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Day 57 The end of Nobena

Today was the last of the nine days of Nobena for Jules family. This means a very large celebration of prayer food and community gatherings. The Nobena is a celebration of Jesus and due to the large Spanish influence here Mary as well. The Techa came i
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Day 61 The Baza Wedding

The purpose of the trip to Guam arrived today with the celebration of a wedding. Today in front of family and friends Jules and Zach celebrated their wedding. They had a beautiful service at the Cathedral. It was a very traditional Catholic wedding with a
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Day 56 Happy New Years Eve

Today we were able to get a hike in thanks to Jules friend Ko. Shelby and I just did not understand why everyone was so adament that we did not hike alone until we got out there. We did Waterfall Valley which was an easy 30 minute hike down and 30 back.
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Day 55 Surprise Bridal Shower

Today we were given the task of getting Jules out of the house early so her sisters could get ready for the surprise wedding shower and out of the house. Easier said then done but only 10 minutes late we were out of the house. The tricker part was getting
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Christmas in Paris 2018: Printemps

Jules and Violette are the fictional child heroes who grace the windows this year at Printemps. Disaster strikes when Father Christmas goes missing and it’s up to Jules and Violette to drop anchor on their ship to search for him. They finally realize he’s already left to deliver his gifts and along the way travel to the The Frosted Valley, The Golden Dunes, The Prairies of the Four Winds, and The Land of Sweet Delights, amongst other places.   Printemps Haussmann   64 Blvd. Haussmann,...
Tags: Travel, Fashion, Holidays, Shopping, Paris, Jules, Richard Nahem, Montmartre St Germain, Violette, Printemps Haussmann, Famille Mary, Blvd Haussmann, Havre Caumartin

Take a hike Tekapo

Electric blankets and a heated cabin Jules is in heaven. Step outside and it's bloody cold Woke to the sound of the wind swirling off the lake and rattling our cabin door. Sun doesn't rise until 8 am but is worth the wait. The brilliant turquoise of the
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Relaxing Drive

Geo 45.2367 13.9386We drove to the interior of Istria to see the gorge that inspired Jules Verne to write quotJourney to the Center of the Earthquot. After seeing it all we can say is Jules was a very easily inspired person. And Frommer gave it th
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Christmas in Paris 2017: Printemps

Today starts my annual foray into the holiday windows, displays, lights and festivities all over Paris. I’ll be publishing posts all this week and next. Every year Printemps has a celebrity or movie star kick off the launch of the holiday windows. This year was a major coup, having Nicole Kidman inaugurate the windows on November 7. The theme this year is traveling with Jules and Violette, two children searching the world for the best gifts. They globe trot in style in boats, trains, pl...
Tags: Travel, Fashion, Holidays, Shopping, Nicole Kidman, Paris, Jules, Richard Nahem, Printemps, Montmartre St Germain, Violette, Boulevard Haussmann, Spiros Halaris

Kyoto Sushi Tower

Precautionary back stretches backfire and I'm immobile and in spasm. Not great but nothing a handful of nurofen zavance and a hot shower can't alleviate. It does delay us by a couple of hours but the inclement weather isn't motivating us either. Jules is
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Monday night sake

Futons are not our friend. After waking with a sore back each morning we've been here I was pleased to wake without pain. Only to sneeze while reaching for a tissue and put my back out. And the 'pillows' aren't doing Jules' neck any favours. I don't remem
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Thunderbirds are go

We catch the Thunderbird Shinkansen to Kyoto today. 260 kms in just over 2 hours. These trains are awesomeWe saw the sights we wanted to see and then some yet it feels like we leave Kanazawa too soon. Jules and Deaks went for a run along the Sai Rive
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Weimar memories: walking Berlin … in a flâneur's footsteps

Armed with Franz Hessel’s cult guidebook, Walking in Berlin, published in 1929, Vanessa Thorpe is transported back to the city’s decadent periodTime travel is still a long way off as a short break option, but happily there are some good approximations. Last month, in a very chilly but sunny Berlin, I opened up a copy of Franz Hessel’s cult 1929 guidebook, Walking in Berlin: A Flâneur in the Capital, and, sure enough, the jaunty, literary tone of the book, now published in English for the first t...
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In my traveling life and the path that has led me to where I am today, working fully location independently while seeing the world, there was definitely a turning point for me. On a whim, I purchased a ticket to the Women in Travel Summit in Boston in 2014. I had done a little traveling at this point and was just starting to think about making my blog into something more substantial but had no idea where to start. Pre WITS press trip around the Temecula Wine Region with some AMAZING ladies! I ...
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Christmas in Paris 2016: Printemps

