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A ‘don’t-do’ list for hospitality in 2022 | By Kelly McGuire

We’ve all had enough to do the past couple years, so I thought I’d offer some tips to help take a few things off our plates for 2022. While we have reasons to be optimistic in the third year of the pandemic—most of us are burnt out from dealing with market volatility, demand surges, staffing shortages and a satisfaction crisis—and we do need to be prepared for more of the same. The good news is we already have many of the skills and strategies that we need in place.
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Three hospitality industry realities for 2021 | By Kelly McGuire

Like many of you, I suspect, I didn't have the energy to make resolutions for this year. After all, I was forced into enough changes in 2020 that I'm still adapting to, personally and professionally. It felt right not to put any additional pressure on myself to read more, exercise more, be more organized or drink less. After all, it's going to be challenging enough to mentally prepare to put on shoes (and, let's be honest, real pants) when we head back to the office or on the road later t...
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Digital analytics, demystified: Three analytical techniques to amp up your digital efforts | By Kelly McGuire

“Analytics” is a big buzzword in every industry. The domain can seem complex and vast – and it is. Particularly in emerging areas like digital, there is a lot of noise around the techniques available and their application. Wyndham’s Kelly McGuire shares with The Hotel Yearbook three popular digital analytics techniques that can help hoteliers drive value from their digital efforts, describing what they are used for and discussing the algorithms that underpin them in business lang...
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What to expect in 2017: A view from the CHR Advisory Board | By Kelly McGuire

CHR Insights features industry analysis and commentary from Kelly A. McGuire, MMH '01, PhD '07, who is a CHR fellow and vice president, advanced analytics, for Wyndham Destination Network. Previously the leader of the SAS Hospitality and Travel Global Practice, and a member of the CHR Advisory Board, she has long been active in advanced analytics and big data. Her blog posts feature industry research and guest interviews to address current industry issues.
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Six tips for a data-driven 2017 | By Kelly McGuire

As we approach a year that will very likely be marked with more uncertainty, increased competition from all directions and even more pressure to perform, many hospitality executives are making a New Year's resolution to take better advantage of their organization's data. With all of the buzz and hype around data and data science, it's easy to resolve to "get more of it". It's harder to actually do it.
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