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Hawaii PPE orders canceled, state expanding COVID-19 testing, Gabbard calls for firing of top Health Department staff, lawmakers want tourism stopped, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Masks ©2020 All Hawaii News Governor: State's PPE Orders Canceled With No Explanation. The federal government has told state officials they are largely on their own when it comes to finding protective gear for their health care and emergency workers. Hawaii Public Radio.Governor defends pandemic response as Hawaii reports 6th COVID-19 death. The governor defended the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic Wednesday, saying that Hawaii is outperforming much of the country in its effo...
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On Something

I’ve been itching of late to start a new writing project on this ol’ site of mine. In recent years there was when I started blogging about Japan again, for a few months — I stopped because it was starting to bum me out to be writing about all these things that I couldn’t experience myself anymore. I think the last one was the shortlived “Game Boy” column I wrote in 2018. I’ve always enjoyed launching projects throughout the years. I’d often kick off the year with a post on January 1 listing a...
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The best things to do in Cabo Frio

The turquoise waters and paradise beaches of Brazil’s Região dos Lagos have earned this watery region the nickname Caribe Brasileiro, the Caribbean of Brazil. The area lies on a lake- and lagoon-filled coastal outcropping in Rio de Janeiro state, just a couple hours’ drive north of the city of Rio. While it’s best known for the glitzy beach resort of Búzios, the less-traveled town of Cabo Frio is less than an hour south of Búzios and offers a lot to those fortunate enough to visit. Locals che...
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What is the Chinese cocktail bun

My dad took me grocery shopping in Seattle’s International District most weekends of my childhood. He bought stout bottles of sambal oelek, styrofoam containers of raw tofu wrapped in plastic wrap, and duck eggs at at Viet-Wah, the Vietnamese grocery store in Chinatown, then he’d duck into the cafe next door and grab himself a banh mi sandwich before we drove home. But sometimes there would be something in it for me, too, if I had behaved and traffic wasn’t too bad: a coconut bun from a baker...
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Japan in the Rear View Mirror

In the rear view mirror Japan still has me offkilter. What will I say if someone asks What did you think of Japan I'm a muddle of conflicting but trueforme opinions I'm intrigued but not besotted. I wrote this entry first while in Hong Kong i
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BA to suspend all flights to JapanBA to suspend all flights to Japan

Passengers booked to travel after Wednesday urged to contact airline
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The sound of silence in an abandoned old Tokyo house

This small set of photos was taken several years ago, but despite going back to the images on quite a few occasions, I really didn’t think they were good enough. I’m still not sure they are to be honest, but that’s a fairly standard concern, so sometimes it’s best to cast aside such insecurities and just go for it. That said, much more of a push to post them was the current climate, and how the photos may now posses a little bit of added poignancy. The house itself was a mystery. No idea who liv...
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Different types of Asian broth

While watching reruns of Chopped recently, I encountered a moment that made my skin crawl. Bear in mind, this is not my typical reaction to Chopped, a show that normally, despite its extremely chaotic energy, helps me relax. But not on that day. One of the chefs opened her basket and announced to the camera that she would be preparing what she called an “Asian broth.” I had to hit pause on the episode and take a deep breath. There is no such thing as Asian broth. There are 14 countries in Eas...
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Japan’s Olympics Delay Could Cost $6 Billion Including Hit to Tourism

Japan's Olympic delay has upended years of careful planning by organizers and spawned costly headaches for small businesses, hotels and even pro baseball teams, compounding a $12 billion price tag.
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COVID-19 Doesn't Slow Down Japanese Porn Productions

Special events in Akihabara are a great place to be recruited if you want to  be  an extra in a Japanese Adult video. Every weekend several actresses  will  make public appearances in one of the major video stores to meet  and  greet their fans. Prices range from ¥5000-¥50,000  to spend less than a minute with the talent. Pictures are allowed and many of the  fans bring  expensive equipment for their impromptu photo shoots. Women  and  foreigners are usually banned from these events, as they mak...
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Why lilies associated with Easter