Today kickoffs my annual series of Christmas in Paris with stories of shop windows, festivities and holiday cheer. This holiday season Printemps theme is Christmas Dream, the magic fairy tale voyage of Jules and Violette, illustrated by Peter Diamond. Tag along with them as they visit the worlds of fashion brands Jimmy Choo, David Yurman and Bonpoint. Five of the windows include perfume, footwear, crystal, gourmet food and fashion in addition to two interactive displays. Uma Thurman h...
Tags: Travel, Fashion, Holidays, Shopping, Etsy, Usps, Paris, Uma Thurman, Eiffel Tower, Fuji, Charlotte, Jules, Haussmann, Richard Nahem, Montmartre St Germain, Charlotte Puckette

Cornell Roundtable focuses on high-tech adoption in hospitality industry

A wide-ranging discussion at Cornell University on the impact of technology in the hospitality realm, involving two- dozen industry leaders, touched on such topics as the adoption of cloud computing, best practices for rolling out new technologies, and online marketing strategies.A full report on the event, "High-Tech, High-Touch: Highlights from the 2016 Entrepreneurship Roundtable," by Mona Anita K. Olsen and Jennifer Blumenfeld, is available from the Cornell Center for Hospitality R...
Tags: Travel, Cornell University, Barclaycard, Tata Consultancy Services, Jules, Marriott International, NTT, Mona Anita K Olsen, Jules Sieburgh, Sieburgh LLC, School of Hotel Administration, Pillsbury Institute, LLP, Davis Gilbert, Deloitte Touche USA LLP, Fox Rothschild LLP

growing up brown and Muslim

I always wanted to be white. I could’ve fooled people with my intense love for Radiohead, Wes Anderson, or my love of thrifted threads. But no matter what I wore or listened to or watched to balance out my brownness, my paltry skin was always pointed out to me like a glowing scab: by an ostensible friend declaring that I was the only non-white person on the playground; by a sixth grade teacher exclaiming, “You are so, er, caramel, aren’t you!” as I ran ever-so-sweatily back into the classroom...
Tags: Travel, Kids, India, Radiohead, Pakistan, Queens, Vogue, Wes Anderson, Muslim, Bangladesh, Gael Garcia Bernal, Tumblr, Foreign, Beckham, Dhaka, All

Aventure solidaire en Amérique du Sud

Nous sommes Jules et Maryne, nous avons 26 et 25 ans. Jules a étudié dans le domaine du sport pour devenir formateur sportif et Maryne dans le domaine du marketing et de la communication. Nous vivons tous les deux à Montpellier depuis bientôt 6 ans ! Notre projet s'est axé sur le côté solidaire de notre aventure. En effet nous sommes partis pendant 6 mois en Amérique du Sud en soutenant deux associations distinctives : l'association Capucine qui œuvre contre la leucémie, et l'Association Envol V...
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Travel diary: Oundle, UK

We’d never heard of Oundle when we agreed to spend five weeks housesitting here; in fact, we didn’t even know how to pronounce its name. A quick Google search revealed that it’s a town of five thousand people, not too far from Peterborough and about 130km north of London; a map search showed it in the middle of nowhere. We imagined long days of work uninterrupted by any events at all except the twice-daily dog walk. We were wrong. Well, not too wrong. We’ve been able to get into a pretty g...
Tags: Travel, Google, UK, England, London, Netflix, Northampton, Croatia, Moldova, Craig, Peterborough, Indie-travel, Travel Diary, Oundle, Jules, Helen

A pilgrimage to Belgium's top monastic breweries

The Belgians take their beer seriously, and none more so than the Trappist monks. William Little makes a pilgrimage to the country's top monastic breweriesBrother Jules is angry. He is looking at his watch in agitation and gripping a wrench tightly. I've arrived in Achel, one of Belgium's six Trappist breweries (the only other one in the world is just across the border in Holland), as part of a pilgrimage across the country to appreciate its fine beers and the monastic way of life. Yet just over...
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