany and Italy appeared first on The Gate.
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Why you need to visit French Guiana

During the 2014 World Cup , French Guiana got the geographical equivalent of 15 minutes of fame. A place a good portion of the world didn’t know existed, much less could find on a map, was highlighted in numerous maps of World Cup stadiums around Brazil, as well as the subject of a number of “interesting places to travel around the World Cup” stories in the months leading up to the event. And that was the last most of the world thought about it. It’s not the world’s fault, really. Getting to t...
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The healthiest countries to move to

Being healthier is one of the most popular of New Year’s resolutions. For some, this may include making big life changes — like moving — that make it easier to get and stay healthy. And healthy places aren’t just those with lots of gyms and juice bars. Places to make lifestyle changes are those that share a worldview of health — where physical health is important but so are access to outdoor activities, mental health, low-stress levels, fresh food, quality healthcare, and strong, supportive ...
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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Restaurants in Brussels, Belgium

If you are looking for the best restaurants in Brussels, Belgium, look no farther. We’ve rounded up our top picks from 15 years of dining in Brussels to bring you those with staying power. Don’t read while hungry! The Brussels restaurant scene is always changing. New hot spots appear and disappear seemingly overnight, especially in hip neighbourhoods like St. Gilles and Ixelles. While we love taste testing what’s new and popular, for us, the best restaurants in Brussels are those with staying ...
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News from Dianne

Le notizie The news Welcome to 2019! My new year began with good news: LA BELLA LINGUA will be translated and published in Italian by the distinguished house of Treccani. It's a true honor to join its roster of noted authors. In December another of my books inspired a question on the classic quiz show Jeopardy: "A Life Discovered is the subtitle of a book about this enigmatic woman, the most famous portrait sitter of all times." The answer: MONA LISA, by Dianne Hales! The countdown to public...
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Norway’s fanaost is the best cheese

If you love cheese but always stick to the typical European cheeses we all know and love, then you’re missing out on the best cheese in the world. A family-run farm in Norway holds one of the most prestigious titles in the cheese-making world: overall winner of the World Cheese Awards. The winning aged gouda is called fanaost, and is made by Norwegian cheesemaker named Jørn Hafslund on the Ostegården farm. Fanaost beat out 3,472 cheeses from around the world to claim the title. With a herd of...
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The Gift I Received from My Birthday Trip to Italy

  My friend and former TV news colleague, Denise Vickers, recently returned from a trip to Italy with more than just travel souvenirs and photos. She brings us this reminder that travel is truly all about people and connection.    By Denise Vickers For years I romanticized about spending my 50th birthday in Italy with my husband, Mark. I had been there roughly 25 years prior with my mother and had convinced my husband that my milestone birthday would be unsatisfactory if my passport did not re...
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Epic Airbnbs in trending cities

Airbnb’s most trending destinations for 2019 stretch across the globe. From beach destinations to mountain getaways to urban hubs, they all have one thing in common: There are some epic places to rent in each one. Here’s the lowdown on where to find the best Airbnbs in the most popular destinations on the site. Kaikoura, New Zealand Photo: Sasapee/Shutterstock The small south island town of Kaikoura is a household name nowadays but not for the right reasons. Kaikoura was badly hit by a 7....
Tags: Travel, Japan, Mexico, France, China, Africa, US, America, Georgia, Taiwan, Netflix, Unesco, Tennessee, Normandy, Italy, Mexico City Reveals the Most Welcoming Places on Earth According to Its 2018 Guest Review Awards

Today is honoring its accommodation partners that consistently deliver great guest experiences with a 2018 Guest Review Award. For the seventh annual edition of the awards, 759,845 properties in total across 219 countries and territories are being given an award, with the top countries receiving the most awards being Italy (106,513), Spain (46,646), France (45,286), Germany (36,042), United States (35,626), Croatia (34,027), United Kingdom (31,206), Russian Federation (26,729)...
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Family travel resolutions for 2019

It’s time for more ambitious family travel goals. The kids are older and they’re ready for more than an overpriced Disney weekend. Maybe it’s time to take them camping. Perhaps you want them to start appreciating art. Or maybe you just want your little ones to be more adventurous. Whether in Broward County or Buenos Aires, there’s a great big world ready to be seen. Follow these family travel resolutions — and start exploring it. 1. Spend more time in the great outdoors. Photo: Monkey Busi...
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Venice will now start charging tourists an entrance fee

If a romantic gondola ride in Venice is on your bucket list for 2019, it will cost you slightly more for the experience now the Italian city has introduced a new 'tax' on tourists.The new charge - known as contributo di sbarco or disembarkation contribution - was announced in a tweet by the city's mayor Luigi Brugnaro at the end of December with the words: "Now the landing contribution to #Venezia is law!"Venice already charges tourists for staying overnight in its hotels - which brought in $38....
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Eat Like a Local on a Neighborhood Food Tour

Are you experiencing a new country with all five senses? Are you taking advantage of the fact that most places are laying out their culture on a buffet and inviting you to into local life by eating their food? I once got on a flight to Central America and was surrounded by one of those mission groups in matching T-shirts. You know, the ones who spend $1,500 each on something not called a vacation...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories Eat Like a Local on a Neighborhood Food Tour -...
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Why Italy regrets its Faustian pact with tourist cash

Venice, Florence, Rome are all struggling to cope with selfie-stick sightseers, but turnstiles at city gates will worsen the problemUntil a few years ago, every nation wanted to bring in the most tourists possible. Receiving visitors wasn’t just a means of promoting a country and its culture, but a sure-fire way to fill the coffers. Tourism offered money for old rope, or at least for old ruins.Blessed with beauty, culture and class, Italy assiduously promoted itself as a dream destination throug...
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Florence’s Duomo: Take the Secret Tour

Florence's Duomo tour. If want to see more of the famous Duomo, or Cathedral, consider a private tour with Ciao Florence that takes you to the crypt.
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Where volunteer for archaeology digs

Whether you want to excavate ancient temples, or skeletons of extinct critters like dinosaurs and mammoths, digs all over the world are looking for volunteers to lend a hand and get dirty. In exchange for tuition and sweat, participants receive hands-on instruction, room and board, and the deep gratification of contributing to important scientific discoveries. Most excavations are strenuous, dirty, and physically challenging, involving walking, squatting, and sometimes tolerating rugged acco...
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