General Mills could make Easter-themed Lucky Charms with all the holiday’s symbols. The jingle practically rewrites itself: lamb, fish, and rabbits; pastel eggs in baskets; butterflies, palm branches; and some hot cross buns! And then there’s the Easter lily. Attend an Easter service anywhere in North America, and you’re bound to see white, trumpet-like flowers anchoring the floral arrangements, or at least pick up their strong perfume. Also known as Bermuda lilies, or Lilim longiflorum to t...
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The lockdown in Tokyo begins, sort of

Much debate has surrounded Japan’s post-Diamond Princess avoidance of the coronavirus pandemic — at least on the scale seen elsewhere, anyway. Has it been due to the general lack of physical contact in public? The pretty much standard habit of mask wearing perhaps? Or, has it always been a mere matter of time before the country succumbed? Despite the possible merits of those cultural traits, the latter now appears to be the case, with Tokyo’s governor requesting a soft lockdown at a press confer...
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Parisian of the Month: Cori Coppola

I am excited to have my new friend, Cori Coppola as my Parisian of the Month.   Where were you born and where did you grow up? I was born in Hollywood in a little bungalow apartment. It wasn’t a great neighborhood, but it was one of those leftover bungalow areas that had originally been built for the larger studios. It was a two-bedroom with one bathroom, and I could go outside and play under the huge palm trees. Then we moved to Hancock Park which I loved, and I could bike or walk ...
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Comfort food from around the world

Food is more than just fuel for the body. A creamy serving of mac and cheese has the power to bring back memories from childhood. Pizza often serves as nourishment for the soul and a loyal travel companion, and stirring a pot of chili verde can evoke happiness and the feeling of home. Finding comfort in food is something that our remote team at Matador Network knows how to do well, from Finland to New York City to Bulgaria. These are the comfort foods from around the world that we turn to. 1...
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Olympics Games to be postponed 2021

Amid mounting pressure for the 2020 Olympics to be postponed, and countries like Australia and Canada even withdrawing their athletes a few days ago, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), have agreed to postpone the Games to 2021. The Games, originally slated to take place from July 24 to August 9, 2020, will now be delayed a whole year, and will stay in Japan. According to a joint statement from the IOC and the Tokyo ...
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Pressure mounts on organisers to postpone this summer's OlympicsPressure mounts on organisers to postpone this summer's Olympics

Japan now says event could be rescheduled
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Pressure mounts on organisers to suspend this summer's OlympicsPressure mounts on organisers to suspend this summer's Olympics

Japan now says postponement is a possibility
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#Saudi-Russia Oil Price War Heralds End to Gulf Luxury Lifestyle - Bloomberg

Saudi-Russia Oil Price War Heralds End to Gulf Luxury Lifestyle - Bloomberg:For much of the world, oil wealth is a curse. Endowed with ample reserves of hydrocarbons, the likes of Nigeria, Angola, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Venezuela frittered the benefits away.Only in the Persian Gulf has oil been a nation-building blessing. The discoveries of petroleum in the mid-20th century turned an anarchic, desperately poor region into one of the most affluent places on the planet. Qatar, Kuwait and the Unite...
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San Fernando Valley couple who survived coronavirus offers a message to America

Farah Toutounchian, diagnosed with coronavirus, refused to be escorted to an ambulance. Instead, she sat in protest, cross-legged on the floor just outside a gangway to the Diamond Princess cruise ship on which she was a passenger, quarantined at the Port of Yokohama. Surrounded by people in hazmat gear, she begged for one thing: to be taken to the same hospital that was already caring for her husband, who also had novel coronavirus. “I was getting ready to die and I wanted to be next to my husb...
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Valley couple who survived coronavirus offer a message to America

Farah Toutounchian, diagnosed with coronavirus, refused to be escorted to an ambulance. Instead, she sat in protest, cross-legged on the floor just outside a gangway to the Diamond Princess cruise ship on which she was a passenger, quarantined at the Port of Yokohama. Surrounded by people in hazmat gear, she begged for one thing: to be taken to the same hospital that was already caring for her husband, who also had novel coronavirus. “I was getting ready to die and I wanted to be next to my husb...
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Toilet paper shortage

