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Just another day

Our Thanksgiving meal was delicious. I didn't take any photos, but Ken did and I'm sure he'll post some soon. Now it's on to the leftovers. A whole leg of lamb for two people is a lot. Today we'll probably have cold slices of the roast with mayonnaise. Later, some of it will get chopped up for an hachis parmentier (a shepherd's pie). A last burst of fall color as we move toward December. And speaking of pies, I made a pumpkin pie for dessert. I thawed out more pumpkin than I needed for the pie...
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Thanksgiving Day

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. It's a national holiday, second only to Independence Day as far as secular national days go. The traditional meal is stuffed turkey. The traditional sport is sitting on the couch watching (American) football on television. The traditional w(h)ine is, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing." LOL. Some birds flying south between the contrails. Ken and I will roast our traditional leg of lamb and maybe watch some tennis or CNN or Dr. House on television...
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There goes the sun

The sun is rising later and later these days. Here, today, it will officially be up at 08h14. And we'll continue losing daylight until the solstice in December. Driving is a pain right now, because the sun is so low in the sky that it's just blinding, especially when driving east in the morning. We're not supposed to be out for much these days anyway, except for food shopping and medical visits. And getting the car inspected. By the way, it passed, so we're good for another two years. That's a g...
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Choo choo!

This is our local train station. It's across the river in the town of Noyers-sur-Cher. I took the photo back in 2012 when Ken and I were on our way to Paris then on to upstate New York. It was around 06h00, just before the regional train was to depart for Tours (Saint-Pierre-des-Corps) where we transferred to a TGV (high-speed train) to Paris and the airport. We did the whole thing in reverse on the way home. The track-side view of our local train station. As you can see, I'm out of new photos...
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OK, I lied

Another Beaujolais post. Ken came home from the grocery store with a new supply of Beaujolais nouveau for the coming week. Good thing. These bottles come from Super U and are sold under the store's brand. We drank the one with the purple peacock feather label (second from the left) on Saturday and it was tasty. I don't know what the peacock feather motif is all about. The grape variety used to make Beaujolais wines is gamay. Nouveau wines from Super U. The one on the right says "No ADDED sulfi...
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Once more, with feeling

Ok, here's the last Beaujolais nouveau post. For now. I wanted to get a photo of what I got from the supermarket on Thursday. Three reds and one rosé, two bottles of each. We've already tasted the Violettes and the Chat Rouge red and rosé. In my humble opinion, the Chat Rouge red was better than the Violettes. That could be because it's Beaujolais-Villages rather than generic Beaujolais. The rosé was fine, but I wouldn't rush out for more. Ken's going to another store this morning to look fo...
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Parliamentary Committee on personal data summons iSPIRT, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Cyble

The Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on the Personal Data Protection Bill has summoned cybersecurity firm Cyble and payments company PayPal for depositions later today. The Committee has also summoned Bangalore-based think tank iSPIRT, and card network companies Mastercard and Visa for deposition on November 20. Today, the JPC will also hear from companies that have not submitted their post-evidence replies. This follows four meetings of a clause-by-clause analysis of the Bill that were held ...
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Pork buns

This is the second time we've made Chinese-style steamed pork buns. Ken used his home-made pulled pork barbecue to make the filling by adding Chinese spices to the cooked meat. I followed a recipe for the dough that we found on the internet (I think) and it worked great. Steamed pork buns with eggrolls (above). After the dough rose for a couple of hours, I punched it down and divided it (and the filling) into eight equal portions. I shaped each portion of dough into a ball then flattened each ...
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#NAMA: Intermediary liability and fair use: what needs clarity in India’s copyright law

“Copyright law is not just about the rights of creators, but it’s also about the rights of society to access the work, and also the right of society to use the works in different manners,” Dr. Arul George Scaria said at MediaNama’s discussion on Copyright and Digital Media. The roundtable was organised against the backdrop of the government’s private consultation to amend the Copyright Act. In the discussion, participants surfaced many gaps in the law that could be filled surrounding fair use an...
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Tasha Tuesday

What better way to calm the election day jitters than a photo of Tasha in the vineyard? This photo is over a week old and the vines are looking a lot barer out there now, especially with the rain and wind we've had since. But the color is not all gone yet. Tasha among the vines on a bright fall day. I'm going to a new dentist today. Ken found him when he broke a tooth a couple of weeks ago. I also broke a tooth around the same time in a strange coincidence. Neither of us has been to our dentis...
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A mild weekend

