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Romanian Virus Death Toll Rises to Worst in EU’s Eastern Wing

(Bloomberg) -- Romania is suffering a surge in fatalities caused by the coronavirus after tens of thousands of its citizens returned from Italy and Spain, making it the worst-hit nation in central and eastern Europe.The death toll surged to 69 in the past 24 hours, with more than 2,100 people infected with COVID-19. That’s almost the combined number of deaths in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. The latter two countries -- along with Romania -- were among the European Union’s first after I...
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Imagining the World - How can Venice transform after coronavirus?

Grand Canal during coronavirus - Photo: Cat Bauer (Venice, Italy) Dear Friends & Readers -- please forgive me for not updating. I've started writing about 10 different posts, but the situation changes so rapidly that it seems that before I finish one sentence, it is already out of date.I am well. Everyone I know is well. Personally, I don't know a single person who has the COVID-19 coronavirus, nor do any of my friends, but that is a limited circle. Everyone wants numbers, and so do I.I a...
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A Love Letter Where I am to Where You Are

Sacha lives in Seattle where he is freelancing in cinema photography, and his Italian Girlfriend lives in Italy with her family as she studies art in the university. Due to the coronavirus, they do not know when they will see each other again... When Seattle went into Safe Shelter Sacha got in his jeep and drove to California to be with my family. Though he is in self-quarantine out at a ranch with miles of rice fields surrounding him. When Sacha and his Italian Girlfriend are not together they ...
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Drone Footage of Italy’s Empty Cities

There will come a time when all of this is over and we will wonder what Italian cities looked like during the COVID-19 quarantine.The post Drone Footage of Italy’s Empty Cities appeared first on Italofile.
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Lockdown in Paris: Day 14

Another weekend in confinement, but at least it’s warm enough to enjoy my (government approved) one-hour run within 1km of my apartment. Circles around the Square I did 8 laps around the Mitterrand National Library, aka (TGB – Très Grand Bibliothèque), whose elevated boardwalk is exactly 1km all the way around a central "forest" . Without cars, bikes or scooters to worry about, I can just pop in a podcast and do my laps, and marvel at the number of other runners doing exactly the sam...
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Thoughts from Amalfi during Coronavirus

Over the past 13 years, I’ve written a lot about the Amalfi Coast. About beautiful beaches, about my favorite hikes through quiet villages, about food, about the people, and really most everything in between. Plot twist. So here I sit at my tiny desk inside our small house right in the historic center of Amalfi. Thankfully, I can see a few lemon trees and the bright bursts of purple as the bougainvillea in the neighbor’s garden starts to bloom. We have a little balcony off the bedroom that overl...
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International LGBTQ films and TV

Let’s go on a gaycation. We can fall in love in Italy or have a San Francisco affair. We can don our best drag for an Australian road trip, or visit small-town America to shake up the local scene. If lounging by a lake in Provence is more your style, we can do that, too, though Miami’s waters are far warmer this time of year. Better yet — let’s do it all. We don’t need a train, plane, or automobile to get there. As long as you’ve got a secure WiFi connection and a device that can stream cont...
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Angry Italian mayors

If the public health of your community wasn’t enough of an incentive to stay indoors during this pandemic, maybe mayors yelling at you and threatening you will do the trick. In Italy, Europe’s epicenter of the outbreak, where the lockdown has been in place the longest, mayors and governors around Italy went on TV to discourage people from breaking quarantine and socializing unnecessarily. And by “discourage people,” we mean “scare the living daylights out of people.” Vincenzo De Luca, Gove...
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The difference between truffles

Truffles are among the most highly sought after mushrooms in the world. They’re far from the most frequently eaten — in fact, much of their popularity stems from seasonality and limited supply — yet truffles are revered by fine-food lovers. There are hundreds of known truffle species. Of these, fewer than 10 are eaten. And of those, there are two that dominate the conversation: black truffles and white truffles. Both types are native to Europe. White truffles (Tuber magnatum) are the more rar...
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Airbnb to provide free or subsidized housing for 100,000 COVID-19 healthcare workers

The hospitality and travel industry may be reeling, but Airbnb is still doing what it can to support the global effort to fight the spread of the coronavirus causing a worldwide pandemic. The company announced today that it will provide “free or subsidized housing” for 100,000 people working as frontline healthcare, relief for first response professionals focused on stemming the COVID-19 crisis. Airbnb’s effort will work by allowing Hosts on its platform to opt-in to making their space availa...
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Americans Trapped in Peru Are Out of Meds, Money, and Time