American derrieres are spoiled for choice. Supermarkets across the country shelve a comical number of toilet-paper products, inundating shoppers with more deals on two-ply than any consumer actually needs. On a typical day, the biggest dilemma shoppers face when it comes to the fluffy stuff is whether to swear allegiance to Charmin or Cottonelle. Anyone who’s been to the supermarket lately knows that the toilet-paper aisle is decidedly not typical, however. Across the United States, and aroun...
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Japanese social distancing by the sea

With seemingly the whole world now implementing social distancing, self isolation and even full-on lockdowns, life in Japan inexplicably continues as normal, with no real measures in place whatsoever. Of course school closures were announced at the end of last month, with museums, concerts etc. quickly following suit. Sporting events have also been cancelled, or played behind closed doors, with one notable example being sumo, which now approaching the end of its spring tournament, has provided a...
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The quiet serenity of an abandoned Japanese hotel

Most haikyo (abandoned buildings) have a unique atmosphere all their own. The faded remains of this old hot spring resort, for example, harked back to a different era, and as such, possessed a sort of melancholic nostalgia. The empty homes and structures of a deserted mountain village, on the other hand, were far more emotive, containing, as they did, personal effects such as photos, clothing etc. Plus completely differently, the mutilated animatronic figures of Western Village theme park made f...
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Fried chicken around the world

Fried chicken holds a special place in the hearts of the American people. In the Southern states, fried chicken is treated with near-religious reverence. Legendary restaurants like Willie Mae’s in New Orleans and Martha Lou’s Kitchen in Charleston are considered national culinary treasures, up there with Michelin-starred restaurants. But America hardly has a monopoly on crispy, crunchy, juicy, spicy fried chicken. From Central America to Japan, fried chicken is a staple protein, and each coun...
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What is Mongolian throat slinging?

I was in college the first time I heard throat singing. A friend, who was then enrolled at the Berklee College of Music, had learned of a bitonal chanting technique from Mongolia and spent months trying to master it before attempting a demonstration one night over dinner. What resulted was a chorus of grunts sounding from a quickly reddening face. It was a far cry from the Youtube clip we pulled up after, which featured a throat singer belting guttural yet smooth, almost vibrational, harmonie...
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Stock markets halted for unprecedented third time due to coronavirus scare

The morning after the Federal Reserve cut its interest rates to near zero at the urging of the President (a move meant to stabilize jittery markets worried about the economic fallout from the global response to the novel coronavirus pandemic), all of the indexes posted major losses. For the third time in the past two weeks, the Dow hit its emergency circuit breaker as the market opened; the S&P also halted trades. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down nearly 10% at the open, falling by 2,25...
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10 Must-See Places in Uji, Kyoto for Tea Lovers – Part 3

Continued from 10 Must-See Places in Uji, Kyoto for Tea Lovers – Part 2 8. Byodo-in Chances are if you have seen what traditional Japanese architecture has to provide, you’ve seen a picture of Byodo-in. The earliest structure of the Byodo-in was built roughly 1000 years ago in 1053 and is one of the few remaining examples of the Heian-era architecture left in Japan. The Byodo-in continues to be used as religious grounds for both the Jodoin of the Jodo-shu sect and the Saishoin of the Tendai-...
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Oyo offering cash sweeteners to attract new Japanese hotel partnersOyo offering cash sweeteners to attract new Japanese hotel partners

Oyo's Japan business wasstruggling before coronavirus outbreak
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From paradise to coronavirus: the Grand Princess and the cruise from hell

A 15-night vacation to Hawaii, the trip of a lifetime, came to an end with a global pandemic and a detour into quarantineAs Ronald and Eva Weissberger boarded the cruise ship bound for Hawaii, the couple were looking forward to the trip of a lifetime.The Weissbergers, the 74- and 69-year-olds from Florida, had heard stories about the boat’s sister ship, the Diamond Princess, which had been quarantined for weeks off the coast of Japan and ultimately resulted in more than 700 confirmed cases of co...
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