We're having a relatively warm and dry weekend. I took advantage of it on Friday morning to rip the tomato plants out of the ground and put away their stakes. Ken picked the last few tomatoes for guacamole, part of Friday's lunch. I saved some stray green ones to see if they'll ripen on the deck. I still want to cut the grass, but that will depend on how much dew we get. This morning looks a little foggy out there. This photo is almost a week old. The leaves are falling to the ground now. So h...
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Savory pumpkin cake

Here's one of the ways we used pumpkin this week. It's a savory pumpkin cake, the recipe for which Ken found on the internet. The cake is made with roasted pumpkin, of course, flour, eggs, smoked lardons (like American bacon), grated cheese, and pecans for crunch. Baking powder helps the cake to lighten and rise. It's a very moist cake, and delicious as an appetizer or a snack. A slice of savory pumpkin cake.The president spoke last night and, if I understood correctly, France is going back into...
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October sunrise

This was Monday morning's sunrise over the vineyards. Big clouds dominated the sky, but the sun had several openings and painted the cloud tops orange and pink. Since it wasn't raining, Tasha and I went all the way to the end of the dirt road and enjoyed the views. Looking west at sunrise. We cut into the big ripe muscade pumpkin on Tuesday. I roasted half of it and we're using the other half in various ways. Some of the roasted flesh went into a savory pumpkin cake. Some of it went into a big...
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A nice day

The weather was pleasant on Thursday. Lots of sun and very mild temperatures. I cooked a steak on the grill outside for lunch. An oak leaf on the dirt road. As evening came, so did the clouds. And rain. At one point, Ken asked me if that was lightning that he saw out the window. Before I could answer (I didn't see any), a huge thunder clap shook the house. It was close. Then the rain came. There was a little more thunder, rumbling in the distance, but not much. It rained heavily for a while, t...
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Pumpkin harvest

I picked the three remaining muscade pumpkins in the vegetable garden on Tuesday. I was surprised at how big and perfectly formed they are. They're ripe, although they still have their green color. I can tell because they sound hollow when thumped, and the stems are woody. A few weeks in the cellar will help them to fully mature and get their tan/orange color. I picked the pumpkin in the second photo back in early September, so it's been ripening in the cellar for six or seven weeks. Three mus...
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Tasha Tuesday

Looking toward home. She was probably waiting for me while I took the photo. She's used to us stopping to take pictures when we walk. Normally she takes the opportunity to sniff around, but on this day something further down the road caught her attention. It turned out that it was Bert. Tasha is sure she saw something over there. Yesterday Ken and I accomplished a significant task. We got our old (25 years) mattress down from the loft and into the garage. It had been sitting on the floor for a...
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Linguini with white clam sauce

This is one of my favorite dishes. I still remember one version that I had in Half Moon Bay, California, in early 2003. And another that we made while vacationing on the Ile d'Oléron in 2008. The fishermen were on strike, so there was no fish in the markets. But there was shellfish and we bought some clam-like critters called lavagnons locally, and they were really good in this dish. The fish monger in Saint-Aignan (who has since retired) often had lavagnons, but she also had coques (cockles) at...
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Badgers and ballots

Yesterday, I saw something that I've never seen before. Right in the middle of the day, a badger sauntered along the road right across from the house. It's the first time I've seen a real live badger, called un blaireau [blay-ROH] in French. Neighbors have always talked about them being around. I have seen evidence of them in our yard when they dug up underground wasp nests a couple of times. But, as they are mostly nocturnal, actually seeing one has eluded me. Until now. Ken grabbed his camera ...
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Those were the days

This is from May 2012, the last time Ken and I flew together. We were headed to upstate New York to get married and were fortunate to have a friend who agreed to stay in our house and watch over Callie, our border collie. We left from Terminal 2E on an Air France flight to Boston* where we visited friends and spent the night before driving west to Albany. Enjoying a pre-departure snack and some wine. That Airbus 380 out the window was not our plane. We were on a Boeing 747 that day.  I've only...
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Fun on and off the train