When many think of Peru, Machu Picchu usually comes to mind, with its emerald slopes, stone walls, and astronomically aligned Temple of the Sun. It’s a place where travelers seek enlightenment and an escape from the chaos of life. When a pandemic like COVID-19 breaks out and borders close, however, lives are suddenly turned upside down. In conversation after conversation with The Daily Beast, Americans remaining in Peru tell stories of being stranded with no definite way home, struggling to find...
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Comfort food from around the world

Food is more than just fuel for the body. A creamy serving of mac and cheese has the power to bring back memories from childhood. Pizza often serves as nourishment for the soul and a loyal travel companion, and stirring a pot of chili verde can evoke happiness and the feeling of home. Finding comfort in food is something that our remote team at Matador Network knows how to do well, from Finland to New York City to Bulgaria. These are the comfort foods from around the world that we turn to. 1...
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The Coronavirus Effect: A Closer Look At Europe

The World Health Organization has pronounced Europe as the new epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Europe is now reporting daily increases in confirmed coronavirus cases at a rate higher than China during its height in February. Countries are now rapidly shutting their borders, allowing only essential travel for commuters and the shipment of goods. In addition to border closures, countries such as Italy, Spain, and France have ordered all non-essential businesses to close. In Italy, which...
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Stock Market Today: Dow, S&P Live Updates for March 22, 2020 - Bloomberg

Stock Market Today: Dow, S&P Live Updates for March 22, 2020 - Bloomberg:U.S. equity futures reversed a decline and Treasuries extended an advance after the Federal Reserve on Monday announced a massive second wave of initiatives to support the shuttered American economy. The dollar fluctuated and European stocks fell.S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures had earlier dropped to their daily limits, but they gradually recovered before the Fed news helped them erase all their losses. The central bank said...
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The Coronavirus Blues

As the cases rise and rise and rise some more in Italy, the tragedy that has befallen our Bell' Italia has certainly made headlines the world over. The loss of life and systemic stretching of all our healthcare resources belies comprehension. Healthcare personnel, often paid less than your average Walmart worker, are in full force working 12 or 15 hour shifts, meaning they're getting paid even less than an elementary kid's corner lemonade stand earns, hour by hour – just to be where they were tr...
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Meet Italo - Italy's Other Train Line

I have long preferred Italy's sleek train line, TrenoItalo or Italo Treno (depending on their web master's viewpoint) to Italy's Trenitalia FrecciaRossa service. I still stand by this rave review (below), although I *wish* they would add to their groovy announcements to shoo people away from the doorways when they come into the station. The smokers stand - even on the steps - to cop a quick smoke, making you walk through their disgusting nicotine haze just to find your seat. Back in the day, I h...
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Cruise Maven…without the Cruise; Staying Sane in the Time of Coronavirus

One week ago, I decided to physically distance myself from everyone in this tiny town.  The only exception is when my daughter stops by every few days, to drop off a bag of groceries or pick up an egg salad sandwich, a Claussen’s pickle and Read More The post Cruise Maven…without the Cruise; Staying Sane in the Time of Coronavirus appeared first on .
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Toilet paper shortage

American derrieres are spoiled for choice. Supermarkets across the country shelve a comical number of toilet-paper products, inundating shoppers with more deals on two-ply than any consumer actually needs. On a typical day, the biggest dilemma shoppers face when it comes to the fluffy stuff is whether to swear allegiance to Charmin or Cottonelle. Anyone who’s been to the supermarket lately knows that the toilet-paper aisle is decidedly not typical, however. Across the United States, and aroun...
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Happy, positive books to read

Netflix parties and virtual pasta-making classes are not the only ways to pass the time while you’re stuck at home, doing your part to flatten the curve and tackle the coronavirus health crisis. There are plenty of books out there to keep boredom at bay and to inject a dose of hope, humor, and joy into those long and anxiety-filled days. So stay away from the screens and dive into the following good reads to be transported to a place where COVID-19 does not exist and to keep your spirits up. ...
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Best virtual ways to connect social

Whether you’re on lockdown or sheltering in place, steering clear of loved ones to flatten the coronavirus curve is not doing anyone’s social life any favors. Although we’re all familiar with the physical symptoms to keep an eye on during the health crisis, boredom and loneliness are side effects of the new, post-pandemic normal that can be distressing to our mental health. To cope with social distancing, people are finding new ways to interact with their neighbors and making good use of vid...
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17 Books to See You Through the Covid-19 Crisis

How do you get through the COVID-19 crisis with your physical and mental health intact? I for one have loads of work to do (updating old posts, writing new ones, fixing photos…) so staying busy isn’t a problem. It’s how to make the most of my down time. I’m less and less keen to even watch the nightly news and spend time on social media. There is too much hype and misinformation for my liking. In my non-working hours I exercise daily, walk my dog, cook and now help with babysitting my gran...
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Dancing Alone in Italy

I hate that I’m not in Italy right now. I hate that the small amount of revenue Wandering Italy creates has plummeted to near zero. I hate COVID -19, wherever it has come from. There’s a lot now to hate—but, like Ansel Adams once said about missing a chance for a great picture, “It’s like lost love. You can think about it all you like, but it won’t do you any good.” I’d rather think about the sudden lurch toward sanity. Yes, sanity. Suddenly, the “demand side economics” is being given a closer...
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Nonna Nerina pasta experience

Over the past three years, travelers have been making the trek to the small town of Palombara Sabina, about an hour north of Rome, to make pasta with an Italian grandma who goes simply by Nonna Nerina. It started when her granddaughter, Chiara Nicolanti, set up an Airbnb Experiences page. It quickly grew, drawing international press and groups more than willing to take a train ride to Italy’s countryside. Nicolanti even recruited other grandmas in the village to take part, and the additional ...
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Free Airbnbs for Italian Medics Fighting Coronavirus Outbreak

Airbnb is today launching a pilot programme to help medical professionals in Italy access free accommodation provided by hosts, as they fight the unprecedented coronavirus outbreak.
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CcHub funds tech to curb COVID-19 on concerns of an Africa outbreak

Africa’s largest innovation incubator, CcHub, will offer funding and engineering support to tech projects aimed at curbing COVID-19 and its social and economic impact. The Lagos and Nairobi based organization posted an open application on its website this week, CcHub CEO Bosun Tijani told TechCrunch on a call. CcHub will provide $5000 to $100,000 funding blocks to companies with COVID-19 related projects covering last mile communication, support for the infected and the most vulnerable, producti...
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COVID-19: The numbers donʻt look good

Anybody whoʻs still suggesting this whole COVID-19 thing is overblown...theyʻre lying to you, or theyʻre misinformed. It is in fact frightening, and fast getting worse. The United States is still at the start of the upward trend in infections. Consider this fact that you havenʻt heard on the news: The European Union now has had three times the cases per capita than China. Here are the numbers: China has had 81,000 cases, and has a population of 1.4 billion. That work...
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J.K. Place Hotel Paris

Walking down the quiet, residential street rue de Lille, in the upscale, 7th arrondissement, you could easily miss the entrance to the new J.K. Place Hotel Paris.   The subtle entrance way is marked with a doormat signed with the letters J.K. and emerald curtains, which made me think of the The Wizard of Oz.   A small chain of luxury hotels in located in Capri, Florence, and Rome, J.K. Place has recently opened an outpost in Paris, their first venture outside of Italy.   The J.K. ...
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Venice canals clear amid coronavirus

There aren’t too many silver linings to the coronavirus pandemic, but in Venice, a lack of tourists and boat traffic along the canals is actually having some positive effects. All of Italy is under lockdown due to the coronavirus, meaning Venice, one of the country’s largest tourist attractions, is seeing far less foot and boat traffic. Locals have noticed a change in the city’s water quality. No longer murky, the city’s canal water is now much clearer, and you can even see small fish swimmin...
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"Nothing will be the same": How Italian hoteliers are coping with coronavirus fallout

Life in Italy is largely at a standstill since the country-wide lockdown on March 10, which came as a result of a dramatic increase in the number of infections and deaths from the COVID-19 coronavirus. All but essential travel is banned, and those traveling must prove why it is necessary.Tourism is one of the largest industries in Italy. Phocuswright estimates created before the outbreak put combined online and offline bookings at more than $25 billion for this year.To get a sense of the ...
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To slow coronavirus spread, EU countries and Russia join the list of countries officially closing their borders to all but essential travel

One of the defining characteristics of the European Union has been its strong policy of taking an open approach when it comes to borders in the region: the EU may be a collection of individual countries, but it works as one, and so when you travel from one to the other as an EU citizen, you can move as freely as you do within your own country. Now, in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, all that is changing. Today the EU announced new measures to limit movement between borders within the...
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