After another magnificent lunch we arrived into Alice Springs at 1pm. There are excursions included in the fare and we had opted for the Alice Explorer. There was another out to Simpson's Gap but Ken and Edna had taken us there last year. We were the secon
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Said with an impeccable French accent. Some jerk dumped the remains of his/her lunch out at the end of the vineyard road the other day. Most of it, pictured here, went into a small depression in the ground that fills with water when it rains. Other bits of plastic packaging are strewn about along the road. Klassy. This could have easily been tossed into a garbage can somewhere else. Yesterday I contacted the guy who does our annual hedge trimming for an estimate on renovating our garden path. ...
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So many light bulbs

When I was a student in Paris in 1981, there was a version of the old joke going around. How many Parisians does it take to change a light bulb? The answer: "I don't know anything about that. It's not my problem." Or, as Chico Rodriguez might say, "It's not my job, man." As young students learning French and trying to understand the urban edginess of early 80s Parisians, we obviously found the joke funny. Hilarious, even. An attitude many of us encountered or at least perceived, now nearly 40 ...
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It's not falafel

In the ongoing effort to use up garden zucchini, we decided to make veggie burgers. I have about six zukes that got away, growing much larger than I intended them to. They're not quite baseball bats, but close. So I grated one last week as the base for veggie burgers. Grilled veggie burgers, ready for the buns. I used a "recipe" that Ken blogged about when we made a batch many years ago. It's less of a recipe and more of a description, which is what you'll get here. I grated a carrot, a small ...
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How d'ya like dem apples

We made some progress in the back yard on Saturday. We picked up the apples under our two trees and I cut the grass (and weeds) under them. Most of the apples went into the compost pile, some went into another pile by the garden plot. Ken smashed some of the softer ones where they laid. We have a bumper crop of apples this year, more than in recent memory. The fallen apples are not really good for much. They are either badly bruised or being eaten by bugs and critters. But there are still plen...
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Tasha Tuesday

Here she is on the deck, among the geraniums, last week. Tasha likes the deck in summer. She can sit out there and guard the neighborhood, but still listen to what goes on inside the house. That is, when we can have the sliding doors open. Happy Tasha! I'm feeling the need for a haircut. My hair is not nearly as long as it was in May when Ken cut it, but it's getting a little unruly now, especially around the ears. I'm planning on stopping by the hair salon this morning to make an appointment....
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Grilled salmon

Ken found some salmon on sale at the supermarket earlier this week. They were narrow slices out of a side of salmon. I marinated them with white wine and dill and grilled them à l'unilatéral, the French way of saying that it's cooked on the skin side only, without turning, a popular way of cooking fish. Grilled salmon. We ate the salmon with grilled zucchini and some left over pois chiches (chickpeas). It was all very good, and the fish was a nice change. We haven't been eating a lot of fish l...
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Up up and away

We haven't seen many montgolfières (hot air balloons) over our neighborhood this summer. There are a few that we spot far away in the northwestern sky, probably flying around Chenonceaux, Chaumont, and Amboise castles. So it was a nice surprise to see one floating by above the river at sunrise on Friday. The tall pointy tree just below the balloon in the photo is in our back yard. Tasha saw the balloon, picked up her pace and growled at it a few times. But she didn't go wild with barking and try...
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What a loverly bunch

The grapes are slowly starting to mature. I've seen some color out there, although there is none in this photo yet. Harvest is still at least a month away, probably more. I have heard some talk on the news about other regions facing early harvests because of the warm and dry weather. We'll see. Immature grapes on the vine. Meanwhile, I was automatically switched over to the new blogger interface this morning. When I tried it several weeks ago, I couldn't size my photos the way I wanted...
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Thursday was pizza day

As planned, I made pizza with leftovers on Thursday. To stand in for sauce, I used some leftover ratatouille that Ken had made with tomato, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, and even some green beans last week. We also had some leftover smoked chicken. Ken took it off the bones and shredded it. I sliced a couple of leftover mushrooms and grated some brebis (sheeps' milk cheese) that was just past its use-by date. I topped it all with a few black olives. The crust is crispy on the outside and doughy...
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I harvested our first beans on Thursday! The green and purple beans are producing now, and I'm hopeful that we'll have several harvests before they stop. I'm looking forward to tasting these. They're quite fine, French style. And I'm betting that the purple ones turn green when they're cooked. Beans! Beans! Good for the heart... After I walk Tasha this morning, I'm going to take a load of stuff to the déchetterie (dump and recycle center). We're trying to get rid of a lot of junk and clutter t...
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